Is BFG telling Arsenal boss to SELL Alexis Sanchez?

The club captain of Arsenal Football Club and his manager Arsene Wenger have recently announced that Per Mertesacker will continue to work with the Frenchman at the club in a coaching capacity when he finally hangs up his boots after a long and successful football career next summer.

However, the two may soon have to sort out their differences after some comments from the German centre back reported in the Evening Standard appeared to contradict directly what his boss has been saying on the subject of the Arsenal and Chile striker Alexis Sanchez.

One of the jobs of the captain is to sort out problems in the dressing room and to try to keep everyone pulling in the same direction and from his comments on the forward who strongly suggested to the Chilean press that he wants to leave, I get the impression that Mertesacker thinks he should be allowed to make his own mind up about his future.

The BFG said, “He needs a break now. He needs to relax. He has done a lot for us. He played almost every game last season and then the Confederations Cup.

“You need to leave him alone to make up his mind what he wants to do. It’s his decision. If he feels good, comfortable, he can play with freedom.

“He has his qualities, you cannot find those everywhere. He has shown them and we have embraced him.”

Is the Gunners defender telling his boss that there is no point keeping hold of a player who wants to leave, even if he is as important to the team as Alexis was last season? If so, will and should Wenger listen?



  1. This offseason is Hell
    so many players with uncertain futures!!
    Sanchez,Ozil(seems to be staying),Ox(same, but if so,sign the damn thing!),wilshere, Giroud, perez, and now walcott to?
    ospina, szchesni,..
    i have no idea what our squad for next year is gonna be.

      1. A fresh start might be a good thing. Other than Alexis is there any players with contract almost out, that you’re thinking we must keep at all cost?

        What worries me most about this is if we need the money from the sales, frees means missing out on allot of dough. That is my biggest worry with these players. Then a long second is if they improve at rival clubs, but if they aren’t turning heads with us I don’t really care as I’d prefer us to improve more than anything.

    1. When u had 36 players over the age of 21 and make 2 quality signings surely you have to expect some departures. I would say at least 13 or more if you want more new signings. People have been calling on wenger to make new signings, in order to do that he has to make room for them, so far of the 36 only Sanogo and Kamara have departed, so some way to go yet.

  2. Would be interesting to see if Alexis [if he stays] would throw tantrums with Lehmann around. Mertesacker and Wenger are nice guys, Lehmann is a nut job.

  3. Selling Alexis makes business and footballing sense, he will leave for free in the next season to man city or even Chelsea, he priced himself out of Bayern, because he wants to play for pep, he’s not bigger than arsenal, we can’t have an unhappy player around our new signings..

    1. Vieira constantly angled for moves yet we went on to win titles and a CL final. They’re professionals, it’s not ideal but it wont put Alexis off his game and it shouldn’t be used as an excuse for other players not to stay focused on their own job. We are getting unwanted press, and Arsene is maybe spending time on this that he could have put to use elsewhere. So I think you have a point, but when the football starts I don’t think it should be a big deal as everyone knows where they stand.

      1. I understand what you are saying, but viera had two years left on his contract, so it’s a different situation with Alexis, if he signs one year extension and we put a clause in it that he can leave for cl team for 50 million, next season if he still wants out, that will be great, if not, sell him, because he will still end up at City for free..

  4. I think Mert is just trying to sound reasonable. He is the Daddy figure with players and he sounded very Daddy like there. Alexis you’d imagine would need a breather but I don’t think he ever wants one. He puts allot of players to shame, we’re often talking about too many games and players being left out so we can use them in a big match. Alexis shows them all up.

  5. Sanchez shows disrespectful of arsenal how can he tell the world those words, Every players need to win ucl we all aware. Now Arsenal strengthened the teams why is he doing this to the club, If he wanted to win UCL why did not he stay at Barca and been benched @ LEAST there he was guarantee for winning UCL no premier team will ever win UCL. Pep is a loose soul who always ran after premier team players why is he keep on following other players and put poison
    He is frustrated if he does not win this season he will be sacked that is why he is after Sanchez.
    Hope Wenger can keep his word not to sell him to man city . He can go and join them free.

  6. ….very funny!, Sanchez saying he wants to win UCL is regarded by otherz as “disrespect”, yeah i know, it must be disrespect, coz we don’t dream of winning even EPL title.!!

    1. I did not mean disrespectful the way you think about wining UCL. I mean telling the media , Why cannot he keep it and tell Wenger and Arsenal rather than entertaining media in that regards. I wish Wenger can leave him stay and finished his contracts. Why should we strengthen our revivals , Last we did with van Persie and man united won now you guys are promoting Even Pires is against Sanchez leaving. He must respect his contract .

  7. We should keep Sanchez and a strong season winning EPL and FA cup and if possible europa lg and this statement might change mind of many players like Sanchez.even that of arsenal hatters.

  8. I think its time arsenal finally sort out this issue about Sanchez contract.if he wants to leave,then sell him and stop getting us all confused.if he is player is bigger than the club itself.soldier go,soldier come.barack still remain

  9. Mertz should never have been our captain in the first place…who has ever heard of a team that makes 11th hour transfer buys(Arteta & Mertz) then seemingly places those same individuals into prominent leadership positions from the get-go…indicative of the problems that have permeated our clubhouse for the better part of 7 years under the Kroenke & Wenger…what is wrong with the players chosen and/or the management style of Wenger that doesn’t develop and/or encourage strong leadership from within…Mertz was the fine collecting lackey from year one…this is what happens when you don’t get world-class players because many times they want to have a voice on and off the pitch and this can’t happen when you play for a fragile manager who has developed a coddling wage structure where everyone is rewarded for simply wearing the shirt and participating in the process…not enough balance between performance and pay, combined with the obvious favoritism shown to some players regardless of their glaring lack of production…remember that Ramsey has played in positions that make no sense considering his skill-set(out wide) and has forced other players off the field or into equally unfamiliar positions with little or no justification(let’s remember when you read articles about how Ramsey’s goals this upcoming season being the potential X-factor for our success that this is the same individual who didn’t score a goal until the final week last season)…this of course is just one example of many…before I hear another word from Mertz I want this club to address the fact that no former player of any real consequence has any important role in the management structure of this club, yet several former Gunners have expressed serious interest in just such an endeavor(Henry, Viera, Adams, Bergkamp…just to name a few legends)…there is only one answer: an extremely insecure manager!!!

  10. Sanchez should be allowed to go. His situation at arsenal has become like a cancer…it will be bad losing him but his wont cause a drastic drop in arsenal football

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