How will Trossard fit in after Arsenal’s new arrivals? Should we sell?

What are your thoughts on the notion that Arsenal should consider selling Leandro Trossard this summer? I’d go first. Trossard isn’t getting any younger; he’ll be 30 this season. He finished the league season with 17 goals and assisted two others in 46 appearances. Surely, his value will never be higher than it is now.

There are rumours that Arsenal will acquire a versatile winger. If a top winger enters the fray and can play on either the left or right wing, Trossard will undoubtedly fall down the pecking order. Surely, he will not play as much as he did last season. With less game time, the Belgian international will not improve beyond his current level. It would be prudent for Arsenal to sell and reinvest in a younger impact player who can fit into the Arsenal style.

However, Trossard’s fans would argue that Arsenal is on the verge of winning the league and will require Trossard’s contributions, just as he did last season. They would argue that investing in the future is no longer the sole focus, as it is within reach.

Nonetheless, how many times have we made the error of sticking with ineffective athletes and subsequently losing money? When Trossard is in the final year of his deal next year and we receive less than £10 million, everyone will blame the board. What do you think?

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  1. Most of the top strikers are avoiding getting signed by arsenal. I think the main reason being too competitive for game time. Like Gabriel Jesus, losing scoring prowess at critical ending is now just waiting for exit. Another is the goalkeeper, what a sad end to lose favor. No prime players would like a similar situation to happen to them.

  2. I agree on selling Trossard, because he will only become slower and less hardworking as he ages

    We might not need to sign another right-footed LW though, because we’ve got Jesus and Martinelli for the role. Nketiah can also play on left wing

    If Arsenal have to sign a new LW, I hope it won’t be Nico Williams. I’ve seen how he played for Spain and I reckon Martinelli to be more talented than him

    1. Martinelli suffered last season because our left half dynamics weren’t quite good and stable as well. With Timber, and potentially Calafiori, and a maybe Merino as a 6, Martinelli will explode next season.

  3. Trossard is ahead of Martinelli so maybe its him who should be on the chopping block. Especially with the fee we can get for the young Brazilian. Matinelli is nowhere near Nico Williams level btw !!! Trossard offers goals from the right left and cf position and it would be silly to sell for anything less than 35 million

  4. Arsenal could sell players like zinchenko,smith rowe and fabio viera and buy players like gyokeres,calafiori and merino inorder to have a best challenging squad across the globe

  5. It’s appalling how you casually describe the team’s highest goal scorer (non-penalty goals only) as ‘ineffective athlete’s. What are the options you have? Jesus? Nketiah? Martinelli?

    1. I’m not sure he was saying that Trossard is ineffective now, but rather as he advances in age, becomes so. Wasn’t it about the idea of leaving it too late to get a reasonable transfer fee?

      Anyway, I’m not sure I’d be getting rid of Trossard who has been a demonstrably able member of the team. Probably tie him down for one or two more years (preferably not on improved financial terms – a la Wenger)

  6. Doesn’t the team need a 22 strong man squad to challenge in all 4 competitions its in?
    Is there something called injury to players still?
    Doesn’t the team need to change tactics depending on opposition team being played?

    Its upon the manager to rotate the team, but the idea of selling good players because there is an alternative player in the position will not win titles.
    Arsenals thin squad in recent times, rather having many non quality players that could not hold their own is the cause of the long title drought.

  7. one Trossard brings is magic super sub late games goals, these can be invaluable particularly with the trend for low block likely to continue to increase, i.e. low scoring games with some thing different needed to unlock stubborn low block with 10 minutes to go (e.g. Euro 2024, traditional strikers ineffective)

    not many others impacted the game from the bench for Arsenal last season

    and he can cover RW too

    so I would absolutely keep Trossard without a doubt

  8. You guys can just post things anyhow , you guys forget that Trossard had been there for us when we needed goals , he contributed to his capabilities than Nketiah, Jesus even Mentenelli

  9. Selling Trossard is a NO, NO. Trossard was one of our best goal scorer last season and we can not afford to sale him even at the expense of in-coming players whose impact are not immediately guaranteed. We have 4 competitions to execute, our team is lean…so you can not afford to sale him.

    1. What kind of post is this and why should you even think of this here,we are aiming to grow in debt an ur saying we should sell him combine Jesus Martineli an Nketiah together they are no match to Trossard please if this is a joke stop it

  10. Sell Trossard, are you joking? I really can’t understand the negative comments about Trossard either, he’s been brilliant but a year on he’s going to be slower and not try so hard , really, for goodness sake, really .? People I respect making stupid comments.

  11. We need Trossard around. The squad is still young and we need some experience for backup. Think he can play for a season or two more with Arsenal before moving on for younger players.

  12. Selling Trossard and keep Nketiah is a joke. A benched Trossard is more goal reliable than on the field Nketiah.

  13. Thank God Arteta determines who he chooses to stay and who leaves
    He will decide the players he will be working with come next season

  14. I love Trossard
    Even if he doesn’t start, what a player to bring off the bench.
    Keep Trossard please

    1. why are you saying please, what the writer wrote his an opinion and not a must do. he’s not the coach, why should we sell one of the highest scoring players in the club cos we want to get an alternative.

  15. For sure, Nico Williams is much better than Martinelle but his salary demand is exorbitant. Sad to say, Martinelle has been regressing at an alarming rate. The “generational” forward now plays with low confidence.

  16. Trossard is not in expendable . With a suitable replacement his role at Arsenal would be reduced. He is however a luxury we can perhaps afford to hold on to for another season because his snap goals can provide Arsenal with a luxury get out of goal card.

  17. This is a huge season for Martinelli, he and Jesus let us down big time last season. If the right player becomes available I think replacing Martinelli has to be at the forefront. I hope Martinelli proves himself a top player we’ll have to wait and see. Bringing in another wide player who can operate on both wings is a smart piece of business

  18. Trossard is a great sub, very impactful. Arteta has to manage his minutes as he is ageing, but second half, playing against tired defenders, and with his clinical shooting, Arteta would be an idiot to sell him any time soon. He is not a starter that’s for sure, he becomes invisible when starting, but as an impact sub, no one is better in the league right now. No way Trossard will be sold, that’s stupid.

  19. Trossard’s aging is not a reason to get rid of him. So what if he loses value? He is probably the only player who gives us hope by coming off the bench to score when needed. 17 goals mostly from the bench is worth more than his transfer fee. The future is now, how many more years to we recruit for the future. Get rid of those who Arteta has no intention of giving game time.

  20. I fully agree with “Break on through” that Martinelle and Jesus let us down big time last season. If both have been more clinical, Arsenal would have been crowned champion. Frankly, it is a torture to watch Martinelle play nowadays. He is so bereft of confidence. If he cannot improve, it is high time to get rid of him. I have told my friends Brazil will not go far with Martinelle or Jesus playing as their forwards! I can’t imagine how worse would Arsenal be without Trossard making up for their deficiency. We know now why Machester City is more than happy to cut off Jesus.

  21. Big NOOOOO..Trossard is valuable member of the team ..more so than Martinelli and’s actually the former who we shud consider selling ..he hasnt justified his place for a while now

  22. I personally think selling Trossard now, would mean using him and throwing him like a condom. For real he has been one of the pillars for our team, so i would love to see him in the picture/photo of the team that is going to lift the trophy next season, we shall loose nothing by keeping him in Arsenal, for at least more two years.

  23. Arsenal should sell him and even Gabriel jesus. Then buy Baris yimal Gasatasary quickly before Auston Villa snatch him. The guy is a very good winger and still young.

  24. Trossard on a bad day is better than nketiah and jesus combined. Arsenal would be missint out on selling trossard

  25. Selling Trossad is a mistake like we did to xhaka or Martinez,we still need him for two more seasons

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