Is Lacazette the hitman Arsenal need to win the title?

Alexandre Lacazette of Lyon is reportedly offered to Arsenal. The young forward is a talented attacker and would provide a different option in attack to Arsene Wenger.

The arrival of Petr Cech has given a new dimension to the Gunners. After many years of settling for second best option, Wenger had a chance to go for one of the best goal keepers and this time he didn’t bat an eyelid. The signing of Cech was not just a statement of intent but also a need for Wenger’s squad.

Will this be the last piece of the jigsaw puzzle that Wenger so desperately wants to turn his side back to a title challenging one? Absolutely not! There still are many weaknesses in this side. Least of all is the striker position.

For some, Olivier Giroud is one of the most under rated strikers in the Premier League. For others, he is not really good enough to lead the line for a title-winning side. Wenger may also attribute to both these theories in equal measure. Because he acknowledges Giroud publicly but at the same time tries other options (read Walcott, Alexis Sanchez, Danny Welbeck).

Arsenal have been in the market long enough for a proven striker. The club was close to signing Luis Suarez when the famous saga of £40 million release clause played between Liverpool and Arsenal. Of course, he ended up at Barcelona.

As Wenger keeps reminding us at every possible opportunity, there aren’t many proven goal scorers at this level. And the ones that are proven are not available. That should explain Wenger’s predicament when it comes to filling the shoes of a striker at the club.

And as usual, before the transfer window opened, strikers from every league were linked to Arsenal. Karim Benzema, Jackson Martinez, Carlos Bacca and now Alexandre Lacazette – all of them were linked in equal measure. Of these, Benzema probably is of the level and stature that Wenger craves. But, getting him could be a difficult proposition.

Lacazette is currently valued at upwards of £21 million after he lit up Ligue 1 season last year. With 31 goals from 40 games, the striker started attracting interest from every club in the continent. He may not be an ideal signing for Wenger but Lacazette would surely provide competition for places.

The striker’s agent David Venditelli has made it clear that his client will be moving to a bigger club this summer. He was quoted as saying: “The offers we’ve had from abroad are very significant in terms of finances,” Venditelli said. “Ultimatums and media pressure won’t change our demands, which OL are aware of.”

Will Wenger splash the cash on Lacazette? As he showed with the purchases of Mesut Ozil and Alexis Sanchez, Wenger is not averse to spending big if the signing is sure to galvanize his squad. Is Lacazette that option? Will he take the club to the next level?

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  1. Nice guy, but reaLly do not know him VERY well. But no matter how bad he is, something tells me he must be better than G-rod.

      1. Everyone rated Giroud as high as RvP when he helped his former team OM to lift the League 1 title.
        Lacazette is ok…no doubt. I just hope we get someone who lights up the BPL…and helps us win the title. 12 years now. A proverb says that “It’s single days that add up to a century”.

        1. The world of footbal has changed defenders are geting so much better now then ever before and it’s making life of strikers hard to shine what I’m tring to say is that may be AW is right to have so many AM golems from all direction

          1. defenders aren’t getting better. teams are defending better. teams organize to defend better.

      2. Giroud was the ace of the same league. I just say be aware of that fact, epl is much more difficult

    1. Of course! They make no rumours to Giroud to other top top teams?! WHY? Because nobody want. We must purchase LACCAZZETTI (but I dream Reus)

        1. @Invincible, there used to be rumours for Messi, don’t forget. He was once very unsettled at Barcelona, often linked with a move to PSG, City and Chelsea. But G-rod??? Even Big Sam won’t want him.

        2. So you basically put Messi and Giroud in one sentence! that’s an insult to our main striker

    2. No one’s (specifically speaking) been following Ligue 1….. Not when we got a better English premier League going on…. L()L

    3. Lacazete is not the answer, he might be a one season wonder striker. He’s not the proven quality we are after so it will never happen.

        1. you point sounds but some thought it breaks down. the guy above his point is Lacazette might not translate into the arsenal side but coquelin has translated. he has preformed for arsenal in the BPL.

          but saying that lacazette is class and with him we will win the league

  2. lol! flavour of the month Lacazzette! just how many people have seen him play? cause i remember a few seasons back we were wailing on for 25 -goal ligue 1 top scorer Giroud and now …lol

    1. Giroud has never been a 25 goal striker,in the season when Montpellier won the league he scored 21 goals he’s never been good enough

      1. Take away Lacazette’s penalties and he scored 19 league goals. Not knocking the achievement but not like day and night is it?

        1. @Jonestown1 to win the league 19 goals is good enough more than some of our players.. and we have cech would could save us another 7 points not my view..

          We need someone who is not afraid to shoot and cause havoc

          And I honestly think that can be Lacazette

          1. Giroud scored 22 goals last season and 19 this season which he was out injured for a long period. Giroud has had a decent one can take that fact away.

    1. i watched him at qpr-
      hell to the no.

      yes alexis i realise u would like to bring the whole of chile to london but no.
      i prefer sanogo to vargas

    2. Muff, I to do not dig him now like I used to seasons ago. Lol I was afraid if I said he was not Arsenal standard, some folks here who think guys like G’rod are worldclass would bite me.

  3. Lacazette is a different option to Giroud, but is he going to be much better, probably not. Is he worth buying at 21m, probably. He is young and even if he doesnt pan out, he will have resale value.
    I would prefer Aubomeyang, he can play RW or Striker and can alternate during the game with Theo. He is super fast and has an eye for goal.

    1. Pierre is very limited in his passing and dribbling, I’d rather take the punt on lacazette

  4. Quick and strong
    Accomplished finisher
    still young

    yes hes not premier league proven, an theres the second season jynx- but hes a diff type of player from giroud

    i would go up to 30 for him

    something tells me man city/ man united are gonna put in a joke bid for him that will blow us out of the water

  5. heck yaeh he is if the price is right he could be the main man for us he is definitely a goalscorer with pace and dribbling skills and definitely different to g-rod. apart from him i dont know who we could get, we would have to bid even more for higher price bracket players i.e benz,lewandoski,cavani. they will cost at least £45 million. so laccazette could be the middle of the road option if he works kudos to wenger if not then we can sell for decent price again. like i have said before the big clubs have monopolized the big strikers, so getting them is quite hard you have to convince them, that we are on the up and will overtake the club they are at in a years time. no always easy unless they are replaced with the latest best striker then they might leave you should capitalize on that situation asap then.

  6. If there were promises made then we have to assume Szcesny didn’t meet the conditions. Yes he played well in the FA final but I won’t lie and say he didn’t make me very nervous at points. Cech is a good signing and will help Szcz grow.

      1. To continue on your wrong artical 🙂
        Arsenal didn’t have the money to buy a world class Keeper we made do with a very very young keeper, Szces will be a better keeper if he works with Cech and also he is earning the salary of a top keeper where if he had and should of been second keeper he would of been on half of what his getting now

  7. If Wenger rates the player well then Id be ok with that. Within two years time there could be more than a few strikers that come of age, but can we wait, probably not. Although we could get a full season from Giroud were he hits those magic numbers and improves performances in big games… well inside the realms of possibility. We have Walcott eager to make a mark whom is a very good finisher but i believe we could miss his assisting if he moves up top, still hell get his chance.

    Id like us to try get the next Aguero Tevez Higuain as Argentina never fail to impress with their strikers, sadly we didnt get Romero whom I liked the look of but we should still target young south American forwards. They develop excellent defenders too but the shortfall of really exciting European strikers could be an indication of more hard times to come so it could prove necessary/wise to plan ahead.

  8. Now rumour mills have started linking Vargas to Arsenal. Get a bit popular and Arsenal will come calling ? ROFL!!.

    1. Vargas looks a bit lost and desparete player to me but he did score a beauty the other night,to be honest I don’t think he can bring anything to Arsenal, Sorry Vargas

      1. Agreed. We need something else. His goal was very well taken as well as his other goal they incorrectly ruled offside. Pass for me.

  9. OT

    Stoke have got Xherdan Shaqiri for 12million! Never thought a team like stoke would get a player that good!

    1. yeah that’s a canny bit of business from stoke quite surprised wenger didn’t fancy a punt for the price, would have been a good back up for sanchez on the left side of midfield. shaqiri is the sort of player wenger likes very intelligent player great left foot good pace very technical player, but wenger must have seen something that he decided to pass on this one.

  10. PETR CECH: “True fans have sent me messages that are pleasing and positive .True fans will appreciate what I’ve done and the Legacy I’ve left “.

    HeHeHe …..Here comes the funny part



    Yea Petr!…. THEY ARE ALL PLASTICs, Every Last one of em Hahahahahahaha

  11. I watched Lacazette a lot the season before last and was really impressed. He was sharp with a little angst and had real desire. Last season I did not see so much of him but stats show how good he is. It’s a no brainer…he could do a good job for us. A couple of days ago there was a pretty poor article on whether we need another DM or not. I now realise how dumb some writers are. Sad because JustArsenal is my favourite Arsenal site by a long way and that article frustrated me. How Coquelin can play as much as 65 games in a season, and not get injured too, is physically impossible and does not hold up well morally as well. Of course we need another DM. Hopefully Wenger will consider William Carvalho who is, along with Paul Pogpa, one of the best midfielders in Europe.

        1. Why the thumbs down just stating the obvious we can’t keep players becouse they are nice guys we are paying wages, play them or sell them, they are not on the market so it means they are staying to play

    1. Sensible stuff steve – but reality is there will be a couple of dozen games where we would “slum it” with Arteta (seems to be hated on here but as a back-up I rate him – plenty of our better games 2012-14 were with him in there, most of our worst games were without him – poor or short memories by some). No need to play FC in any LC/most FA cup/ and some home PL games.

  12. Lacazette’s the hero Arsenal deserves, but not the one it needs right now. So we’ll hunt him. Because he can take it. Because he’s not our hero. He’s a silent guardian, a watchful protector. A dark striker.

  13. y’all should chill….Wenger is ontop of these situations….Barca signs pogba..someone could leave,rakitic? anyone?….PSG signs pogba, someone cud leave too!! Matuidi? Aguero to madrid? Benzema?…so hang on and enjoy d ride

  14. I think we should make a daring 50 million pounds bid for Lewandoski but if we cant i think Lacazette would be fantastic if he is going for only 21 mill. The boy is quick, skillful and sharp in front of goal, he is everything Giroud is not. And with the likes of Ozil, Sanchez, Carzola, Walcot, Wilshere and Ramsey behind and around him he has the potential to hit the heights Suarez did in the EPL if all factors work in his favour.

      1. Cause everyone and there mother can see we are building something special and can potentially be a force domestically and internationally.
        Why wouldn’t lewandowski want to play in front of ozil cazorla Ramsey and sanchez? And we won’t throw him out on the wing like bayern does

        1. your joking we have been playing players out of their position for the past three years now, and another thing Beyarn Mubich is already a special team, the only way he will come to Arsnal if we offer him and his club Sh!!7 loads of money to hat they can’t refuse like what Real and Barcelona do

          1. Apparently he is not Peep cup fo tea.
            Apparently they dont get along or somehting like that.
            He hasnt got the best of seasons either which can maybe prve the abovee mentioned statement.
            We are showing intention, we have back to back trophies and Wenger surely wants to retirre with a handful of trophies.

            I dont say its clear as wáter but not entirely imposible that he would want to join us.

            Now…the Price.. the above mentioned are priceless …..for all tha rest theres Mastercard

  15. as high as the prices for offensive players are nowadays, someone like lacazette (if he leaves) will probably go up to 40-45m pounds. !

  16. We don’t need a striker !!! We need someone who can play on both the wings! To bring another striker would mean a squad with 4 strikers and only one vacancy! Also there’s no chance that we will sell any one of giroud welbz or Theo this season. I might agree that giroud can be sold for an upgrade but with 3years of time, in which he started the majority of the games, the team has adapted to his style of play and so we may struggle for adaption again if we sell him now. And yes, giroud is a good player and we will need him dis season, we will need all 3, not less not more.

  17. Do what the other big clubs do when they want a player yep go get them pay the money
    AW has 2 years of a 3 year contract left and that is worth 24 million. Is he worth that?

  18. Something is telling me that Wolcott is the world class striker that we’re looking for hoping that he up his ante from the last two games he played last season…

  19. Arsenal fans: look at the squad we have instead of focusing other players. Imagine if ALEX is converted to central role and buy a quality winger like Griezmann who can score and assist

  20. He’s a good player that Wenger could develop into a world class player like he’s done many times before. Do we need another striker though? Giroud, Walcott and Sanchez score enough between them, look at the stats. We consistently score as many goals as City and Chelsea and these clubs invest massive amounts of money in strikers, we don’t have to. It’s in the defensive area that we need to improve, acquiring Cech is a fantastic starting point. Now we need to continue buying a quality DM and a CD player to partner Koscheilny.

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