Confirmed team for Arsenal v Everton – Auba and Mkhi start!

So we are going to look forward to seeing both of Arsenal’s new super-signings playing together since they were partners at Dortmund. It would appear that a little English cold is not going to stop Aubameyang from showing us his talents, and of course Theo Walcott will be on the opposing side at Arsenal for the first time ever.

Wenger has gone for 4-3-3 with both Ozil and Mhki playing behind Aubameyang. The amazing thing is that both Wilshere and Lacazette are on the bench, so much for 4-4-2!

So here is the team we predicted earlier….

Mustafi Koscielny Monreal
Bellerin Xhaka Ramsey Maitland-Niles
Mkhitaryan Ozil

And here is the official team…


  1. As I predicted, it is going to be 4-1-2-2-1:

    Bellerin . Koscielny . Mustafi . Monreal
    …………..Ramsey . Ozil
    …………….Iwobi . Mkhitaryan

    I feel Lacazette could make this team more dangerous tonight, but what do I know? Wenger knows better and I am just an Arsenal fan…

  2. Like I said, for me the bigger issue would be if Wilshere is a first choice now that he’s better than both Ramsey and Xhaka or would Wenger’s non-footballing preferences for Aaron and Granit prevail.

    Unfortunately it’s the latter, and we play with only 2 CBs and no DM.

    Unless we score at least 3, I don’t see us winning this one. Hope I’m wrong, though.

    1. I agree, playing Xhaka and Ramsey and Mustafi it s just Wenger keep going on with his stupid love for some players. Maybe Welsh and Albanian mafia has influence here? 🙂

      1. Add Iwobi to the loveable Wenger bunch and now anyone can tel no matter who
        we buy the manager has to change.
        Mourinho dropped Pogba for today’s game to make a point and worked.
        Wenger always will stick with About Diaby’s (insert Iwobi ) of the world.

    1. I agree these two have no place in the first 11 maybe, maybe as squad members until the summer.
      We have Laca for Iwobi and Jack and even Elneney who is a better DM than Xhaka.

      This is just wrong that Laca is not starting.

  3. I expected Xhaka to be in today but Alex Iwobi again ? as long as Wenger is the manager Iwobi is gonna be one of the first names on the teamsheet it’s so frustrating to say the least! Anyway COYG

  4. Everton gonna sit back with 5-4-1 and use Walcott as their bullet for quick counter-attacks. Breaking Everton’s five man defense is gonna be tough for Arsenal, if they keep dilly-dallying in the middle of the field and not using the width of the field.

  5. I still don’t understand what exactly iwobi and ramsey did to deserve this starting position..
    Iwobi doesn’t score or assist
    Only God know why he is staring

    1. Wilshere must still be sick if he’s not starting. Dont get how Ramsey gets the nod over him. Only other option is Elneny who is another “meh” player. Let’s hope Ramsey decides to play well today and not be a disaster

      1. Ramsey atleast had some good games this season unlike iwobi who despite all the footballing and off-field disappointment gets picked. Ramsey has 3goals and 6 assists, would have prefered to play ramsey or wilshere in attacking midfield instead of no end product iwobi.
        What’s the point of iwobi having more pace than ramsey and wilshere if his workrate is non-existent. Atleast ramsey makes forward runs and tracks back and wilshere is good at linking play and they do it everytime they play not like ‘i play when i want’ iwobi.

        1. Ramsey has had good games, but he’s one of those players that when he’s bad, he’s atrocious. You just never know what you’re going to get from him. Wilshere has been in form and definitely deserves the start. AW just said Jack is still sick tho, so that is the reason.

        2. Yeah, Ramsey as a more intelligent footballer plays well defensively sometimes, and I feel that’s why Iwobi plays a lot, as god knows his attacking play is not premier league level.

          But Xhaka offers nothing defensively (often worse than nothing), and his passing is hit and miss all the time. I guess it’s his 2 goals per season. LOL

  6. insane. playing xhaka, iwobi, ramsey, monreal, mustafi, wenger is basically say that it doesn’t matter ho bad you play for arsenal, you can have a place in the starting 11.
    it’s a shame, i don’t think any other manager, let alone a top 6 one, would have let his players get away with such an horror show like we had at swansey.

    1. there aren’t many options besides those players. Is Chambers or Holding going to do much better than Mustafi? It was either iwobi or Laca on wing and neither have been very good. Changing formation entirely would’ve been nice to see, but AW never does two upfront anymore. Ramsey cant be explained, unless Wilshere is still sick. And Xhaka, there really is just no other choice unless you want to put Joe Willock on. Arsenal need another purge in midfield next because so many players aren’t good enough.

  7. Iwobi? Fcking IWOBI? I hope the crowd sings super jack cause hes been our best player and doesnt deserve the bench. AMN should take xhakas place, hell, im sure kolasinac could do a job at DM.

  8. iwobi will have dat “I’m lost look on his face ” after 5 mins looks Like he’s gona bust out crying any min when he’s playing shocking starter???

    1. Wenger just said he’s still sick and it’s remarkable he made bench. That had to be the only reasonable explanation as to why Ramsey is ahead, so at least AW isn’t that far gone.

  9. Alexis scored his first goal for Man U after his penalty was saved.
    Don’t think he ever missed a pen for us.

    1. Sanchez is essential for Mourinho, because he often forces the opponents to commit fouls, which enables MU to score from set-pieces. In Arsenal, his role should be taken by the talented Mkhitaryan.

  10. While I think Iwobi gets waaaaay too much stick on this site, I don’t see what he’s done to play ahead of Wiltshire. Ramsey? He was arguably our best player in the first half of the season but he is taking his time to get back to top form. I don’t think there has ever been a manager who befuddled me as much as Wenger. Having said that, we probably win 5 nil…

  11. Maybe wilshere isnt fully fit yet.. the fans hating on here would be the first to shout at wenger if he goes injured because he wasnt ready yet..

      1. maybe he’s not up for playing a full 90, or even 60-70. I know we all despise Wenger here, but I’m pretty sure he knows more about Jack’s illness than you do. If we lose, started Wilshere and he played badly and then AW said after match he was sick, you’d still be going after him.

  12. Again with Iwobi
    Okay at least with Xhaka you could argue he cost £35 million but Iwobi doesn’t make sense. He isn’t good enough. Wenger played Iwobi over Lacazette and Giroud in our 4-0 loss to Liverpool
    Is Wenger related to iwobi?
    Xhaka should not be playing either.
    I don’t get Wenger at all

    Anyway, im happy that Aubameyang is playing. Hopefully we will win

    1. iwobi is giroud replacement as wenger favorite son. Damn at least giroud was a workhorse not a diva like iwobi. Plus i hate that stupid ‘i dont know what to do’ look he has when he side-foot the ball straight to the keeper with the power of a 5 year old kid.

  13. I think wenger is doing all these on purpose how on earth will iwobi and Ramsey start ahead of lacazette and wilshere wenger is just a dick head

    1. oh no u didnt!!

      walex your IP has been traced

      yellow belt in aikido bout to f your shit up

      WENGER IN!!!

  14. Poor lacazette how is he dropped for the undropable iwobi and xhaka who’s still in after Wenger admitted defensive frailties.
    Don’t get him at all!!

  15. Cech
    Mustafi Kosielny
    Bellerin. Kolasinac


    Mikhitaryan. Ozil
    Aubamayang Lacazzette

    If we get in the top four Wenger can dedicate it to his sons Ramsey and Iwobi..

    1. True, in this line-up only Xhaka and Iwobi are not starting line-up material, even if they sometimes play well. Thousands of players can do that.

  16. Did Ozil, point Iwobi to make that pass to Mkhi? wow, that’s unreal understanding of the game

  17. That’s the good old beautiful arsenal game. Ramsey having a blast as the piston going box to box. Why the hell does he not play like that every game would solve one half of our central midfield dilemma. A top form Ramsey, wilshere plus kante styled dm will be heaven for us fans.

    Mkhi playing like he wants to stick it to mourinho, defending a lot and awesome workrate plus 2 assists. Already seeing the ozil-auba link, too bad he missed the chance. Xhaka playing closer to mustafi and koscielny is helping stop players running behind his back. Happy iwobi is keeping up with world class player.
    Who needs alexis when we have goal machine monreal, hit the post and had one blocked.

    1. Dont worry they will come back when we play as bad as we played in the 2nd half without that 4 goals advantage. Why are we switching off so much after opening the score? Last season we used to to be able to grind results despite the last minutes bombardment from the losing team.
      We used to struggle to comeback after conceding the 1st goal against the weak teams but losing so many pts from winning positions is not our usual self.

  18. Ramsey is a curious man comes in and scores a hatrick today.
    Shame cech is still looking for his millstone clean sheet.

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