Draxler asking Arsenal to launch January transfer bid?

Arsenal have been linked with a possible transfer for the Germany international Julian Draxler for just about as long as the 23-year old has been playing football, but if the recent Arsenal transfer rumours are close to the mark then the transfer may finally be set to happen.

Even though the Daily Mail report on the topic contains comments from Klaus Allofs, who is the sporting director of the German star’s current club Wolfsburg, dismissing the suggestion that he could be sold in January, the player himself has restated his wish to leave.

Draxler said as much in the summer and it has not gone too well with the fans of the Bundesliga club, surprisingly enough, and they even booed and jeered him when he came off the subs bench at the weekend. Draxler can understand their feelings but he did not take back his comments about moving on and that makes his leaving Wolfsburg all the more likely I would think.

The versatile attacker said, ‘I don’t think I need to tell anybody what [being booed] does to a person – it certainly doesn’t help you.

‘There’s no doubt it makes it hard for you to perform on the field.

‘I can understand the fans, though. They have every right to do that. I said in the summer the way I feel and I stand by that.’

Despite the German club’s denials you would think that Wolfsburg would listen to a reasonable transfer bid and with Draxler’s comments, are Arsenal being given all the encouragement to sign him in the transfer window?


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  1. Ks-Gunner says:

    Currently there are not many good players out there who can make the diff. Our team has already good players, but Julian is a special player who can bench most of our players on the wings. He is a boy wonder, and we need a player who can run at people and beat them with ease. Our own hazard or debruyne. In case that we get him, there wont be the need to buy a new striker.

    Buy Draxler and make Arsenal great again. lol.

    1. NY_Gunner says:

      That is, if he stays fit long enough to make a difference…

    2. RSH says:

      Draxler is not near the level of Hazard or Debryne. He is no boy wonder either. Where are people getting these ideas about him?

  2. Juhi McLovin says:

    The way Draxler has played this season, he ain’t worth more than £10 millions

    1. Godswill says:

      Because he has lost interest playing for the club as he had in mind of leaving.
      Any good addition is welcomed.

    2. Vlad says:

      … and that is great news for us. In the summer he’d be worth 50mil. Right now he can probably be bought for 30. I’m not usually the one in favor of buying in JTW, but in case of Draxler I’d be willing to make an exception. The kid has talent, which very few people can argue about, and in addition, him and Ozil seem to be on the same page when playing for Germany. Imagine putting him on the left instead of Ox/Iwobi. That’s a 15 goal winger right there. Easily can play as a striker as well in case Sanchez needs a rest.

      1. RSH says:

        How is draxler 15 goals when he has never broken 10 before? I like Draxler but honestly, he’s a whole lot of hype too and he has yet to officially deliver. He’s looked good for Germany, but his club form has always been hot/cold throughout his Bundesliga career. We need a reliable edition on the wings. Even if they are not world class just get somebody solid who we know is going to have a good game 9/10 times. Because Theo/Ox/Iwobi it is always a coin toss.

        1. sanmi.marvellous says:

          Draxler may have been hot/cold throughout his Bundesliga career truly, but Henry was not even hot at all before Arsenal poached him from Juve.
          Little was known about Aubamayang, Antoine Greizmann, etc.

          I don’t doubt Draxler quality, my ONLY concern is his injury records which is frightening.
          On the other hand, I would have preferred Marco Reus.

      2. RSH says:

        And prices increase during winter transfer window. Even if he is playing poorly there is no chance Wolfsburg will let him go for cheap in the middle of the season.

  3. RSH says:

    Get a winger who is world class. Draxler is great, not world class. This guy cost 50mill in summer right? Surely we can find someone even better at that price. I just don’t think he’s somebody who is going to take us to the next level. He’s another player not known for his consistency, which is what we need right now too.

  4. Tatek Girma says:

    He has all the attributes and potential to be great should he get a suitable club. It is good to buy a potential some times and shape them with the club style and philosophy. Therefore, we should go for Draxler as he suits this requirement.

  5. gotanidea says:

    It is difficult to find a player that possesses high battle spirit, football skills and work ethics like Sanchez nowadays. Draxler is not known for his work rate and teamwork, but he has good physique, technique and still very young. If there is a better option, like Neymar or Hazard, of course we should chase them instead of Draxler.

    It does not have to be Draxler. It could be some unknown players like Mahrez, but they must have high motivation to win, good technique and never give up. Most people like Draxler because he seems to have big potential.

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