£35Million star hoping to walk away from Arsenal for free

Shkodran Mustafi is hoping he can be walk away from his contract in the way that Sokratis was this month, with Arsenal granting him just 44 minutes of Premier League action this term.

The Gunners are slimming their squad down at present, with both Mesut Ozil and Sokratis having been allowed to leave. The former has joined up with Fenerbahce, while the Greek defender is currently on the lookout for a new club.

Mustafi is the latest player to want out however, although unlike the two above, he has actually played for the club this season, and is registered to play for the team in the Europa League and Premier League.

Gazetta.It states that he is in want of a similar exit however, and should he be granted his wish, he could well be set on his way to join Lazio in Italy.

The defender is well accustomed to Serie A having spent two years in the top division of Italy with Sampdoria previously, as well as a half-season in Serie B.

Despite arriving for a hefty fee, with the BBC reporting that he cost in excess of £35 Million, he has found minutes tough to come by in recent months. He has fallen down the pecking order this term despite being amongst the most-improved players in Arteta’s early days in charge.

He currently trails the likes of Rob Holding, Pablo Mari, David Luiz and Gabriel Magalhaes for minutes, while Calum Chambers could also be ahead of him, and you wouldn’t begrudge him an exit.

Should Arsenal allow Mustafi to leave for free?


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  1. Longbenark says:

    He should be allowed to go , while Nketiah should be sold, willian sacked by end of season, Pepe tried played as a supporting striker or a CF, since he’s good at committing defenders, he must be drilled,

    Balogun and Miguel should be used as super subs

  2. blue17 says:

    That’s just the position we find ourselves in… Not a single return on “Top Players” we spent Mills to get… At least his leaving should free up room for Odegaard, hearing we’re at our limit for non-homegrown quota. Speed this up Edu…

  3. Armoury says:

    You call him Arsenal star whilst players like Elnerny, Mkhitaryan, and Gouendouzi are called flops or outcast. Let him go for free because he’s a deadwood

  4. Grandad says:

    In a word yes.Not one of Wenger better signings and with his degree in “economics” he will surely cringe at the huge hit to our financials.

  5. Val says:

    I am going to defend Mustafi here a little

    When we signed him, we had no true defensive midfielder, Santi was not, even though he played very well there, Ramsey wasnt, he often gave the ball away on the edge of our own box trying to be flash.
    Big Kos was always playing injured and then rushed back before he was ready..

    Fast forward to UE, well we all know his view, we score more than you and forget the midfield.

    MA takes over, makes us a better defending team and Mustafi is MVP( for CB’c ) for the rest of the season, for me anyway.

    people’s shirt term memory is pretty poor and like most people, we always remember the bad stuff, the poor performances and the big mistakes.
    Not the FA cup semi against City where he was playing like VVD before he got injured.

    I’m not saying he shouldn’t leave, I think he should as MA needs to shape the squad in his image.

    If the club decide to let him go, I will remember his big games and performances he gave, not the mistakes and all the booing he recieved for months on end, he always tried to play, even though all that and i can admire that character in a person

    1. Davi says:

      I agree with you. The way he turned everything around at the end of last season was admirable – can’t remember such a turnaround in form from anybody to be honest. I really thought he would have left this summer on a bit of a high; not sure why he stuck around but now people have forgotten his excellent run at the end of the season and are remembering his numerous bad moments.

    2. ozziegunner says:

      Val, didn’t Emery request Thomas Partey and was given Torreira and Guendouzi? This doesn’t appear like a coach not interested in midfield. Surely it is not Emery’s fault if he didn’t get the midfielders he wanted.

  6. RFrancis says:

    We’re only paying lip service to the self-sustaining model when we continue to spend large amounts on players then let them leave for free at the end of their contract. We got nothing in return for either Ozil, Kolasinac or Socratis. Mustafi is going down the route too. This is a worrying trend for the financial stability of the club and our ability to compete for top players in the future.

    1. ozziegunner says:


  7. jon fox says:

    ARSENAL STAR or Mustafi? Which is it, as these are opposites! This sensationalist style of writing fools no one PATRICK! Mustafi is NOT a star , never has been one , never will be, so why write untrue nonsense?

    1. Admin Pat says:

      Didn’t he win a World Cup alongside another Arsenal star, Mesut Ozil? hahaha

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