The verdict on Jack Wilshere ‘ s comeback

What to make of Jack’s comeback! By Ash

Arsenal fought hard to scrape a 2-2 draw with Manchester City today, in a game that was anticipated to show which way the league will be swinging in the race for the top four. We were not at their best, but neither were they…

It’s been a common occurrence for both sides this season, although the most disappointing factor was the loss of Danny Welbeck to injury, we cannot ignore the shift that our number 10 put in today!

Welbeck’s loss through injury is a shame for both Arsenal and England, because the striker has played a very important part to the second of half of Arsenal’s season. When Oliver Giroud has not been delivering, the former United youth product has stood up to the challenge on more than one occasion, and his resilience to come back from a long term injury to perform so well is admirable. The same can be said for Jack Wilshere today, who completed the majority of the game, coming on as a substitute for the injured forward.

Like so many Arsenal players, Jack has struggled with constant niggling injuries that have largely restricted the continued growth of his development. However every time Wilshere returns from injury, the passion, drive and commitment he offers really lifts the team to perform to a whole new level. The midfielder likes to drive the ball forward with force and pace, something that Arsenal often struggle with doing effectively, instead maintaining sideways passing. Wilshere’s drive to move forward, is beneficial to the players and it offers a whole different style of play to what we normally see from Arsenal. Wilshere not only devotes complete effort in attack but he also tracks back to help defend and his work ethic in today’s game for a player that only weeks ago has returned from almost a season long injury, was outstanding.

Wilshere’s ability is valued so highly by the Gunners, it is just a shame the that England international is forever being withheld by injury. Arguably when fit, Wilshere should always be a part of the match day squad, even with such competitive midfield. The 24 year old offers creativity, passion and the ‘fight’ that so many Arsenal midfielders should desire but otherwise lack and the only issue we have is keeping him out of controversy and keeping him match fit.

Some have suggested that he should not go to the Euro’s with England this summer because of his lack of playing time but the idea that Hodgson would even think about choosing a player with just over 70 minutes of playing time this season, goes to show just how valued Jack’s quality is for both club and country.


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      1. hahaha nice counter.. this soopa guy is a genius in grumbling with no content/meaning and intelligence

  1. with exception to his qualities, we all know Jack is made of gLass

    Let’s stop assuming he’s gone all MetaL over night


  2. If we are really honest then Jack Wilshere with Ramsey are bench players. Both these players have not done enough through the years to suggest that they are good enough for a starting place. The fact that Jack Wilshere still has to prove his worth to Roy Hodgeson also says alot. Does anyone think a player like Sanchez would still have to prove himself to his national coach even if he came back from a long term injury. Class is class and at the moment Jack still needs to prove that he is class.

    Iwobi is good but not someone to start every game. Walcott has not flourished and lacks alot of ability for someone that is a senior in the team. Campbell is been given a raw deal.

    So to put it simple at the moment we do not have the team to compete in all competitions like a club as big as Arsenal should be doing. When I say compete I mean play to win the competition and not just make up the numbers.

  3. Judging only by yesterday’s game,he did pretty well..

    On the long term,what I can say is I hope he doesn’t have a short career due to injury
    In my opinion,if he can get a considerable run of games,he is better than Ramsey..

    Let’s wait and see……

    1. neither wilshere nor ramsey are better than the other one imo, ramsey has performed more often than wilshere but he on the other side had to fight with a lot of injuries, they are both brilliant on their day and fantastic players

      1. I’m usually on the same page as you Krish, but I think Jack has more natural ability & the ceiling for his potential is higher than Ramsey’s- if he is able to overcome his injury struggles. I see Ramsey as a very good all-rounder without many exceptional attributes (& more likable than Jack, for what it’s worth).

  4. He is a quality player, who won MOTM in his last 4 England games. I just wish he would release the ball a little earlier. He draws foul because of this, thus not helping his injury issues.

    Whilst a single knock may don’t cause an injury, numerous sustained knocks can. You could see how many times he got caught late yesterday….drawing the foul.

    1. When to release the ball, when to hold on to it, when to use team mates as a decoy for the ball etc are all part of the qualities real talent have inherently; Wilshire is a hood player but he lacks these qualities hence he is always injured….does he hold on to the ball as much as maestro’s like Xavi, Iniesta, Pirlo, Cazorla etc? The answer is NO, the difference is these kind of players know when to.and.when not, so in that case like Wilshire himself keep saying hw will never change and will continue to get injured, not that he does not want to but simply because he does not possess the intelligence to..

  5. Jack’s Back! in more ways than one,
    but for how long, will he continue this run?

    His more than likely to be heading to the Euro’s,
    Where he will play for England and maybe even score a goal or two!
    And you just know that even before the new season kicks off, Jack will be back… In the Arsenal physioroom!

    1. Hopefully Pep Guardiola will put in a big offer for Jack,
      Before he gets injured … again!.. I hope that Arsenal will see sense and cash in straight away!
      Add Ramsey to that senario ? why stop there, Add a buy one and get a Walcott free, offer! ?

  6. off topic guys but i hope we get to see rosicky play his final game at home on saturday even if its for a few minutes as a sub for his loyalty to our great club,gutted he didnt fulfill his potential with us and we can only wish him the best in his next chapter of his career,gunner for life and the next

  7. off topic guys but i hope we get to see rosicky play his final game at home on the weekend even if its for a few minutes as a sub for his loyalty to our great club,gutted he didnt fulfill his potential with us and we can only wish him the best in his next chapter of his career,gunner for life and the next..

  8. i have to say that i am pretty happy with jack,s performance yesterday,his positivity &desire to go forwards,his tenacity,fighting spirit were very welcomed &refreshing to see,these qualities have been missing from this arsenal side for while now:playing sideways/back,no penetration,no fluency,lack of physical presence…..many things have to change soon because it has become painful to watch this toothless arsenal!!

  9. Although it seemed to me City fought hard and we didn’t fight hard despite the fact that City had just played Real and we had rested, Wilshire showed glimpses of what he can do for this squad when he is fit. The problem, as you point out, and as we all know, he hardly ever is fit for any meaningful period of time.

    As far as I am concerned, please play him in the Euro’s, if he gets injured before the season then it is good to know, if he does not get injured he gets a chance to get back to game fitness and start next season ready to play.

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