7 Myths debunked by the arrival of Thomas Partey at Arsenal


As the dust settles on another dramatic transfer window, our club has, once again, taken the fans to the brink of madness. Along with the media claims that we were involved with over 120 transfer targets, along with selling every one of our players at one time or another, it’s been an exhausting time.

Part of the sense of a doomsday scenario, have been the claims by some of our own fans, as to why and how we perform in the transfer market, and the signing of Thomas Partey has blown some of these myths, if not all of them, away with the aforementioned dust.

So let’s have a look at what I see as putting to bed these unfounded and ridiculous rumours:


This signing has put paid to this suggestion once and for all. TP has left a club that has featured in the CL on a regular basis and, of course, is one of the favourites for this year’s competition.
Make no mistake my fellow Gooners, this man is world class through and through.


The reports that TP would only sign for The Arsenal, despite the media talking about other clubs wanting to sign him and hijack the deal, proves that the name “The Arsenal” and its history, tradition and values still hold great sway, prove once again, that this is not true. If anyone doubts this, ask yourself this simple question – why The Arsenal?


The departure of Martinez, Torreira and Guendouzi show that to be completely false. If the club had wanted to, and the players were agreeable to the change, we would also have seen
Kolasinac, Sokratis and Mustafi join that list.


Since MO signed his contract, no less than fifteen players have been signed by the club ,and we have also seen contract extensions being offered and accepted by senior players, both new to the club and existing players…one being TP of course!!


Going with the “reported salary” that everyone does with MO, despite the club, it seems, needing a massive blood transfusion to stay alive, TP is about to earn £200,000 a week and this follows PA’s new contract salary of £300,000 a week… and what we are paying for the services of Willian is anybody’s guess, but it certainly wasn’t peanuts to secure his services.

So let’s drop this negative BS and think about what is actually going on at the club shall we?


It certainly wasn’t the case with TP though. We had obviously approached and talked to the player and we must have agreed personal terms, in order for the transfer to have gone through in such a short time span.

We also called Atletico Madrid’s bluff, when we paid the buyout clause with minutes to spare. They thought we had no chance whatsoever of meeting the reported figure, but the club pulled off a masterstroke here, and left Diego spluttering about where he wanted to stuff our cannon up!!!
This was a well-planned transfer that, in retrospect and remembering what Mikel Arteta said, was completely under control and executed in a precise and orderly manner… to the amazement of, not only the media, but the fans as well!!!

However, it would be nice, just for once, to have all/any transfers done and dusted in the first part of the window.


Suddenly this claim does become a reality. With the signing of TP, along with Tierney, Gabriel and Leno, plus Auba’s commitment, the backbone of the team is in place for Mikel Arteta to enjoy. With the new found form and enthusiasm of our so called “dross” players, the breakthrough of youngsters like Saka, Martinelli, AMN, ESR and Nketiah the future looks very good.

With MA having a plan, a vision, a code of conduct and a player like TP coming in to the squad, that feeling and belief that we were just a couple of players away from the title challenge has now become a reality that, in my opinion, has been addressed with the final part of the jigsaw being slotted into place by this great “Vieira type” signing of Thomas Partey.

So, in summary, one signing has uncovered and put to bed some ridiculous and unfounded myths and falsehoods about our club and, if we all get behind MA in whatever he decides, then the future is as good as any other PL club at the present moment.

What a great time to be a Gooner (well, actually any time is a good time) and thanks to Edu and Mikel for this wonderful signing…. if we had had him at Anfield in the league game, we probably would be sitting top of the league – I am now sitting with a large glass of Australian Shiraz, with a smile as big as the one every other Gooner should have on this wonderful Tuesday morning.




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            I will very soon submit part two of my fan/club relationship trio which I have held back, firstly for reasons of time and also because of the approaching window closure(now gone) which I knew would take up fans attention .

            I am always hopeful that my own articles will attract at least a good number of the more thinking fans on here. The others will not understand it anyway, so I hope THEY don’t read it.

              1. “The others won’t understand it “
                Well if some of us do not understand it maybe it’s time to stop writing then !!
                This a football fan website not the Financial Times ,maybe write appropriately for said subject .
                JUST SAYING .

            1. Jon Jon!seriously you have me conflicted,over time I have liked and agreed with many of your comments on football matter’s but now and again you come up with comments like this one (patronising, condescending…) which baffle me truth being told!you keep talking about your life experience and wisdom but somehow you don’t seem to realise how pretentious, snobby …you sound and come across unless you’re doing on purpose??

      2. I’d say so Pat lol bombarded with articles after this 😂😂

        Good article too and we have finally got the biggest missing piece of the puzzle in Partey. Him and Xhaka with Cabellos in front behind the front 3 on away days isnt bad at all… abit of steel in that middle now!

  2. Fantastic article, Ken! Well done!
    I have to admit, I did wonder if we were going to go down the panic buy route at one point… maybe I should have more faith 😂
    You’ve hit the nail on the head with all of your points….👌 Top notch…

  3. Are you being serious?? You need champions League to attract cream of football. All the big world class players want to play in champions League. It’s either that or money for clubs like Arsenal. No one give a toss about our history and tradition, how many players have we been able to sign on low wages just because they wanted to sign for us bec they were impressed with our history and tradition. Only clubs who have that power or players sign for them bec of their history m tradition are Real Madrid and Barcelona. I can’t believe the kuku world some of our fans are living in.

    1. Mohsan, you are correct in that Arsenal has paid over the odds to even attract average players to the Club. That is why Arsenal has such a high wage bill comparative to other EPL clubs.
      I also disagree with ken’s assertion that Ozil’s wages are not a drain on the Club.

      1. OZZIE, basically I agree with your first point but I ALSO AGREE WITH KENS. Surely neither one is completely true, as it depends on the individual attitude of the players who we DO sign. Some will sign for the fame of the club (AND a decent wage!) and others just want the highest wage, irrespective of the club. It is rarely all of one OR all of another in life and the devil is always in the detail.

        As to Ozils wages, of course they are a drain on the club. The moot point though is HOW MUCH!

        I dislike all things in ANY category being lumped ALL together, as if they are all the same, as that smacks of “mean Scots, thick Irish and reserved English” and all that sort of stereotypical nonsense!

        I did find much of Kens article too, deliberately, overoptimistic and in my life experience that is rarely true in actuality. And certainly not while Trump remains as owner!

    2. Dennis Bergkamp said he joined because of the manager and the clubs history. No doubt many others too, but you won’t listen to fact. You’re starting to sound more like a spud than a gooner.

      1. Players who join even Everton no disrespect and spuds say the same thing. Do you think any player joing a club would say no I didn’t wanted to join the club and have his life made miserable for till his contract is up. I am just stating the fact it’s about being fan of the club or not. Manger does play a big role is agree as Wenger has influenced a lot of players to join Arsneal and I’m today’s world we have pep & klopp doing same but they are not club’s tradition or history. How does that make me a spud of I say only two clubs who have that kind of power are Real Madrid and Barcelona? Did I say it’s spurs?

      2. Ausgooner how does Moshan expressing his opinion makes me a spud fan, if you really believe that players still join clubs with no champions league football for there history then my brother you are living in denial, our main attraction now is money bro. If we still have Wenger or Pep or Kloop even Jose, then I will say some players sign for us because of the coach but Arteta is an a young coach who is just trying to get to the top so bro money is the only way we can attract the top talents now.

    3. Gabriel Mag. is class so far, he had options, TP had options, but facing the reality… I’ll choose to say that it’s actually Mikel Arteta’s personality,plans and much more attracting big minds and talents. Everyone just can’t help but believe in him (MA) even we fans… Seeing what he has done, is doing and probably might do in the future… Who will actually want to turn a complete blind eye towards him? If Man City dare to relieve Pep today, MA will be their choice, trust me when I say all road for world-class players will lead to the Etihad for Him.

      1. Falex do you really believe Napoli would have paid more salary than us? And I can assure you if the Chelsea interest in TP is true then I’m sure they won’t pay what we want to pay him because they don’t really need him that much. Manchester united paid over the odd for Maguire because they were desperate and they have no champions league football to offer him, they paid over the odds for Pogba because they were also desperate, Pogba was a champions league finalist the previous seasons but he still signed for United who hasn’t been in the champions league for 2 or 3 seasons, why, it’s the money not the history bro and definitely not because of Ole in the wheel🤣

        1. We giving Partey 200k, is that money really supposed to be what he should earn compared to football financial hike? I know for our rebuilding state money is so much cos we can’t actually offer guarantees but money and words. We together though.

          1. Falex, a good point regarding MA and I should have made more of his influence in the article.
            He has been incredible but he is Arsenal through and through, part of the club’s DNA.
            Mohsan, I don’t think your assumption that we need CL football to attract top players holds any scrutiny whatsoever – we have just signed an undisputed World class player from a CL club – what further proof do you need?

            As for Ozil’s salary draining the club’s finances – it’s kronkie’s money and he doesn’t seem to be down to his last dollar does he?

      2. @falex let’s for once see this as neutral and not as Arsenal fans. Which big club were interested in Gabriel?? Out of all the clubs which were in with a say we were the biggest one in terms of size and we were paying him way more then Napoli was paying him. Just to put it out there also Napoli have been a mess financially in recent past..unable to pay salaries to their players. A person who can see with one eye is considered as king among the blinds so that is exactly the case when it came to Arsenal. Gabriel looks great and I hope he has a fantastic career with us but remember he is not a house hold name, dude was loaned out on most occasions to other clubs he could not break into the first team until last season. Who in the world would sell a proven world class defender for 27mil ?? There is your ansmwe for that..now with regards to TP again fantastic signing but again who else apart from Arsenal ever went in for him this season, no bids were made to A.Madrid for Partey. Some one have me a reason that bec all big clubs ajev that position filled but what I don’t understand if a better option comes into market for same place and you are a big club with lots of money won’t you get an upgrade on what you have. So as no club went in for him so that proves the other clubs think what they have is better or at same level as Partey. Simple example if Messi in his prime would have become available with affordable price do you think all clubs around the world would have said we have the position filled let’s move on and don’t bid for him. Partey is not the best DM or B2B out there, there are much better players and options. MA is talented and he has something in it that’s why two of the best managers in world hold him in such high regard but he is not proven. He is not a house hold name, he has not even convinced all the fans yet that he is the one for the job. I don’t think any big name player would sign bec of MA influnece. It’s not Arsenal but with every club in same category if you don’t have champions League then money is the only other motivator ….club plans and talented upcoming managers can be an add on but that is what they are add on not the actual package.

  4. Great article by a knowledgeable arsenal fan. Seven points on point and the ones about Ozil are very true.
    Arsenal club went into the tank the day Santi Carzola got injured. Hopefully TP fills his shoes and propels our club back to elite status where it belongs..

  5. A few points of correction. Looks like Partey will be on around £260k, Auba is on £250k and Willian 120-130k (basic).

    The main myth busted imo is that the board don’t spend.

    What a great team we have this season. So pumped!

  6. Mohsan

    You’re not required to read or comment. It’s not compulsory brother.

    JUST ARSENAL, Keep it up and provide more information of what’s going on. You’re doing a good job.

    No Ozil news again please. Arsenal has moved on and Saka, Willian and Ceballos are going to create for us.

    I Love it

    1. @howard, I know but the reason why all of us are on this site is to read and comment. What else are we here for other then fans to connect to each other from different parts of world. Apart from article the discussions that follow under them are the ones which keep fans engaged. Also as readers we should provide feedback thats how ideas come about and things improve. I am not saying that I am right and all should agree it’s just my feedback. I think a lot of the ppl here will agree then there can be a lot that don’t agree. 😊

  7. It seems to me that Partey had some past affection for Arsenal, which means a lot, and also he is going to get a massive pay raise which will sort him for life. I think under Emery the ‘Arsenal’ became as confused as Emery was. Arteta has brought back that sense of ‘authority’ and integrity which Wenger had elevated and matches our historic ‘status’ and success. What makes me so happy is that the players and supporters are ‘buying in’ to Arteta’s project.
    Big shock….Kroenke has put £50,000,000 into Arsenal (actually into his own sole ownership). I need reviving. That on it’s own will be a major boost.

    1. Sean, Emery wanted Thomas Partey and Wilfred Zaha and didn’t get them. He was had no say in transfers and was expected to coach the players he inherited and bought for him by others. He also had a squad decimated by injuries.
      Also you should compare the quality of the players Arsene Wenger inherited from Bruce Wenger and those that Emery inherited. In addition David Dein supported Wenger with players to improve that squad.
      Yes he deserved to be sacked, because of his poor English communication skills and the players downing tools on him bringing poor results, but at least the criticism should be fair.
      How long are you and others going to blame him for the ills of the Club?
      Emery, Wenger, Rioch, Graham, Mee, Chapman and the others are gone. Let’s move forward and hope for support and success for Mikel Arteta in the future.

      1. ozziegunner

        Emery tried but the meeting of circumstances, including Emery’s lack of English and his ability to translate to the field, went on too long. There is very little compassion or tolerance in football. Arteta IS composed and authoritative, but if the results go AWOL then he will come under fire. We expect a lot. The ‘invincibles’ is also a cross to bear.
        I have no idea why Kroenke suddenly came up with £50 million. Sadly for Emery two of his personal favourites, Guendouzi and Torreira have been shown the back door. That shows, at least to me, Arteta wants to get rid of Emery’s traces. Arteta is seemingly obsessive and single minded. That’s good now, but if change is needed then like Wenger he may not be able to change.

        1. Sorry ken1945

          Good article. For me it doesn’t matter if I agree or disagree or other. It’s a meaningful article and that is the crux for me. We support the same team and for many, many years.

            1. Sean, thanks for the reply.
              We all have the club at heart, as “professional amateurs” , we all have our differing opinions – long may it continue.

      2. Partey and Auba wouldn’t have so signed if Emery was still in charge .
        It’s great saying he wanted this and that player but they wouldn’t have wanted to play for him anyway .
        I think your the one that needs to let it go Ozzie as your the one that keeps repeating yourself .

  8. Point 5).

    Ozil’s reported salary would be hugely restrictive for any club in world football., particularly for a non-playing “squad member” – basically a “passenger”.

    We all know part of the remit regarding this windows’ transfer dealings, was to offload players before we could seriously become involved in any bidding (release clause meeting) for Auoar and or Partey.

    The Partey move went to the wire because we first had to offload players, raising funds in terms terms of a loan fee (?) and getting their salaries paid for a year – in turn “trimming the current exorbitant wage bill”.

    As we know, the players in question turned out to be Matty G & Lucas.

    In truth more should have followed.

    I would imagine 5) above above was also at least a factor in why we could not land both of our major summer targets.

    Make no mistake, Ozil’s salary remains extremely restrictive – with the contract awarded being (in hindsight) a mistake by many including a certain …. Arsene Wenger., and was overseen by the incompetent Ivan the terrible.

    1. Jobless Gunnersaurus wants to know why Ozil’s wages shouldn’t matter when just 1% of that would have more than covered his own. That’s despite doing more than Ozil on matchdays when we are finally allowed back at the Emirates.

      I told him to unionise or maybe sign a contract next time

        1. Actually, Ozil has offered to pay the wages of Gunnersaurus as he sees him as part of our family – looking forward to the reactions on this news!!!!

          1. A grand gesture.

            If I was on 350K p/w (allegedly) , I would like to think I was man enough to help others / fund research in relation to causes I felt an affinity with.

            As for the “Gunnersaurus” issue.

            This is so appalling, at first I thought it was a wind up – literally !

            The guy has been at the club for over 25 years, giving so much pleasure – particularly to the kids.

            An integral part of match day.

            And let’s not forget the other staff that have been deemed surplus to requirements of late.

            Millions out there fretting for / lost their livelihoods right now.

            I’m sure Mesut is a very charitable guy,

            However, the issue up for debate here was entirely a football based matter.

            1. Arsenal spokesman on Özil offering to reimburse Jerry Quy:

              “Gunnersaurus is not extinct & will return to action when fans are allowed back at matches.”

          2. I think no one will react to that news, as it doesn’t fit their agenda of Ozil the master thief, 😂😂

  9. Ken is an advocate of positive thoughts /article, this is another good piece.
    I always have the feeling that TP deal would be the last deadline day transfer, this is one of opinion of @Eddie which I agree with. It’s easier to get players that have transfer clauses in case of TP than bidding war kind of player, that’s why we seems to be pursuing Aouar all through summer and it was seemingly looking like we have forgotten TP.

    Overall we had an above average summer I’ll rate it 6/10.
    We were sloppy in a lot of decision making, I mean, why keep sokratis and mustaffi, at least get 1 of them off the wage bill, especially when sokratis has already asked for his contract to be terminated. Now we are stuck with 3-4 players who could leave on free in January, and may not play a game, just paying them to seat while we keep on sacking backroom staff.
    ASSE is lamenting how we frustrated another loan move for Saliba after agreeing to term,
    Who refused PSG 30mill bid for Bellerin, who refused wolve 30mill bid for AMN. All this are shambolic decision that is eating up our finances making us look pitiful and denying good transfer kitty. TP signing will not erase all this blunders and the earlier we make some ppl realize this, the better.
    For me, it’s an average summer transfers

  10. Well KEN , another of your well constructed and well argued articles, so applause on those matters! I do however differ on quite a lot, being a realist, and not given to overoptimistic and white washing thinking as I see clearly in PARTS of your piece.

    I agree on much though, so here goes as to pros and cons. On the pros, I much agree with points 1 and 2. Those are self evident and our historical status trumps our temporary status outside the top four. Point 3 is true of some players and untrue of others. It is simplistic thinking to lump ALL our players together as if they are one entity,as they are clearly not. You are in effect equating Auba with Elneny and that is not wise.

    Points 4 and 5 are largely true but with caveats. Ozil is financially harming our ability to sign top players but not killing all chances(aka bleeding us dry!)

    On point 6 I largely disagree, with again a caveat. Our forward planning on transfers has been for years a sick joke and laughable bad. There are real signs that NOW the thinking has changed but right now it is far too early to say any other than you yourself say in your final sentence of that point.

    On point 7 it all depends on what EXACTLY one means by ” a”major force.” To me that means a serious title challenge and right now we are not near that position. IMO to seriously title challenge we still need at least five top class players, ie PARTEY level. The backbone IS taking shape , I agree and big strides are being made. But you specifically avoided mentioning Kroenke at all and that shows a preference for optimism over sober reality in my book . But well done anyway KEN and I owed you a full explanation of my views as always.

    1. Jon, as you know, when writing an article, it is the views of those that reply with their own opinions, that count.
      I should have said more about the MA influence, as I have said already.
      Also your kronkie point is vud… but let’s not forget, it’s his money that helped the TP transfer to go through, as it’s his money that’s paying Ozil’s and everyone else’s wages.
      Thanks for the comments and I look forward to reading your second instalment.

  11. I dont get the article at all it is twisted and not true in its context to prove anything. Its your view ken and totally twisted to suit your argument. We got partey by paying an awful lot of money in the deal for a player, who didn’t want to stay at AM, he wanted to leave, we activated his buy out and remunerated him 4 X better than he was on, which contributed to his reasons to join. If you dont think Ozil isn’t bleeding this club dry and impacting on our transfer business, you are very deluded. While we all hope we are now a force to be reckoned with, the proof has yet too be proved in the pudding. What i will say is, our business model has gone out of the window and we are slowly but surely strangling ourselves, which does need success and this season to ease the strangulation. Regardless of what you and i think, we need instant success and anything less will be a fire sale next season. The problem there would be our players values would drop further on higher wages if we were to fail to get in CL. Your statement above will only bear fruit if we do win the league or EL, or bare minimum get CL football this season. Otherwise they are just words of ken.

    1. Well Reggie as I wrote the article, it obviously reflects my views – perhaps it you submit an article, it will contain your opinions and, just maybe, they won’t make sense to me?

  12. Brilliant Ken, for once I agree with every point you wrote including Ozil. A very refreshing and positive article, keep ’em coming. For once we now have a balanced squad and a decent bench, plus Martinelli will be back year end, if Ozil can revive his fortunes in the Europa games, nothing better.

    1. Ed, I did write this about 2.30am, as I kept thinking about the situation – and Australian Shiraz is the best in the world 👌

  13. For those who are certain that Ozil’s salary is bleeding the club they don’t even know how players salaries are recoded on the books. If I were an owner I will capitalize all salaries so I can benefit from depreciation year after year especially when players have a long term contract. So far Ozil’s salary did not prevent the club from spending money .

    1. But it did impact our ability to spend money this year. Its rather naive to say it didn’t. A player on the books on 350k a week, not playing, is taking the place of 1 or 2 players who could be on the books, playing producing and hopefully increasing their value, all in line with ffp. Ffp dictates how much you can spend and pay players. Ozil is blocking this club and hurting it, how can anyone defend that at all.

      1. How do you know it did? Do you know how Arsenal keeps their books and what accounting practices they use? Do you know how Kroenke classifies all of his clubs when he consolidates his financials in his main company?
        To say for sure that Ozil’s or all the payer’s salaries for that matter are counted as yearly expenses is questionable.

        1. Also, FFP has been relaxed during the corona virus and it seems kronkie has dipped into his pocket.

          I really can’t understand why the salary of Ozil, is preventing anything that the owner wants to do – except, as suggested, Ozil might be taking up another player coming to the club, just as any other player is….nothing to do with his salary.

          If it was that big a problem, of course, kronkie could buy out his contract and release said space.

          OT It is being reported that Ozil has offered to pay the salary of Gunnersaurez (?!) as he is part of the family of Arsenal!!!

          1. Oh and of course, if we haven’t got the money to buy the two players quoted as an example, how would we be blocking their transfers anyway?
            Ozil’s reported salary would divide to £175,000 a week…Partey’s reported salary ranges from £200,000 to £250,000, while Auba’s is a reported £300,000.

            So, how are we going to attract the calibre of players these two represent and, following the argument about Ozil’s salary influencing new players wage demands, is it being suggested that TP and PA’s salaries are ALSO going to do that?
            That is, of course, if one believes the argument about Ozil’s salary being a correct one.

          2. “OT It is being reported that Ozil has offered to pay the salary of Gunnersaurez (?!) as he is part of the family of Arsenal!!!”

            mmm you mean Ozil the greedy person offered to do that?😊

    2. @Icw

      Regardless of how a salary is recorded, the fact is, that Arsenal are giving away 350k per week for free! They get literally nothing in return for that, even if Ozil was on the pitch.

      Secondly, the size of Ozil’s salary DOES have a massive impact on contracts. He is a dreadful player and a massive amount, hence why Auba wanted parity/more…and rightly so given his contribution. It’s why Partey will be on a lot, and why others will want more in their pay until Ozil is gone.

  14. Interesting stuff as usual Ken.Personally I am very happy with the acquisition of Partey and Gabriel but I am not getting carried away because in the absence of fans in the stadium this could turn out to be a very topsy turvy season indeed as the crazy results thus far have suggested.Partey was my priority rather than Aohar, because he adds real steel and quality to the spine of the team .An awful lot has been said concerning the lack of creativity in midfield,but Liverpool have shown you can be successful with a DM and 2 b to b operators..Aston Villa competed physically with the Liverpool trio the other night with Grealish providing the creativity from the left wing which is the position favoured by Aohar.In any event we are up and running,thankfully the transfer window is more or less over ,and we can now get on with the challenge which must be to finish the season in the top four.

    1. Thanks Grandad and I understand your reluctance to get carried away.

      As you probably noticed, I am always positive and actually think that this signing is going to change so much for Mikel Arteta.

      Like you, Partey was my choice of the two and I think the way our club outmanouvered Atletico was quite brilliant.

      The spine of the team is now starting to take place and we have addressed the twwo areas that most Gooners wanted the club to invest in – Onwards and Upwards!!

      1. I concur that Parley was my favorite among the two of them but I would have liked to see both join. Baggers can’t be choosy and hopefully Parley will elevate the game of all the players around him.

  15. Great article Mr. Ken. As a fellow ‘optimist’ I absolutely agree with all your points. Factors like money and relative success are major factors, but of course, so is a feeling of being part of a successful project. I think the latter is what going to attract a lot of good players to Arsenal if we continue our trajectory. I am loving the current setup, and haven’t felt this good since the early part of 2013 when we were top of the table and the 2015-16 season when we missed out to Leicester.
    Onwards and Upwards!

    1. Sid, my feelings entirely – in actual fact, I would go further and say that the positivity around the clun reminds me of Arsen Wenger’s first season – the mood is upbeat and the feeling electric and, as you say, Onwards and Upwards!!!

  16. The thing I like most about Ken’s articles is that I always get something out of it. This one is very good as expected. It’s hard to disagree with all the points mentioned.

    Looking forward to Jon’s second part article. Hope you could let your writing do the talking Jon. While good response is always welcome, in my opinion what a reader get out of any piece of writing is more important.

  17. No doubt, it’s no mean achievement that Arsenal managed to capture Thomas Partey on the dot of the closing hours of the transfer window. I therefore quite I agree with you that this singular feat has in no small measures changed those negative narratives & many others on Arsenal, as a big club.
    -My humble take in all this, however, is that this may come to naught, unless Arteta himself improves upon some of his seemingly weak approaches to matches, especially in those matches that involve top teams. With the signing of Thomas Partey & those other quality players earlier on brought on board, like, Gabriel, Tierney, Saliba etc Arteta should strive to return Arsenal to its traditional playing style of attacking football. Enough of his Unai style of play he eg deployed against LiverP & those other top clubs.The Aston Villa match should thus, be an eye opener to all. How Aston Villa brilliantly pummeled & demystified LiverP was a joy to watch with that their hard pressing, fast & confident playing style. Hitherto, though, some of our football experts would, against all odds tell us that to beat LiverP, you must avoid playing them an open, attacking game, as if, the LiverP players were made in heaven or another planet. As usual, the bandwagon effect influenced everyone to buy into that fallacy including Arteta & his players who held LiverP in fear & awe. Ironically, even some established pundits like our legend Ian Wright who should be in the vanguard of psyching our team up & urging them to play differently, fell flat to that opinion. Listening to Ian Wright & others during that ill fated match with LiverP where we fell by 3-1, one would think that LiverP was an invisible team, from another planet, which could never be beaten by Arsenal or any other team in an open, free & attacking football. Commending or lauding Arteta for deploying such a negative tactic, the experts & pundits alike insisted that the best approach to beating LiverP by Arsenal was by playing, the boring & irritating layback style. Some of us thought otherwise though & had the belief that Arsenal should have played that match differently. Our ‘more technically sound fans however thought that those of us in this school of thought were talking bunkum & indeed from the point of ignorance & illiteracy in football knowledge. Well, the solace to take in all this, is that the AV match has vindicated our stand. It’s more inspiring & satisfying, that it wasn’t as if AV had better quality players than Arsenal. The difference lied in their attitude & approach to the game. The AV players refused to be intimidated by the overbloated credentials of the LiverP team, they refused to inhibit any fear factor or inferioty complex, nor did they exhibit any iota of respect to the so called, ‘all conquering’ LiverP. team. Arteta should therefore learn some few tricks from the AV match & henceforth approach his matches with boldness by employing hard pressing, attractive & thrilling football against any team. The number of goals scored in league matches after all count in addition to the three points gannered in a win. The early switch off by Arsenal players eg in that Sheff United match, when they got those 2 quick goals, almost caused us that match. I believe that the early switch off by the players & Arteta himself, was more, as a result of fear factor or weak mental strength rather than any rational tactical approach. The defence & the midfield players just simply unnecessarily slowed down the pace and resorted to playing & passing the ball among themselves in the midfield & the back for the better part of the time, thus giving Sheff United the momentum to get a goal & almost the equalizer. Arteta too did not help matters, as he easily got panicked by substituting Cebalos, the only attacking minded midfielder, for Xhaka. Thereon, the defence was unnecessarily put under pressure. We were only lucky to have escaped from that match with a draw.
    -My second intervention, would centre on the need for Arteta to be more professional & resourceful as the Manager of players. In the absence of any credible reasons available, as to why Arteta has shown complete disdain for some players, particularly, the trio of, Ozil, Guenze & Toreira, I may think that it borders down to ego & high handedness. The tweet exchanged between Ozil & Gueze eg, says much to this effect. The two younger ones, Toreira & Guenze still have much to prove since they still have the ambition to play for their countries. Luckily, the two are gone, at least on loan. My take in this, is that Arteta should learn to be professional in order to succeed. Ego & high handedness, should have no place in management. Those plodding him on, in this self destruct, in the name of instilling discipline at the expense of the club are not doing him or the club any favors. There are better ways to handle heady players than freezing them without any justifiable reasons. Who says some of these new players would, not in the near future revolt too, against him for high handedness? Even, if on the hand, the travails some of these players are under going happen to be scripts handed to Arteta by the management, it becomes incumbent upon him to as the coach, be circumspect in handling such issues with the view to protecting his players’ interests before the Mgt.
    – The third area of my intervention is in the area of selection of players for matches. It will appear that, Arteta is fond of leaving his solid players on the bench for some of those tentative players. The end result is that the team plays below their potentials. He needs to be rational in his selections so as to get the best from his team. We would have eg, had an easy ride over Sheff United if only he started that match with the right selection. Wishing all Gunners success. Let’s Partey on.

  18. I had no intention of replying to any point raised by Ken but I felt it would have been mean of me not to appreciate Ken’s uplifting article. I have said it before and I will repeat it here that Ken offers fresh air to this site. I urge Ken never to give a listening ear to the naysayers. I agree with you Ken that our team now is strong enough to challenge for top honours despite what the sceptics may say. Why do I say this? Look at the composition of the team from back to front and sideways. Where would any one say we are weak? We have a good GK, strong backline, strong midfield, good wingers and a good forward line manned by two accomplished strikers as well as good young strikers when Martinelli returns.
    I have been one of those who refused to hang Kroenke without a fair trial and now he has acquitted himself very well. I will say this once again. No genuine capitalist can deliberately run down his business and Kroenke can’t be an exception.
    Anyone with an analytical mind and watched last weekend’s matches would have come to the conclusion that this season might be our season. It is still too early to make any conclusions but the way things are moving the gap between us and the so-called favourites might be shrinking! Only time will tell.

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