Five BIG reasons for Arsenal fans not to panic…yet

It´s way too soon to panic Arsenal fans! by Sam P

It is very easy for football fans to get carried away, one way or the other, and I have certainly been guilty of being too confident in the build up to this Premier League season. But just as a few good results does not mean you are going to win everything, so one bad result does not mean total disaster and there are some good reasons for Arsenal fans to take yesterday´s game with a pinch of salt.

1. We have been playing very well since the start of 2015 and we should not let one bad performance make us forget that. We know Arsenal can play so much better and I think this will turn out to be a blip.

2. Arsenal have a pretty poor record in the first games of the season. Yes we won last year but we had to come from behind and only scored the winner against Crystal Palace in the 90th minute. Also, look how that turned out as we only won one more league game until the last week in October. The season before we lost a poor game to Aston Villa and then raced to the top of the table and were flying until the injury crisis did for us.

3. Fingers and toes crossed, but it does look like the injury problems are largely over. Wilshere´s was an impact injury and we have Bellerin, Rosicky and Welbeck out but they should all be back soon and that is a much better situation than we had at the start of last season.

4. Chelsea only drew and they are probably going to be our biggest rivals, so as long as we get back to winning ways quickly, this defeat should not mean a lot.

5. Hopefully that loss and the way we played will have sharpened up Wenger´s ideas about making a top class signing or two before the transfer window closes.

So there you go Gooners, have I cheered you up at all?

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    1. that does not cheer us fact it adds up more misery. will analyse your points.
      1)one bad game looses points.we may finish number two short of three points!
      2)what rule says that we should keep on loosing first games?that shoes we never learn.same old mistakes .that’s why we will repeat the same mistakes and loose out.
      3)do you mean that if all those players were fit we could have seen a different lineup?
      4)Did you say Chelsea lost?what about all the big fours loosing?what makes you think we competing for the tittle? what’s makes us better than the Manc and Chelsea of last season?Peter Cesh?should we simply loose because Chelsea did loose or draw?
      5)Wenger is the old him.always buys what other teams wants to sell to balance books.I.e Ozil,Carzola, skill no aggressiveness in the market.can’t compete and win any genuine bid.OK.SHOULD WE ALWAYS LOSE SO THAT WENGER CAN BUY?

  1. 5 reasons not to panic yet…

    1. It’s only the first game of the season. It’s not like an FA cup final or something.
    2. We’re above West Brom in the league table. They’ll get relegated first if the league ends today.
    3. Chelsea couldn’t win their game as well. So what’s the big deal?
    4. We showed we still have our passing game on. Possession > 60% versus West Ham
    5. We had no injury concerns after the West Ham game

      1. Why accuse him for being Wenger’s clown if he has a different opinion than yours??? You have a different opinion then speak out, why try to insult without giving any good point. And infact being Wenger’s clown would be one of the biggest compliment’s a football fan would receive.

  2. 5 reasons to panic :

    1. No chance of getting Lewandowski
    2. No chance of getting an experienced top class DM
    3. No chance of abandoning possession for counter-attack football
    4. Walcott is as ineffective as Giroud against tough defences
    5. RM want 55m for Benzema

    1. 1. There was never a chance so not a different thing after West Ham game.
      2. An experienced top class DM would be Bousquets. I think nobody has a chance to buy him.
      3. We already have shown we can do that so extremely invalid point.
      4. Most of the strikers would be ineffective against Chelsea’s defense. In case you are saying West Ham are tough defenders, then we have won 12 out of 14 games against them so and Giroud has scored 5 goals in 6 games against them.
      5. Benzema is not on sale yet leave aside the price you are quoting.

  3. wenger should play Cazorla as our deep lying midfielder(DLM) not on the wing and he should play Ramsey OR Ozil for the CAM role. He should just STOP playing our midfielders as wingers FFS!

  4. 1. So when should we panic …cause Palace just won thier 1st game 3-1
    2. Atleast that come from behind was a grind out win that champions do.
    3. Lets hope injury
    4. Even with 10 men Chelsea looked likely to score.

    Only Point 5 can be positive if Wenger gets the 2 new players the fans crying for.

  5. 5 big concerns which need immediate action or this year we won’t even get into top four, look at teams like Chelsea, Man U, City, Liverpool, even Stoke. They have depth in their squads, marquee signings to up the tempo, look at Man U, City, Liverpool, Stoke.

    And our 5 big concerns are,

    1. Giroud: Wasteful in front of goal, doesn’t know how to dribble, control the ball with his feet, no agility, no vision except for final pass. Pathetic is probably a better word.

    2. Mertesacker: I am not disrespectful to the BFG but you have to face the reality. He has passed his best, he is old, super slow, not the type of leader we want, Koscielny has to work more because of him and can never rely on him for set pieces despite his height, he should be on bench at the most.

    3. Gameplan (Wenger): Underestimates opponents, over dependent on players’ form and talent and his substitutions are like FIFA.

    4. Coqueline’s back up or cover: No alternate DM, if he has a day off like Sunday or if he gets a red card then you can not substitute him with a DM and Wenger must understand his mentality, form, physical shape before the match itself as they train daily.

    5. Over dependence on Alexis: He brings in urgency, goals and desire, we need another player like him or else when he is out, we play a possession game with no real intent to score.

  6. Ramsey needs the bench a
    lot,he’s only had one fantastic season
    and he thinks he’s Iniesta?? he’s
    frustrating, how come he’s always doing
    that? pass the ball he won’t he would start running like a headless chicken looking for
    goals. anybody seen carzola in that box to
    box position? he’s perfect there cus he
    does his job, his job is to keep the
    balance in the midfield btwn the defence
    and attack, the job of attacking is for our attackers and AM, box to box midfield your
    job is to get the ball and make sure your
    AM has it to distribute so you can cover
    his ass, and you can cover your DM’s ass
    in our own half of the field. Carzola does
    all that, and is fabulous at it even tho that’s not his position. but Ramsey???
    grrrhhhhh! I Prefer Wilshere to him
    honestly, he runs into walls but he’s good
    at distributing beautiful passes and still
    doing his job, he’s the type of player who
    doesn’t score often but when he does, his goals are all wow! bench Ramsey!! play carzola in B2B and play a real winger

  7. It is time to panic. Despite the huge funds, star players and more or less an injury free squad, we still have the exact problems that have dogged us for years. In the past fans would excuse Wenger’s faults because of the lack of funds and star players. Fans would also say we were struggling because we had the likes of Denilson, Bendtner, etc, playing for us, and also mention our injury problems.

    Well we haven’t had any of these excuses since the back end of last season, and yet the problems remain. Even a lot of the games we were winning at the end of last season, you could still see some major areas of concern. The wins against Palace and Leicester really spring to mind.

    We still have all these problems, and they’re clearly coming from one individual. I find it unbelievable that some fans can’t see this. It’s almost as if AKB’s have a complete memory wipe during the summer, so when the seasons starts, they genuinely believe that our problems have gone and we’re starting fresh. How can we ever start fresh with the same problematic manager in charge. He’s not exactly going to suddenly change his whole philosophy of the summer, is he! And as we saw against West Ham, Wenger hasn’t changed anything.

    1. What is the big deal with the “AKBs” (aka those that choose to support the team even if they don’t necessarily like what they see or agree with the decisions etc). If the “AKBs” start agreeing with you what changes? Exactly – nothing, nada, zilch. Take your protest to the Emirates if you feel so strongly, do something useful and show the world the courage of your convictions.

      Can any of the many angry AOBs on here rationalise how Arsenal’s troubles and woes can be blamed on the supporters who are not throwing on-line hissy fits? Please feel free to articulate how it is somehow other supporter’s faults. Do you secretly imagine what any of us say on-line has an effect on the real world? Exactly – get a grip.

      1. The reason AOB’s aren’t happy, is because a lot of fans like myself love Arsenal FC, and we can clearly see that Wenger has not been delivering for such a long time, in fact the guy can’t even make simple decisions despite being one of the highest paid managers in the world. Considering the price of tickets, food, drinks, etc on game day, and what Wenger earns, I feel we reserve the right to be absolutely fuming with the club is being run. AOB’s want what’s best for our club, which means a change in manager.

        Now obviously Arsenal’s failings are not the fault of AKB’s like yourself, but fans like you are not helping. Protests do need to happen, and huge pressure needs to put on Wenger to deliver because they is absolutely no pressure coming from the board. Wenger will never be sacked and that’s a fact. So we need everyone on the same page, not fighting amongst ourselves. Real fans like myself do get annoyed with AKB’s because of their disgusting reactions to ANY Wenger criticism, and the fact they refuse to acknowledge facts. It’s like Wenger has become some kind of God, and any non believer should be laughed upon, despite the fact there has never been any evidence of any God ever! What I mean by that, is that AKB’s have no excuses any more for defending him. Open your eyes and look at the facts.

        And just one more question jonestown1 – do you even watch Arsenal? Did you watch the West Ham game? Have you been watching Arsenal for the last 10 years?

  8. i m fearing if something happens to coquelin wenger will say abt injury timing and all
    rather he should act nw and buy a cdm
    v have the league, league cup, fa cup , champions league..
    v can’t rely only on him and arteta…v can’t v spend to have someone other big team its just like going and buying with us its months negotiation….

  9. As I see it there are 4 top class strikers being talked about here are the domestic records

    Cavani 210 goals in 381 apps = 0.55 gls per game
    Lewandowski 207 in 382 = 0.54
    Higuain 192 in 407 = 0.47
    Benzema 199 in 429 = 0.46

    Compared to our current options
    Giroud 149 in 345 = 0.43
    Walcott 81 in 325 = 0.24
    Welbeck 45 in 212 = 0.21

    From there you can see that all the 4 options have a strike rate better than our 3 although in the case of giroud it is not many, whilst for Walcott and welbeck it may be unfair as they have played most of their appearances in wider roles.

    Cavani marginally has the best strike rate but is probably the most expensive option and is about a year older than benzema and higuain and 18 months older than lewandowski.

    All in all I think lewandowski would be the best buy, for age and strike rate, but also possibly the hardest to get.

    For me Walcott and welbeck should be competing with alexis and chamberlain for the two wide spots, with wellington and iwobi as injury cover, whilst one of those 4 top class strikers, should be brought in to compete with giroud and campbell would be injury cover.

    I would go with wilshire ozil Ramsey cazorla fighting for the advanced and deep lying playmaker roles, with arteta and rosicky as injury cover with a new rival to coquelin required, with flamini as injury cover. Giving us 3 players for each midfield/forward position. The current 2 keepers and 8 defenders should be ample with Macey, moore, oconnor, pleguezuelo and bola enough for injury cover.

    So there we are 2 places are available in the squad as we speak and pretty much only 2 players are required. Come on wenger one of the 4 strikers mentioned and another DM that is all we need now, no more sales, no more loans, just focus on those 2 signings and obviously winning football matches.

  10. Unless we buy 2 players and drop BFG to the bench I don’t see how we will be top 2 this season. We have CP next and again I can see them doing a job on us. AW got it all wrong Sunday and we need our Bellarine back soon as hope I spelt that right. I don’t like MD at all because our team is about pace and he and BFG don’t have it

  11. Not panicking, but 5 reasons I am worried:
    – Wenger’s insistence on leaving transfer dealings late, to surprise other teams i figure, but we lose a crucial period where new players could have settled and integrated and helped out early.
    – Outside Sanchez, Wilshere, and Ox, our players are too fragile emotionally
    – We conceded a lot of goals last year from set pieces and headers … dont look fixed yet
    – Wenger always playing central players on the wings, slows us down, narrows us out
    – Wenger favoring stars, over players in form … you have to be able to bench ozil if need be

  12. Yep.
    No panic yet.

    Concern yes.
    eyebrows raised yes…question marks, yes.

    Bad timing for mistakes to happen (Cech Kos, Coq) and bad tiing to let them score (end of 1st half and beginning of 2nd..kills the game). Granted. But it cant happen again, so more pressure, so more mistakes…damn we need a shrink!!

  13. OT
    I liked Stoikov as a player and now I like him as a person ahaha
    Just read his comenta on Van Gaal, enjoyed them a lot haha

  14. bench mertesacker,debuchy,ramsey,giroud

    i think wit d 4-2-3-1 formation we might actually b challenging for d league wit d players currently in our ranks
    cech,bellerin,paulista,koz,monreal,le coq,cazorla,walcott,ozil,ox,sanchez

    ospina,debuchy,gibbs,rosicky,ramsey,campbell,nd one of silva and giroud

    mertesacker has to stay at home on matchdays and leave wen his contract is up

  15. Ramsey should learn to do the simple things well. When he did that towards the end of last season the team and himself played BETTER. He should pass when he should do!

  16. For Coquelin? The Jig is up. A lot of sceptics on his neck. Schneiderlin was ignored because of him. He did a very good half season job but he is about to be put through a full one. Firstly ‘keeping it short’ in passing is needed. Trying wayward long balls in the previous match killed our short quick tempo through the middle.

  17. The biggest mistake of the westham game by Wenger was playing carzola on the left wing in the first half. Carzola has been our secret weapon in midfield. This is evident in the 2nd half of last season through the preseason games. Wenger was experimenting in the opening game of the season.
    Hope they bounce back asap……..

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