‘I belong’ – William Saliba confirms where he will play next season

William Saliba appears to have been convinced that he will be staying at Arsenal for the new season, ending the speculation surrounding his future.

The defender enjoyed a thoroughly impressive campaign on loan with Marseille this season, playing a key role in helping them qualify for the Champions League by finishing runners-up in the division, as well as earning the Ligue 1 Young Player of the Year award.

There was much speculation surrounding what would be next for the 21 year-old, with many claims that he had wanted to return for another loan spell to make his Champions League debut, but he has now seemingly confirmed that he will be playing in our famous red & white for the upcoming campaign.

I can’t tell by the quote alone whether this is actually what he wants, but he clearly has accepted hit fate and we finally look set to see our young future star show what he can bring to our side. I imagine he will be starting the new season behind Ben White and Gabriel Magalhaes in the pecking order, but I’m not convinced that things will stay that way as the season plays on, while there is always the possibility that White could play on the right of a back four/five in order to accommodate all of them.

I’m glad this speculation has come to an end nice and early so the player and the club can prepare to enjoy the next step in his career with Arsenal, and I hope he settles nicely into the squad during pre-season to continue his fine form from last season in his new team.

Who do you think is most at risk of losing their first-team role to Saliba?


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  1. This is good news. Arsenal should not be bullied by a 21year old. Lets show that we are a big football club.

    1. What are you on about?being bullied by a 21 years old.when has done the bullying? all he wants is to play football.

    2. When are we going to realize most of these players doesn’t have problem with the team or the fans but those who manage it..
      You clearly read when he said he will like to play for Arsenal and the fans..

      1. I can’t believe the stance fans like Awosika take regarding Saliba.
        The player has done nothing wrong whatsoever and clearly, by his quotes, respects the club and it’s fans.
        Really looking forward to seeing him in the shirt, as it will be like a major new signing.
        Perhaps move White forward and spend our money on strikers?

        1. Hi Ken1945.

          There will be more games next season with the Europa league.

          I would rather we sign Ruben Neves or Bissouma for the midfield and sell Xhaka this transfer window.

          The 442 formation looks interesting.

          Nketiah. Jesus

          Martineli. Neves. Partey. Saka

          Tierney. Gabriel. Saliba. Tomiyasu


          That 4 man midfield can be a diamond formation

        2. Ken I’ve been saying that for a while.

          White would be a solid DM for Arsenal, and it would free up Partey to play more B2B where he is needed.

          Also, a 4th CB is much cheaper than a starting DM.

          Question is whether Arteta considers Saliba as a challenger for CB position, or automatically a backup.

          We need our best players in the starting 11, this season will be more difficult and demanding than the past season.

          The pressure is not only on the players, but should be on Arteta as well. 3 1/2 years and likely well over 300 million spent on transfers after this Summer should yield results.

          Top 4 or time to replace the manager, enough time, control, and money invested in the process.

  2. Great news, especially to someone like myself who was concerned about his future with us. Now sign that new contract!

  3. Tavares,we may go 3 at the back with saka and Martinelli as wing backs! Odegaurd and Tielamens and partey with gnabry and Jesus up front,and the bench wow!

    1. Who told you that Gnabry is going to play for us? I know he is using our team to earn better contract.
      Anyway, welcome back Saliba for you’re going to play a big part next season.

  4. I pray this lad lives up to the expectations.
    This is a good news somehow, but him coming back was never in doubt like him signing the new contract.
    We all know he has a contract here and he will have to come back weather he likes it or not.
    The major issues lies in him signing the contract.
    Like players before him, many of them don’t have issue with Arsenal or the fans.
    Their problems lies with those who manage the club and even some of we fans don’t want them here as well..
    Sadly we the fans nor Arsenal have a say about how the club should be manage.
    I mean the only ones who have the upper hands here and the exactly the same people we want out.

      1. It depends how you look at it, but if you are not among those who have been in critics of the management before ,then you are not among some fans I referred to.
        Good to know the korenke’s has got a loyalist in you.

        1. Oh no
          You got that wrong
          Don’t assume that please
          What I am is waiting to see what happens this transfer window and what happens in the early weeks of the season before I decide if Arteta can improve further or has reached his ceiling.

  5. “Who is most at risk of losing their first team place to Saliba”?
    Oh dear! Here we go again with the writer, seemingly, not accepting that any top level club with only TWO good or adequate players(dependent on your personal view of Whites ability; mine is he’s agood one)is going to play with only two CB ‘S ALL THE TIME.


    I will assume PATRICK asked this question just to gain clicks and NOT because he really BELIEVES what he wrote.

      1. @Admit Pat.

        We have more games next season. The Europa league.

        Also, I would like the back 3 formation Arteta used when we win the FA Cup.

        It gives us that balance btw defense and attack.

  6. Possibility Tomiyasu loses his place. Watched Saliba for a few years now and he’s class. In arteta’s system that rb is basically like a right Dm anyway. Might suit Ben white.

  7. I think white and holding will suffer if they dare slip,plus white is injury prone and gabriel is also not safe even if he probably ends up as our only left footed cb next season if mari leaves.Great news by the way.

  8. This is good news.

    I am very happy Saliba is staying.


    I would like Arteta to consider the back 3 formation next season.


    Gabriel Jesus
    Ruben Neves

    The above 4 players would strengthen us further. We should go for the them.

    I’m looking forward to next season

    1. Hi Skills1000. I’m glad you are also looking forward to next season as well as there are so many slating our lack of transfers before the window has even opened & writing off our season before we have started the season. I would like us to go in for Ivan Toney as well as I think he would give us something completely different to what we already have.

        1. I appreciate what you are saying but I think he would be a very useful addition. There are always certain opposition that we play that are very physical to play against & I just think he would be very useful to have in those games where we have been known to get bullied in & also as a plan b where we can throw something different into the mix

      1. Yes Jimmer.

        I am looking forward to next season.

        One thing is the players have that chemistry.

        Ivan Toney is tall and strong. We need that strong striker with imposing stature in the box. So, I would love us to go for him if we can’t get Gabriel Jesus.

        So far so good.

        Nketiah has the potential to get 20 goals in a season.

        I will always support the club.

        1. Me too, onwards & upwards. Let’s hope for a productive transfer window & an exciting season ahead now that the bulk of the team have played together for a little while along with some premiership proven additions that won’t require much of a settling in time.

  9. Great news! People were waiting for Saliba to say he ain’t coming back to Arsenal, so they have a go at MA. Shame to all of those fans.

    You’re welcome Saliba to the next level of your career.

    1. Maybe you should read his statement very well. He said he’s staying for the fans and would like to play for Arsenal.
      I would like not to read meaning to that statement. Yeah Arteta want him back in the squad, but Is he coming back because he wants to play for MA?? Not according to his statement.
      Perhaps him coming back doesn’t mean MA and Edu haven’t made mistake in the past. I do hope they have learn from it though.

      1. You keep talking about mistakes. Big clubs have been sending players out on loan for years. So what’s the mistake in getting first team experience away from the team.

        1. You are right.
          Kindly mention any club that sign a player for 30m without the players get an official debut in 2 years..
          I will be so glad if you can mention it.
          Moreover are you saying saliba was only the mistake that has happened in this management. You must have been among the fans that supported all that happened in January.
          Well I wouldn’t be surprised, since many are happy with being 5th.

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