A brave decision from the new Arsenal boss? Or his biggest gamble?

Unai’s Biggest Gamble So Far? by Dan Smith

Reports are suggesting that it was Unai Emery who canceled Arsenal’s negotiations with Aaron Ramsey. If true, it would be the second time a British player had agreed terms, only for their new boss to tell them they are not part of his plans.

In other words if Arsene Wenger had honoured his contract those two would be our future captains. While some gooners were hurt to see Jack Wilshere leave, having been at the club since a child, you could understand Arsenal’s stance. The fact he’s already injured at West Ham perhaps validates that decision. Wherever it’s right to wash our hands of Rambo is a question which won’t be answered ’til the long term.

Wherever you agree with our manager or not (and most gooners are supporting this decision), I respect the Spaniard for making a brave choice. He could’ve taken the easy option and allowed the deal to be signed, after all this saga is the result of the previous regime. Top coaches though believe in their philosophy and won’t change for anyone. Having worked with the majority of the squad since the summer he has learnt which individuals can fit into his system.

Unable to guarantee the Welshmen a start in his favoured position, Emery clearly feels 200,000 pound a week should not be spent on a man he doesn’t view as crucial to his strategy. It seems he would rather use that money and, perhaps, a small fee we could get in January to strengthen other areas, with a right winger touted as a priority. Why we need to recoup funds to spend is a debate for another day.

In the last few years there has been a divide at the Emirates. If you supported Arsene Wenger you’d be accused of being naive. Yet those same voices now seem to not accept any criticism for the change they demanded. There is nothing wrong with questioning the gaffer’s judgement here. This is a man who didn’t retract pay rises for Iwobi or Xhaka, who’s statistics are not as impressive as a man we are pushing out of the door. Many readers have commented the view that Ramsey has been overrated, but don’t assume Stan Kroenke will make finding a replacement a priority.

There’s already talk that we are overloaded in CM. if that’s the case, outside of Ozil’s assists I struggle to see where our goals from midfield will come from. Many are excited about Torreria and Guendouzi but can we really judge after 6 games? It’s okay to question Emery’s decisions. I question him on this topic yet respect him for doing it.


  1. gotanidea says:

    I’m sure Emery have assessed his players’ performances thoroughly, before making such a bolt decision

    If Emery was the one that cancelled Ramsey’s deal, bravo for him and this could mean Ozil is his next target

    I fully support Emery’s experiments on Ramsey and Ozil, because he needs players that are starving for major trophies and the ones that can carry their team. He needs to be ruthless and I’m glad if he is starting to cut the underperformers off

  2. This is a much better article Dan Smith good job!!! You really did my head in with the “Arsenal is a small club” insinuation! Anyways, I went through Emery’s press conference and he was clear his only concern is the team and it’s performance. Player contracts is between the player’s representatives and the club. So it’s my conclusion it is the management that made the decesion to stop the talks. I cannot say thank you enough to the Arsenal hierarchy for realizing what a grave mistake it would have been to reward a manipulative deadwood a worldclass contract. I am positive Ramsey’s absence will be barely felt as we barely feel his presence currently in the squad anyway. I hope Emery will now swiftly begin the exciting process of phasing out the uncommitted and unmotivated Ramsey and give his starting spot to someone who is actually proud to wear the shirt and wants to be in our team. COYG!! 3-1 Win today! Doucoure to cause us massive problems in midfield but our ever reliable attack to eventually come through and seal our 7th straight win!!! Once again Dan, great article.

  3. Sue says:

    Life goes on….. I was distraught when I found out about Sanchez going to United.. but look how that’s turned out, I don’t think we’ve missed him at all. If that is what Ramsey wants (200k +) then good luck with that, as I don’t think he’ll get that anywhere else.
    I really do like Emery’s attitude & I love the training sessions with him taking part in them!

    1. gotanidea says:

      Sanchez declines as he is approaching 30 years old, as what happened to some of our old players

      Therefore it would be better if Arsenal invest in young talents next time. Luckily their interest in Banega does not come to realization, because he is already 30 years old

  4. David Rusa says:

    Whatever the case might be, I think the management should have carefully though through their decision. The amount of money paid to a player must be commensurate with his quality; otherwise we shall have a lot of average players earning super salaries. This is not a question of emotions but logic. If it was merely a question of love none of us would have let go of Wilshire. This was truly an Arsenal boy whom we all loved but when we realised that he would never fulfill his potential we had to accept the reality. If the coach is not convinced about Ramsey we should accept that and move on. Emery has a job to do and he is busy identifying those players that will make him achieve his objectives. Besides he has to be careful not to upset the team through irrational payments. Already Ozil’s salary has caused some discontent in the team. Adding on Ramsey’s new inflated salary would be a big problem.

  5. David Rusa says:

    Correction:Thought not though

  6. Innit says:

    Ramsey isn’t worth £200k per week
    He is a valuable player on the bench and he is good enough that I don’t want him to increase the quality of a rivals bench but he isn’t good enough to warrant £200k per week if that’s what he is demanding.

    Also I’ve had just about enough of him.
    We looked after him for years especially after the Shawcross leg break injury
    He should be more respectful
    Not hold us to ransom if that’s what he’s doing.
    Emery is RIGHT to be tough

    1. gotanidea says:

      He is not holding Arsenal to ransom. According to Ornstein, he agreed with the new contract, but Arsenal withdrew their offer

      Their action might mean either they would purchase a new player in January or there is a good bid for Ramsey (according to the news, Man United are interested)

  7. iffybright says:

    If Emery had been around earlier, he won’t have sanctioned the 300k per week deal for Ozil…..
    Those two guys are not worth it…… Ozil is the most overrated player I have ever seen before, very fortunate to be paid such amount….
    Come to think of it, No big Club can tolerate his nonchalant attitude on the pitch, he strolls around as he want, he dodges 50/50 challenges and leaves his teammates to be doing the chasing around…..

    Ozil is next, Emery must be ruthless….
    offloading Ozil is so much difficult because Many big and ambitious clubs knows is a Luxury player…..
    We need players like Doucoure and someone like Isco to replace both Ozil and Ramsey……..

    1. gotanidea says:

      Unfortunately there was no real interest for Ozil before his huge contract extension, let alone now, with his current EPL statistics

      We can only hope Emery would be able to force him to perform better. Ozil is here to stay, because of his mega wage

      1. iffybright says:

        We tend to penetrate and create good chances more when Milkitaryn and Iwobi are playing, compared to Ozil Ramsey…..
        Ozil must not be treated like an Egg….
        He needs to know his starting shirt depends on his commitment and his efforts on the field…..
        Milkitaryn reminds me a little bit of Rosicky…. Those sharp turning, and penetrative runs….
        Milkitaryn is the most creative player in this Arsenal team….
        He has everything needed to maintain that status….
        He has the skills, the footwork and the pace….

        Emery must not under utilised Milky in a bid to always satisfy Ozil…..

      2. Goonster says:

        To this day I don’t know what the Arsenal people were thinking handing Ozil such a ridiculous contract (£350,000 a week).
        I bet Ozil could not believe his luck. But can’t blame him for Arsenal having such an incompetent board. We all would have taken full advantage ourselves.

  8. herb says:

    It will be a very brave decision for the manager and board grow some b….ll(s) but some of us saw an un-talented guy like 8 years before today.

    I mean Ramsey’s talent is so invisible to the human eye that only people who are sleeping (and in their dreams can see it).

    There is no single player that annoys me with his ‘football’ more than Ramsey and Bellerin, xhaka. They are so untalented that a guy from our school team can do a better job than these guys.

  9. Nepal be says:

    Ozil had offers from Barcelona and ManU. He was comfortable with arsenal who will play him all the time. He caused development of our number 10s, Wilshire and Ramsey. Now that he is out of international he sees himself trying reserve energy to help his slow not defending not tackling attitude. Ramsey has won us trophies. Now Emery’s pressing game is from upfront Ramsey. You take him out nobody can do that in the team. They are not hungry nor angry. Emery is preparing for swift wingers for plan B like Sterling, Richalison, Sane. They will stretch the defence.

  10. Andrew E says:

    Mesut Ozil is a better No. 10 than Aaron Ramsey and Ramsey is not worth £200k a week. And I think Ainsley Maitland-Niles can take his place once fit.

    A bit off topic. That great forecaster and pundit, our very own, Ian Wright thinks Laca is a better finisher than Auba and I just wonder where he gets his stats from.

    Auba: Total games for Dortmund & Arsenal 146 – goals scored 110
    Laca: Total games Lyon & Arsenal 201 – goals scored 116

    Arguably the Bundesliga is tougher than Ligue 1?

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