53-goal contributing Arsenal target rejects club’s deal

Henrikh Mkhitaryan has rejected another contract offer from Borussia Dortmund, amidst interest from Chelsea and Arsenal.

The Armenian all-time international goalscorer has had a incredible season for his club, scoring 23 goals in all competitions, and assisting a further 30. That form has attracted interest from England, and both Chelsea and Arsenal are linked with moves.

Speculation was increased when some of his family members were supposedly spotted house-hunting in the English capital early in 2016, and he is now supposedly refusing to extend his contract with Dortmund.

Mkhitaryan’s contract is entering its final 12 months at present, and there is apparently a disagreement over terms of the deal. The player was believed to have stated he would only sign a deal should a manager release clause be included, meaning he could leave if Thomas Tuchel was removed from his role in charge of the club.

The BVB are believed to be strongly keen to keep the 27 year-old however, especially having been forced to allow Mats Hummels to leave and join rivals Bayern Munich. The defender made his intentions to leave the club before the end of the year, and has returned to his former club.

They may be forced to sell should a deal not be agreed, with the risk of losing him on a free transfer in 12 months time extremely high, they would likely be forced to cash-in on his signature.

There have been reports linking Mesut Ozil with a switch to Bayern Munich this summer, and Mkhitaryan could be the perfect player to replace him, having created more goals, as well as having found the net more often then his German counterpart.

Obviously we would much rather keep Ozil AND bring in the Armenian, but that may not be an option we have available to us at present.

Do you think HM would be a good replacement for Ozil should he opt to leave?

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  1. OT

    I’ve been hearing that we are selling Ospina for 3.5million to Besiktas! How on earth are we selling such a good GK for so little! surely we could fetch 8million for him, hes only 27 years old!

      1. Keepers always go cheap
        I don’t know why but
        7 mill is high for any one
        other than w/c keepers.

        1. I rate Ospina easily among the best keepers in EPL, and thus the world. He’s amazing, and frankly deserves to be more than just back-up (even if it’s real madrid)

    1. Ospina is on a Navas and Bravo level if he plays regularly……..Cech wasnt all that prolific this past season too. goal keeping isnt a problem for Arsenal actually. we need a consistent and reassuring defence to win a major trophy.

  2. Hmmm, Ozil plus MKT would be great but he could potentially replace him too if Ozil were to leave. His stats are great but let’s remember it is the bundesliga. Would be interesting to see how he fares in the EPL and with us ofcourse

    1. Because Ozil is refusing to commit to Arsenal. Hell he’s like “after the Euros guys, after the Euros…” A certain RVP pulled similar stunts to stall his contract talks just like that..”after the season ends guys,after the season..” Lol De javu? Besides I don’t think I know anyone who said “after the euros/worldcup/season ends” and went on to renew their contracts.

      1. Hahaha ? ?
        Well said mate!… Spot on!.. But Watch your back ? ?
        That kind of comment is considered to be far too Negative, on here! ? ?

  3. If he’s the Ozil replacement then hell yes sign him! Am used to players being sold and Wenger continuing on as if nothing happened. With the kind of stats he has bungesliga or not that guy is a beast! I mean 30 assists and 23 goals?! Now youre talking..not that chances created nonsense the ozil fanboys love to sing about..I mean I watch just about every game and these “chances” Ozil supposedly creates …lol. What even counts as a chance created? A half-efforted drive towards the box? A cross through the left wing and into the right corner flag? A dead-end pass onto the feet of the lamp post? Mkhitaryan can replace ozil easily and at a lower wage so if bayern come calling for ozil well and good!

    1. These stats keep changing/being exaggerated. I believe the accurate stats for Mkhitaryan this season are: 11 goals & 15 assists from 31 games in the Bundesliga this season. 7 assists & 3 goals from 16 Europa League matches, 5 goals & 2 assists from 6 German Cup games. 19 goals & 24 assists overall from 53 matches. Still highly impressive- don’t get me wrong, but the Bundesliga hasn’t got the same competitiveness as the Prem- there are a lot of poor teams, and he wasn’t quite as emphatic in Europe….. I wouldn’t be over-eager to put him on a par with Ozil.

  4. OT:
    Marco Reus left out of Germany squad …
    How come !! really very good player to be left out …

  5. Getting Mkhitaryan would be great if we want to add quality in depth but I don’t think we should let Ozil go, the truth is that he has become the engine room of our attack system and removing him now will distort that. And since I know Wenger will never want to spend big in that position while we still have Ozil, I will rather suggest we get Gotze, who has been rejected by Munich as a sub and competitor for Ozil.

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