KJ’s Arsenal player ratings for Chelsea loss – Wilshere MOTM

Chelsea 2 – 0 Arsenal Player Ratings by KJ

Szczesny – 6
He was sloppy with some of his kicks out. Could’ve done better for the penalty I felt. It was struck without any real pace and he was done by Hazard’s eyes.

Chambers – 5
Struggled massively against one of the best wingers in the world. Completely understandable but showed his lack of experience time and time again.

Mertesacker – 7
Was our best defender today but was unfortunately let down by those around him.

Koscielny – 6
Definitely struggled today against all the movement around him. Was at fault for the penalty and was lucky not to be sent off.

Gibbs – 6.5
He was decent today but was also culpable for the first goal. Tried to play a quick free kick into Sanchez who had no space to manoeuvre and left all our midfielders out of position.

Flamini – 6
He was decent by his standards today. Didn’t really do anything awful but never really took the game to Chelsea because he just isn’t good enough. Almost scored an own goal in the second half.

Özil – 5
Was dominated on the ball. Too easily outmuscled and was easily shepherded out of play. Just seems to lack fight when going shoulder to shoulder and in this league, that will make you second best. Still did the basics right but he has to do more and this was a disappointing performance considering his recent good form.

Wilshere – 8 (MOTM)
He was phenomenal for us today. Constantly turning with his agility and creating momentum for us in midfield. It was a shame that the movement in front of him wasn’t as strong as it should’ve been.

Cazorla – 7.5
He was quality today as well. Constantly turning and weaving his way out of trouble before starting a counter attack. Was always looking to keep our momentum. Terrible decision by Wenger to sub him off.

Sanchez – 5.5
He was poor today. Didn’t do well enough at all on the ball. Did his routine pressing but never threatened on the ball.

Welbeck – 5.5
He was isolated for large parts of the game and rarely got on the ball. Lost possession a few times when he did.

Chamberlain – 6
He came on and offered a bit of pace but didn’t provide the same sort of control that Cazorla was providing and that ultimately allowed Chelsea to get that second goal.

Podolski – N/A
I think he got on the ball twice.

Rosicky – N/A
He was only on for around 10 minutes and Wenger had given up on the result at that point so he couldn’t affect anything.

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  1. O.T__ On a previous article, someone said some of us base our assessment and criticism of Wenger on our FiFA game activities.

    Well, I’m 28yrs old, a graduate, employed and, yes, I play FIFA. It’s a nice game and for smart folks too. Video games improve your cognitive prowess. What I’m saying is there’s nothing wrong with FIFA. In fact, if you have no real life good knowledge of the game, you are likely not to do well on FIFA.

    That being said; why do most fans persist with Wenger and make pathetic excuses on his behalf when we all can see how tactically shallow he is and how blind he is to the team’s basic needs when the transfer window is open?

    What kind of coach signs an old, injured and hitherto underperforming player to replace one of his injured prolific players?

    What kind of sells his key players only to replace them with fringe players?

    What kind of coach would sell players and just decide not to replace them even when it’s obvious to the blind that the team is short of payers in certain positions (paramountly defence )?

    What kind of coach would wait until 70 or 80 minutes in a game to make changes, when his side is down by goals and need reinforcements?

    What kind of coach would decide not to make changes at all in a game,even when victory, as always, is pertinent, and it’s obvious some of his players on the pitch are tired?

    I can go on and on, but let me stop here. Yes, I play FiFA (heck, I’v not even been long on it) yet I know quite well certain basics in football. And if, like some folks here claim, I derive my knowledge of football from FIFA, then I wholeheartedly recommend the latest version of it, FIFA-15, to Wenger. It would revive, revamp, enliven and tremendously enhance his flaccid, epileptic putineous mind, senses and knowledge of the game.

    1. Not to mention his poor team selection, displacement of players (forcing them to play out of position), persisting with underperforming players while better players rot on the bench, substituting the wrong players during games, etc.

    2. Jack Wilshere MOTM for what failing to control the ball for the best chance we had to equalise??? LP9 N/A…for your information he made the only short on target in the second half for Arsenal.
      Chambers was solid he didn’t do any thing wrong at all

    3. Yes, Wenger has made poor team selections and tactics, but you can’t say someone who plays FIFA could manage Arsenal. In a video game you can automatically make players gel so all you need to do is fill a squad full of stars in order to win games. In real life Madrid bought lots of stars from 2002 and have only just won the champions league over decade after their silly spending.

      I want Arsenal to do well as much as you do but lets not be naive.

  2. For sometime now i have been conveting dm’s of other teams and i have come to the conclusion that whoever it is; flamini or arteta they make the team just to make up the numbers, even mikel will do a better job!!!

    1. I don’t want to go into how we performed yesterday and how it looked like a fight between Rey Mysterio and Broke Lesnar.

  3. Are you kidding Mr. KJ????????????

    Wenger prefrence of wilshere (and playing him central position to make him look good) is destroying the whole structure of team. Ozil, the best No. 10 has been relegated to wings, cazrola and Rosicky are non starters and proper winger like OX, podolski and campbell never plays.
    His stats for attacking (Key passes, assists, pass completion in final third etc) is pathetic for someone playing at top level in middle position. His defensive stats are also not very good (tackle won etc).

    Just analyzing the past season record:
    1) our best wins like against Borussia dortmund away, Liverpool at home, napoli at home, where we totally dominated the opponents, came when wilshere was not playing. We even drawn Bayern at their home ground when he didn’t played.
    2) Our worst defeat like BD at home, Liverpool away, Manchester City away came when he played. (I am not taking chelsea defeat into consideration as we were one man down).
    3) In final phase of last season, arsenal won 9 out of 10 matches when he was injured and didn’t played.

    Even now our best wins, i.e. against Villa and Galatacsy came when he didn’t played.

    Ozil i he has highest assists in Europe for three seasons (more than xavi or fabregas). He didn’t became bad player by coming to arsenal. He played out of position to accomodate wilshere.

    Ozil was No 10 twice this season

    1)champion league: 1 assist and 1 indirect one and initiating 2 others

    2) aston villa: 1 goal , 1 assist

    in that position , this is what matters ,not tracking back or running with ball.

    1. Actually you are wrong. Wilshere was next to Flamini and if you play FIFA as you say then you already know that the role is not exactly the shirt number. Ozil was yesterday our no.10. He had a free role, he did managed some nice passes but he’s as always outmuscled in this league. Not sure what can be done. I think he can be much better if he’s surrounded by two very tough guys like they do in NFL with the quarterbacks.
      All in all, wasn’t a bad game but as usual, we lost. Meh. I remember Shankly saying a team needs 8 to carry the piano and 3 to actually play it. Problem is that we have 3 or 4 carrying the piano and 6 or 7 who wants to play in the same time.

      1. I know Wilshere is combative, he’s a player whose aggressiveness I like and I think that’s why Wonga paired him with Flamini. However, Wilshere’s game style disrupts our midfield harmony.

    2. That’s a little harsh on Wilshere. He can only play in the style that he knows to play. The problem is that whenever Wilshere starts, Wenger takes off a natural wide player and puts Ozil on the wing, totally ruining the balance of our team. And Ozil always comes to the central area crowding the midfield. Then you have Ozil, Cazorla and Wilshere all trying to occupy the same positions.
      Do you honestly think that if it was Flamini, Cazorla and Arteta in the middle, we would have won? Fabregas would have had a field day.
      “playing him central position to make him look good” Where else is a central midfielder supposed to play?
      And why are you just blaming Wilshere for Ozil being out wide? Wasn’t Cazorla the one who actually played in the No.10 role?
      Wenger should have played only two of Wilshere, Ozil and Cazorla with Ox on the wing.
      My point is that , we should stop laying all the blame on Wilshere, or even Ozil for that matter.
      Wenger is the one who is getting the worst out of both of them.

      1. Great post. All this Wilshire bashing is getting ridiculous. As many have said, play your players in their best positions – wingers on the wing and CAMs in the middle. Square pegs, round holes don’t work. Hopefully if Theo comes back strong the team will be more balanced.

  4. What I am going to say will be very difficult for many guys to accept, but believe me it will be for our own good. We need to take a break as well during this international break, from football. We have surely been drained, and it will only ease our mind if we forget about football for a week or so.

    Just my concern and nothing else… peace guys

  5. Wilshire MOTM? are you fookin kidding?
    and Per was our best defender, wtf!! He was at fault for the 2nd goal due to his lack of pace and support for Kos.
    MOTM for me Flamini or Kos, (despite the penalty). This guy is playing at the back on his own as two CB’s week after week. It must frustrate him so much to see Per decline so rapidly, his starting standard wasn’t good! Kos deserves a medal!!

    Wenger ditch Per for another fast, young CB and buy us Kondogbia in January.
    Agree that our players need the hair dryer treatment. Too slow and static yesterday we need one touch pass and move to come back to us.
    Cant wait to see if when Walcotts back we play this formation and if it makes a difference.
    Walcott Ozil Sanchez

  6. So yet again we are outclassed by Chelsea. Made our entire team look relatively average. I don’t understand how you can start both Cazorla and ozil. Both are unable to provide any presence whatsoever. On the whole we did okay but wellbeck and Sanchez didn’t get a sniff at goal. Did we even have a shot on target really?
    Wenger shoved Jose cause he knew he was being shown up by a better manager. No-one can be surprised that cesc is doing what he is doing, he is world class. Ozil has gone missing in big games for us, Ozil was embarrassing to watch yesterday. Not showing he’s worth his price tag at present. We lack any form of presence in midfield, no true ball winning mid we were just outmuscled throughout the game. Wenger turns down buy back on cesc despite him being a class above anything we already have he only would have added to our team.
    He also has not added a vital cdm to our team. We are so easily outmuscled in midfield we can’t always rely on our passing game, we need some grit.

    Wenger you have to be on borrowed time, fair enough we won the cup but since when was that enough? We want the league. Get a quality cdm in January please or do the honourable thing and step down. You have changed tactics for years now and against the top teams we are shocking.

  7. A complete shit from damn ass mugu called kj with his biased again. Wilshire is no near MOTM but carzola or mert is. Chamberlain again was the worse sub and u gave him 6 while poldi and rosicky both NA. Podolski was the only player who take a shot at goal only to be blocked by Cahill . if you couldn’t see that we have seen it. Rosicky had a lively move in the middle of the park. You are noting and u don’t knw anything abt football. I’ve been observing ur ratings. U always giv podolski low and rate Wilshire, Chamberlain, Ramsey high even if they played shit.

    Sanchez was a messed yesterday, ozil played better than him yesterday. Ozil had more passes than any of our players yesterday and yet he got slated. U only want to see pace pace pace and u keep on screaming chamblain while he only runs without plans.

  8. I woke up this morning and thought we play Chelsea today 🙂 Then I realised we did yesterday and lost 🙁
    I so wish someone could get through to Wenger and express our concerns and see what his explanations were:
    1. Why not replace TV5?
    2. Why do you think Per is still good enough?
    3. Why not give Ospina a go?
    4. Why play players out of position?
    5. Why wait so long to bring on subs?
    6. Why stick with out of form favourites, (Jack)?
    7. Why did you not buy a young and strong DM player?

    We deserve answers, I wish someone could field these questions to Wenger.

  9. Well, I’m taking my boy Haywill out to Disneyland resort, he needs to get over yesterday’s game. Then later I’d put him through to Wonga on my cell so he would be apologised to personally by Assy Wonga.

  10. @budd. Love the analogy from Shankly you quoted, it’s spot on we need grafters and a few magicians. Problem is everyone wants to get in on the act.
    Yesterday every single Chelsea player chased and hassled us, even weak and ‘Ozil like’ Oscar chased back, made tackles and niggled our players.
    Wenger needs to analyse this game and show the players what’s required to be the best.

  11. a lot of you were blind to see per contributions yesterday. the second goal was clearly kos fault except you are biased. kos has the chance to clearly the ball but he was afraid not to cause penalty, simple. mert was the one who constantly clear the ball in the air. we lost because Wenger stick with Wilshire who repeatedly loose the ball in the middle. and carzola was first sub. look what mourinho did, he brought Mikel and took out winger- schurell to fiiled in the midfield. that’s tactically pleasant.

  12. @Darwin. Agree it’s hard but for two weeks at least I am trying to put the image of Arsene Wengers face and the Arsenal shirt out of my mind.
    Losing and not playing well occasionally I can take, but seeing our beloved team be slowly lose the plot due to tactical and strategic oversights is heart breaking. We keep making the same mistakes and don’t seem to learn for next time 🙁

    OT: Get well soon Bianchi.

  13. What I saw from yesterday, when Özil was outmuscled by opposition, it was due to him holding the ball for way too long. Then I checked the situations again and thought “where could’ve he even passed?” before he lost the ball.

    Fact is our players, apart from Sanchez, rarely help out Cazorla, Wilshere or Özil when they attack on their own. They either hide behind the enemy players or just stand there waiting our AMF to dribble past 3-4 players, rather than making runs behind defence or just come help out when it’s getting crowded. They could do arteta’s and always pass the ball back but I guess that would kill counter attack rightaway.

    You saw that long ball to Sanchez when he knocked the f*ck out Courtois? Now that’s what our forwards NEED to do when the opposition are getting their bus back.

    1. @juhislihis
      Bang on dude. We want to play thequick pass(tiki-taka) but we havent a clue as to how it’s really done.
      Pass and move into space close to receive and pass through, moving the ball forward as you go. Tight formations of players able to give and go…

  14. Wilshere motm? If someone just hard working and without end product, I think just put a dog on the field will do.

    I know Wenger is trying to fix in wilshere cos wenger is building a English core in arsenal but that take time. After his injuries wilshere quality is still not there yet and for a match that so important, Wenger still insist his ego, change a winning team to run him in.

    To me yesterday game is a very important game for us for this season. If we can get a draw not only a kick start to our confident, also a statement to the world, arsenal is back. Yes we only lost 2-0 but still lost and 9 point away form Chelsea so is not a good statement.

    I am sure we still can get the 4th spot with the quality players we have now but champion forget it. Wenger still trying to find his actual 11 and formation. He is still building in process, maybe still thinking what he actually want.

    As for ozil he has to start from the middle if not he will be another player that ruin by wenger. He most influential than any players at that spot at the moment.

    Wenger has to find his balance for this squad but he is taking too long. I still will lower my expectations for arsenal this season so my day won’t be ruined by wenger during arsenal match day.

  15. I was really cringing when I read the rating and description KJ gave to Jack Wilshere. He was 5.5 at best, and basically the saboteur of nearly every decent attack leading to a potential chance. Looks like the Wilshere favoring Wenger has been showing is influencing you dude.

  16. Wilshere, man of the match?
    Sometimes I wonder if we do not deserve the bad luck, those deluded fans (the ones who were telling the media we were going to win the CL and the league after the FA Cup win… Yeah on crack!@!) and the useless backdated “over his head” manager…!!

    Wilshere was noted 4/10 on France Football and l’Equipe… And I will assume they know what they are talking about…!!
    He lost/missed passes- 14 balls, caused the yellow card for Chambers and missed a seater…!!
    Wake the f*ck up!!

    Facts: We play better and, in fact, win crucial games when Wilshere is not around…

    Anyway, the result is fair (happy we did not get trashed), Chelsea is a better (better players all around), more organised, better coached team and more ambitious.

    Arsenal have won none of their last 15 Premier League meetings against Chelsea, Man Utd or Man City (W0 D7 L8).

    From those simple stats (Wenger likes them and so are some fans) we clearly realise that we had no chance and never would until some serious shake up at the club.

    I feel for the next manager (Unless Wenger signs another extension… He will be 67yo… But that is not a problem at Arsenal… As long as the books sing the song) because he will have a tough job to insert a new football culture as the all structure is just stuck in the 90’s.
    Modern football has passed us with a whisper.

    We are winning games just by the pure talent of our players.

  17. Sometime I just think our club is just a cooperation company that sucking the fans money. The club are happy for their minimum achievement, what the fans want, they don’t give a shi*.

  18. I can’t believe that you watched that match and said that Mertesacker was our best defender. The guy stands in no man’s land and makes short passes only He is supposed to be a defender who runs around making tackles covering his mates, anticipating danger, winning headers etc. For starters did you spot where he was for the first goal. Well he was planted 15 yards from the action while Hazard was weaving his way past our Central defense. Do me a favour next time just watch what he actually does and maybe more important what he doesn’t do. The man is a liability Also just for the record did you spot him ambling back while Kos was busting a lung trying to chase down Costa.

  19. I truly believe that we would be in the same situation even if we had all the players we needed and more quality.
    The all problem is Wenger…!

    1. 100% FACT!! Trouble is mate, nobody else sees this. We could be given the best players for free and Wenger would still fcuk it up. WENGER OUT!!!

  20. Wilshere MOTM??? Which game were you watching? Okay he did improve in the 2nd half but he was really bad in the 1st. At max a 6.

    I thought Chambers did pretty well coping with Hazard. Hazard was kept quiet for most of the game except when he drifted to the middle, which led to our first goal. I would give him a 6/6.5.

  21. Most arsenal fans agree when our problem is The manger , this season is a problem for me, and I hope it doesn’t take us finishing out of the top 4 to get a new manger.
    Look at the other top teams
    Chelsea are miles ahead of us in quality and squad depth, how many of our players would make their team, possibly Kos and Sanchez at most
    Man City are the same
    And even if you look at UTD Di Maria wow total quality, Falco quality, then you have Rooney and I love welbeck attitude but why are we buying our competitors 3/4 choice players and then they become our first choice.
    We have a lot of good players but very few leaders or PL title winners


    1. Have you seen Utd’s schedule so far? swans, sund, burnley, qpr, Leicster, whu, everton.
      should’ve been on 18 points at least imo. We have a pretty easy schedule coming weeks to rest, rotate, build and experiment.

      Chelsea is way ahead of us in tactics and depth, but Man City aren’t that much better than us.


  23. And by the way there is a anger who wants to come to the premier league who gets the best out of players, and is a match for Maureen

  24. Wilshere was horrible in the first half and decent in the second. He blew our two best scoring opportunities, could not win a 50/50 ball to save his life and gave the ball away too often as he always does. In the second half, he made a few penetrating drives that look nice because he made defenders miss. In general, Wilshere dribbles too much and passes too little (and when he does pass, his accuracy is not good enough). His desire to always dribble through a crowd is a huge problem because, more often than not, he gives the ball away in dangerous positions setting up the opponent for a counter attack.

  25. Why panic… They have announced the numbers for the shirt sales… Sales are almost up %456… !! Personally I don’t understand why you would run to the shop and get yourself the new Arsenal jersey every time it comes out… And then complain about the seat prices, the manager and the all farce, when you are in fact part of the problem…!!

    Again, it is totally and utterly unacceptable that a manager paid so much (£8millions/year… Still cannot believe the numbers) cannot deliver trophies on a regular basis…!!!!

  26. There should only be one question when we sign any future players will he help us win the league, and that should be the same for contract extensions
    Tiote- NO
    VIDAL- yes
    hummels -yes
    Arteta -no
    Diaby- hell no he should be sued for fraud

  27. Diaby who? My god this team is a laughing stock of the world. If AW left who would come in coz he would need to rebuild the arsenal top to bottom. No leader on the pitch no leader off it. Time to go AW. And our stadium it’s dead. Put speakers in the clock end so it sounds like a match. You go to Liverpool and it sounds like hell

  28. Wilshere is Wenger little jewel…
    I don’t even know how to classify him, DM, offensive or box2box player…!!
    He is, in fact, our worse midfielder wherever position you put him.

    Even when he plays well (rare occurrence), the team still does not function.

    Ozil is a world champion playing on the wing, but our midfield is no where near Germany quality and Wenger is not where near Joachim Low standard…!!

    Wenger is the only manager in world football who believes that having most of the possession will win you the game (deluded and still stuck in the 90’s).

    We won the league (back in the day) with power flair and accuracy.
    We had destroyers in the middle, creative players and lethal weapon up front.
    Right now we have none of that, just a bunch of “small” injury prone players and not even a leader in that squad (all Wenger doing. It is easier for him to manage a group of “yes boss” little girls instead of the characters he had before).

    Win the league is just a total impossibility and not even a realistic objective.

    Back in the day, playing Arsenal was a headache for any team in the world.
    Now we are just the whipping boys of the top teams and the lesser outfits feel they have a chance to get a result.
    Last season, we could not even get a descent run against the worse Man United team in decade…!!!

    The situation starts from the head. The head is weak and rotten (Wenger) and he has no ambition because the board and the all structure has no ambition.

    Keep the books clean and healthy, f*ck the fans (because they will follow anyway, that is just what they do) and let’s get ourselves some bonus at the end of the season as well as increase the seat prices next year (Nobody will complain anyway, they will take it on the chin and get on with it).

  29. I don’t know about you guys but the moment i saw the lineup for yesterday’s match with Ozil,Wilshere and Cazorla starting the game i didn’t bother about the formation we were going to use because i knew it was a 4-1-4-1 formation with Ozil on the wings,Wilshere partnering Flamini and Cazorla in the middle i knew we had lost already but what i failed to do and i’m regreting was to get up from my seat and leave already by seeing the formation/lineup.

  30. @profectic. Thank you! Per is slow, appears lazy and is a liability.
    The moment we replace him with an up and coming quality CB, (Chambers was doing well before Per returned) the better for our team.
    I feel for Per as he looks desperately disappointed when he’s cant cover back etc. I believe he wants to and its not for want of trying, he’s just lost what small amount of speed he had.
    His confidence is shot and Wengers not helping him.
    There are a host of lower teams CB’s that would be an upgrade on Per, cut your losses and get shopping Arsene!

  31. @sama.
    You should have made your way down to the touchline and given Wenger a piece of paper showing him the line up he should have fielded!

  32. 2 Things.. Arsenal must learn the ‘modern game’, sign quality players and change tactics when required or Arsene Wenger goes out because of his stubbornness. Everything seems to rotate around Wenger.. I wish he could realise….

  33. Note from yesterday was that Flamini for his age tried and battled as best as he could, why I ask?
    Because he is one of the last dying bread of Invicible players who knows how to play with your heart on your sleeve.
    I believe the expectations for Arsene and the board continue to slide and this can only ripple down to the players who seem to be going through the motions. You can see this as the new players of Chambers, Sanchez, Welbeck and Debuchy have not yet been tainted!
    Wenger needs to instil some aggression, fight and hunger, not sure he can do it though as we’ve gone to far.
    Post match interviews for City and Chelsea games show players really gutted even if they draw. Our players appear not too bothered, back to playing around and posing for the cameras on the training ground.
    Exceptions to this I’d say are Ox, Kos, Cazorla, Ramsey and new signings.

  34. I don’t put too much blame on the players. I put blame on Wenger because
    1. Why should we blame players when they are placed in the wrong position (ie Ozil. He excells in number 10 position but underperformed on the wing)
    2. Why should we expect Giroud and Welbeck to perform like Costa or Falcao. Wenger should have signed a top striker in addition to Welbeck
    3. Why should we expect Flamini, Arteta, diaby to perform brilliantly when Wenger should have got a top DM.
    4. Mertsacker, Koscielny, chambers play too much and we rely on Bellerin because Wenger didn’t sign enough quality defenders after we lost Sagna, Vermaelen, Jenkinson on loan. Without Bellerin (who is an academy player) we have 6 defenders for 4 positions.

    It’s really odd. Wenger says wonderful things about Costa’s goal scoring but doesn’t want one. This summer Wenger said wonderful things about Vidal but doesn’t get a DM (there is no guarantee he will get one in January).

    It’s almost like either he wants 4th place or he is so stubborn that he wants to prove that you can win the Premier League with only less than a handful of top players. Very stubborn indeed.

  35. It’s clear that any team who sets out to press the ball against us will do well, our players only do well with time on the ball, otherwise they just get outmuscled. Per is just too slow for this league as he always leaves kos covering. There was rarely intent from arsenal. Man of the match, realistically there wasn’t one. We lack big game players. Arsene only replaced what went out last year/or already injured really. Our squad depth is a joke. Rosicky as hard as he tries is not the answer.
    Arteta – completely off the pace
    Flamini – will give 100% but lacks quality
    Diaby – always injured
    Rosicky – just passed his best.
    Cazorla – doesn’t really have a position/not been near his best since his first season
    Podolski – a bit part player who never gets any game time.
    All players realistically that need cutting out of our squad. And replacing with quality signings. Podolski admittedly has been frozen out and Cazorla is okay but just doesn’t fit as contends with ozil being in best position.
    Why campbell hasn’t been given a shot yet really is beyond me. Would like to see him have a chance. Put him on the wing and drop ozil into the cam role.
    Wilshere hasn’t really progressed at the rate that Rambo has and I am unsure why we keep persisting with him. He’s made of glass, always injured. He is a good player, but I couldn’t see him fitting into Chelsea or city’s lineups, can you?

    It’s about time we keep up with the big boys and actually spend some money for once! Our wage structure will always put us at a disadvantage even before a ball has been kicked. It’s time to get in the right century arsenal, if you don’t pay you won’t get.
    Bring in a good centre back (didn’t replace vermaelan) which leaves per and kos, per lacks pace to deal with quick breaks.

    A world class defensive midfielder. We should have given khedira whatever he wanted. Same goes for carvalho as we lack presence in the midfield, which causes a huge amount of issues when we lose possession in the centre of the pitch.

    A new keeper/give ospina a run as sczeney has been woeful, takes far too long on the ball and kicking dreadful, the amount of times we lose possession through him is ridiculous.

    Going forward we don’t really need much more

    Sanchez. Ozil Walcott is a good attack.
    If wellbeck can get us the goals then we won’t need to buy but if not it’s time to go for someone like martinez or cavani.

    In short, wage structure is all great and well when looking at balancing the books, but we ain’t gonna win anything without depth of squad/being willing to pay more.
    As much as I hate UTD at least they are showing ambition and going all out to get in the top four. The teams around us in the league all improve and add to their squad. Arsenal sign extensions on ageing players.

    I think it’s only gonna take us dropping out of the top four to actually do something about it sadly.

      1. Sadly though we don’t have anyone that can really rough defenders up at present, giroud but he’s out.

  36. Wow I am surprised at how many fans are berating Jack. He created a beautiful opportunity for Sanchez in the first half by chipping the ball over their defense when Sanchez got a touch but collided with their keeper. There were a few occasions when Jack run past one or two players and made some great quick passes and created opportunity. I did not see ANY of our other midfielders do this except pass the ball round and round the box which had NO effect. It is an absolute shame how many of you will criticize one player and use him as a scapegoat as to why we lost. I’m not saying Jack was brilliant yesterday, but he was better than mediocre.

  37. Wilshere was never MOTM…he gave the ball away far too often and always in dangerous areas. Its not enough to just have a good offensive display.

  38. Ronny 331.I agree I don’t think Mertesacker is a bad person. But it is an embarrassment watching him try to run,and seeing that he doesn’t know where to stand for free kicks and corners. Also he is unable physically to turn his body , change direction and move to help cover for team-mates. But I am afraid that you and I probably stand alone and we are likely looking at our next skipper for as long as Wenger remains.

  39. I really dont know why the manager decided to change the team which played against Galatasaray. People are saying Galatasaray its poor because we beat them?

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