Arsenal star says opening day loss will be GOOD for team

Last Sunday was a bad day at the office for Arsenal Football Club in general but also on a personal level for many of the players. And one of those was definitely our midfield warrior Francis Coquelin, and that was highlighted by the fact that he was the first man hauled off by Arsene Wenger as the boss tried to rescue something from the day.

In a way I felt a bit sorry for the young Frenchman, as the tactics of West Ham to sit back and soak up pressure did not suit his game, so he tried to help us create things but his passing radar was not working too well. He was also one of the players that failed to get rid of the ball in the build up to the second goal.

And while Coquelin has not tried to hide from the fact that our performance was nowhere near good enough, he has declared that all of the players have treated it as a big wake up call and have been working really hard all week to put things right on the training field.

He is looking at the positives that this happened so early and gives us as much time as possible to make sure that the game is not too costly. He sounds very confident that Arsenal will put it right starting with the away game at Crystal Palace on Sunday.

Coquelin told Arsenal Player, “It’s been a wake-up call for everyone. Considering the recent results we had before that, going really well in pre-season, it’s disappointing and it was not an Arsenal performance.

“However, in bad things, good things can come out too. It’s good that it happened in the first game so that now we can pull ourselves together with 37 games left. We’ve got time to put things right and that needs to start on Sunday.

“Everybody realises that we need to put more in. When you look at different teams I think a lot of them are ready. You look at Manchester City when they played against West Brom, I think they played really good football.

“We need to pull ourselves together and it’s going to be a real test on Sunday because Crystal Palace have a really good squad. We know the quality we have and we need to respond straight away. We’ve been working really hard in training and we need to put all of the training effort into the game.”

As long as that does happen then I agree with Coquelin that the opening game disaster could turn out to be a good thing. But will we be able to put the disappointment to good use straight away?

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    1. Was also stressing but had a look at the log..Only 7 teams never drop points as yet…and
      > MAN U play AV today – another 1 will drop points
      > Les play WH so 1 will also drop points there
      worst case scenario means the number team that didn’t drop points after GW 2 would 5…

      1. wonder why chelsea and mancity win effortlessly they seem to just glide smoothly, we on the other hand have to really show nerves to win games thats the only difference.. even if chelsea are not firing on all cylinders they scrap wins ..our players have to get really exhausted as though its a war to win big games, we as fans are always under too much pressure coz we always think of that goal the opponents gonna score against us

      1. And Ramsey. And Mertesacker. And Ox. We need people with Kos and Sanchez’s attitude, keep calm and murder the opponent

  1. “We need to pull ourselves together and it’s going to be a real test on Sunday because Crystal Palace have a really good squad. We know the quality we have and we need to respond straight away. We’ve been working really hard in training and we need to put all of the training effort into the game.” ….the hell that’s what we fans want. the last game i hope will really wake ya’ll up, with our quality we shouldn’t be losing those kinda games,not even draw, win is a must.. we don’t want no mediocre performance

  2. I wish our players would shut up and just do the talking on the pitch. Unless youre some kind of masochistic wierdo. We just want to forget that abysmal performance the lads gave and not be reminded of it 24/7. I find this apologetic nonsense and saying ‘we’ve learned’ even more irritating than transfer speculations.

    1. cannot what????…..if there’s one thing I’ve learnt with recent arsenal squads, its that they really know how to disappoint…but in all honesty top 4 is what they can do at their best….if wenger wins the league with arteta, flamini., giroud, welbeck etc, then he would be a football god but oops…miracles dont happen nowadays…how do you expect an old volk to move at over 400m/h like a bugatti???

  3. buy a decent DM wid good tackling n passing skills.

    pair him wid coq n bench Ramsay. Arsenal players are one lucky ones in dis world. they are very lazy.

    I pray n hope that klopp comes in nxt season.

  4. Professional players whining on about it not being good enough and its a wake up call?

    How pathetic is that ?

    Consistency comes from leadership on the field quality of the team and fear/respect of the manager.

    Wenger needs to be more ruthless and ambitious. Look at LVG – Di Maria didn’t last a year! If that was us he’d be there for 5 years like Bendtner, Arshavin etc

    Do we have a guy on the pitch who the other team would look at and say “we don’t wanna mess with him?”

  5. I too am glad this “accident”
    (thrashing ) happened now.
    Beat Palace we will be top 10.
    Beat Liverpool and we can be top 7.
    Beat Newcastle and we will be top 4.
    Things can change that quickly.
    First we have to beat Palace.

  6. Is that me or it seems we are done on the transfer market… Just a strange feeling!

    If you have, as a manager, to introduce Sanchez (even not match fit) on the first game of the season because you are in trouble, it just says a lot about the rest of your squad and the prelude of your campaign…

    Basically Wenger is full of sh*t when he says “he has a strong squad”…!!
    If Coquelin gets injured we are f*cked!
    If the “injury epidemic” strike again and touches 2 or 3 players in the current line up, we are graciously f*cked…!!

    But Wenger seems to give players the same rate level. He is talking about Wilshere and Welbeck like they are remotely essential to the team !!! Go figure !!! That is where the problem is trembling, this team (or club) could not win the league (or the CL) even to save their own lives.
    The pleasure burden of being in charge has turned into something else.

    I was watching a program in France with “proper” football specialists and Wenger was one of the guest to be interviewed. He said that “Arsenal was a top side”… The pundit asked him if he said that because he was Arsenal manager or because it was a fact.? Then he said “because if we are talking about facts, you never won the CL and the last time you won the league was ages ago, so how can you be a top side? Is it the top four record? Nobody remember a club as a top club for finishing well every season. Unless you win trophies, major trophies, no one takes you seriously”
    Wenger did defend his case, and said that he will win the league before he leaves.

  7. Sometimes Wenger should mind his own business. There are 19 managers in EPL other than Mourinho. We all know what Mourinho did was wrong regarding the club doctor and the whole sporting media is taking about it. But of all the managers why would Wenger comment on it and talk about Chelsea? Why would you want to open that door for Mourinho? Now Mourinho will come and hit him hard where it hurts.

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