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CONFIRMED Arsenal team to face Ostersund – Four at the back?

So here we go with Arsenal v Ostersund, and we all know Wenger is going to make many changes from the first leg, especially after seeing how much better we were than them in Minus 4 degrees on a plastic pitch.

Okay so here is the team I’m predicting….

Chambers  Mertesacker  Kolasinac
Nelson  Wilshere Elneny  Maitland-Niles
Reine-Adelaide Mkhitaryan

And the team that Wenger picked is….

I am very surprised that Wenger is going with four at the back, unless he thinks it is two centre-backs and two wingers. I see no reason why we shouldn’t go for goals…

138 thoughts on “CONFIRMED Arsenal team to face Ostersund – Four at the back?

  1. ThirdManJW

    I am stunned Wenger’s risking Wilshere, with a final on Sunday. Would it also not make sense to rest Bellerin with Sunday in mind? Other than those two, I like the lineup.

    1. Phil

      Agree totally.
      Bellerin is our ONLY RB.Cant believe we are risking him.
      With Ramsey doubtful for Sunday why is Jack being risked.
      We could have played AMN in the centre and Eddie up front to keep Jack fresh.
      Let’s kill this game off early and get Hector and Jack off at Half Time

      1. Innit

        Im curious what Wenger is planning
        Kolsanic is fine
        But Wilshere, Bellerin and Mkhitaryan should be starting on Sunday
        There is a risk of injury but also being too tired. Especially Wilshere who is too injury prone
        And as you said Ramsey is doubtful. Without Wilshere and Ramsey we are in trouble
        Also Chambers has experience at RB. Why risk Bellerin and why not replace Debuchy in Jan.

        Very worried

  2. Innit

    Thats stronger than i thought
    No complaints this time as long as nobody gets injured.
    But it is a big risk. I hope nobody gets injured or too tired to start the Final (ie Bellerin, Wilshere and Mkhitaryan)
    But i hope we score early so that Wenger can sub Wilshere, Bellerin and Mkhitaryan
    I will be well upset if these 3 don’t start in 3 days time because we need our best team to beat Man City. I hope Wenger is not thinking about resting these 3 in next match

    Anyway, 5-0

      1. Innit

        Oh. Im sorry
        I didn’t realise
        Thanks for correcting me
        I take back everything i said about Mkhitaryan lol ??

  3. GB

    Why won’t they cross the bloody ball?
    Kalasinac and Welbz have both had chances to cross but turn back wtf.

  4. Innit

    Come on score please
    Atalanta leading 1-0 interesting
    I really want us to score early so that we can rest Wilshere and Bellerin

  5. GB

    Swap their manager for ours, NOW.
    Every time we get within 18 yards of the byline we go backwards, it’s pissing me off!

  6. Waal2waal

    …you couldn’t think this one up – what a shambolic comedy of errors – clearly we’ve no belly for a fight (yet again)… diabolic display.

  7. Rkw

    Whatever the final score and I assume we will get through in the end the quality of the squad after 10 years of the delusional fossil taking us backwards is pitiful …europa cup to champions league in our dreams

  8. ks-gunner

    I dont even want to win if we continue to play like this. Just how can you watch your self in the mirrow and not realise that you are simple out of touch with reality.

  9. COYG_CA

    I bet AFC prep was a little kick about and some table tennis followed-up with some kick-out game with some rolling around and laughter. I guess there is a reason why some of these players aren’t starters. AFC walked out already thinking game done . . . .

  10. Avenger

    well well well whats going on Wenger your team is loosing
    0-2 where is the authority in Arssenal ? I am nor surprise
    the way you are planing and give the players incentive and confidence
    Arsenal is playing to nothing Wenger Out

  11. Innit

    Osterlunds are last place in their division
    Whatever the score my hats ? off to them
    This really shows how bad our bench is and of course our Manager too

  12. Sue

    Jesus if we lose this…… then lose Sunday ?
    It’s bad enough watching this but listening to Robbie Savage commentating ?

  13. Sean

    That has to be Wenger out the door by this monday if hes loses this then loses again Sundays Final, 0-3 up & we think its over, was only HT, JOB HALF DONE!!

  14. Ronny

    What a Sunday league team I’m watching dreadful.
    No creativity no.awareness at dm and defense childlike.
    No.ozil mustafi kos monreal and Ramsey = shocking

  15. Me

    I am enjoying this – come on, admit you are enjoying this.
    I am willing Oster what ever the f**k they are called to win this.
    Arsenal are garbage and do not deserve anything except the laughter and embarrassment of being the biggest joke in world football.
    I don’t want Wenger to leave – I want him to get hit by a bus…
    Anything so I never have to see or hear him again…

  16. Richie

    Lord help our team through the following difficult times. At least during these times of wenger and kroenke.

    1. Dark Pope

      far from being a reliable cdm. poor distribution and passing. too casual with possession and doesnt pressure anyone

      1. Abel

        you lot were all saying he was better than xhaka and should be played in his natural position at CDM. You can now see that he isn’t half the player xhaka is and can only get into the team in a different position e.g LB
        Others have also been saying that chambers and Holding should be played. now you can see how truly poor these English boys are.

        1. Dark Pope

          you lot? nah i never said that. i dont even rate kolasinac as a good defender. you lot were the one saying he was the best signing of the seaon and best lb in the pl. you can now see his positional awareness is lacking and he isnt half the player monreal is.

  17. Sean

    League – GONE (long ago)
    FA Cup – GONE
    Top 4 – GONE
    Europa – GONE & FINAL LOST??

    Nothing else for Wenger to be at Arsenal for. Luis Enrique In you come!!

  18. Reddb10

    Watch the match people. Wilshere is looking for someone to make a run off the ball but he is surrounded by lazy c##s.

    1. Bur

      He is no way a honourable man . He has told lies for years. He has took the supporters as fools. He has the arrogance of Napoleon and the charisma of a tree. Honour? Never had and never will have.

  19. sfgunner

    getting smoked at home by a team i cant spell, oh my, this exemplifies our issue, we can play brilliant w these assets, but all too often we totally suck, thats on the manager…

  20. ks-gunner

    Jesus man, i am seriously thinking about giving up on watching football, just playing on my own, but forgetting about wachting it. This is depressing overload.

  21. Me

    Exactly how long do we have to put up with that idiot in charge?
    How much embarrassment do the fans of this club have to put up with before someone finally puts him out to pasture?
    Just what exactly is Josh Kroenke doing about this?
    All I can say is this

  22. Kitumijasi

    Östersund finnished fifth in the swedish Allsvenskan they are a good team not to be understimated. That being said we should wreck them but seeing chambers holding elneny and bloody iwobi on the pitch and not to forget welbeck i knew this wasgonna be a horror story

  23. Ronny

    Wouldn’t hurt for some fans to turn up at the Emirates mind it sums up the state of our club 5000 Swedish fans are much louder.

  24. Avenger

    What’s the difference between a fat chick and an Arsenal striker? A: Even a fat chick scores every once in a while!

  25. Rkw

    All of the fossil lovers have gone quiet … Mark my word though when we qualify …and we will … they will be back with their drug induced football logic and half baked histories to remind us that we still have a shot at CL qualification 4th place and the league cup under the greatest manager who has ever lived … Sad bunch of so called fans

  26. Sam

    Wenger playing with too many (CAMs) even to the point of playing them as wingers leaves us with no creativity on the wings. You can not caress the Ball in the middle and still want to do same on the wing, you have to be more direct in style on the wings. I don’t know what Wenger is thinking

  27. Wolf

    Imagine that. All we had to do was defend and pick them off on the break. We didn’t even need to score. Now look. Why were we playing so high up the pitch for the 1st goal. Imagine if they had scored that penalty in the 1st leg. Jeeeez Wenger has to go like next 24 hours. Someone sack him plz. He can’t even do the basics. THIS IS PUB F*$^!!! PUB FOOTBALL!!

  28. barryglik

    Arsenal will win it in the second half.
    Napoli are out. Villarreal are going out
    Dortmund on the way out.
    Only Lazio Athletico Zenit
    Atalanta and Leipzig left.
    Arsenal should win the Europa now.
    Also Arsenal are now raging hot underdogs for the carabao Cup.
    Reckon Arsenal will win the Carabao now.
    Meaning Wenger will get an extension 🙁

  29. GB

    No shape, no leadership, no spirit, no manager.
    Losing to a pub team. Actually that is doing a disservice to Östersunds, they are organised, got two wide wingers and a definite game plan. They knew our fullbacks are weak and are exploiting the situation. Their manager knows what he is doing, ours does not.

  30. ks-gunner

    Nice. Bellerin is doing his job good in here. To show how srry they are, they need to score more. hehe.

  31. Ronny

    Our lack of fight and physicality tonight can you imagine how bad it would be in the championship rough and tumble

  32. Me

    Josh Kroenke here for three months
    Three months the season remaining.
    God I hope they do the honourable thing and remove Wenger..
    The man is so passed his best its not even a joke anymore.
    Should have gone after we lost the CL final against Barcelona…

  33. GB

    Rather than our defenders keeping on passing back to Ospina and him just hoofing it out, why don’t the defenders just launch it.

  34. Rkw

    At least half of this team have to be let go in the summer but without a new manager we are going nowhere that’s a fact

  35. sfgunner

    if gervinho & welbeck both shot from 3 yards from goal, into an empty goal, who would miss by the most?

  36. Lexynal

    Anything wrong with Wilsjphere tonight? Awful! The worst I have seen him in Arsenal shirt this season. He Can’t seem to get enything right at the moment .

  37. Adam Criniti

    The following should never feature for Arsenal again:


    Wilshere and Miki have been rubbish

    AFC is dead

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