Insider claims Arsenal have signed forward down on a five-year deal

Fabrizio Romano has claimed that Eddie Nketiah has signed a new five-year deal with Arsenal, ending any speculation regarding his future.

The striker fought his way into Mikel Arteta’s first-team plans after taking his chance with both hands when Alexandre Lacazette was out with illness.

The Frenchman is now leaving on a free transfer after his contract comes to an end in the coming weeks, with a return to Lyon believed to have been arranged already, and while the club is believed to be actively seeking a replacement for him, a new deal has now been struck with young Eddie.

I’m actually surprised that we have been able to convince him to sign on such a long-term deal, given that he must be a little worried about how much first-team football is on the cards after the transfer window comes to a close, but you would assume that he has been assured of a squad role and a wage to match in order to agree to a five-year deal.

Could Nketiah be given the chance to lead our attack next season? How Could Arsenal really go into the new season without signing an out-and-out striker, whilst bringing in new forwards instead?


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  1. with the purple patch kid and what’s his name from Porto, there will be no stopping us now…anyone who suggests otherwise hasn’t a clue

  2. We didn’t want Nketiah until the last two months of the season, then all of a sudden we want to sign a player that is not a first choice striker for a team that wants to progress. I dont get this one at all, he wasn’t good enough but now he is. He was our third ot fourth choice striker.

  3. Good deal. Arsenal and in particular Credit to Arteta for his belief in this rookie, Nketiah. For his age and exposure, he has shown resilience and matched up to any strong defense. Given this opportunity, there is yet more to see and reap from him. I was correct, from Urai time when I tipped Saka to be a star and later discovered, Nketiah to replace Lacazette. Again, I attribute this initiative and insights to Arteta who wanted to give him the chance to prove his talents to the club.

    1. problem is the reports suggest the reason we’re in on LM is because of uncertainties involving Saliba…some were suggesting we liked his versatility as a potential backup LB or DM, but the above explanation makes considerably more sense…we need to focus on far more important positional needs before we acquire another defender

    2. Has anyone been keeping count of the number of cbs we’ve signed since arteta took over? This would be ridiculous

      Having said that, I do love 5ft9 centre backs – they’re usually really good, otherwise they just don’t play there.

  4. Nketiah is a “value” signing.
    1. He is 72mill cheaper than Pepe. 60mill Cheaper than Aubameyang and 50m cheaper than Lacazette and younger than any of them when they signed.
    2. He is to be paid equal to 70% of Pepe’s salary, 55% of Lacazette’s salary, half Willian’s salary 30% of Aubameyang’s salary. Less than Kolasinac was paid the same as Cedric. Will help pay 200k for Jesus if we sign the Man City man.
    3. He is quota still an important component of every PL sides structure.
    4. He scores goals in cup games and we will have a probable minimum 10 Thursday night EL games this season so vital to rest the PL players.
    5. He is compliant and thus suits the Arteta is boss model.
    6. Having him in the squad lowers the price of incoming strikers because we can say but we already have enough strikers.
    7. Simpy a pragmatic contract extension.

    1. We’ve panicked into paying someone more than they’re worth, so if he doesn’t improve on what we’ve seen so far to justify that wage, we’ll be stuck with another Pepe, Ozil, Auba, Laca, willian who we’d have to pay off one way or another, albeit on a smaller scale.
      The financial pragmatism you mention is really short term thinking, and I don’t think the risk-reward calculation works out here.

      1. The crucial difference is that he did not cost 50, 60, 72mill he was free. He costs us 25m max over 5 years. Laca cost us 95mill Auba cost 90mill in fee and salary and both left for free. We can move Eddie on when he next asks for a pay rise as early as next summer and get 30-45m easy because he is quota. It’s a win win for Arsenal.

        1. Yes I understand that if you add up the numbers he costs us less, but try explaining that to all the less well-paid players who contribute far more to the team than him, if he fails to live up to the mark.
          It will continue to drive up wages for everyone else and the cultural improvements we’ve been striving for will go up in smoke.
          You’ve got to have principles, and one of those should be: we pay you what you’re worth (in terms of your output)

      2. This was a considered decision by the club. Not everyone will agree with it but that does equate to panic.
        The circumstances of the deals for all the other players you have listed were quite different from that of Nketiah and also differed from one another.

        1. What circumstances? Fact is we are saving 270million pound compared to the others. That’s significant enough for me.

        2. Should have read “does not equate to panic”.

          I was responding to Davi as I disagree with his perspective. A number of players have been lumped together, in my view, inappropriately.

          1. Does not equate to panic but definitely equates to desperation occurring from not making CL and being able to get the players in that can take us forward ,imagine rewarding a player with a new 100k contract when you have been trying to flog him for the past 2 years ,let me guess it was because he scored 5 goals this season .
            The Arsenal way rewarding players and managers for doing absolutely nothing .

            1. Its the way now at this club, rewarding the conformers and quiet. People getting new contracts for mediocrity breeds, well, just mediocrity. Nketiah wasn’t getting a deal 2 months ago, neither was Elnenny. It smacks of little club syndrome and some of our fans are brainwashed by Arteta. I really dont know why!!!!!! Can someone one tell me what he has done that was/is so great. Because i can can give you a list longer than my arm the things he has failed at.

              1. What has he done?
                He scored goals when Arsenal needed him to.
                10 goals in less than 1,300min last season for Arsenal.
                He was third choice striker and the moment he got a chance at first choice striker he sized it with both hands.
                What else do you want from a centre forward? Back heels, nutmegs and prettier on the eye?

                1. He scored 5 goals in 21 league appearances that’s all that counts
                  If you think that warrants him being payed more than the likes of saka Martinellis then fair enough but we will not be competing for top 4 if we have to rely on him that’s for sure .

                  1. 21 games… for a total of 826min.
                    EPL top 10 in the goal per 90min last season.

                    Yes in a different context he could have accepted lower wages but it is what it is. He was out of contract and we had to keep him at the club. 100k/week isn’t that bad. Saka’s gonna get hell a lot more than that when he signs a new contract.

                    Nunez and Vlahovic don’t want to play for Arsenal. We have to give long contracts to youngsters before it’s plain for everyone to see they’re world class potential.

                2. Pick and choose your points and we can make a mediocre playerook as good as we like. The truth is we were letting him go and he scores a couple of goals (then dries up again when it counted, like a few) and we give him a massive contract. The teams that were interested in him, were not that big and the truth is, they weren’t offering as much as us.

                  1. German teams were after him because they could smell the bargain.
                    They play him for two years and sell him back to England for 70mil.
                    They are smart.

                3. It’s not what I want from Eddie, I don’t want the club to give him a very large contract when he hasn’t shown he’s at that level yet. You can say he had an excellent season and had shown great improvement and even that his goals made a massive difference at the end of the season (I certainly agree with the latter two parts), and that justifies a new contract – fine by me! – but I don’t agree that those things justify 100k pw.

                  I’m just saying he needs to prove himself as one of our best players before he gets paid like one. He hasn’t done that yet, and if he wouldn’t sign a reasonable contract (which would be half or less than 100kpw) then we should have let him go.

                    1. 20 league goals? Probably would be about right for that return. (It’s also a big if atm)
                      I’m trying to get away from the idea that it’s a good deal from an accounting perspective – it’s not the right salary to be giving someone who hasn’t earned it.
                      It would make sense to give him the lower contract now, and bump him to 100k at the end of next season *after* he’s scored the 20 goals. That would be rewarding success, rather than gambling on potential.
                      It’s like promoting someone at work for what they might do next year. Doesn’t work

                    2. I agree Davi
                      But the way it works here is that if we DIDN’T give him the contract. Palace or West Ham, whoever, will offer 80,000 a week plus a 20 million signing on fee in Lieu of transfer fee…
                      Looking at that scenario, Nketiah looks a bargain (IF he scores etc etc)

                    3. @Reggie
                      Yes it’s an IF, but if you say he won’t, it is still an IF opinion until we know better. So no-one is right or wrong til then mate

                    4. But Pat, if that’s the case, we should let him go – it’s about sticking to principles (not over paying players and not being “held to random”). Otherwise we end up in the same sort of mess we’ve been in for the past decade.
                      The way we’ve acted is out of desperation – do we really need Eddie *that*much?

                    5. @Davi
                      Desperation? He scored 5 goals in last 7 games.
                      If he does that in next seven he’s worth every penny
                      IF! (beat you to it HH!)

                    6. Pat – if he keeps doing it and keeps doing it, he’s worth it. If he scores 5 in his next 7 and stops, which is possible, then it’s not worth it. Either way I think this is not a risk worth taking but hey ho, it’s done

          2. Davi and David . Have me a bit confused. You both have similar styles too. Both quite reasonable I might add .

  5. Glad Arsenal didn’t let such talent go for free.
    Scored 10 goals last season barely playing, can’t wait to see how many he’ll score next season.
    Star in the making IMO

  6. Thumbs up to the Arsenal management for striking a good deal for Nketiah. The lad has age on his side and can improve as he matures as a player.

    How many reliable strikers do we have out there? not many in my opinion. The few available ones and thier clubs are out to hold suitors to ransome . This is why tying Nketiah down to a new deal makes a great deal of sense. Not to mention his sell-on value

  7. If what we believe is true, how can having Nketiah and Jesus as our number 9s be a good move. Wenger never had a plan b, Arteta never had a plan b, i dont get how both these players are going to carry this club forwards. This isnt a great plan a but it is a shite plan, whatever. Yes i know there is a long way to go and i will give .y final judgment when we have our forward line but at the moment it is looking decidedly lightwight at the moment and we are not going to keep spending money.

  8. really??? now you’re even editing “lols”…how terribly pathetic, but certainly not surprising…long live the “buddy system”

      1. I can only hope you apply this new MO consistently…you really can’t see the totally subjective manner in which you conduct yourself from an editing perspective??

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