BIG boost and double blow for Arsenal on injury front

While Arsene Wenger today confirmed the news that every Arsenal fans was hoping for, the manager’s latest injury update, reported by the official Arsenal website, was not all good news for the Gunners. So it seems that, as usual, Arsenal will still be missing a few key players for a while at least.

The news on our star man Alexis Sanchez is positive at least and that could be crucial for Arsenal and our chances of bouncing straight back from the disappointing defeat to Spurs in the local derby with a morale boosting win over Leicester City at home.

Wenger said, “Alexis will be back in the group and we don’t have any injuries from Saturday. Everybody else looked fine yesterday.

“He’s our best goalscorer and one of our hardest-working players in the team. Physically I think we suffered a little bit on some occasions on Saturday and it’s good to have him back.”

So it sounds like the Chile international will be thrust immediately back into the starting line-up for tomorrow’s Premier League clash. But while we were also hoping to have Jack Wilshere and Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain back, for the FA cup clash with Middlesborough at the weekend if not for this midweek game, Wenger had some bad news.

Chamberlain’s return date has been put back again with the boss suggesting that it will be at least a couple of weeks before we see the Ox on the pitch again. And while Wilshere is back training with the first team, Wenger suggested that this does not mean he will soon be ready to play as it is clear that we are taking things carefully after his two months out with another ankle problem.

Unfortunately this puts both of the England stars at big risk of missing at least the first leg of our Champions League double-header against Monaco, which kicks off in just over two weeks.

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  1. Wilshere to be sold in the summer….a dream come true. WHU or Liverpool to pay 25 mil(they must be out of their mind)-I say “take the money and run”.I always said the “British core”is the reason Arsenal is not performing.

    1. I hope you rembember this comment in a couple of years time when you Watch arsenal and englands best midfielder killing it. city, chelsea and united would snap wilshere up in seconds if he was on the market, not to mention Barcelona. Once wilshere is fit and put in a position that provides balance to the team, he will shine. Ramsey, koscielny, coquelin were all really poor before finding fitness and form, then became brilliant, wilshere is already great and he hasnt even hit form yet, think what he could do when he finds it!

  2. Ox isn’t as important now Walcott is back and Wilshere wouldn’t make the subs bench anyway.

    Think we’ll see Ramsey benched for Leicester? I think Rosicky deserves his start but we know Wenger has his favourites sigh.

    1. It’s great Theo is back, but as of now I think Ox gives us a little more than Theo on the right. I guess he needs more time though, after the long injury.

  3. Giroud/ Alexis Rosicky Welbeck/ Cazorla Coquelin/ Gibbs Koscielny Mertesacker Bellerin/ Ospina

    *Monreal could probably do with a rest.
    *Subs: Ozil and Walcott.

  4. If Wilshere could be sold it would be better that way as he is really not important to the team,he contributes absolutely nothing instead will form an association of smokers together with Szczesny.My opinion,sell Wilshere and get me Sissoko or Matuidi.Now,for the Ox,we are going to miss him cus he was showing signs of improvement with Sanchez in the team but Walcott is back so I guess we won’t be missing him that much.

    1. selling him would be a regret- its not like he has no value-
      look how he plays for england- he needs to adapt his game an his attitude-

      he is a great player- just needs to wake up

      1. Great call. After watching him playing in deep midfield role… I think his best position is at CM or the deep lying playmaker role… and pairing him with Coquelin would be best … Atleast he have some fight within him…
        Also… he has many years left … so to compare him with any of the best youngsters now would be idiotic…
        Because we know… he certainly might not be one of the best … But remember … he definitely has the potential to do it.

        1. I wouldnt mind seeing him paired with Coq. The most troubling thing about him are the stats of wins/losses when he plays. He has quality for sure, but we shall see if he can make an impact when he comes back because I am sure he will play. I’m worried about Walcott b/c ACL is a bad injury. Can end a career. After last game, I have a lot more respect for Welbeck. He didnt do alot, but his pace can punish. I think we should start with Giroud-Alexis-Santi-Welbeck on the right. Ramsey and Coq. Bellerin-Gabriel-Kos-Gibbs or Mon. I like Rosicky as a sub, because he brings some energy on the pitch and can change a game.

  5. I wasn’t hoping at least not for Wheelchair.
    The OX needs to step up, he has brilliant games and then the next one he just disappears, he needs consistency, this being said I hope he recovers soon.
    It’s a tough decision for WENGER to make, but at the end he will need to let Jack go; sadly I am sure he will do well in a different team, unfortunately will never be the case with ARSENAL.

  6. When I saw “double blow”, I thought we lost another important player. Well, I’m actually very relieved that Wilshere is not gonna see the pitch for another couple of weeks at least. Him, and Rambo both need to take a hard good look in the mirror, and start asking themselves some serious questions. I think Rambo can still be a productive member of our team, he just needs to stop chasing goals, and go back to basics. Wilshere, on the other hand, is lost cause, in my opinion, and if we can sell him in the summer, I say so be it.

  7. Okkk…To all those Wilshere Haters…Why the hell dont you say the same to Ramsey???
    What the hell has he done this season apart from that lucky goal at Galatasaray???
    And what has wilshere done to annoy you so much???
    Hes half the time on the injury table…so what???
    Walcotts been out a year…Ramseey for a year and half…why are you targetting him???
    Sincerely tell me What has ramsey done this year???
    Its crystal clear that Wilshere has the passion and potential to be a legend at the club…And still hes 23 and you guys instead of backing him are saying to sell him???
    Common guys let him grow to his best and then judge him after a consistent run of games….

    1. lucky goal at galatasaray?
      lucky?! volley from that distance with his weaker foot?

      what about all those wonder goals last season? wtf r u talking about
      they the same age, except ramsey has shown end product-
      yes he looks poor at the moment, but everyone has poor spells- santi, ozil list goes on

      jack has lived off that one game against barcelona his whole career
      hes shown jack sh*t (c what i did there)!!

      1. Ramsey loosing the ball 24 times in midfield gave tottenham free pass to attack as they wish. he is the main reason our counter attacks did not work. i was shocked he was not sub. no need to look the after game stats to see he was abysimal. as soon as we relieve the pressure Wenger starts to make mistakes.

  8. only one can succed at a time either Ramsey or wilshere. still feeling low after the defeat . broke my remote after Kane’s goal.

  9. This hate for Wilshere is too strong – just like it was too strong for Per, Giroud, Ozil, Santi, Arteta, Ramsey etc etc etc. Now I’m not saying I’m innocent in all these denouncements, but come on. How many people are we gonna want to sell and unsell in a given season?

  10. It’s not a huge blow not getting back Wilshere. We can survive without him.

    Ox is more important but two weeks is not too bad as we have Alexis and Walcott


  11. I dnt miss JW10 one bit, d dude needs 2 up his game…great talent no doubt…some tell AW to start Ozil frm d bench

  12. Ok we are all p*ssed about not getting a result at Tottenham Saturday. But now people are hating towards Wilshere and want him sold!?
    When we lose, fans lose their heads a bit. I get livid livid when we lose, believe me.
    But let’s get behind the team and try get something out the season with what we have.


  13. I was curious of the boards opinion on a nagging concern/realization that I have been attempting to repress following Saturday’s NLD. Are Spurs currentlt younger, hungrier and better than Arsenal?

    A comparison of each squads starting 11 on Saturday left me with an exasperated, somewhat melancholy feeling about the short term London balance of power.

    Lloris>Ospina or WS
    Rose(24)>Nacho or Gibbs
    Walker(25)>Debuchy or Bellerin(for now)
    Bentaleb(20)=Le Coq
    Mason(23)Welbeck(not a winger)

    AS not playing was defining, but I personally dont rate the OX and TW that much higher than Lamella or Townsend.

    IMHO Arsenal need the following this summer if CL football is secured:

    Dybala or Lacazette
    Kondogbia, M’Vila(cheap) Carvalho, Polish dude from Sevilla
    Scharr, Stones, N’Kolou, Reid( most likely)
    Rodriquez, Kurzawa, young Spanish dude from Valencia

    2015 SL

    Bench: Giroud, Walbeck, Chambers, Scharr, Gibbs, Ramsey, Martinez, Ox, Debuchy, Le Coq,
    Reid, Wilshere, Rosicky(wishful thinking) Akpom, Campbell

    OUT: Ozil(bad fit) BFG(little long in tooth) Nacho(economic casualty) Schez(needs a fresh start)
    LP(back to Germany) Sanogo( another EPL loan spell)

    1. Damb spell check, meant

      Ozil=Eriksen(based on Premier League impact since move)
      Lamela>Welbeck(not a winger)

  14. Wilshere has no fight when it counts. He dribbles until he loses the ball, then sits down and then makes a desperate face at the ref, then gets up slowly and wanders back. He contributes nothing defensively and turns the ball over constantly without fighting to get it back…ever.
    Then at some point he gets frustrated or “fired up” and commits a crazy stupid foul and gets a meaningless card.
    I will be glad to see him go to make room for Rosicky, Ramsay, Chamberlain, Ozil, and Cazorla in the middle (of course Le Coq and hopefully a top shelf DM)

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