Now Alexis has gone Arsenal can rediscover it’s real identity

It’s time for Arsenal to rediscover its identity! by Konstantin Mitov

Hello lovely Arsenal fans! Everybody has been talking about Alexis Sanchez joining Manchester United and to be honest I’m past him. He was more of a problem than a solution to one at Arsenal and looking on our crushing display against Palace it reminded me for the first time in a while of what I’ve liked about this club for so many years!

We were mesmerising in attack. It’s true Palace were terrible first half, but some of our movement for a moment reminded me of the era where people genuinely agreed that we played the best football in Europe after Barcelona. At that era we didn’t win trophies for 9 long years, but we had style.

And Arsenal is a football club of class, which recently has been missing. With Arsenal we were used to things never working out enough to win the title, but not really going ever too bad. Lately though, despite some FA cups, we saw things I’ve never seen through Arsene’s reign here.

We saw players who seemed unwilling to play. We went out on the pitch like we just had to and this was an obvious sign that the dressing room was disjointed. But against Palace I saw a team that celebrated each goal united! Something which wasn’t really the case when Man Utd’s new player scored a goal this season.

As cliched as it is, sometimes you have to hit rock bottom to go forward and I believe that at the end of this transfer window, we might be a lot more positive than people thought we would be. This includes a lot of ifs and a lot of money, so it’s still well in the balance.

But Mikhitaryan is an Arsenal type player and given the right game time and managerial treatment, we might end up with a really good asset. If we manage to reunite him with Aubameyang, that might just give the optimism to players like Ozil and Jack that we’ll compete and get them to sign new deals.

Another good thing lurking around is the influence of Sven Mislintat, who’s supposedly the mastermind behind our transfer business and reports suggest him and Gazidis are at Dortmund trying to make the deal happen. And what I most like about this is that this is the first time we might see someone apart from Arsene having any major influence on this football club.

And we are yet to see what role Raul Sanllehi will have about our future development. Overall the next 10 days will be huge for us. But in the midst of all this, let’s not forget we have to play Chelsea, and regardless of what sort of a trophy the Carabao cup is, there’s not much else we can win this season and I always enjoy a win against Chelsea. so let’s hope for a good week coming ahead of us.



  1. Kroenke Out says:

    The two players that Manchester City is going for Fred and Laporte are exactly what we need for DM and CD. That is where we are weakest at the moment.
    We have Sanchez, Coquelin, Theo and Ox that have left the club. Probably Giroud will leave as well.
    Mkhi is a very good player, if we can get Auba, they will make a great pair
    If we can get a good defender like Laporte and a good Defensive midfielder like Fred, we will be in business.

    1. Clive Belcher says:

      Who is Sanches if you guys love him F::;k of to United. You can’t get him of your chest.
      He’s GONE. CB

      1. Phil says:

        Seriously pal you need to go see a doctor

        1. Phil says:

          That was obviously meant for Clive

  2. Eddy Hoyte says:

    Wenger Aubameyang transfer saga
    Transfer price £53M,
    Wenger says no, offers £50M
    Fee lowered to £51M
    Wenger says no, offers £48M
    Fees lowered to £49M
    Wenger says no, offers £48M+£1
    Deal off.
    Wenger – we nearly signed Aubameyang

    1. Midkemma says:

      Failed to read article?
      Wenger isn’t doing the deal.
      Gazidis is in Dortmund with Sven (Head of recruitment) and Huss (chief contract guy).

      No Wenger.

      It was a good article by K and it is sad to see the narrow minded make posts like this.

  3. charles says:

    Feeling very optimistic. I think Auba will come. Then we could realise the real worth of Lacazete and Ozil!!

  4. AB says:

    Good luck to the team for tomorrow’s game but for arsenal to rediscover it’s identity, wenger has to go.

    1. Guneal says:

      At least one intelligent comment today

      1. bran911 says:


    2. Vlad says:

      Why can’t some people just stick to the topic and be a little optimistic is beyond me. Must be tough going through life when you’re always miserable.

      1. ks-gunner says:

        Be like Vlad, be cool, yo

        1. MW supporter says:

          He is absolutely right, Pessimism will eat you up, the future will be good. Support the team!

          1. ks-gunner says:

            I dont know if this team deserves its support as respect goes kinda both ways. Lack of reality makes times likes this even happen, hope you are enjoying it

    3. Joe says:

      Totally agree I am yet to be convinced that our problem is players, give those players pep or mourhino and they will lift the trophy. Van persy left and lifted the trophy, nasri lft snd lifted the trophy, fabrigas left and won major trophies. Alexis will be lifting a major trophy soon. As long as wenger is the manager nothing new is coming players will be played out position as usual.

  5. Vlad says:

    “Hello lovely Arsenal fans!”. Hello, the miserable one. Even though you sound a bit optimistic today. You okay, KM? Mikki is a fantastic player. I’m thrilled we got him, and I’m sure we’ll see a different type of player than he was at United. I’m also convinced Auba deal will get done. You don’t just send your chief executive, director of scouting, and another guy whose job is to make sure transfers go smoothly to Germany for nothing. If, or I should say WHEN it happens, I’ll be over the moon. We still need to address some issues in midfield, and in the back but it’s definitely a different feeling this transfer window than it has been in the past. I, for one, am optimistic about the future of Arsenal Football Club. I feel like the old glory days are ahead of us.

    1. rkw says:

      the future aint what it used to be vlad … though like you am pretty pleased with miki it just aint enough to get us back in to top 4 that’s for sure

  6. ThirdManJW says:

    It’s not just Alexis. Mustafi, and Bellerin want out, and god knows how many others. So we need to continue this big overhaul in the summer, and hopefully we’ll be left with players that genuinely want to be here.

  7. Vlad says:

    So is this it for the thumbs up/down? It’s just not the same anymore without it 🙁 .

  8. gmv8 says:

    Wenger is already up 50m in this transfer window alone, not counting poxlade-chamberlain’s desertion, there is absolutely no excuse for him being stingy or dithering – the money is there. If he hadn’t been penny pinching, and actually bought some defensive muscle along with Cech – Kante would’ve been a good start, I doubt if AS would’ve left at all, so he’s actually lost money by being stingy.

    1. The £40M we made from AOC and £10M from Gabriel went towards the Lacazette deal. Right now we have made £20M walcott and £12 Coquelin. We are still short of £30M if we are to sign Aubameyang for the rumoured £60M fee. So at least 2 more guys have to be sold, my guess Debuchy and Giroud, they’d fetch about £15M in a good day…probably. we would still be short of about £15M which hopefully the Kroenke can release from the coffers..

      1. Enny says:

        What of the money gotten from scezny, went into kroenkes pocket or what you tryno insinuate. Stop making excuse for them. Theres lots of money to spend

      2. Midkemma says:

        Transfermarket has AFC at;

        Spenditure: £85.59 Million
        departures: £130.68 Million.

        Difference of £45.09 million

        AFC offered a reported £44.1 million for Auba (s*n) which was rejected and we have gone in with another bid.

        Considering we have made money outside of selling players I would say AFC can afford Auba and as we have no EPL football for a few days, why not make a quick lower bid and go straight back in with a better bid instantly if the lower one failed? Not like we have a EPL game this weekend to rush him through for.

  9. Innit says:

    I hope we get Aub but with Wenger messing up Lemar this summer, we could end up with Aub or Troy Deeney. You never know. The summer we got Welbeck, I thought we would get Benzema or Higuain lol.

    If we get Aub then our Attack is sorted.
    We just need to strengthen defense and central midfield ideally with a DM but Wenger hasn’t replaced Viera so my hopes are not high. Coquelin and Song were the closest we got.

    1. rkw says:

      going for a song!!! whatever happened to him at one point i thought he was going to b the real deal then went to barca and faded away

  10. GB says:

    Not completely off topic as it is about identity as Mikki will be wearing the No.7 shirt in Prem League but cannot wear it in Europa because of Uefa rules ffs! His number for that has not been decided yet.

  11. barryglik says:

    What is Arsenal’s identity?
    Do you mean the club? The fans?
    The players? The history?
    How did Sanchez steal Arsenal’s identity?
    You vaguely mention the great days when we did not win anything
    but played with style? Did we? Really?
    8-2 at Old Traford that sure was stylish.
    Then Sanchez came in and caused the decline in the clubs style?
    Yet we won more trophies while he was here than all those losing 9 years.
    I also thought Sanchez was our best player 3 years straight
    and who tried in vain to galvanise the rest of the players into winning more trophies.
    Now he has gone lets reclaim our true identity by celebrating a win over
    the mighty Palace, reveling in the Carabao cup run and chasing the 4th place trophy.
    The glory days are back 🙁

    1. Mobella says:

      No he wasn’t our best player 3 years straight. The club pfs can attest to that. The best I had seen performed was last year and I was sad he was in the player of the season.

      1. ks-gunner says:

        His form shiftet a lot but again he was our best player as others where kinda non existing

    2. Kroenke Out says:

      When we bought Ozil one year and then Sanchez I thought, hey every transfer window we are buying a top player. And then we stopped. We only bought Cech for 11M in one window. Where Vidal was available for 26M which would have been a great buy. And then we bought Xhaka instead of Kante for more money. So it is not our lack of funding or the availability of players, it is our mistakes in transfer markets, along with a has been manager, which may be the cause of the mistakes in the market that got us here.
      We lost the PL to Leicester, everything after that is a blur.
      Auba, DM, CD and a new manager and we can compete again.

  12. ks-gunner says:

    Things will be better in case that we buy Abuma, but having only Miki is kinda a step back as we have become a bit weaker. Even a sullky Sanchez was highly effective. Lets just wait and see what the outcome of all this will be.

  13. Tas says:

    Some good play by Bristol City tonight but I’m sure m-City will put a few past them

    1. Tas says:

      It’s over now

  14. Milton John says:

    Wenger gets a promotion to the board coming summer and Enrique will join us. I believe that’s the first role for Raul with us as soon as he joined Arsenal. Another couple of years under Pep will make Arteta a fantastic Manager and he’ll take it from there as our new young vibrant manager to take us to those glorious days no years no decades

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