Mikel Arteta’s treatment of Aaron Ramsdale is simply unacceptable

So, for the second month running Aaron Ramsdale’s father has spoken publicly about his son’s lack of game time at the Emirates, saying our keeper has ‘lost his smile’.

In the last International break many pundits questioned if grown men like Ramsdale and Harry Maguire needed their parents doing this?

If it were me, I wouldn’t, purely because I’m not sure what is to be gained by this, but it’s quite harmless what Nick Ramsdale has said on the ‘Highbury Squad Podcast‘.

Ramsdale senior did further confirm that Arteta is not being truthful when it comes to our keeper situation.

Saying he’s ‘probably saying too much’ the dad stressed that his boy is now the ‘cup keeper‘ and the only way he would feature in the League again would be an injury or red card to Raya.

That contradicts what our manager has claimed about not having a Number One, and picking game by game based on form and tactics.

If that was true Raya would have been dropped by now with the Spaniard making too many errors in his 12 games as a Gunner.

His mistakes led directly to goals in the NLD, Lens, Stamford Bridge and Saint James Park.

That’s not including times he’s passed the ball directly to Palmer and Alvarez.

Ramsdale started the season playing, with his boss waiting for the first international break till he changed who started in goal.

I hoped he would use the next 2 weeks to reconsider his stance.

Yet, this interview paints a picture of how the 25-year-old is being treated, with his dad claiming: “We did not have a clue [Ramsdale was going to be dropped]. I didn’t have a clue, our family didn’t have a clue, Aaron didn’t have a clue that he was not going to carry on playing. All of a sudden, he’s not been played.

Again, that contradicts our manager’s claims that he ‘loves’ the player. Loves him so much he can’t be bothered to communicate.

Ramsdale plays in a position where you don’t reach your peak till past 30 so has time to learn his craft. Yet, if he’s not even having addressed the areas he needs to work on, then that’s a coach giving up on you.

I have long blamed the Kroenke Family for letting a young manager think it’s normal practice to wash your hands of talent. The owners should have made it part of the job specification to get the best out of the resources he has.

From a business standpoint, why have we invested in a youngster, increased his wages, just to give up on him the moment he helps get us back into the Champions League?

Leno said this was how his exit was handled, zero explanation just advice from other staff that he should accept a transfer away.

Others who have worked with Arteta have said it’s not his style to put an arm round your shoulder and explain his thought process. Too many players now surely?

I wrote last week that if Arteta can’t put his ego to one side and admit he was wrong loaning Raya. It will cost us the title.

I also asked what do you call a man who says things that are not true?

Like last week, claiming Ramsdale still has a ‘crucial role in the team’ when in reality you haven’t even told him what he’s done wrong!

Why would you not as a coach tell the player what aspects he needs to improve on? That’s your job, to teach.

The journalist were too scared to ask what ‘crucial role’ that could be?

Your moral compass should not be dictated to if you think someone is good at their job or not.

Arteta talks about sticking to his ‘non-negotiable’ values.

Try telling that to the Ramsdale family.


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  1. I guess Arteta just learned a lot from how Guardiola assessed his players. Guardiola dropped Angelino/ Cancelo/ Phillips and had justified his decisions at the end of last season by winning two major trophies

    Arteta might think Ramsdale has made too many mistakes or Raya is more suited to his system. Similar to Guardiola, Arteta will also be judged at the end of this season based on his decisions

    Ramsdale also just didn’t play in two UCL games. Maybe he’ll play in the next one and become our cup GK as Leno did when Cech was around

    1. Arteta simply shares some sentiments for Raya. He has always liked Raya and wanted to sign him before Ramsdale. I am yet to see how Raya is better than Ramsdale. In terms of saves, Ramdales did lots of that last season including unbelievable Madison freekick save and Saves at A field to earn a draw for Arsenal just to mention a little. Raya is better protected this season because of the way Arsenal is playing at the moment. But like you said Gai-

      “Arteta will also be judged at the end of this season based on his decisions”

      1. Yes, Ramsdale was one of the reasons why we manage to finish strongly in EPL last season and we did play more cautiously this season

        I just hope Arsenal won’t sign Raya permanently if he fails to win a trophy at the club

    2. Arteta is trying to hard to be Pep. The big difference is Pep has won the lot. Arteta is still learning about management. And I have to say, I question the way he does things. Last season was amazing we punched well above our weight, but this season having now spent £700m over the last few years, is 3rd or even 4th acceptable? These decisions Arteta is making right now are the difference between a title tilt and finishing lower than we did last season. Thats not just Ramsdale/Raya its the situation with Havertz keeping the likes of ESR out of the side. Granted ESR has fustratingly got injured again, but he had the opportunity for a lot more gametime than he has had.

      1. Arteta is trying to be a great manager for Arsenal but obviously is influenced by learning from Pep, one of the most successful managers in history.
        By putting forward a figure and not providing any context there is no way to say whether or not we should place better than we did last season.
        As for the players you have referenced, Raya is more suited to the way Arsenal play at the moment; Havertz is currently more important to the team than ESR.

  2. What goes around comes around.
    Arteta is the gaffer and he has made his decision and there is nothing anyone can do about it.
    Arteta is always responsible when the team performs poorly, so we all should let this issue slide.

  3. Firstly Dan, I do agree that it is unfortunate that Ramsdale senior has got himself embroiled in his son’s career now that it has faltered somewhat. I would say that his involvement does Ramsdale no favours at all and is contrary to the relationship – if any exists between him and Arteta. Let’s not forget that Leno was ousted and AR was the beneficiary.

    The innermost workings of the club and its employees should be conducted inside the camp, not being put out there by a protective father. I sympathise with Ramsdale because he comes across as such a lovely young man, but I am the armchair viewer not the manager or the other coaches who see what is going on daily.

    No doubt at all that Raya has made mistakes but it would be odd to drop him when we are still in a healthy position in the league. People have posted on JA that Raya’s stats ‘are better’ than Ramsdale’s so this must have a lot to do with Arteta’s decision making and keeping him in the role. It is up to Ramsdale now to up his game and show how much improved/better in the first place he is.

    1. Exactly Reggie, Ram should keep on working hard he will surely get a chance at some point. Ram senior hasn’t done him any favors with his public opinion. Raya has made mistakes, so has Ramsdale . What I have seen and basically won’t need stats, is how good Raya is when plucking out those balls from the air reminds me of a certain Martinez. Ram needs to work on that part of his skill.

  4. Dropping Raya now will be an acceptance by Arteta of a mistake. We all know he will not do that. I do believe that Ramsdale should be keeping in the Champions League just as Emery stuck with Cech over Leno in the Europa League

  5. Raya is more suited to play Arteta ball, but the treatment to Ramsdale left much to be desired.

    So the gaffer maybe in a rush with the process as phase five is just around the corner.

  6. The Arteta hate continues, with the writer taking the views of a drunken rant by Ramsdale’s father, over Arteta’s considered statement.
    You won’t give up till Mikel’s gone will you!!

    1. I write and give my opinion on relevant Arsenal news
      This is what has been in the news so I give my opinion
      Can I ask what considered statement
      I think Arteta has done a good job but in this instance he’s over complicated things
      I also think he’s not telling the truth

      1. Which truth are you all trying to cajole from Arteta?
        He said he wants two good keepers and he’s got them.
        He owes nobody any explanation on how he conducts his business..
        At the end of the day it’s his head on the chopping board,let the man do his job..

    2. @Jax. Great observations from you my friend. Obviously you watched the full PODCAST of the Highbury Squad with Kevin Campbell and Sophie. On the last PODCAST which ran for an hour and a half, the father was drinking alcohol throughout it. I think it was Belgium beer. You don’t need to be a Rocket Scientist to tell when someone is under the influence of ALCOHOL. This only makes matters worse for the son. Very convenient when it’s the International Break. Over the years, players have spoken to various media outlets when on International Duties, and it usually backfires. Don’t think Aaron Ramsdale has, but his father has. The father spoke out in the defence of Kia Havertz,,, but that’s not the point. He was under the influence of alcohol. Do not make good showing to the audience watching

      1. Yeah, I saw that. A drunken clown, passing judgement, and I didn’t even expect Dan, with his known Arteta hatred to support it.
        Looking forward to your articles, you always make some great knowledgeable comments on here.

  7. So you’re unhappy because MA is putting the club before what’s best for a player.

    Let me remind you of two things.

    Firstly, Arsenal have only improved under MA with his hard lined the club comes first approach. So much so that we would have won the title last season if we weren’t crippled with injuries.

    Secondly, after Dein left and Wenger had more control over transfers, he did what was best for the players over the club, and look how that turned out!

      1. So does Ramsdale, and last I checked, Raya is ahead on almost, if not, all stats.

        I’m not saying Raya will be the answer, and too early to tell, but I don’t have an issue with MA trying to improve all positions.

                  1. Actually untrue Jon as we were chatting about last season.
                    Your knowledge is shocking
                    And no , if only one keeper only kept more clean sheets and you replace him you better make sure that keeper isn’t making lots of mistakes

    1. Indeed Jen, never finished below 4th until his penultimate season, then 5th and 6th.
      CL football, fa cups and CS ‘s galore!!
      I think the club benefitted from all that success don’t you, along with the fans?

  8. Dropping Ramsdale is a strange on and hard to get my head around. There’s something in the back of my mind that thinks all this might just be smoke and mirrors and him being dropped was planned from the beggining of the season as Ramsdale has just become a dad. I know plenty of footballers are become dads and it doesn’t detract them from performing but maybe this situation is different and is about the health of the baby and the support that Aaron needs to give his young family at this time. I don’t wish at all that anything is wrong with the baby but let’s say for example there was a diagnosing during the pregnancy and this is how Arteata and the Arsenal family have supported Aaron, by taking the heat off him and diverting media attention away from him and his family, then in my eyes this is all excusable. I hope it’s not just a case of Raya has 0.13% better distribution or some other nonsense statistic!

  9. It’s a good thing that the author brought up Maguire’s mum because it shows no proper research or context was provided in coming up with this article – it’s largely based on conjecture and sentiment,probably with the end goal of generating lots of comments as is often the aim of sensationalized writings.Maguire’s mum’s complaint was about the ill treatment,jeering,abuse,scrutiny & harassment his son received from opposition fans,fans of his own team and even the pundits you mention. It was never about game time as is with Ramsdale. To the best of my understanding,Ramsdale has never been on the receiving end of the kind of treatment Harry Maguire got,both online and in the stadia.

    Talking of Maguire,it can be argued that the endless scrutiny of his games and the mistakes he made could have negatively impacted his confidence.The same can be said of Raya. He’s not been treated right by some of our fans-what do you think that does to his confidence?Perharps Raya’s mum should come out too in defense of her son,no? I believe the author of this article has written on this very topic before,repeatedly mentioning mistakes made by Raya and conveniently not mentioning any other statistics used to evaluate the performance of a goalkeeper such as saves made,cleansheets,passes made,crosses claimed etc. Ask yourself why the aothor doesn’t bring these numbers up. If Raya was as awful as some claim,surely we wouldnt be top of our CL group and just 1 point off the top of the PL table while having the joint most clean sheets in the Epl.

    I prefer Raya because of what he adds to the team through his long passing-he’s actually found Martinelli with that pass lots of times already. It’s a good tactical weapon for the team. There are those who prefer Ramsdale and that’s okay but at the end of the day,it’s the manager who knows what he wants from his goalkeeper and something tells me Arteta feels he gets something from Raya that he doesn’t get from Ramsdale. The endless scrutiny and harassment of Raya,just like Maguire,is uncalled for and bad for his mental health and ultimately the performance of the team.

    1. Quite some sensible comment Onyango. Unlike Harvetz who has been fully supported by fans, Raya has been left to a one man army hence the support from the manager who absolutely sees what most of us aren’t seeing. Ram should bid his time, keep working hard and wait for that opportunity!

  10. Whatever your view on them both as goalies and I prefer Rambo
    His father’s comments help nobody.
    He should keep his feelings to himself

  11. To Admin Pat. I would like to do a contributing article on your JUST ARSENAL SITE regarding this Aaron Ramsdale/ David Raya saga. It’s been brewing for two and a half years. Give me a couple of days for me to give YOU and your READERS my output and professional non bias opinion regarding this matter. I’ve just come back home (Australia)from the Olympic Qualifying football matches
    in Uzbekistan with the Japanese Women’s International team. I’m also in the middle of a permanent move back to Japan. I need to work out what’s going on with my laptop. Everytime I go abroad, my laptops seem to go out of sync. Especially with sites, including JUST ARSENAL. That’s where I miss my Japanese girls and lads. They are so computer/ phone savvy. I will endeavour to send an article to JUST ARSENAL SITE regarding this truly sad state of affairs. My regards to you Admin Pat, and the followers on the JUST ARSENAL SITE, pjennings

    1. Looking forward to the articlPJ.
      I hope it’s not biased in any way, as your knowledge of goalkeepers should make for a fascinating read.

      I just think that the father should have kept silent, as our results speak for themselves.
      I do feel for Aaron, but it’s really MA’s decision and he will be judged on it.

    2. @ pjennings
      As you are a GK coach at an extremely high level I also am very interested in your article.

  12. Arteta obviously believes that Raya suits his style of play better than Ramsdale otherwise it would be pointless to sign him. Ramsdale was the beneficiary of a similar event when Leno was sidelined so he has two options: Prove to MA he deserves the No. 1 spot and accepting his back-up position or look for a transfer in due course.

    The bitter irony is that in a recent extensive survey on last season by Goalkeeper.com using factors such as: shot stopping, handling, cross claiming, sweeping & distribution, MARTINEZ got top spot followed by Alisson with LENO third. Ramsdale was placed 7th with Raya 4th. Neither Martinez nor Leno were “ageing” keepers, yet we let them go for peanuts.

    1. Andrew,
      Very interesting to read from you about the various stats for goal keepers, especially as the league champions’ keeper, Ederson was below 2 of our former GK’s and Raya too.

      From my perspective, I would have let Leno go as I thought he was behind Martinez in terms of talent. That was the mistake by Mikel – not holding on to Martinez. From the moment he took his place on the pitch after Leno’s injury, it was clear that Martinez was up to the challenge

      1. Inconsistency breeds contempt. With Raya vs Ramsdale, the margins are very thin and those who support MA favouring Raya as number 1 justify their beliefs with stats. With Martinez vs Leno, the margins were clearer and the stats both favoured Martinez, but MA still stuck with Leno as number 1. I can understand why MA would prefer Raya but find the inconsistency quite distasteful.

        The inconsistency is perhaps why MA is often accused of egotism and favourtism by some. If he simply continue with players who are performing well at the moment until they lose their shine then replace them with others waiting in the wings or returning from injury, accusations of egotism and favourtism won’t hold water. We also probably won’t be having this Raya vs Ramsdale debate and less of the Havertz issue

        1. I’m afraid this is inaccurate.
          What Arteta refused to do with Martinez is guarantee that he would be number 1.
          Those who are accusing Arteta of favouritism etc. are basing these on certain limited personal perspectives and in some cases possibly some kind of agenda.
          There are a limited number of players for whom a really good case can be made that they should have more playing time. The main one currently is Trossard. However, it is worth noting that there is significant competition for the positions he plays and he has not always had the best of performances when starting.
          Ramsdale is a good goalkeeper but for the way Arsenal plays, Raya is a better fit.

      2. Sue, there are some stats that aren’t worth the paper they are written on such as ‘touches inside or outside the box’, ‘sprints’ made etc. etc. I confess I was a bit ‘tongue in cheek’ with my use of them. To be honest I do not have a clue who is the better keeper Ramsdale or Raya – MA should know he’s the coach. Regarding Ederson’s low position in the stats shows the weakness in the research. Could the reason be he doesn’t participate too much because City usually has 65-70% possession in most matches plus the quality of the players in front of him? I believe he holds the EPL clean sheets record of 20 in a season!!

        Personally I hope things work out for Ramsdale, he has a great personality and can become a top keeper. I hope his Dad keeps a low profile from now on, he’s not doing his son any favours nor is he helping his career.

  13. Ramsdale>Raya

    We have yet to see any passing upgrade, it’s been quite the opposite with long balls unfortunately. Perhaps Raya’s short passing is a little bit better due to a better first touch, but that’s it!

    Ramsdale brought a level of leadership and confidence to our back line that we have not seen since Jens Lehman. Luckily our defenders are maturing, but I think we still miss Ramsdale’s presence.

    It can’t bode well for either players’ confidence– Ramsdale probably feels his manager no longer appreciates his talent and achievements, while Raya probably feels as though he is one mistake away from the Emirates booing him.

    On a personal level, Ramsdale must be fuming that he has not been given a Champions League debut after being fantastic last year and helping us achieve this feat for the first time in years. I feel for him.

    Arteta certainly mishandled this one! (IMO)

  14. Martinez is obviously a great goalkeeper in his own right. However, at the time, I don’t see how Arteta could have guaranteed him the number 1 spot when he also had Leno.
    Martinez had been around for years before and had a limited body of work even if he had an impressive period before leaving. Was there enough evidence that he should have replaced Leno?
    Martinez effectively demanded the number one spot. Should the manager have caved in to such a demand?

      1. I wholeheartedly agree with your post
        He had waited in the wings but took his chance when it came along
        No – he didn’t deserve to be number 1 but I think Arteta was hasty

        1. Fact is Ramsdale contributed to a team who finished 2nd
          So if you change him keeper has to do better
          Clearly he’s making more mistakes

          1. Clearly Dan? Very simplistic – what if it’s the defence or midfield, as was the case with Jorginho against the spuds?
            At the moment, we have let in the least number of goals (with Liverpool) in the PL, so what’s your point?

    1. Think there is a general misunderstanding about the guarantee Martinez wanted for the number 1 spot. He was not asking MA to guarantee that he would be number 1 no matter what. He was asking for assurance that he would be starting the season as number 1 if he keeps up the good work he has shown at that time. Every football player understands that it is not possible to guarantee a starting position if he does not play well enough to warrant it. No one will ask for a guarantee to always be number 1.

      I actually don’t see why Martinez should not have started the season as number 1. Based on the most recent form at that time, he was clearly better than Leno in both performances and stats. The number 1 spot should be Martinez’s to lose

  15. If I ever have to read a single more comment ,let alone an article from DAN, who really ought to know better, which claim in wrongheaded fashion that MA” HAS AN EGO AND A PERSONAL AGENDA,” I WILL SCREAM OUT LOUD.
    Such arrant nonsense and ALWAYS from those who have their OWN personal agenda against MA. It is total rubbish from life uneducated dolk to seriously claim our mamager has an “ego, an”agenda” a “preference for his own nations players” and all theother stupid conspiracy stories.

    I believe in freedom of speech, so I say those folk who write such nonsense have every right to hold those views and to write them But I have an equal right to say they are the words of, frankly, idiots and completely untrue.

    As for the keeper situation, I have written , many times recently, that IMO I would far rather have Ramsdale in goal than RAYA and for one PRIME REASON.
    So far in our colours, RAYA has not shown the remarkable ability of RAMSDALE TO MAKE CONSTANT WORLD CLASS SAVES .
    Nor has RAYA shown any improvement over RAMSDALE with ball at feet.
    As he has not shown to be superior over RAMSADLE, IMO, at any key ability a keeper at our level must have, then for me , I would not personally play him and certainly NOT above RAMSDALE.

    However, I would also never think, nor ever write, that MA does not pick him because of personal “EGO, AGENDA, PREFERENCE FOR HIS OWN COUNTRYMEN” or any other nonsensical, made up, without any evidence at all, conspiracy stories.

    I AM A MATURE REALIST and will remain one, despite my opinion and MA’s on our better keeper being different.

    Ultimately HIS opinion and not mine, nor that of any other Gooner, is the only one that counts and on which MA will be judged.

    1. Jon,perharps one of the reasons you haven’t seen Raya making constant world class saves is because he is not facing constant shots. Arsenal has the best defensive rating in the league this season so far,conceding the least amount of shots on goal,even denying the inevitable Haaland a single shot on goal. Logically it means the GK won’t be needing to make lots of saves. Quite frankly,I wouldn’t want our keeper to be making constant saves-to me that means the defense as a unit has failed to an extent. Having tightened the defense,ensuring a GK won’t have to make lots of saves,then the next question becomes,how else can the now ‘idle’ GK contribute? It’s interesting you say Raya has not shown he’s better than Ramsdale at any key ability because some of these metrics are actually measurable and there are many key areas where Raya is better.

      1. No, Onyango, that theory wont wash , not at all. He has had opportunities to make world class saves but his best save, even though short of WORLD CLASS , WAS THAT SCOOP OFF THE LINE AGAINST SPURS.
        Blimey, RAMSDALE has made countless saves far better than that. And made a number of key mistakes too.

        I do take your point that our defence is tighter this season with a greater depth of top class defenders, even wirthout Timber.
        But he HAS HAD chances to shine and make world class saves. But isn’t up to it, IMO!

        You refer to many areas where he is better, but I notice you neglect to name them. I can only conclude that you can’t do so, as they dont exist!

          1. jon I have produced stats that indicate Raya is obviously better in certain areas in the countless articles on this very topic. I’m not doing that again.You can believe whatever you want or you can do look at goalkeeper statistics to see if they support your position.

        1. I’m afraid I disagree.
          It is quite clear that certain of Raya’s stats are superior to Ramsdale’s. I and others have stated them on this site and they are available for anyone to look up.
          Onyango’s comments and points regarding the defensive setup are sound. The goalkeeper is essential to how we play and limit the opposition’s opportunities. Raya is currently better in our setup than Ramsdale.

  16. I read on another forum it was felt Ramsdale senior had a few too many beers before his interview, but that is quite likely conjecture. Aaron’s interview with Ian Wright was quite illuminating though, and certainly shocked Wrighty when he said he had a very short attention span in games and switches off at times and that’s why he turns around and has banter with the crowd, both home and opposition supporters. Perhaps Arteta has spotted this in his game and also, we went in for Raya before we signed Ramsdale, but Brentford turned us down.

  17. Ramsdale is being treated awfully….

    Apart from the fact Rayas heat map is far further forward than Ramsdale, a point Ramsdale raised in a very specific interview that he was being told to do before Raya arrived. He admitted he struggled with it and they settled on a middle ground. A middle ground that has been eroded by Rayas positioning.

    Apart from the fact statically Raya is a better shot stopper not by much but better.

    Apart from the fact Raya is statistically significantly better at passing

    Apart from the fact Raya is statistically significantly better at claiming crosses.

    Otherwise you everyone is right there is no real reason for the change.

    Has Nketiah (one of our own) been treated appalling because Jesus or Trossard start?

    Madness this whole conversation, especially as the majority involved were pining for Martinez when Ramsdale was signed and thought he’d flop. Jokers.

    I love Ramsdale but it’s obvious where he needs to improve to displace Raya that’s on him. Same goes for every player not starting currently.

  18. Not sure what Ramsdale Sr. is doing in a podcast in the first place, what he did surely won’t change Mikel’s intentions. I’m really dissapointed in him, so damn immature!

  19. This story is going to run and run until every newspaper ran out of ink.

    This situation was totally unnecessary, why and I must admit our gaffer is similar to Pep Guardiola, who relishes the chance to over complicate things.

    I said months ago this situation is against conventional wisdom and not sustainable.
    In the end someone will get burn,

    Now here we are just a few months in the campaign in a excellent position well within striking distance, with a massive distraction, where the gaffer went extraordinarily length out of his way to bring on his outfit.

    But when every thing is said and done we have no choice but to support the Spaniards.

    Waiting with bated breath on pjennings peice, as he seems not a regular armchair manager.

  20. If Arteta doesn’t play Raya,he will leave after the loan.he s thinking of the future.only way to keep both keepers

  21. I agree completely with the article. I am not saying Arteta is wrong but surely, Ramsdale deserves some explanation/reason as to why he is not being played. He was heavily involved in our finishing second last season, putting in some wonderful performances game after game. If this is his reward for great performances, than surely he and his family will be disappointed. Hope Arteta brings him back into the squad because I still believe he is much better a GK than Raya, he is too good to be on the bench. Let us see if the situation changes after the international break.

  22. While Pep rarely gets his assessment on players wrong,
    MA is still learning to cope with his individuals.. I guess
    that Ramsdale big and cocky personality confuses Arteta
    resulting in Raya’s aqusition..

  23. I am viewing this purely from Ramsdale’s point of view.

    Here he is after giving Arsenal his best last season, only to find Arteta has replaced him with Raya.

    If Arteta wants Raya, that is his decision, and I have no problem with that.

    However, Arteta wants more. He wants Ramsdale to sit on the bench, just in case he needs him for a couple of matches.

    Again, if I was Ramsdale I would tender a request for a Transfer, in writing, and would prefer it to be in January.

    I believe Arteta told Ramsdale that it might be better for Ramsdale to wait until the end of the season, before a transfer.

    If you were Ramsdale, would you believe anything Arteta says?

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