Star offered contract extension by Arsenal agrees terms with European giants

Mohamed Elneny is claimed to have agreed a deal in principle to join Galatasaray this summer, despite recent reports that Arsenal had offered him new contract.

The Egyptian has been immense since returning to the first-team in recent weeks, filling in for the injured Thomas Partey, and you could argue that he has been central to us regaining the advantage in the race for the top-four.

While TheAthletic had claimed that we had offered him a new deal, and that he was happy to stay, Turkish publication Fanatik now claims that a deal has been agreed with Galatasaray.

While Elneny’s form has showed why he has been kept around so long, it actually shows his quality, and why he actually deserves more playing time. This simply isn’t something we are willing to offer him, so an exit does seem more lively from the outside.

Could we look to consider not signing a new midfielder this summer in favour of playing Elneny more regularly?


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  1. They should allow him to leave. If we qualify we’ll better players not journey men players.

    He’s playing for a new contract. Arsenal should not fall into Ozil, Auba situation again. We don’t need his type of players anymore we’re moving forward.

    1. How is he playing for a new contract ?
      He’s out of contract and can probably get a nice signing on fee someone else .
      If the club want to give him a new one then I say fair play at a low weekly wage ,but i wouldn’t hold it against him if he moves on and gets a last contract that sorts him out .

    2. Auba and ozil did not really deliver or acted as lazy here… Not sure if they would have stay unless they had ransomed the club. Eleneny case is very different. He is not on a big contract. Was frozen many times and still, when called upon, he delivered. Super back up

      1. They only became lazy after they got a big contract. Up to then they played hard (otherwise they wouldn’t be in line for a big contract – obviously).

  2. He’s signing for us, no doubt, and I’m glad he is, a good player we do need to keep.

    1. You’re probably right D!in a recent interview Mo said that he loves the club so much that he would sign any contract put to him by the club without any hesitation.

      1. Ozil also said he loved the club. He’s an average player. Pool , City that we intend to emulate don’t resign such players.

        He should be allowed to go please.
        Can you imagine playing CL against Madrid, Bayern etc with Elneny and Xhaka as our midfielders.

        Fans must think twice. He’s not good enough. Allow him to go where he can play every week.

        Buy Tchoumeni to replace him

        1. Liverpool continue to sign Milner and Henderson and Origi
          Man City kept Fernandinho and others before them. Look at their ancient keepers also. Adrian, Carson and plenty of others before.

          If Elneny is happy to sign, would it really be a problem? We could then give Sambi a loan spell, to develop him, then may be even get a fee for Elneny end of next season.

        2. We won against Chelsea and Man U with Elneny and Xhaka as our midfilders, what makes you think they won’t do a good job against Bayern or Madrid?

          Let’s stop looking down on players because they play for Arsenal while we, at the same time, celebrate and desire to have way more average players, simply because they play for the so-called European giants.

          If we make UCL, they’ll be more than enough playing time to go round, so I am more than happy to have us keep Elneny

  3. who else is a good player without contract? Pls,learn how to appreciate.why didn’t we put pato or lokonga?

    1. Arsenal is not a charity club. We don’t have to keep players because they’re nice. We should keep players who can help us to achieve success. Elneny was here before Xhaka and still average. Let him go.

      No top club is looking to sign him. Only Turkey clubs want him . Let him go.

    2. Defensively elney is better off . Arteta just freezed this guy. He tried lokonga we know where we found ourselves straight three game loosing. When arsenal wanted to sign partey I said to my friend if elney will given a chance to be playing regularly he would have been more better off than partey. This guy was brought by professor Wenger ..

  4. Please God this rumour that is leaving is true. PLEASE!!!

    I NEVER UNDERSTAND WHY SOME FANS SERIOULSLY THINK A PLAYER LIKE him will ever improve our team to the level we need to seriously challenge those teams above us.


    1. I didn’t wanna reply to you.. But elneny is indeed a good player and perfect as back up! Without elneny we would have continued our bad run and his performances are indicative of that.. If you want to compete you need to have good back up players than can do the job when needed.. Yes he’s not amazing but he does the job when asked!

  5. Keeping Mo wouldn’t prevent us from acquiring two marquee defensive midfielders.

    Remember comes next season the five changes rule is going to benefit teams with huge depth,

    Furthermore we will be involved in more competitions

  6. When a player like MO records stats like a 97.5% passing accuracy and 97.8% passing accuracy in the opponents half, it’s no wonder Mikel is keen on tying him down to a new contract.

    Just like so many of our players, past and present, certain “fans” are intent on selecting players and, then, consistently berate them, no matter what said player does.

    Now, I’m more than happy to let MA continue to decide what players he wants to keep at the club – some I agree with, others I don’t – and support his decisions, while said player (s) wear the shirt.

    Isn’t that what supporting the manager and the club means?
    Then we can judge MA’s players and decisions at the end of the season.

    1. I red the stats but didn’t wanted to repeat it,

      Now those numbers 95.5% and 97.8 passing accuracy are not normal and to actually achieve that in the opposition half is no easy feat.

      Some of these players we are link with don’t boast these stats.
      Ken it would be interesting to know the stats on a very good passer of the ball like £70mil Ruben Neves

      1. Often those passes are backwards and sideways passes. He’ll never improve the team.
        You mentioned Milner and Fernandinho but they’re all better. He is not good that’s why he was sent on loan.

        Arsenal can’t improve with Elneny hanging around and stealing a living

        1. They wont improve yes. He wont wver be the guy you put first on the teamsheet. But when called upon, he delivered to keep the boat afloat and honestly, it was not expected 3 weeks ago that things would turn out this way against Chelski and west ham. Eleneny is a perfect back up. Did not talk in media about playing time or whatever while he was sometimes frozen. Just worked and fulfilled perfectly (or above expectations) his role. Good player to keep.

          1. Hayven to say Mo is stealing a living is kinda hsrsh, but I do agree with you we need to add upgrade in the midfield.

            Yes Mo will keep the boat a float and could certainly do with players like him around

  7. Sweet and big names like pogba,fred,ronaldo etc,can you see how man utd is been messed up? But,names like tomiyasu,ramsdale,eleny doesn’t sound well in your earing until the ship continue to,no ozil,no aubameyang no bellerin n the club is progressing,what else do we want?

    1. They are humble and hard working. We cant make a full squad with this type of players and need some brilliance elsewhere but for sure it is better than having a costly full squad of divas

    2. Good thought , that is just it. Moh Elneny delivers when called upon, far better than Lokonga.

  8. I have never doubted Elneny first time when He was brought in and thanks he kept our ship floating when we look for answers. Simple just loan lokonga n Tavares to gain experience

  9. He’s a good squad player and if he’s prepared to carry on just being part of the squad then yes, get him signed up.

  10. Elneny isn’t that bad but we need upgrades, most of his passes are sideways and back,

    We need a player in the mode of Luis Diaz, cheap and cheerful with great skills.

  11. let elneny go and provide space for Ruben nevez, we need such players who are combative not soft ones, funs please we are tyrd of watching clips of arsenal wining premeir legue, we want to witness it with our eyes, atleast evry transifer window arsenal shd sign one big player

  12. It seems like you lot want to manage a team like you are playing FIFA, Not every single pass has to be progressive, keeping possession it is incredibly important and Elneny has proven that He is more than capable. anyways 100% in board with extending his stay and also would love to make him start more game next to Partey and Odeegard.

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