4 reasons why I think Arsenal should NOT sign Victor Osimhen this summer

Victor Osimhen could be a transfer option for Arsenal’s striker, but as talented as he is, I do not believe he is what the club needs.

According to reports, the Nigerian international wants to leave Napoli and play in the Premier League instead. Many people expected Chelsea to sign him, but they are no longer interested. Arsenal, therefore, has emerged as his most likely destination.

There have been speculations that the North Londoners may be willing to sign him for less than his £111 million release clause, but as noted above, I would not consider such a move.

And these are my reasons:

1. If Kai Havertz is to be Arsenal’s first-choice striker, will Osimhen agree to join as his backup? Wouldn’t that add tension to our Arsenal attack?

2. Even if Osimhen signs for less than his release clause, his transfer deal will be expensive. Would spending more than £75 million for a backup striker be wise? Other than his signing fee, his salary may be an issue, and I’m sure he’s looking for a satisfactory pay package wherever he goes.

3. Osimhen is also prone to injuries; I doubt he can play a full 38-game league season. If we’re going to let Thomas Partey leave due to injuries, why go for someone who is believed to be prone to injuries?

4. Not long ago, Osimhen had a spat with his Super Eagles coach. Looking back on that incident, one can’t help but believe he isn’t the player with the character that this Arsenal squad requires.

Disadvantages aside, of course, signing Osimhen has some advantages, but I just don’t think he’s the right one for us.

Daniel O


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  1. 1. To compare Havertz to Osimhen is to say the sun is the moon. Osimhen is currently Africa’s best player, beating out Salah, Hakimi, and Hakimi, Seria A best player, No. 8 on the Ballon D or List. There is no part of football where Havertz is better than Osimhen.
    Osimhen is faster , jumps higher , is stronger , uses both feet, etc.
    4. Isak is also injury-prone, and you can google and find out that Osimhen was fitter than Haaland this previous season. season besides why do you have a bench?
    Now for the spat with the coach. Only Arsenal fans assume players should all be saints . The best players aren’t nice.
    He had a problem with Napoli signing three coaches in a season and dismissing a title-winning coach. In Nigeria, he had a problem with a coach who made Southgate look like Pep . The coach called him out for not coming to camp despite OSimhen saying he was recovering from an injury . this was unprofessional, but that shouldnt deter you from signing a world-class talent
    2. We are not signing players to sit on the bench; we are bringing players to compete with first-teamers and even bench them .
    3. Which reasonable striker in this world is not above 80 million . we all dont want to admit it but we are insulting OSimhen to even compare him to Toney and Gyokeres .
    You may not know it, but OSimhen has a proven record of winning titles since the age of 17.

    1. nice number ordering

      the number of spats and fall-outs he has had, whether he feels self-righteous about it or not, is a massive red-flag for the likes of Edu/Arteta

      reportedly Arteta has passed on Ivan Toney recently for similar concerns about personality and fit with the dressing room

      too much about Osimhen seems a mis-fit, particularly as Edu/Arteta not as desperate for a striker as the fan base

      1. I like Osimhen for arsenal but as a fellow Nigerian, my only concern is the fact that I know all african players Born on the continent are usually about 8 to 10 years older than they claimed hence there longevity issues. Osimhen age on record should be about 25 years which would make his real age most likely 30+ years.

        1. You just nailed it on the head. I’m a Nigerian; yet wouldn’t want Osimhen @ the Emirates. We can’t such ana amount of money on a player that may only be useful for one or two years with little or no resealable value. I personally don’t rate him that much. He may end up as a misfit for Arsenal. He fits more for Chelsea than Arsenal

        2. One thing I learned about Nigerians and English is that they down-talk or overrate their players depending on winning or losing.
          His overall play justifies is age. Kanu played for Arsenal post heart surgery. If a player is not fit, he won’t pass the medical test. With all the negativity around Osimehn from Just arsenal fans, it’s best for him to stay away from Arsenal. If he signs and we failed to win a trophy, the blame will be on him. Many fans here still blame Arsenal’s trophy-less season Arteta cos of the loss to Aston Villa, forgetting we came second to the King of league matches with a superior team. You don’t want Arsenal to spend much but you want to beat heavy spenders, another joke of the decade is comparing how much Arteta spent in the last 4 years to Mancity. In Pep’s rebuilt of Mancity, going by inflation and today Market, it would be slightly below 2 billion pounds if not more.
          Arsenal management knows better, buy what you need like Liverpool’s Vgril or go for Ferguson of Brighton hoping he will perform a magic he’s not used to. Sorry for my English, English is not my first language. Just my opinion, no dig aimed at anyone

        3. That is no longer the case as most players start from football academy with records from young age. Osimhen was in U17 world cup were he had MRI test.
          Let him be judged on his ability on the pitch and not profiled.

      2. My own contribution is , Arsenal needs a up fronter who is not prone to injuries,and is fit for premier league challenges. We need an attacker who is more skillful and physically fit.
        Havert is ok but need more weight to his ability

    2. Thanks @gizzle. You have it all.

      1. Raya pushed Ramsdale to the limits. Havertz isn’t sacred. Besides, there’s way too plenty games and there’ll be need to have options if we think we are up to the League next season.

      1. Arsenal must sign a good strike not a cheap one. We have a problem of buying and selling. If we buy cheap we will sell cheap. We must sell 12 players and we are not going to get 200milion from those players. That means we like cheap things. Swap all those cheap players for one good striker

  2. agree not a good fit for Arsenal

    in addition to above not a good fit for Arteta system, e.g. out-of-possession game, intense high press, movement off the ball, tackles/interceptions, making those around him better, assists

    the risk of disruption by big personality not taking well to starting on the bench is in Edu/Arteta mind too I am sure

  3. Osimhen’s injury record is a big worry. We should go for Zirkzee or Guirassy. They are more affordable and give room for many more additions.
    Solanke is too expensive. I doon’t think the Ukraine guy will be up to the task.
    if we really need a striker, Gyokeres or Openda should be the choice. I’m skeptical about Gimenez.

  4. Osimen has an attitude problem which makes him unfit for the atmosphere that Arteta is trying to build at Arsenal. His recent x-rated rant against his national team coach bears him out as one of those players who would consider themselves “bigger” than the coach.
    We don’t another Ozil or Aubameyang situation here please

    1. Osimhen is WC but again y’all would rather we go for players that still need time to improve under a young manager with no major trophy experience himself! The issues of this club stem from the poor background management and the fans who dunno what they want but yet expect major trophies, with supposed ‘potentials’ e.g zirkzee,gyokeres huh?!

  5. Nah not eager on Osemhein. Would rather see Arsenal drop an £80m offer on Sesko and test RB Leipsig’s resolve

  6. Gunners ,can you boldly say Auba didn’t have issues before he was released at Dutmund?and signed by Arsenal? Yet he was the last best CF we ever had. To say Osimehin didn’t fit Arsenal structure is an evudence of how less informed you are about the player or watched his games.

    Arsenal have always been known to sign some good African origin players ie Ian Write, Nilcolas Anelka, Kanu Nwako, Emannuel Adebayo and Marion Shamerk. Osimehin is one of the best 9 around; Pacey, good in the air and very conbertive in the box with good holdup. Pls watch last African cup of nations where he played for Nigeria.

    Arsenal wouldn’t sign any good CF only to be a backup to Havertz. Havertz wasn’t originally signed to be a No9. I bet Osimehin would be a great addition to any team and won’t be benched.

    1. Henry everyday of the week over Auba as ‘best ever’

      different managers and structures in the past – the reality of today is Edu and Arteta pull the strings now and have demonstrated repeatedly no appetite at all disruptive influences

      having recently been burned on Ozil and Auba they are unlikely to be rushing in to take a similar gamble

      I’ll throw in a Guendouzi for good measure

      Edu/Arteta have zero tolerance

    2. If you think Abameyang is arsenals best ever cf then you havent been watching arsenal for long

  7. Osimhen is Arteta and Edus first choice. They wont pay the asking prize. And the answer to the silly notion. He isn’t a back up option.

  8. There are several reports now coming mentioning Gyokeres is close to signing Arsenal, only talks being held on the financial front.

    Now that would be a proper signing.

  9. Might seem a little crazy, but I don’t think arsenal should prioritise a ‘9’ this summer in attack. I’d like us to get Nico Williams or someone like him who can evolve the left flank. I know there have been times when we thought we need our own Haaland, but there isn’t a suitable one on the market; but what we can do, is improve the output from our left wing. I feel last season the main creativity an the final third was when White, Odegaard and Saka linked up on the right, but not much happened down the left. Balancing out the threat from both flanks should be priority, and look for a ‘9’ on the side. If Chido stays in the youth system given a season or 2 he may be a solution worth exploring. Timber being fit and playing as left back could aid this fix on the left as well. Other than a forward we do need to look for a midfielder who isn’t always injured, and quality centre back who is able to provide cover and competition.

  10. Osimhen as Havertz backup?!! LOL 😅😅😅 We fans need to learn to be objective.
    If we had Osimhen last season, we would have won the league by a mile. We may even have progressed to UCL semis. Though he may have other issues that may not make him the most appropriate for Arsenal, he is a great player and would score loads of goals.

  11. “If we had Osimhen last season, we would have won the league by a mile”

    the same Osimhen that scored 15 goals/3 assists in Serie A ‘last season’

    by your opening phrase, I suppose Osimhen instead of Havertz who scored 13 goals/7 assists ‘last season’

    as you say, we need to learn to be objective

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