75 million for Xhaka and Kolasinac? Take the money and run…

There are many members of our Arsenal squad who divide opinion, with many gooners demanding a huge overhaul of the Arsenal team.

What makes our rumoured 45 million budget so frustrating is the inflated market, suddenly 30 million is the price for an average talent. Yet it works both ways and could work in our advantage.

For example, I’m not someone who wished Xhaka to leave but if reports linking him with a 50-million-pound move to Inter Milan are true, I would drive him to Italy!

This is a group of players too inconsistent to ignore such sums, especially when we have to sell to raise funds. While I find it harder to believe Barcelona would be interested in Kolasinac, 25 million would be great business for a left back who can’t defend.

Over the years Arsenal have rightfully been criticised for not getting the best price for their assets, it’s crucial that changes this summer.

If selling those two players nearly doubles our kitty and can be invested into other areas that matter, then that’s the model we must implement.

Dan Smith



    1. Xhaka lack of mobility is a real defensive problem for us and not even forgetting his occasional passing blunders. For any team that implement a pressing game without dynamic and tiresome runners like this current Liverpool midfield it’s a big ask for any defenders to cop with attackers surging through your center.
      Well we need 2 or 3 Torreira in our midfield.

      1. Xhaka is very important to the team. The only player that takes long distant shots. He is not a defensive midfielder. We rather need a third box to box high energy midfielder to partner Xhaka and Torrera. We may not be able to get all our targets this window. But we need two Central defenders and a Top quality winger. That should be the priority first. Go all out for De ligt and Javi Martinez
        and one of Isco, Nabil Fekir, Ryan Fraser.

        1. Another Xhaka fan. That makes two of you now, as I noticed one on here just the other day. So now you two odd fans are now only outnumbered among Arsenals crowd by 30,000 to 1 EACH. They used to say “there is always one”. Now it seems there are “always two”. DAFT AS A BRUSH , BOTH OF YOU.

        2. All those players for £40m we neednyou in our negotiations team. Even with £50m extra it wouldn’t even buy De ligt who wants a move else where.
          Now I know for definite the silly season has opened. This transfer requires both feet firmly on the ground. My big worry is that we will lose all our best players and don’t trust Emery to replace with equal or better now Sven is gone.

          1. It’s now not Emery’s role to scout and select players; that is the responsibility of others. One would suppose that he has a say in the type of player/position he requires and can accept or decline the player offered; however his role is to coach those players provided to him. This is significantly less power than Arsene Wenger had.

        3. Are you watching the same game as me Xhaka is a liability Get rid of A.S.A.P

        4. Xhaka should first and foremost get his basic function spot on. Long distance shots can come later

        5. He is a crab , sq passer and makes too many mistake that cost us big , get shot of him and a few more , we need 4 strong players and play the kids with them like GG did in the 80`s and Fergie with the 92 youth players , wot we got to lose

        6. Skill1000
          He is important to us. At half time he hands out the oranges
          Putting my silliness aside. He is everything we are striving to not be.
          Full of Blunders
          Lack of mobility
          Lack of leadership
          Lack of forward passing
          Lack of incisive passing
          Lack of defensive duties
          Sure the list can go on a d on
          Just cash in on him
          We will not miss him and the bonus is we will get a better upgrade for less

      2. praet can be trained to do that ,we will have 2 defensive midfielder ,then Jordan to replace Ramsey and Fraser as our number 10 as we look for ziyech coz am sure arsenal can’t sign zaha

    2. I believe the Inter Milan rumor, but I don’t believe Barcelona are interested in Kolasinac since they already have a great LB

      1. Were you seriously thinking Barca were looking for a first-choice LB when they have Alba?

        Obviously both Laca as well as Kola rumours have to do with them looking for backups for Suarez and Alba (although Laca at his best is close to Suarez)…

    3. Can you imagine the joy on our faces if we are able to offload Xhaka, Özil, Mustafi (and Kolasinac given we get a better replacement)? With the players already confirmed leaving the club, we’d have to really struggle to increase the wage budget by 7%.

      The big question regarding Özil is though… No-one will take him with his wages, and he would probably not want to go down (a lot) in wages, so how much of his salary would be acceptable to keep paying if we manage to move him on? 100-150k per week? That would clear out around 200-250KpW, and it’s not like we’d miss the guy. Quite on the contrary, he’s unwanted!

  1. Click bait… No reasonable club will offer 50 mil for Xhaka. Just a rumours just like Jon Fox pointed of in the previous article. I understand the media must give us something to feed on in this depressing times. Talking about players sales seriously, letting Auba leave for 60mil and purchasing a younger talented winger for 30-40 would be nice. Laca will get to be up front mostly.

    1. To have either of Laca/Auba is a blessing. To have both is what makes me cream myself at night. I think we can afford to keep both, AND get a talented winger at the price you mentioned. That being said, I would accept selling one of them to get that winger, and fix the defensive problems in the squad.

    1. A winger is a priority. It’s evident when Mikhi and Belarine makes crosses into the box. Auba love s scoring from the crosses.

  2. Utter BS only a few fans on here and his mum think Xhaka are remotely above average
    We should accept 20m for him

  3. I’m an ambivalent fan of Xhaka. If Emery reverts to a back four then I like his partnership with Torreira. But £50m could fill some serious holes. Overall I’d rather see £50m come from other sales.

    I bite Barcelona’s hand off for Kolasinac if true. He’s not much of a defender – great going forward until he hits the final third

    1. Whilst totally agreeing with you on both these duds and wanting them BOTH sold ASAP, what is the minimum offer YOU would accept for both? For me , and if necessary, I would even let both go for nothing, though I would drive as hard a bargain as possible for obvious reasons. Even rubbish is worth ridiculous money these days. IRRESPECTIVE OF MONEY, THE BLISSFUL ABSENCE OF BOTH IN OUR TEAM WOULD IMMEDIATELY IMPROVE US.

      1. I believe in this current inflated market we can make us much as £20M for Xhaka and £15M for Kolasinac.If the buyers refuse well I’d take £15M min for Xhaka and £10M for Kolasinac. We must recover at least half of what we spent on Xhaka.

  4. If this were true it would be dreamland. Then we could get James Maddison and WiLf Zaha Then just adding a little to the pot, getting rid of and selling Ozil and Mkhitaryan, and Elneny would add to the wage pot too. Then if its true we are getting Joachim Andersen and Dennis Praet, we could have Zaha, Maddison, Praet and Anderson. What with the youngsters we could have a TEAM, a real TEAM. Somehow my gut tells me we will buy class 2 players because Satan Kroenke will not come up with the money he will put into the bank account. Maybe Kroenke, Emery, et al, are there to pull the rug from under our feet.

  5. I want them sold as well as others BUT

    Xhaka and Kolsanic aren’t donkeys. If they were why would top clubs be interested in them and pay HIGH.

  6. I KNOW THE MARKET HAS GONE MAD BUT IF MUSTAFI AND XHAKA WERE TO FETCH £75 MILL BETWEEN THEM(IN A PARALLEL UNIVERSE ONLY!) THEN I AM GOING TO PUT THE CONTENTS OF MY DUSTBIN ON EBAY AND EXPECT TO GET £100 MILL. To be serious , if we are offered EVEN £25 mill between them, we should bite the foolish buyers hands off in a millisecond. Obviously get every pound we can get for our rubbish but be in no doubt, BOTH are rubbish. SELL, SELL , SELL!

    1. Too true. A £75 million fantasy. More chance of me winning the lottery next week. And I don’t buy a ticket.

  7. All those players for £40m we neednyou in our negotiations team. Even with £50m extra it wouldn’t even buy De ligt who wants a move else where.
    Now I know for definite the silly season has opened. This transfer requires both feet firmly on the ground. My big worry is that we will lose all our best players and don’t trust Emery to replace with equal or better now Sven is gone.

  8. The 50m offer was confirmed as a hoax days ago….. if people are going to pretend to be journalists they really need to at least pretend to do some actual research…. who drives the prices down for our players? We do, by constantly slating our own players if everyone kept saying macdonalds was crap less people would go to macdonalds irrespective of our own experiences going there…

  9. Arsenal are in talks for Carrasco.If the deal should happen it will be £19 million plus £4 million in addons and he will earn 110k per week before bonuses.
    So let’s see where this goes.A decent player though.Nothing more nothing less

  10. Bercelona should sell Coutinho to us if truly they want kolasinac. Coutinho will rejig his career back in England. But this is another BS l guess

  11. Why don’t you gives Xhaka one more year so that you people can look at the players that you requested to be bought by Arsenal and look at hw they will performs before you sell Xhaka becos i believe that Xhaka is more better than someone that we don’t know.

  12. When we first got Xhaka I thought he was going to be our Xabi Alonso !………bad call from me as I normally know a good un…………he seems to assist the opposition more than his own team.
    If we got £50M for him I will eat my House, yes I know the saying is usually Horse, but I`m an animal lover.
    £50M and we`ll let Sue have Kolasinac for free !……….she will severely discipline him for his bad defending !

  13. Xhaka ain’t that bad… ARSENAL is just that Bad… It the Truth

    Am not a Fan of Xhaka and I never will be… The problem with Arsenal team is there is too many underperforming players in the team…

    Barca are not always Good… Suarez flop some times… Cotinho too… Sometimes Pique… Sometimes Umtitti…my point is they are all good players… But when they are not performing there are other people in the team who just step up and cover their asses… It the same in AL big teams…

    It happened with Liverpool where Salah wasn’t hitting the ground… Buh Mane was there as cover and sometimes Firminho, Wijnaldum did his part against Barca… And so many other case study like that…

    The Case with the Arsenal team is once there is a weakness from one player…the rest are unable to stand up and cover the whole team start panicking…

    We need more than AUBA and Laca… We should have 2 of those type of Player in every 4 layers of the pitch… That is what great teams have…

    Example our Invincible team.

    We Had Lehman kepper
    Defence we had Cole, Toure, Campbell

    Midfield we had Viera, Gilberto, Pires, Reyes, Bergkamp,

    Striker we Had Henry… Those guys are Exceptional… If one is failing you can’t notice because others are covering loopholes left by them your Opponent can’t even Notice them as what happens to us in the Europa League… Sarri read our game plans and our players… He knows where we are lacking and they come blazing over us in the 2nd half…

    The Madrid team that won the treble had outstanding players in every position… The 11players don’t play well all the time buh they are good together…

    Arsenal need to get this in order b4 we can be a genuine title challenger not buying any Scrap value that comes our way and trying to get value outta them… Buying smart is good not excessive buys… Ziyech,Carrasco, Ndobele, and some other few… This guy’s know what it like to be champions…And they are not expensive our Transfer Dealings will have great impact in how we finish the next seasons… I will like to see 4 youth team given a chance…Martinez as backup to Leno, Nelson, Willok for Ramsey,Nkitiea for Backup to Auba and Laca

    I wouldn’t sell Auba and Laca for any price building the team around them is necessary we are so lucky to have them both… Selling Elneny bring on Praet, sell jekinson, Sell Kos, sell Monreal/Kola I will keep on of them though, I will sell Xhaka for 50mil at this recent market price he is worth it if Bakayoko can worth something closer.

  14. Xhaka and kolasinac £75 million Take it.
    Ozil £40 million plus Take it.
    Mustafi kolcheney and monreal Get what you can.
    Same with mikytarian £ 40 million.
    Bring in
    Two quality defenders
    One playmaker in midfield.
    One electric wide player. And recall good youngsters from other clubs.

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