Zinchenko has complete faith that “amazing” Nketiah has the “ability and quality” to cover for Jesus

Zinchenko has complete faith that “amazing” Nketiah has the “ability and quality” to cover for jesus by Michelle

Oleksandr Zinchenko & Gabriel Jesus signed for the Gunners this summer, both moving from Manchester City.   Striker Jesus sustained a knee injury during the World Cup tournament and will be out of action for potentially three months.  Speaking to Sky News Zinchenko talked about the impact on the squad saying of Jesus We are all behind him and supporting him, of course it’s a big miss for our team.

But one man’s injury is another’s opportunity, and Zinchenko is confident that striker Eddie Nketiah can handle the responsibility.

Since I came here, [Nketiah] has been amazing. Honestly, even watching him last season, I was surprised a lot because the ability and quality he has is incredible. He has an amazing potential and future for sure.

The way he works so hard, I have no doubts about him. For sure, he’s going to help the team as much as he can and he understands the pressure now a little bit. He should realise how important he will be for the rest of the season.

Nketiah has been working hard and is himself keen to seize the opportunity saying I’m sure when I get the opportunity I’ll be able to come in and help the team.

23-year-old Nketiah, who joined Arsenal youth squad at the age of 16, will have to make the most of the chances he will get now and prove his worth.  No-one expects Nketiah to just jump in and be like Jesus but if Arteta plays to his strengths and with a lot more Premier League minutes under his belt, this young man really could be the answer sitting right under Arteta’s nose.





  1. Stop fooling yourself that Edu and Arteta will sign a proper DM and a striker this January.. stop wet dreaming they can’t even if they’re given 1 trillion funds…but expect them to sign a left footed attacking midfielder from Portugal or Brazil 26yr old at 55m

    1. You are just never comfortable with the Citizens players joining Arsenal.

      Remember Gundogan could be next as we need a midfielder and he’s refusing to sign an extension

  2. I honestly have had enough of this Nketiah PR thing.There’s been at least four player interviews trying to prop up Eddie! This makes me even warier of Eddie’s ability to spearhead our attack. They’re making it look like some crisis management exercise Geez

    1. Or maybe they are countering what they perceive to be absurd negativity surrounding someone who doesn’t deserve that level of disrespect?

  3. There is negativity but is it really absurd? Arsenal are trying to find their way back to being one of Europe’s elite teams. Can anyone honestly say that they have seen enough in Nketiah to be confident that he has what it takes to compete at such levels?

    1. He scored 5 in last 7 prem starts. 2 in 7 cup starts this year. 7 in his last 18 start overall. People are acting like he can’t hit a barn door and has nothing to his game after that it’s insulting and devoid of any recent evidence. Not saying he’ll be elite that’s up to him frankly but what does he need to do to get into the conversation of deserving a start?

      1. Surely 5 in his last 7 Prem games alone would be worth a mention? A new signing does that and they are a cult hero for a limited time at least… no? It wasn’t without stakes it was during the run in which we lost the top 4 position.

        Is he worse than the new signing because he’s one of our own and came off the bench a lot prior? Makes no sense.

        1. Agree Angus. However, the team still needs another striker that can offer something different. We’ll need a plan B some games.

  4. I like that Zinchenko and others are trying to build his confidence but I also feel that people/fans are worried if Nketiah will have enough strings to his bow to start up front for this dynamic setup. It changes slightly how we play if we are to play to Nketiah’s strengths. I think Nketiah will get chances and score but in tight matches when you need something special I feel that that mantle will fall to another. Trying to stay honest here, he has had over 100 appearances so the questioning is fair

  5. Don’t think anyone will change their opinion based on a PR Blitz to sell Nketiah as the solution to our striker issue.

    Let’s see if Nketiah can seize the opportunity and prove the doubters wrong.

    IMHO this opportunity will show Nketiah as an option as striker or show it’s time to move on and sell him this Summer.

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