£30Million Arsenal star headed for the exit door after offer submitted

Arsenal have received an offer from Villareal for Matteo Guendouzi, and are expected to part ways with the midfielder this summer.

The Frenchman has fallen out with manager Mikel Arteta on two occasions this term, with the latest disagreement seeing the 21 year-old exiled from the first team squad.

It later emerged that he had also been forced to train alone away from the other players, and his future has been speculated since.

Former boss Unai Emery is keen on a reunion however, and his new club Villareal have supposedly submitted an offer to loan the midfielder, with a £30 Million option included.

The Football Insider claims that the Gunners are keen to make that option more of an obligation however, with the club keen to get Guendouzi off their books after falling out with the manager and hierarchy.

L’Equipe (via the Metro) also claims today that Arsenal are hoping to use Guendouzi in a potential swap deal to land Houssem Aouar, but Manchester City are also believed to be interested.

Arsenal technical director Edu supposedly got in contact with the Lyon hierarchy to discuss the potential swap deal, but Lyon are claimed to be disinterested in any form of swap deal.

The report claims that our side are the only ones to have made a formal offer for his signature as of yet.

Could Aouar be a key player for Arsenal over the coming years? Should the club have tried further to rebuild their relationship with Guendouzi?


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  1. Aouar is a very good player and it will be interesting to see him play against a City tonight.
    Btw, with all the rumblings and investigations going on at Arsenal presently, I think Raul will be sacked soon. All will be revealed within the next couple of weeks…..

        1. Good shout Declan. There were rumors going around last night this was happening. Now we have it confirmed. This really makes everything uncertain now I guess. Our targets may change drastically too now? I think Sanllehi took the fall for overpaying for Pepe. He mustve been doing sketchy stuff too if he got sacked to quickly. I’m unsure how to feel about the move since we have so little information.

    1. Spot on Declan – best news for ages! The average goldfish knows more about football than Sanllehi!
      And as for your “All will be revealed within the next couple of weeks . . .” it all happened within the next couple of hours!
      Well done!
      Maybe he’s the instigator of wanting AMN on the transfer list.
      Good freakin’ riddance!

      1. Looks like he jumped before being pushed but expect they gave a little shove. Mismanagement, over spending, in bed with agents, but still surprised me it happened today!

        1. Sue and Declan, Kroenke has finally acted like an owner should. Let’s just hope his judgement is better with regard to who he choose next as Sanheili’s replacement.

    1. Sue, I won’t and am glad to see the back of this arrogant, “thinks he’s the bees knees, when in truth he is only an annoying gnat” rotten apple. Assuming it happens, as seems increasingly likely now!

  2. Villarreal?we were told he would be lining up for Barca or Juve next season by some .
    I would say about his and Emery’s level TBH
    Doubt this as much truth to it seeing that they have just signed coquelin and another midfielder if I’m not wrong

    1. Emery was the manager that gave him his chance at Arsenal and he trusted MG, so it’s only normal that he’d move to that manager. MG is talented and has potential, but he’s not ready for those elite clubs and if they’d bought him he’d be on the bench or on loan while developing. I’m sure he’d rather be a key player for Emery, he still has all the time and might make it to an elite club in future

    1. See this and it made me chuckle….

      Arsene Wenger leaves Arsenal allowing Raul Sanllehi full control knowing he will perform unsavoury transfers dealings & therefore get fired only for Mikel Arteta to be granted more control over transfer decisions to bring in the elite players he wants. Arsene has done it again.

    1. I am pretty sure he is Sue!it looks like we have wasted time and money but more importantly we have lost Sven,he knew our scouting department needed changes,he didn’t see it eye to eye with Raul about how he was running the club…I bet that some people at the club regret his sacking,he might have been right after all!

      1. Sven’s signings were not great though. And he did not get along with ppl at the club. Sven was right about the club being a mess (which we already knew), but I still dont think he was the right guy for the job either. Sanllehi I was never too crazy about either. Some was always off about him too.

  3. Didnt see that coming, shady Raul by the sounds of it. Lets see what happens now with Arsenal.
    Matteo can go for whatever to fund Parteys deal, same with Lucas for Cabellos deal. Miki gone replaced by Willian. Elneny near enough out the door also.

    1. I hope so, the damn marriage was going to end in blood bath eventually and agents usually come out unscathed. Hopefully it’s end early ,and sanity return

  4. I am not sure but the timing of his sacking this must have something to do with the transfers, apparently in an recent internal enquiry about our transfer dealings showed that last year,all the clubs interested in Pepe offered around 20-25M for him but when they learned how much we offered they couldn’t believe it and dropped their interest in the player which is also the reason Lille accepted the structure of the deal,20M cash and annual payments!

    1. This story has the ring of truth about it, given what we now know about Pepe a year later on. I strongly suspect RAUL has been summmarily sacked, possibly for financial irregularities. I am careful what I allege in print but as fans all our instincts should surely lead to something more than just wanting a change, being behind this matter. That it has happened NOW, just as things are rapidly taking shape for next season AND on a Saturday too, is, I rather suspect, a matter of significant reasoning for him leaving.

  5. Every report I have read so far say that Raul has left,but what’s the truth?did he leave or was he sacked?

  6. Investigation is launched regarding possibel misshandlings in the buy of Pepe. Just recently too.

    Raul leaves but not straight to a a new job.

    Arsenal replaces him internally.

    It is announced on a saturday.

    Looks VERY much like he was forced to leave to me.

    1. All my instincts shout out that you are spot on TDO! THIS HAS ALL THE HALLMARKS OF A SACKING AND MY ANTENNAE IS SHOUTING OUT THAT ITS THE CASE. Either way, Raul has proven to be no better a judge of a player and his value than the disastrous Gazidis. My antennae also says that Artetas pushing is at the root or cause of this story. I mean that MA was unhapy with how Sanllehi worked. It was predictable, now that we have seen the end result, though I did not see it coming just yet. GLAD IT HAS THOUGH.

      1. jon et al, the talk is that Raul Sanheili paid an intermediatory £10 million on top of the £72 million paid for Pepe, making a total of £82 million.
        This Club is a shadow of the top draw football club I followed for 58 years through thick and thin. The Board are older than you and I and are only there for what they can rip off the Club. As for the senior executives, since David Dein left, they have known SFA about football and acted as a bunch of grifters. We have a saying in Australia that Ned Kelly (a bushranger/outlaw wouldn’t be allowed by his mother to play with these people.
        Hopefully Kroenke has now wised up and will bring in some real Arsenal people like David O’Leary (who has previously tried to be involved at the Club) and Dennis Bergkamp to straighten things out.
        It is depressing and without an overhaul by Kroenke the future looks bleak. So much for the promises made when Arsenal left Highbury!

        1. It’s a shambles ozziegunner if what you are saying is true. The Kroenke’s must feel total chumps. With the paucity of funds to bring in new talent and the head of recruitment gives £10m to an intermediary and pays over the odds for Pepe!!!! How embarrassing

          1. SueP, I can only go on what I’ve read “le grove” is main source, also apparently on ESPN according to Lee gunner. Source given in Upamercano post.

  7. I am dreading the truth but also the repercussions,more questions and uncertainty ,as someone asked earlier,is it going to affect our transfers this summer?

  8. Well well, our owner has taken positive action to break up the relationship between our Head of Football and a certain agent.A relationship which I highlighted as being worrying and distasteful a number of months ago.Was our new Head of Football , Vinai Venkatesham instrumental in bringing about the departure of his former collegue, and is he being replaced as MD?I await further developments/ clarification with considerable interest.

        1. Does anyone else feel that this club is teetering? Get the next three big decisions (head of football, transfers etc) right and we are back with the elite. Get them wrong and we are looking like mid-table fodder for the next decade

  9. At least the club seems awake now.

    Raul had been running wild…needed to be cut out.

    Good move.

    Now go after Thiago!

  10. i really hope we paid 20 – 40m for pepe instead of 72m, not only because of the obvious savings but the pressure on pepe himself would be much less…

    as often as i try to defend him here on this forum, the criticism he got due to the 72m pricetag was really unfair…

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