Should Arsenal’s next big priority be a new contract for Arteta?

Following a poor start to the 2019–20 season, Arsenal fired Unai Emery and hired a green Arteta as their head coach after convincing him to leave his position as Guardiola’s assistant coach at Manchester City.

Arteta’s time at the Emirates has been filled with ups and downs. One major low was their narrow failure to qualify for the Champions League last season. The major high, on the other hand, should be where they are now: at the top of the Premier League with 69 points, 8 points clear of second-placed Manchester City. Much has been said about Arteta’s Arsenal project, but what all Gunners will appreciate is that they have already started reaping the rewards of their bold decision to trust Arteta even when things at times seemed to go wrong.

Arsenal’s current success is all Mikel Arteta’s, and as Simon Jordan notes, the Arsenal decision-makers need to be wise not to let the Spaniard leave them, as clubs like Manchester City will for sure dream of him managing them in the near future.

“[Arsenal] are here to stay, and they must make sure Arteta is too. He is a force to be reckoned with. Tie him down, secure his future, let him complete the rebuilding job—and whatever you do, don’t return the favour to City and gift them Arteta when Pep Guardiola leaves,” said Simon Jordan.

Looking at Arsenal this season, they have a good chance of winning the Premier League for the first time in nearly 19 years. They just have to match or produce better results than Manchester City for the remaining 10 league games of the season. If you’re a Gooner and you still don’t trust the process, Arteta might not be the issue; perhaps you are: But is there really any Gooner who doesn’t trust the process?

Anyway, as Jordan suggests, after tying down Bukayo Saka and then William Saliba to new deals, securing Mikel Arteta’s long-term future should be the next priority.

Darren N

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  1. Simon Jordan, that pillar of wisdom! Seriously too!

    That man is by far the single most astute, intelligent and erudite person on TalkSport, even though theTalkSport bar for all, save him alone, is set extremely low!

    Surely even the single most DIM person on TalkSport, a close race between the thick Agbonlahor – unsurprisingly uswd by JA for giving bland, obvious quotes, in order for for posts to follow and that cackling clown Jamie O’Hara, (who presumably once went to school, not that it shows! Well, he may have gone just ONCE, which would account for his risible lack of knowledge and intelligence) – EVEN THEY would know that to tie MA down to a massively long contract is the wise and important thing to do.

    1. So you would tie down a manager who as proved nothing as of yet to a massively long contract ?, and what happens if this season proves to be a one season wonder and next season we struggle once again ?
      Ridiculous talk as he only signed a contract last season if I’m not mistaken for 3 or 4 years .

      1. And as for Simon Jordan he might be the ultimate pompous twit that I’ve ever had the pleasure of having to listen to .
        Also Not sure why you would take anything he says seriously ,isn’t this the previous owner of palace who let them go into administration and you are here talking about how he talks sense,blokes a knob as are 90%of that gutter station.

        1. DK I can tell without doubt that you do NOT listen to him regularly as I do and have long ago made up your mind , wrongly too, about him.

          As you do not listen , you are in no true positioin to pass an informed and educated comment on him. Which explains why you chose something that happened well over a decade ago, instead of what is happening with him NOW.

          1. So you agree with his constant attacks on arsenal then? His dismissal of various clubs, fans, with a wave of his hand? His support for ludicrous finance schemes that would benefit the few, and dismissal of any that benefit all in the efl? Even when complimenting arsenal he couldn’t resist a ‘see, I can compliment arsenal’ coda to his praise of arteta. He’s a notoriously arrogant, high handed, provocative nonsense spouter, ideal material then for farce that is ‘talk radio’. The lowest common denominator in radio…

            1. Wow Marge I thought i couldn’t stand that radio station and Jordan 😂
              Well Fcking said 👏👍

            2. Marge, well now I know your opinion and you know mine and guess what, we disagree!

              I reckon no one at all cares a jot, which includes me too! I hope that includes you too BTW!



              1. Arsenal fan since 1973. Saw my first game in that year. Season ticket holder (the north bank) from the late 70’s to mid 80’s. Been to three fa cup finals (arsenal) and four in total. I was there when george took over, and couldn’t believe that from being also rans we became champions in three short years. Although lady luck did shine on us that season (I was behind the goal when millwall’s perfectly good goal was chalked off for not crossing the line and we grabbed a point) it was still our finest hour at anfield. I no longer live in the south, but I’ve still seen our lot at anfield and goodison when I can. As a third generation fan (my great grandfathers house is a four minutes exactly walk from highbury) and a fan of fifty years, through thick and thin (I stood there watching miserably in the pouring rain while we eeked out a 1-0 relegation four pointer against burnley in 1975) you can understand that being patronised for not being ‘arsenal’ enough really doesnt phase me at all.

                1. Marge, you have the wrong end of the stick, as I was talking about JORDAN, NOT YOU, not being an Arsenal fan.

                  Surely my phrase to you saying “WE lot” should have told you that!?

                  1. I would use less caps locked. It implies annoyance and/or that the other person is offending you. Thus the message is lost.

            4. Its great to know of your long association with the Arsenal but you are far from being the only contributor who goes back that far and further still
              Having been told over the months and several years that I’ve added my two bobs worth on JA that we should respect opinions, all of a sudden it’s wrong to find Simon Jordan entertaining? I find him to be just that and equally disdainful of other clubs and not remotely anti Arsenal

            5. Marg, I hadn’t heard of Jordan’s anti-Arsenal bias before, so let me ask you something (as you’re the most interesting commenter on here for a while), who would you rather share a pint with…Jordan or Piers Morgan😱 and no copping out by saying “neither”?

              1. Jordan any day. While he says some pretty daft things, can be arrogant and unwilling to listen to others points of view, he doesnt indulge in hate mongering, spiteful tirades, and victim shaming, all of which morgan does. No contest tbh.

          2. jon you suggested that Arsenal should take advice from someone who put their own club in jeopardy from offering silly contracts which in turn put them into administration,and here you are telling us he talks sense and we should offer Arteta a massively long contract .
            Talk about blind leading the blind (i apologise for that metaphor)
            Yes you are right that I would never listen to that pleb or any other of those idiots on that station,not sure why any Arsenal fan would TBH

            1. DK, I will glaldy tell you why I listen.

              I like to learn from those who know, from personal experience. That is how I get so much KNOWLEDGE in many things, directly from people who have life experience,even though that is not usually on radio.

              1. That’s a fine answer jon ,but you didn’t really answer my first question put to you .
                Why do you think he’s in any position to talk about contracts when he messed his own club up with the very same thing you say he knows what he’s talking about .

                1. Why DK? Because I know that he has learnt from the many mistakes he often freely admits to making(which I know first hand from he himself, as he admits making many mistakes all those many years ago).

                  I allow all folk to be imperfect and to make mistakes, just as you and I and every human on Earth also does. And I KNOW THAT DESPITE HIM BEING IMPERFECT, I can still learn from his wisdom, borne of his own life experience.

                  From listening to him and applying my own brain to what he says, I LEARN MANY THINGS THAT I previously did not know.
                  There is an important difference between wise and bright people like Jordan and on the other hand, clownish type cackling fools like O’HARA and AGBONLAHOR.

                  THAT is why I listen to him. Hope that helps you understand!

                  1. Still skirting those questions jonny boy .
                    Atleast give me a proper reply buddy as all you do is completely miss the point of what I was asking SIGH .

                    1. DK I have no idea what sort of answer you expect me to give.

                      I have alreadY told you that it was many years ago when he owned Palace and he admits he made mistakes So did Wenger, very many of them, but you ignore those and never question your hero? Why dont YOU take in what I SAID IN SOME DETAIL IN MY ABOVEPOST?.
                      After all, unlike you wirth Wenger , I do NOT worship Jordan, but I see and hear his obvious intelligence and therefore choose to listen to him.

                      END OF THIS TOPIC NOW, as far as I am concerned.

                    2. My hero ?
                      Not sure why you have gone off topic regarding wenger ,as for my hero comment maybe you want to see my opinion regarding him 7years ago on here ,though you wasn’t around at that time .
                      My Point was ,you endorsing someone regarding contracts that shouldn’t have any opinion regarding them as he was an owner who fcked up his own club ,just ask any place fan what they think of him (and you should know as you tell us how much you and your buddy’s watch them ).

                    3. DAN, I will say ONE thing though.
                      If you wish me , a man soon to be 72, to continue debating on ANY topic , addressing me deliberately disrespectfully as “jonny boy” does not help you and makes me less likely to wish to talk with you

                      You are yourseldf in your early forties as I know and yet you have still to grow up.
                      Do so soon DAN or its goodbye to you from me.
                      Your choice!

  2. I thought Arteta signed an extension last season, am I mistaken? He has done a great job, especially this year, but don’t think there is a rush to get him extended again.

    1. You’re absolutely correct. Mikel signed at the end of last season, until the end of 24/25 season. I suppose Simon Jordan is stating the obvious really in suggesting that with the success of this season he’ll be generally accepted as one of the best young managers in the world and be in a very strong position to name his price (as Wenger in his turn was.) so get him signed up ASAP. I’m sure the Kroenkes are quite aware of his world-wide appeal and are on his case as we speak.

  3. I would wait until the seasons finished. If, having flirted with the title we do fall short, depending on the manner city might reel us in, a lot smaller number will be on that contract. If, for example we drop points against leeds, a not exactly wildly improbable outcome, we will then get our usual thumping at Anfield and city could then be already clear with another win over us simply rubber stamping their title. ‘If’ that happens we’d look pretty darn silly having offered arteta a fat new contract..

  4. Never said I was. It was implied I am not a true arsenal fan and as such responded. Please read prior posts, they explain responses. As for simon jordan, you are indeed entitled to your opinion, but then so am I, and so are others. The poster above implied that we aren’t and are wrong not to like him. Jordan has himself admitted he doesn’t like arsenal, and is well known for attacking us. Unless you feel calling arsenal a ‘joke club’ is a sign of his undying love?

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