‘Arteta will be backed’ – Pundit certain Arsenal are splashing out this summer

Dharmesh Sheth has claimed that Arsenal will be backing the manager once again in the transfer window, just as they did last summer.

The Gunners were the biggest spenders in England in the previous summer transfer window, despite the fact that we had no European football to deal with, and that investment paid off, with us climbing from eight to narrowly missing out on the Champions League places in the final week of the term.

While our excessive spend 12 months ago could have meant that we would be forced to be a little more strict with the budget this time around, Dharmesh insists that isn’t the case, and is certain that we will once again be able to stretch those purse strings to bolster the squad once again.

“I think one thing you can be sure of is that Mikel Arteta will be backed once more in this transfer window,” he told the Transfer Talk podcast. “If you go back to last summer, no club in Europe spent more than Arsenal last summer.

“I know Man City spent £100m on Jack Grealish, Chelsea spent all of that money on Romelu Lukaku, but in total, Arsenal spent in excess of £140m – and this is £140m given to a manager who was only in the three domestic cup competitions.

“They weren’t in European competition and yet, they still backed Arteta. He is the long-term project at Arsenal, let’s not make any bones about that.”

So far, we do appear to be ready to spend on improving our squad, although it is difficult to gauge which rumours are true and which are not. Even so, I would be shocked if we was to outspend all of our rivals again this summer, although that isn’t to say that our manager won’t have a competitive budget to work with. We appear keen to bring in a forward and a striker, while it remains to be seen whether a central midfielder and a full-back could be on the agenda also.

Does anyone still have reservations about our transfer budget this summer?


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  1. I dont have any confidence that we will/would spend the money in the right areas and on the right players. Is it just me but Spuds getting Bissouma and Jed Spence (who ripped us apart) are actual players who instantly you see they will improve them massively. I wait with anticipation but so far if the players we are after come to pass, we are not improving the same. As good as Jesus is, i just don’t see, he and Nketiah scaring the premier league. Our midfield needs beefing up and our defence was not that great, in fact under pressure were dire. So please forgive me for not seeing it yet, i am not getting butterflies.

    1. Well said Reggie
      Apparently 400 million will be spent by Arteta by the time we have come to a close on this transfer window over 2 and a half years .
      Give any bog standard manager in the prem or even the championship and we wouldn’t do any worse ,been a fan since 88 and for me he is the worst manager I’ve witnessed playing the dullest football I’ve watched but being backed more than any manager in our history .
      Sad times for me personally watching him and edu destroy what I came to love

      1. Dan, ive been watching a good few years more than you and i cant argue with you. People had a cheek to say GG was boring but i loved watching the players he bought us. The teams had a style and they had characters, not robots.

      2. if this is to be believed and MA will have a similar sum to invest, it does make me wonder why we aren’t going big game hunting while we have the monies to do so…the TW needed to be about quality not quantity, unlike last off-season, as I would much rather have two high percentage world beaters than 5 or 6 coin toss propositions

      3. Which football are you talking about,is it the same one we are all watching !!! I don’t think so but in the football I’m watching Arteta is doing a great job as well as many of his players, may be you should change the channel your watching from

        1. 😱

          Unfortunately, I couldn’t change the channel as I physically went and at the majority of the games I went to last season, I’d rather have stayed at home and watched paint dry as it was more entertaining than the drivel on show known as ARTETABALL

    2. @Reggie

      I would say all Arteta has done IS focus on the right areas, and right type of players, based on what we’ve seen. All the positions we’ve wanted upgraded, he has done that, and is continuing to do so.

      And the type of players is perfect as well. Young, hungry, with a point to prove, they all work hard for the team, no flashy lazy players like Ozil and Auba who think they’re bigger than the club.

      My only criticism is that he’s gone a little too much for youth, as I think you need a nice blend of youth and experience. That said, I can see why, as down the years it’s been our most senior players that keep letting us down.

      1. Jonbo, we are all different in our opinions but i dont see Ramsdale being better than Martinez, i dont see resigning Elnenny and Nketiah as being great, giving Xhaka a new contract was just wrong, Odergaard is not the player that is going to get us into top 4, he is below that standard. The way we have messed about up front and left ourselves short was unforgivable. Im not excited by Viera, i think he is in the mould of what we have. Jesus as good as he is, is no world beater, Arthur Melo is not my idea of a player that is special. White was a real strange one, i didn’t rate him before and he didn’t let me down (nothing special) he struggled. I just am not excited by the team we are assembling. That doesn’t mean its a bad team and its only my opinion but i dont like its make up. I like some of the players but the left and right back seem made of glass, i like Partey but made of glass. The team has more questions than answers but like i said last season if it prove me wrong, i will be has happy as anyone. I haven’t set my targets that high for Arsenal but they still haven’t reached them.

  2. This is another great summer window. Well done
    Stan,Josh, Edu Arteta and the club and us the fans.

    1. Yeah…and I believe it will get much better.
      We can only hope for the best.
      Last summer transfers were good and the current one is proving to be better and the end will justify the means.
      I’ve not felt much better with our transfers for years.

      1. what exactly have you liked the best about this particular window, the fact no one has been sold on yet or is it that we paid over the number for two players you know nothing about and we likewise overpaid our purple patch kid, when he re-upped…asking for a friend

        1. TRVL honestly I wouldn’t even bother asking him he’s out just purely to set an argument off that he can’t back up or argue case and point.

  3. I’m also happy that the cash seems to be available again but… it’s not only about the transfer budget, it’s also:

    1. About wages. But even more…

    2. About players’ willingness to play for a club.

    Haaland / Nunez were lined up to go to City and Liverpool long ago. It would have taken a heck of a lot of money to persuade them to come to Arsenal at the moment.

    In bringing in these new players I hope they are being careful to avoid an Ozil/Auba type situation. Don’t overpay them.

    Well… lol it depends what you call “overpaying” – to me they’re all overpaid, but you get the drift.

    P.S. CL football is important to players, but if they are signing 5-year contracts they’d do well to look longer term than just next year. Spurs might do well for a while but Conte is a fickle beast and is likely to be off soon enough, then what? I’m not convinced by Spurs long-term, I see them as falling back to their usual level within the next few years, one way or another.

  4. Of course, I would be over the moon if, as Sheth has suggested, there will be a sizeable transfer kitty this summer…with this in mind, it’s absolutely imperative that we get this right or the consequences could be dire

    (1) it’s highly unlikely that this trend would continue in subsequent summers, unless we overachieved table-wise and/or in Europe, thus guaranteeing CL football next season, or if we sold off some of our most valued blue-chip assets

    (2) if we focus too much on quantity over quality and things go pear-shaped, for whatever reason, things could spiral quickly…it’s doubtful that any top tier manager would come into our club if they knew they’re weren’t going to be properly backed, which could very well be the case, especially on the heels of back-to-back summer spending sprees

    what candidate of consequence would want anything to do with this gig if they knew their respective transfer budget was directly tied to their willingness to sell off their best and brightest assets immediately upon arriving…the shipping out of one’s budding young stars is certainly no way to endear oneself to a new fanbase

    (3) regardless of all the “hopeful” chatter coming from management-types regarding a 3, 4 or 5 year plan, that’s not usually how things work in the PL; keeping in mind, that this experiment started two and a half years ago, so by the end of “their” year 5, it would be a couple months shy of 8 years in the “real” world

    the world of professional football is far too unpredictable and transient in nature nowadays to ever project so far into the future…for those without the monetary means it’s all about “windows in time”, where whenever those with the deepest pockets and/or best administrative/managerial teams falter, even the tiniest bit, you must be willing to act swiftly and decisively…this is why many still consider the summer of Cech as the proverbial straw when it came to the Wenger debate

    now there’s no way such an obvious “opening” is coming anytime soon, with Halland City-bound and Klopp quickly “retooling”, with Mane gone and Salah likely not too far behind, but the latter might encounter a slight dip following next season and it might take a few years for United to reestablish itself as a powerhouse player…this is why I believe the Spuds have brought in Conte and our appearing to back his project…so for us to get our foot in the door we have to be ready to pounce by securing a CL spot this year and going all in next…this can’t be done unless we opt for quality over quantity this TW

  5. I don’t get comments on here saying MA is the worst manager ever. There is clear progress in the team togetherness and the football. They defend and go forward better as a unit than they have in years and they the youngest team in the league. We also had a very thin squad as injuries showed us start having issues. If he can bring in players ready to compete week in and week out we can progress again.
    Really not sure what Reggie and a few others have been watching and Dan Kit if you have been watching since 88 I would have thought that by how you would be able this recognize progress and improvement. Guess that’s why you not a manager.

    1. Obviously it’s about different opinions you have your sweet gullibility opinion I have my negative opinion,I don’t need to be a football manager to voice mine .
      I stand by what I wrote ,the dullest football I’ve seen as an Arsenal fan .
      BTW progress is in the eye of the beholder ,maybe if you took those blinkers off you might see my point .

      1. Dan… I’m assuming they are being sarcastic and dont believe in what they are posting, so it has to be a wind up!

        I haven’t laughed so much🤣

        People like and enjoy Artetaball…🤣😅.

        Duck me, you can’t write this sh!t…🤣🤣

    2. At least i explain Rob what i think instead of sniping at the writer. Let me see you explain a few things. How we failed to secure a striker after letting a record breaker go in the middle of a season. How we failed to secure forth after twice being in control of our own destiny to throw it away. How we bombed in the domestic cup competitions. And how the football we are playing is so insipid and non productive. How we got blown out of the water on the run in by Palace, Southampton, Brighton and Newcastle. It was a shit show mate and i haven’t had a pop at you once, just explained why i think like i do. I want you to have an opinion at tell me that we got it all right, the thing is if you were true you wouldn’t be able too.

  6. Arteta has got to deliver next season if we spend as much as we are being rumoured to. No more rookie, young team, moral victories againt the likes of City and liverpool.

    We have got to be challenging the Top 2 and giving them a real tough fight.. Just finishing in 4th will be absolutely unacceptable to me next season. If he struggles to get into the Top 4 next season then he has got to go for me..

    I want 3rd and proper improvement against the likes of City and Liverpool.

    1. That’s one heck of an ambitious assertion, you know. Maybe a tall dream, but achievable I believe, ceteris paribus!

  7. I can’t get my head around this?

    Not about the article, but some posters saying that they enjoy watching Artetaball.

    Wtf? I’m absolutely speechless!!

    Lmfao, I really don’t know what to say… if you think watching Artetaball is entertaining, go and watch Barnet, you would think it is like watching Brazil of the 70s and 80s.


  8. FK, If you ask any football fan, they wouldn’t say no to more goals? Surely, isn’t that the point of the game? It’s like asking a dart player to hit anything but the dart board?

    But I would say, I want to watch a game where I am not brain-numbingly bored and hope that there isn’t 30 seconds of additional time let alone 5 – 8 minutes. Also, I wouldn’t mind a little bit of passion for a full 90 minutes not so sporadic (usually, just the first 10 – 20 minutes).

    I don’t think that is much to ask as a football supporter, let alone an Arsenal fan?

    Someone once said 4 years ago “This personality for all the minutes of a match: protagonists. I like the possession with the ball, I like good pressing against the other team. I prefer to win 5-4 than win 1-0.”

    Make of it what you will, but at least I was able to come home and be miserable about the results. Now I’m going to the games miserable about the performance before the game has even kicked off.

  9. Arsenal always work the other way around, when we need a defender we buy a striker when we need a defensive mid they buy a winger they always seem to miss the point.
    Arsenal shouldve given A Wenger the backing the 1st season he lost out on CL football. He kept us there with limited funds & when it was time to back they fired him.

  10. The problem with using emotive language, eg “splashing out” is that is means different things to different people. It is effectively vague and meaningless, though it garners clicks and comments.

    I FAR PREFER AN ACTUAL ESTIMATE AS TO HOW MUCH, wil be spent nett, after any sales, which are likely not to amount to a great amount, possibly £45-£60 mill in all, IF, we are we able to shift such as PEPE, XHAKA , LENO,TORREIRA AND BELLERIN.

    So can the writer please let me and other Gooners know what is meant by”splashing out”? Otherwise, it means nothing tangible at all.

    PS: BTW Patrick, the correct English is NOT “we was” but “we were”.

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