‘90% chance’ Arsenal’s chief earner will leave in 2021

Mesut Ozil‘s agent claims that the Arsenal man is unlikely to leave Arsenal until the end of his contract.

The former German international has been frozen out of the playing squad by manager Mikel Arteta since the return to action following the Coronavirus pandemic, and many have been pondering what the future will hold for Ozil.

What has made his absence all the more strange, is that Mesut had started every single league match since manager Mikel Arteta came in as coach in December up until the break, but for reasons unknown, has only been an unused substitute on one occasion since.

The 31 year-old is the club’s highest earner on a whopping £350,000 per week contract, which has lead to growing frustration amongst fans with him seemingly doing nothing at all for his pennies, but there appears to be no chance of offloading him this summer.

His agent has claimed there is only a 10% chance of him not leaving the club next summer, seeming to reiterate that he will be seeing out his current contract regardless of any scenarios that arise.

‘I do not think there will be a change in the case of Mesut Ozil until the summer of 2021,’ he told Turkish outlet Fanatik. ‘He has a contract. There is no change. He will remain with Arsenal.’

He continued: ‘There’s a 90 per cent chance he will leave Arsenal in 2021. ‘Mesut to Asia, America or Turkey? Yes, maybe.’

Has Ozil lost his love for football? Is he just happy to rake in his money whilst doing very little? Or could there be some hidden reason why he has been excluded from the squad since the break?



  1. Okay let’s take emotion / even opinions out of it
    Let’s deal with facts
    What do we know
    He had started every game in prem under Arteta in 2020- so manager trusted him
    Team were unbeaten in pre in 2020 p re lockdown – so team were not suffering due to Ozil
    Game before lockdown we win over West ham with Ozil assist – so player creating as much as anyone
    Post lockdown can’t get in squad
    So logic says he done something wrong in the 3 months off
    Wait …….isn’t he only player publicly we were told refused pay cut ?
    So a player starting every week under new boss refuses pay cut and suddenly doesn’t play

    1. Yes I think so
      Please explain to me why the club would cut off its nose to spite it’s face?
      If Ozil is helping the team then it would be foolhardy in the extreme not to play him
      His agent has apparently said enough times that Ozil is prepared to honour his contract so that’s what he’ll do.
      No more story to tell

  2. But it was said 3 players refused a pay cut. If that is the reason, why are we not seeing 3 players not playing While fit?

    1. I heard rumours that it was Mkhitaryan and Elneny together the with Shirt Selling Genius.

  3. It’s because he refused to take the knee. Pure and simple black life don’t matter to mo10 when you get robbed good on him the only play with any balls in the premiership to say I’m not getting on my knee

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