A bigger second bid for Arsenal expected but is it bad timing for Arteta?

It has all gone quiet since Daniel Ek’s opening bid for Arsenal was rejected out of hand by Kroenke and his Kronies, but the Spotify billionaire and the Arsenal legends that he has persuaded to back his takeover bid have made it cear that Ek does not intend to give up quite so easily.

The reported original bid was a reasonably low £1.8 Billion, which can only be considered as an opening bid, considering that Arsenal were recently valued by Forbes as the eighth most valuable football club in the world at the equivalent of £1.99 Billion.

Now the Mail is reporting that the Gunners are expecting a second bid from Ek to come in shortly, which is rumoured to be a much more releastic figure of over £2 Billion, and are suggesting the bid will be upped by £300million, which should be enough to set the dollar bills rolling in front of Kroenke’s eyes.

The bids from Daniel EK are being backed by the Arsenal Supporters trust and other Arsenal fan groups as well as some of our biggest legends, but will they make enough noise to even get Kroenke thinking about selling? That remians to be sen but we can only hope I guess.

One thing that does worry me is the timing of these bids. I understand that it follows the disappointment (to the money-loving Kroenkes) of the failed bid to be a Super League Founder Member, but coming as it has at the start of the transfer window, it may impact the backing of Kroenke in the transfer market to improve the team.

What worries is this; If Kroenke is imagining extended negotiations ending in him selling the club, then why should he even consider topping up Arsenal’s transfer kitty with his own money this summer?


  1. If this drags out, it could be a disaster for this club. I really dont think Kranky wants to sell but even if he has a price, this could drag on and cause problems. Plus if Ek does buy, i dont see Arteta as manager. Is Benitez waiting in the wings?

    1. I’d agree that Kroenke doesn’t appear to be interested in selling and as you say Reggie, if the price is right going forward he may just have his price
      I love your dogged admiration of Benitez but if Arteta were to go under EK’s ownership I wouldn’t want Henry who is one of his backers to be manager

    2. we cant be too sure of that, plus it’ll only be fair to give Arterta all the players he needs and see what he wants to do. if not then adiós amigo

      1. Forget spending if EK take over the club.
        Maybe next season but I don’t see him spending on transfer if he eventually buy the club.

  2. I’ve just seen the same report stating he’s upping his bid by 200 million ,seems like all talk to me if he was serious he would just come in with an offer that Stan cannot refuse ,another all talk less action kinda guy it seems .

    1. You act like 200m is pocket change.

      You don’t just splash cash at something without asking price. If you offer immediately 3 billion, the seller will ask for more.

      1. 200 million is pocket change to multi billionaires,football clubs will not devalue especially teams like Arsenal and being imprinted in the PL as a big club ,if he’s serious he should stop talking and make him an offer that he can’t turn down its simple mathematics.

        1. yeah even as a mere commoner, i was underwhelmed the bid was just 200mill more. Kroenke’s make that much money in a couple weeks if they wanted to. I’ll have to hold out hope that Stan will sell at a certain number.

        2. 😁What a fun negotiation, when you can afford to go up in £200 million increments in bidding. Where do I sign up?

  3. It may well be the Kroenke’s will not budge, not because of good business, but because they are so bloody obstinate. But….with the gov review taking place, if it found problems with certain types of ownership then Arsenal/Kroenke’s could lose value. They Kroenke’s may well be advised to sell and could well do so.

  4. It’s a fair point Admin Pat, if it’s true as an Arsenal fan has Mr Ek made an error on his timing or does he want to disrupt now to the extent that through lack of transfer investment we have a poor start to the season that could bring the price down again?

    Either way he appears to have gone media public again rather than work quietly on this behind the scenes, smacks of show boating rather than serious business intent

  5. If this bid is successful Arteta and Edu should be the first to leave.
    Bring in a serious manager and fund him, Conte preferably.
    It’s about time we bring our club back to its Glory days

  6. I think this make sense though I should have liked the deal to be done under the water to move swiftly..but kronke’s would accept it…

  7. Yes, it’ll be a bad timing for Arteta. So hopefully he’ll bring us to top four first, before the takeover commences in 2022

  8. I don’t think Eks bid will impact Kroenke in the slightest personally. He never puts his own money where his sons mouth is anyway;)))

    I mean probably Satan doesn’t want to sell (why would he? It’s a cash cow for him without little investment or effort on his part. I mean I know Josh has to turn up occasionally to a game and maybe now meet some supporters to sneer at them whilst looking vaguely interested in what they have to say, but the man is just getting passive income..

    If he is advised that the clubs value is projected to drop (because of him and his tenure) then I guess there is a chance he would at a inflated +£2B bid..

    Where’s Dangote in all of this anyhow? Has his projects not been completed yet? Maybe he will come in and smack a bigger wedge on the table making Ek’s looking minuscule by comparison!;)

  9. i dont think if kronkeys will accept the bid but we all hope it to be done and if ek will come he should remain with arteta and give him opportunity

  10. I dont understand people who thinks that EK made mistakes with his bid(s)
    The timimg was great with the owners under pressure & scrutiny because of their involvement with the SL was the best time to bid or sell.
    -doing it publicly was the right way to go about not only that people like EK Elusk…are doing bussiness differently they are the high-tech generations probably why they are so successfull
    Also by going public people can see he is serious about this and also like in the past when the kroenkes have constantly deny having received any offers all those years they even did it with EK’s first bid which shows that they definitely lied about it before lastly if they decide not to sell they were forced to come out publicly to reassure the fans that they would fully invest in the club and back up the manager this summer so am asking who is losing in all that?

  11. We all know that even this bid will be dismissed out of hand. If Kroenke reiterates his supposed commitment to provide funds for strengthening the team, that’s as much as we can expect. Nothing short of £3 bn. will tempt Kroenke to sell.

  12. Has the 2021 summer transfer window open today Wednesday the 9th of June, 2021?

    If Yes, how do us Gooners think Arsenal are going to fare in it? Very good, good or average on the incomings? On the outgoings, I think they will fare average in it, because they are always talking of selling their players for £29m who they want to sell this window.

    But for instance, if Arsenal are the ones who want to buy Xhaka from Roma this summer, they won’t sell him to Arsenal for a price that is less than £30m i would imagine.

  13. I think the bid is coming at the right time. If Kronke refuses to sell then he will be forced to justify his so called commitment by backing the club with funds in the current transfer market. That is if still has any soul left in hi

    1. The six have just been fined 20 million that 3.5 million Stan got to pay He might say enough is enough

  14. Why I don’t want EK to buy this club is because, he won’t spend immediately after buying and even if he spend, his aim is to use one of Vieira and Henry as coach which I know both are not yet ready to do.
    I know I’m Arteta critics but I know what thing for sure… Apart from Arteta playing his favourite, he has potential than both of them.

    I don’t see EK signing Conte type of coach or spending money after buying the club for over 2BN.

    And where I read, Arsenal is valued at 2.3BN not 1.99BN.
    So it will take up to 2.5-3BN before Kroenke think of selling and that’s if he sell at all.

    I prefer we stick with Arteta and see how this season pans out than to have Henry and Vieira as coach and start all over again.

    And mind you, EK can never compete with the PL big boys. We need a rich Billionaire than Kroenke.

    Can’t we call Usmanov back?

    1. Bob’s, Usmanov will certainly be following proceedings; however he may have moved his money, if not his allegiance, to Everton.
      One never knows if Ek may have a silent partner. Given the money Usmanov made from the sale of his stake in Arsenal, he may wish to reinvest. 🤔

  15. The problem I have with the takeover is that we do not know what happens afterward. Don’t get me wrong I can’t wait for the Krankpots to get out of Arsenal. I just want to make sure we get the right structure in place. I no longer want mediocrity for us I want us to achieve great things without destroying our beloved team. Grow talent and blend with wise heads not to buy our way to success.

  16. Am not sure but it’s obvious the Kroenke are not ambitious enough, not because arsenal isn’t spending but because he is happy with making money and not concern about the general situation this is a football club not just some merchandise that gives you profit, people’s emotions are involved, so I support another ownership, one who will get involved.
    Self sustaining model can work but with a more involvement from the top not to just employ some Gazidis and let him run down the club. I don’t know what Milan saw in the guy, now he is allowing their main players run down their contract and leaving for free

  17. The timing is perfect. We all know kse will not invest a single cent of their hardly-earned (get it?) money ever. They never did and never will.

    I just hope 300 million over the value of their asset will be enough for them to retreat to the ranch, never to come back.

    I’m telling you, they’re so stingy, they probably travel with United economy class when arriving to the UK.

  18. If he sells he will pay income tax=loss of money to the money lovers=reduction in fortunes.

  19. If this report is true, then Ek and his team of so-called club legends, could not have chosen a worse time to launch a second bid.

    Yes, I agree, Kroenke is under pressure to sell, but he has already rejected 1.8B and is planning to back Arteta this year. He has no option here; he has to back the club to protect his investment.

    And let’s say Ek is successful with his second bid, would he expect to make changes to the board and management team in the middle of the transfer season? And how will this upheaval affect our transfer business. This doesn’t make much sense to me. Just personal ambition and greed, perhaps.

    I would advise Ek to leave Arsenal alone and save his money until next year. Furthermore, I do not trust inexperienced, ex-players, (parading as business advisers), to make the right decisions for this club.

    1. He does have an option, and that would be to still not back Arteta. He only cares about money. If he is still making a decent profit and doesnt see investing as a net positive he’ll hold on to his money. We have to remember how much this man doesnt care about our success. It’s just about numbers to him and his accountants will determine what he does.

    2. Do you seriously believe that kranky will break the mould because one of his assets is gaining value while dropping in sporting success?

      Any time is the perfect time to remove cancer from the body.

  20. Well Kroenke didnt even acknowledge Ek’s last bid, until he said publicly, so I doubt an extra 200 million will change anything.

    I honestly don’t think Stan is interested in selling, nor does he need to. He’s also way over there in the states, meaning he’s barely even aware of our disgruntled fanbase.

    1. TMJW, But you may be very sure he will be acutely aware of government legislation currently being prepared which MAY WELL by law massively hamper his future milking of our funds for his own pocket.


      1. jon, I hope you are right that the UK electorate cares enough about football and particularly their clubs, to force politicians to enact appropriate legislation.
        That would really make the Kroenkes sit up and take note!

  21. The final paragraph of this article shows short sighted thinking. It is far more important to get Kroenke out ASAP than to worry that he will not fund this summers needs. Compared to having Kroenke stay but fund us for once OR having him sell up this summer andhaving NO transfer funds this summer, I know what I AS A THINKING FAN WILL CHOOSE. IT WILL BE KROENKE OUT AND THEN CHAMPAGNE TIME.

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