Pundit claims Arsenal youngster isn’t good enough for Liverpool amidst reported interest

Steve McManaman has claimed that Arsenal forward Eddie Nketiah isn’t good enough for Liverpool, claiming that he should stay where he is.

The 22 year-old is into the final weeks of his playing contract, and it remains unknown where he will playing football in the new season.

Whilst it has been reported that the Gunners are keen to extend his stay beyond his current terms, it is fair that he would be weary of such a deal given he has only recent found a way into the manager’s first-team plans, and it remains certain that a new striker will be added to their options in the coming window also.

Both Liverpool and Chelsea were claimed to have turned their attention to the striker amidst his recent form in attack, with 90min reporting that they could make him an offer to join at the end of his contract, but former Reds star McManaman claims he isn’t good enough for his side.

“I don’t think he’s good enough for Liverpool, to be honest,” McManaman is quoted by CompleteSports as stating.

“I like Eddie Nketiah, but he’s not going to dismantle any of that Liverpool front five and the club has an academy full of centre forwards, so I can’t see this move happening.

“Mikel Arteta has selected him a lot recently, but it wasn’t too long ago that he didn’t seem interested in him. He just has to work hard and keep improving.

“[Alexandre] Lacazette may leave on a free transfer this summer, so there could be space for him to continue with Arsenal. But he needs to see whether his manager is planning on bringing in two or three forwards.

“If he’s happy there, though and he’s playing there, then he should stay at Arsenal.”

I don’t really see him getting any more minutes for the likes of Chelsea or Liverpool than he would at the Emirates, so a move there makes little sense if he is concentrated on finding regular playing time, but I also struggle to believe that he is going to play much first-team football should he stay either.

I still want him to stay, and he could well be a great secondary option to lead our line for next season if he can continue to grow wit his recent playing time under his belt, and with European football next season there could be enough minutes to go around.

Do you think Nketiah is good enough for Arsenal? Could Klopp or Tuchel see a potential star in him?


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  1. NOT GOOD ENOUGH TO BE OUR FIRST CHOICE STRIKER, even though he has come on a great deal these last few weeks.

    IF he decides to leave, which I think would be a mistake from HIS point of view, I doubt many Gooners would be broken hearted, to put it very mildly indeed.
    Hope he stays and want him to but he is not the answer to our hopes and prayers . Remember this, all fellow realists.

  2. Why would he choose Liverpool ?when his reason for leaving Arsenal is lack of playing time.he would get even less playing time,with Salah,Diaz, Mané, Jota,Firmino..

  3. he simply has to move on and not because he’s got nothing on offer, but he’s simply not good enough to negotiate with considering he holds all the leverage…he would require a substantial raise and some assurances that we can’t give, especially if we’re serious about bringing in a top quality Striker in the summer window…if this was going to happen, it needed to get done long before this point in time

    on a top club, or one with similar aspirations in mind, he’s not starting material…as such, if we were to bank on him, it would be a direct example of our lack of intent…now if he wanted little more than a minor salary bump and was willing to accept a secondary role, then that would be more palatable, but I highly doubt that would be anything he would consider

  4. He is homegrown, cheap and just wants to play. Offer him a contract. He got us to the brink of CL and we still don’t rate him. Is Xhaka good enough? How many years and no CL games whilst at Arsenal. Let’s get real. Next season is make or break for Arteta. And what really worried me in our last two games was the bench. When you are serious about champions league you don’t pack in with youth. And we had knackered players like Odegaard and Elneny and so he couldn’t change it round. Even I can see Odegaard can’t do two games in quick succession.

    1. He got us on the brink by playing well in 3 games? I accept that these were important games, but i think that’s an overstatement.
      He didn’t really have the opportunity this year, but in his previous runs of matches he’d actually done some similar things (scoring scrappy but important goals in big games) but wasn’t able to show consistency. I think he should leave and try to build his reputation with a smaller club – he seems to have a great mentality but needs to play regularly where he can have the odd poor game, as I think he’s still very much learning his trade.

      1. I think there’s a very good chance Eddie will be a late bloomer – could well become a top striker in a few years, but we can’t cater to him while we wait


    TEAM NEXT YEAR 4-4-2


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