Watch: Matt Turner’s first official interview after signing for Arsenal

Matt Turner has been announced as Arsenal’s third signing of the summer today, and has taken the opportunity to speak out after his move.

The USA international is hoping to challenge Aaron Ramsdale for the first-team spot this season.

After completing his move to the Emirates, he spoke to Arsenal Media to speak about what it means to him to join our club.

Turner is a very interesting arrival, and it will certainly be interesting to see what he can add to our squad, although I’d be a little shocked if he was to overthrow Ramsdale in the pecking order.


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  1. This is interesting as Arsenal looks toward MLS for talents. Yes I support and welcome Matt. The interesting part is I had some time ago pointed out looking towards the MLS to fill some deficiency positions. In particular, I have mentioned Miles Robinson as a possible gain to add to our defensive positions. He is tall, has the pace, plus stamina for full 90mins games without running out of steam

  2. The most positive thing about Turner is that he is cheap. 5.5m. I wonder if thats the single most important reason we signed him. Plus he might help grow the brand in the States. Also his low fee may offset the expected loss on Leno’s sale and to help other big ticket price buys. Why can’t Arsenal buy low like Turner all the time? Saka free ESR free top scorers last season Martinelli 7 mill playing well. Marquinos 7mill. Eddie free. Niles free. Fabregas free. Bellerin free. Coquelin free. Holding 2mill. Szczesny free. All quality players but then we spend mega every where else. Why? We are after Martinez for 36mill but Ajax only paid 7mill for him. Vieira cost nothing to the Porto academy but we cough up 36mill. Lille paid Angers 15mill for Pepe we stump up 72mill. We pay 100mill for Auba and 100mill Laca and they leave for free. Ajax and Porto are the greatest rip off “agents” in world football. Are Ajax or Porto queing up to pay 15 mill for Mari 20mill for Bellerin 30mill for Torreira. Nope. Why do we keep giving in to them? Lets sell our academy products Nelson to Ajax for 36mill and Niles to Porto for 36mill. The Dutch and the Portuguese must be in hysterics of laughter.

  3. If you search hard enough you can find some gems in MLS. Almiron, Alphonso Davies, and a course a slew of American GK’s have come from there. I feel good about this transfer and it was a low fee. Welcome aboard Matt, long way from New Jersey!

  4. I concur with your thoughts, on hiring young talent (preferably local) on low fees, but it ends here. Not all our academy graduates are worth of first team football in recognised leagues, hence our lads are cheaper to sign. And those who do play football for the first team have very poor attitudes like AMN. We did make a decent income for Iwobi and Joe Willock as these lads had the right attitude. Torrera was a bad hire, forever complaining, Bellerin wants to move to Betis alone, hence they are devalued in the market. The one who signed Pepe instead of Zaha for 72M needs to have his brains checked or be investigated.

  5. I have nothing against Turner and wish him all the best,but is he really the best number 2 we could get? West-Ham have just signed Areola for 8M,he played 1 PL game but played all of their EL games.we could have offered him a similar deal.

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