Final Group Stage roundup – We still have 8 Arsenal players in the Euro 24 knockouts –

8 Arsenal players make it through to the knockout stages of the Euro’s

The Knockout stages of the Euro’s are finally here. Arsenal fans will be spoiled for choice as 8 of our Arsenal players have progressed into the next round of the Euro’s after a decent start of the tournament for most of our players. Here’s a rundown of all everything that’s happened in the past two days.

First off, we saw William Saliba and Jakub Kiwior face off against each other as Poland drew 1-1 to France. Saliba has begun to be a starter for France, and this was the first time he wasn’t able to keep a clean sheet in the tournament. Jakub Kiwior had a bad day at the office, giving away a silly penalty just after half time that put France in front.

Poland snagged a goal back from the spot as Kiwior made up for his error by stepping up to the spot. Poland managed to walk away with a point but were knocked out of the competition. France will now face off against Belgium in the round of 16, where we could again see an Arsenal vs Arsenal clash, when Saliba will face Trossard.

Then England faced off against Slovenia and walked away sharing the points after a 0-0 draw. Both Saka and Rice started for England, while Ramsdale was on the bench. Rice played a full 90 minutes in the middle of the pitch and had a good second half. Saka played 71 minutes until being subbed off for Cole Palmer. England have looked like they’ve struggled a lot this tournament, but now have a clear path to the finals, finishing top the group and go onto the round of 16 where they look to face off against Slovakia.

Yesterday we got to see a all-action tight clash between Ukraine and Belgium, another game we got to see Arsenal vs Arsenal when Trossard and Zinchenko came up against each other. The game ended 0-0 and Ukraine were knocked out of the tournament, even thought the entire Group E ended on 4 points. Trossard started and played 60 minutes before being subbed off, and Zinchenko didn’t start but came on in 58th minute to try be the difference. Unfortunately, it wasn’t enough, and Ukraine was sent packing and Belgium go through to the next round and face off against France.

Tonight, we have the first knockout games of the tournament where Jorginho’s Italy is set to face off against Switzerland and Kai Havertz’s Germany will face off against Denmark. Italy has a tall task on their hands as Switzerland have been playing well and should be a very good game. Germany will be favourites to win against Denmark, but they too have been in good form in the tournament and will not doubt put up a fight.

Good luck to all our Arsenal lads who play today and those who have games coming up this weekend.

What’s your thoughts Gooners?

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  1. I have little faith in this England manager playing or entertaining the thought of playing world class players out of their natural position on the pitch causing an unbalanced team.

    If Southgate listens to the Manu TV pundit panel and plays our second top goal scorer in defence, then England will become the laughing stock of the world.

    If I was Saka, and the England manager insulted me by asking a two times player of the year to play in defence, I would copy White and pack my bags and be on the first plane home.

    I don’t think Saka is a mug and he won’t be humiliated. It maybe a racist thing with the Manu panel of Neville and Roy Kean, as I remember them having a problem with Patrick Viera,I just don’t know but it is a humiliating thing.

    If Saka plays the mug and gets roped into playing in defence, then he will be the first player they blame for England not keeping a clean sheet.

    Saka, you may need to pack your bags and follow Whites example, of no confidence in the England manager.

    1. It may be a questionable decision to move Saka to LB but I am not sure why you are bringing race into this discussion or suggesting that moving a player to play a different role for the benefit of the team is based on racism.
      Keane and Neville are not the only individuals to make this suggestion.
      Also is it humiliating to play left back for your country?
      The fact is that the England team has yet to find the right setup to give confidence that they could go all the way despite having been in a relatively weak group and having one of the best squads in the tournament.
      People offering suggestions for the team’s improvement does not equate to racism.

  2. England have 11 defenders in their squad, and the brainless pundits suggest that Saka is a better defender than the 11 England defenders to choose from, who unlike Saka actually play defence for their club. Where do they get their brains from?

    1. Well Saka was asked to play left back and did

      If any player refused to play where asked and walked away blaming race I would pack their bags for them

      No one player is bigger then the team and that would be a worrying attitude trait

  3. Think Arsenal should be looking more at a midfielder in these competition and how he may fits in our system.

    One player that jumps out fitting the bill perfectly is the French international Camavinga.
    The young Frenchman is the perfect company for Declan Rice.

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