£50m Superstar striker WANTS Arsenal move?

There is a very interesting Arsenal rumour doing the rounds today, as the Express has reported that the Uruguayan hitman Edison Cavani is pushing PSG to allow him to move to the Emirates.

The story says that Cavani is very keen on moving to London, and especially wants to work alongside Alexis Sanchez. Apparently he is trying to get his club to lower the asking price – to tempt Arsenal into making a bid. If this is true then Wenger really should sit up and take notice. The 27 year-old has a reported price tag of £50m and is said to have a salary bill of 10 million euros, (which as about the same as Arsene Wenger earns at the current exchange rate), but he has scored a very respectable 101 goals in his last 149 games which is not a bad rate of return, and he should be worth every penny.

Obviously we already have Giroud, Welbeck and Sanogo in line for the striker position, and we really need to concentrate on getting that desperately-needed DM and a couple of defenders, but if Wenger really does have some money set aside for “when the right players become available” then it would certainly send a message to the rest of the world that the Gunners are going to be serious contenders in the future.

Who thinks Arsenal should go all out for Cavani in January, whether we get a new DM or not?

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  1. Brada b says:

    @ the ending of the day we still need a dm badly so deal with that then whatever iz whatever & #Aw iz never spend that type of $ on 1 player So stop dreaming as a matter of fact #AWOUT!!!

    1. Brada b says:

      Iz never spending

  2. Raoh says:

    Another rumour…again this is really not what we need!!As an arsenal I’m happy with our offensive options…sure Welbeck needs to be more composed and better is finished but I do feel that by season’s end he’ll be more lethal and ready to go for the next one. Sanchez can be what Suarez was for Liverpool baring any injuries and Giroud brings something different. Plus there’s also Walcott, Podolski and Campbell when healthy. Unless there’s swap+$$ that involves either Giroud or Podolski than there’s no need. If we could spend that much and who knows maybe a bit more around 55-60 millions pounds…that’s more than enough to get a DM and CB of quality and as soon as the window opens

  3. davidnz says:

    Spending 50 mill on a “maybe” is
    totally out of the question.
    He would get injured on day one.
    The club already has 20 players
    who need upgrading.
    Diaby Ryo and Sanogo are injury wrecks.
    Wilshere and Walcott too.
    42 mill Ozill has already been out half his time with the club
    and wants out. Giroud Debuchy Ox Ramsey Gibbs
    have had long term injuries. Gnabry has disappeared.
    The team needs 3 CBs, Vermaelen not replaced
    Koz needs surgery Mertz needs retiring.
    Two DM’s are also needed as Arteta and Flamini
    are due for the knackers yard. Monreal needs upgrading
    Cazorla is close to his used by date.
    Sanchez Szcz Chambers
    are the only players worth keeping.
    20 players out. 15 new players in.
    Plus Michael Laudrup manager.

    1. Malik says:

      pretty sure szczensy is always injured as well, not to mention unreliable but hey at least he’s better than almunia

  4. JackGooner10 says:

    Wenger need to spend 100M getting.. another world class striker, an industrial CDM and an experienced CB… only then will we challenge

  5. Malik says:


    arsene won’t even buy more than one player, will be under 21 and un heard and he’ll have his rehearsed speech ready

    “the january transfer market is very difficult to find players with exceptional quality that can improve our team, nobody is very special, we will also have mesut ozil, diaby, walcott and wilshere come back, which is like 4 new signings” AKB’s will defend and back arsene’s reason saying it’s very logical whilst players like wanyama and schneiderlein exc. will go to bigger clubs during january

    we will then seal 4th place on the last day of the season and AKB’s will reign supreme telling us that arsene is genius and will make the right signings in summer, we will then sign 4 CAM that will be played as CB and DM and this will continue until the AOB are brave enough to boycott the games and that is the honest truth

  6. Andrew U says:

    I basically believe that PSG is looking to offload Cavani to an unsuspecting Arsenal. He is not at all what he is cracked up to be. Pass!

    1. Usmanov says:

      Why am I tempted to agree with you? I mean, if there is any substance to this rumor, it is more likely that PSG are no longer interested in having him.
      With the Sanchez purchase (and Cavani’s own recent terrible dip in form), I feel like that Cavani-to-Arsenal ship has sailed by. The only chance of it ever happening is :
      1. If his price (sign on fee and wages) is slashed by almost half.
      2. And if Giroud is not staying at AFC beyond this season.
      Otherwise, I consider this rumor as just another RUMOR.

  7. Dennis says:

    Dear Gooners,

    Great managers (Simeone) make Avg players look world class, Avg managers make world class players look Avg (AW)

    You can bring Ibra/Messi and Neuer to Arsenal and wenger wouldn’t still be able to win the CL, or even beat Mourinho.

    1. NY_Gunner says:

      Here’s where you got it ass backwards dude. WC players step up and put a good shift in, no matter who their manager is. Avg. players need to be forced to put in a decent shift no matter who their manager is.
      You cannot call Atletico’s player avg, their performances prove this. But you can call most of ours that, by our performances.
      Try your theory out on BVB…

      1. Jim A says:

        @ny_gunner its that in a nutshell. It really is.

    2. sanchez17 says:

      Thierry Henry,Ian Wright, bergkamp, anelka, van pussy, pires, ljungberg, viera, petit, overmars, fabregas, clichey, Cole, nasri, Adams, keown, seaman, konchiellney DN’t knw how to spell it but u know who I mean ozil and Sanchez must all be average players then as they have played under Mr arsene the boss wenger

    3. Fredricks says:

      @ Dennis

      let me help you dude. Whenever you begin your comment with “Dear Gooners” no one reads it. learn to take a hint man.

  8. cheeterspotter says:

    I’d rather spend €50 mil buying out Wengers contract and attracting a new manager.

  9. Sumo says:

    I always maintained with even our current first team we would finish 3rd in the league.

    And we are on course.

    I just want us to retain the FA Cup, grab a CL spot and have a go in the Champions League.

    Don’t know why people are kicking up a fuss. West Ham and Southampton(though i would have them than ManU) will fall a bit in the table and we will move ahead. CL R16 is done and dusted. And we should move to the 4th round of FA Cup( we drew Hull).

    We will have a good season I m sure. Let’s just wait for the season to finish till we pass judgement.

  10. Thando says:

    AKBs are scared of change but look at man united van gaal team will finish above us,sometimes you need to take risks.

    1. Sumo says:

      I m pretty sure Van Gaal is riding his luck.
      The scoreline in of 2-1 against Arsenal, Stoke and Southampton are deceiving and misguiding.

      All those team should have won or drawn against them. But sadly it isn’t happening yet. There are still 20+ games to go with players to strengthen in January. Wait for the season to get over.

      1. Jippii says:

        @Sumo, There is a BIG difference in your sentence, I quote “All those team should have won or drawn against them” when you are writing about ManU. WIN is WIN, no matter how it´s done, bad refereering, luck, injuries and all the excuses in the world. All the points will be calculated in end of the season, so no excuses anymore. Should have more points, there is not that kind of premier league table. Wenger out and fast. He is ruining his great legasy at this brilliant club we all love and we end up hating him, instead of respecting what he done in the PAST. There are people who live in the past and do not wake up to see the average future of our beloved Arsenal FC with Wenger. He simply can´t give anything to this club anymore, when talking about management and in trainig ground.

  11. archimedes says:

    I think the smart thing for arsenal would be to splash the cash on someone like Javi Martinez. He will definitely solve our defensive midfield and centerback problem. Bayern will probably let him go for around 35 million.

  12. Thando says:

    @sumo you can say the same thing about arsenal when you talk about luck the west brom were unlucky not to draw,vs durtmond an offside goal.the worse thing is they have many players who are injured

  13. Thando says:

    He is injured i dont even know when will he come back,he is the best

  14. ned says:

    Cavani 25m or less ST
    Khedira 5-8m CM and DM
    Javi martinez 20m CB and DM
    Weiston reid 5-8m CB
    In the summer we can get hummels and dybala

    1. supertuur says:

      Keep dreaming. At best we get a CB: Reid, Van Dijk, Schar, Vlaar this winter, 3 of these have a contract expiring. DM is a tougher one to crack. Honestly I expect 1 signing maybe 2.

      1. supertuur says:

        Khedira is more of a B2B player like Ramsey & Wilshere plus he is injury prone. He is available though.

  15. Gunner_Bolivia says:

    I wish…

  16. mr lean says:

    50m on one players? In a position we do not need to fill,no thanks rather we spend that money on two players a world class DM and CB .

  17. YingYang69 says:

    There will be room for him and need when we sell Podolski move Welbz left and sell Rosicky rid Diaby, sell Campbell Gnabry. We need to bring in real competition for places. Cavani is a must as we wont win anything spectacular with Girouds Welbz Theos strike rates or accuracy for that matter. You just need look no further than Alexis to see what real class brings to a team.

  18. DANDY GUNNER says:

    Will you stop it are you trying to give Mr Wenger a Heart Attack 50M.

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