4 reasons why resuming the Premier League season could be a big issue

This Premier League season was one of the best in a while, it was not the most competitive at the top as Liverpool swept us all aside to open a 25 points gap.

However, I see some reasons why this season should be abandoned instead of being resumed.

Lack of match fitness
Teams will have to start the games with their players lacking match fitness and that is a serious concern. Under normal circumstances, they will have a full program of pre-season games to sharpen players up. They cannot do that this time and that could lead to injuries.

Loan players’ contracts
Players who have joined their clubs on loan until the end of the season would be out of jobs by July.
If this season isn’t started until July, then there will be a problem as the players’ parent clubs may not allow loan deals to be extended.

Injured players
Teams like Tottenham who have lots of injured players and have been struggling may come out stronger.
The Lilywhites would most likely have the likes of Harry Kane and Heung Min Son back and that would be helpful to them. That undermines the integrity of the competition and would no longer be a fair reflection of where the league was when it was suspended.

Transfer window
With the transfer window set to be open while the season is ongoing, there would be complications as teams would probably be able to sign new players. 
Who knows? Manchester City might bring Neymar in when the season is still ongoing. Another instance where the competition has an integrity problem.

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