A Brutal Analysis of why England will always fail at the World Cup


Before you start roasting me, I’m not English and I’m providing a very non-expert simplistic view from across the globe. It will be brief, brutal and precise. Whomever can pick a good thing to use out of it, please do so. It may be also incoherent – so those who want to critique me of that, look for something more productive from this article to talk about.

England did not deserve going past the second round of the World Cup and only the ingenuity and inspirational appeal of their manager got them there. Why do I say so? England had a relatively workable group with Belgium, Panama and Tunisia. They played with their inspired minds and the result was that set pieces were their saving grace, and of course penalties. They also managed to avoid the route which was potentially more fearful by losing to Belgium in their last group match. This must have been Southgate calculating and asking the boys over the last one year to reach above their capabilities and pull something out of the hat.

Again, England have broken lots of records to be where they are right now. They last played in the World Cup Semi-Finals in 1990. But one thing I will clearly state – I cannot compare the class of 1990 and the class of 2018. Class of 1990 was way superior, talented and capable. Class of 2018 was… very inadequate and somewhat lucky – and this is why.

1) Physicality – The English Premier League is one of those leagues every player in the planet wants to be given a chance to shine in. But many seriously talented players avoid it and those who come to it come to it because of the riches it offers relatively to other leagues. The English prefer a brutal ‘force the game’ mentality. Often this is associated with lots of set-pieces and challenges. For a player to make it big in EPL one must have a quality called physicality. What this has done to the English squad is quickly removed from the top leagues technically sound players who have the super football brains and brought up players who have more muscles. Players like Walcott and Oxlade-Chamberlain who were built up as technically predisposed were not fully delivering in the league and therefore ended up being overlooked. But what this created was also that the English can defend tough and brutally. But they can rarely get those brilliant worked out open play football goals associated with talent based players.

2) Home based – English players of nowadays will never make it in foreign leagues. This is because those with talent are never given a chance to shine in a league so full of push and brutality, where they will be pushed off the ball and coaches and managers feel that they do not deliver. The ones that are the heroes of the leagues will be assessed by potentially foreign bosses and be seen to be wanting and therefore go elsewhere to recruit.

3) Foreign Home Teams – The top clubs in EPL are full of foreign players with very few locals making the cut. This is because when the managers (mostly foreign) look at the footballers they need in their squad, there are not many English players who can make the cut. As a result, those that will make the English squad will have to be few and far between who have questionable technical abilities.

4) What are the Solutions? – Perhaps I’m not the one to help with this but the refereeing crack downs are important. In a team like Arsenal for instance, we had two horrific broken legs with Ramsey and Eduardo to prove the league is very brutal. Arsenal which had a technical foundation as its play philosophy often ended up at the top of the injury tables.

Secondly, maybe requirements such as at least two English players in every starting XI, though controversial, might help.

Thirdly, English clubs to have more players in the youth system sent abroad on loans could also help. Not sure how the FA can implement such requirements but if young players develop their technical abilities better rather than brutalize their way through the league, they would be better placed to help the English squad.

5) HOPE – This is always there. With the top teams in the EPL predominantly foreign, there are younger English players who are developing their technical abilities to fit in these teams and soon that will show.

What do you think, gunners?



  1. Nayr says:

    croatia 3-1 france.

    france to bottle it like euros and world cup final 2006.

    lloris bottler.

  2. Innit says:

    It was a better result than I imagined but England had a very lucky route to the Semis

    England were lucky that following teams lost Germany, Portugal, Spain, Brazil, Argentina. Also England had a fairly easy group but lost to Belgium and barely beat Tunisia. Then of course lost to Croatia and Belgium again.

    The next one will be way tougher as I don’t expect Italy and Netherlands to not make it. Also I don’t expect England to avoid Germany, Portugal, Spain, France, Argentina and Brazil.

  3. Dan says:

    This is a arsenal site England got knocked out cos they wasn’t good enough and had to many spuds in the team who bottle it on the big games as there club records show end of story now please no more England stories till the euro’s!!!

    1. Hilary says:

      I was starting to wonder…Had to check the heading again to be sure I am still on Just Arsenal.
      And then I found myself desperately looking for that point where the article relates with Arsenal…

  4. ger burke. says:

    am i bothered !!!.

  5. Innit says:

    I want France to win. France has helped Arsenal A LOT with French players like Henry, Viera, Wiltord, Giroud, Koscielny, Petit, Pires, Debuchy, Sagna, Clichy, Flamini, Lacazette, Jeff Adelaide etc

  6. Innit says:

    I’ve really enjoyed all these World Cup articles and England articles.
    Looking forward to more articles on the Final and a review article of the World Cup

    Nice to have a break from the usual boring Arsenal summer of rumours.

    1. jon fox says:

      Then why not join an England discussion site so you can continue indulging your passion for England. But THIS is an Arsenal site, in case you have not realised. It is full of dedicated Arsenal fans who joined to talk Arsenal . Leave the WC OFF OUR ARSENAL SITE! PLEASE! Lastly , I am sorry you find Arsenal matters boring. Most Gooners don’t!

      1. Hilary says:

        @Jon fox, Bless your soul mate

  7. gotanidea says:

    Yes, physicality is always one of the most important aspects in Premier League

    We have seen that the English players’ creativity, first touches and technical skills are not as good as the other top teams’ in World Cup

    To change the mindset, they have to change their youth development system and I don’t see it happening. Speed and height are the priorities in England

  8. ks-gunner says:

    You overpay and overrate your youngsters to much. They all grow up being spoiled and after getting the money they stop working on them self. Walcott is the best example on can take. In the English team only Kane is worth the 100k+ money, others who do earn the same or more is simple not right.

    1. OzzieGunner says:

      ?Very good point. Read a story about the great and modest Peter Beardsley being the kit man for the England under 18 team. The comment was made about how Peter was treated by players, who would never be good enough to lace his boots

  9. jon fox says:

    WHY are we STILL writing about England in the WC, when for all but the finalists it is now OVER? Anyone who can please explain WHY we are still talking WC on an ARSENAL site, which it IS, please tell me the answer. I mean , we can either look forward to less than a months time with mounting excirement OR we can continue with DULL analysis about something that is over. For the author, who tells us he is not English,(as if that matters in the slightest) I have only this to add. Countless fans all over our globe are not English either and also have every right to speak about Arsenal. But on an ARSENAL site, please can we keep to the subject? PLEASE?

  10. Phil says:

    When the reality finally sets in and the truth is finally there for all to see England basically CHOKED when they had the opportunity to reach the World Cup Final.ONE SHOT ON TARGET in 120 of football.No creative spark.Nobody to get hold of the ball and make things happen.No leadership.And a Manager(sic) clearly showing his lack of experience and tactical nous.It was obvious Croatia would offer something different in the second half.That was the time to do something different.What happened?We went from a 352 to a 51211 or something like that.Why did he not gone THEM something to think about?Go 541 and haul off the hopeless Deli Ali and ineffectual Kane.But no.No idea how to do things different.Too rigid.Too predictable.Too obvious.
    I honestly couldn’t care one bit over England.They just get in the way of Arsenal for me.
    So let the bunch of over hyped losers come home in disgrace and let’s get on with the real stuff.
    and thanks to that French Twat Wenger

    1. jon fox says:

      Hallelujah! The BL…Y WC is over. In two hours anyway!

  11. Chiza says:

    I hear Emery has told the three musketeers that he still wants a winger and that if Ramsey doesn’t sign a contract then he wants him to be sold and they should immediately go for Rakitic to be his replacement…he is willing to convince Rakitic after working with him in sevilla….he believes Rakitic would be willing to come over to Arsenal and the epl to experience a new adventure after winning everything with Barcelona..he loves Rakitic and he believe Rakitic loves him also because Emery made him who he is today

  12. Sue says:

    I couldn’t care less about the England flops… it is now 26 days until the season kicks off & I can’t wait!! COYG

    1. Andrew E says:

      I couldn’t agree more!!

  13. JackG says:

    France are playing with Kante and Matuidi. 2 defensive midfielders. We played with Henderson, Linguard and Ali. Linguard and Ali do not seem like they can be strong defensive midfielders to me. Fine against Panama, but not strong enough against anyone better. At least we now have Torreira. i would be happy with another strong defensive midfielder alongside him. Maybe AMN could be that man. He played well at left back, he can tackle, and he can create. Ramsay imo not strong enough and too prone now to injury. Xhaka is ok but bit of a luxury because he is not great in defence. . What about AMN with Toreira, with Ramsay or Xhaka playing as a more creative midfielder.? Up top Auba, ozil and ?
    We could still do with a pacey winger and another centre back, that’s hoping Sokratis is ok. Mustafi and Kosielny not sure are up to it any more.

  14. Chiza says:

    What do you guys think about Rakitic?..i know he is the right replacement,left to me I want emery to sign rakitic even if Ramsey signs a new deal.. He would be a great addition

    1. ACE says:

      Rakitic is on another futboling planet than
      Ramsey and would be a direct replacement for
      the Welshman. Even though the Barca man
      just turned 30 he would still demand an
      astronomical fee if the European giants decided
      to sell which I find highly unlikely. He seems to
      be as untouchable as Messi and Suarez.

  15. Phil says:

    Yeah he might well be untouchable if Barca don’t want to sell him but don’t you find it refreshing to be linked with names that we all know would IMPROVE THE TEAM IMMEDIATELY.
    Wengers problem was he could never replicate the success he had when he first arrived and unknown greatness came to OUR Club such as Vierra Anelka etc.Wenger then spent years trying to hunt down unknown 4 year olds in some African Mud Hut village who he was told could do KEEPY UPPIES with his left testicle while playing Bohemian Rhapsody on a set of Bongo Bongo drums.
    Emery is starting to really feel the passion of this Club and Rakitic is EXACTLY the Calibre of player we need.

    1. OzzieGunner says:

      ?also Arsenal under Wenger would ship players out once they headed 30, let alone sign a 30 yo. Age is immaterial; its performance and contribution to the team that’s important.

  16. Someone says:

    England’s team future is gonna be saved by Nelson , Nketiah and Maitland Niles.

  17. Gunnerforlife says:

    The reason England don’t win this World Cup because of too many Sp*ds. Southgate is a bias man

  18. S says:

    Imo Southgate only did what Coleman did 2 years ago: reached a tournament semi final with an unspectacular team. It’s unlikely he’ll repeat that feat, as Coleman found out.
    And international football Imo is more difficult to succeed in; tournaments every 2 years and success comes down to long term planning. Unlike in club football where money can be thrown at a problem

  19. stubill says:

    Maybe a better article would be about how shite the whole of the continent of Africa is, and why it will never produce a world cup winning side.

    1. Phil says:

      Totally agree-It was once said that it would not be too long before an African nation would win the World Cup.Well we are still waiting.Never will an African team win the top football trophy in the a World.The majority of their eligible players opt for other Countries like Viera chose France to Senegal.Why do they choose to do this if they ate so committed to their African heritage?The answer?They don’t want to be associated with Second Rate Countries who have Corruption running all through their officials.Its only inferior players like Iwobi who realise how Second rate he is that he plays for a country that is not his country of birth just to be recognised as an international player.Not that he achieved much as he was dropped after one game for another numpty player.

      1. Lance says:

        @Stubill@Phil. Africa may be a shite continent now after it had been looted blind by Europeans, esp the English and the French. So Africans don’t need descendants of thieves and looters to teach her any lessons. 2. The last time I checked corruption is an English word and doesn’t appear in any dictionary of African language. In case you haven’t noticed, European teams these these days have a substantial number of players of African descent so you can’t claim to do it all by yourselves. Finally, may I suggest we limit our contributions to football and not go into subjects that we know little or nothing about.

  20. Foot gunner 3617 says:

    80% of France players are of African descent, Africa can be shite you gays are winning with African Players.

  21. Gily says:

    Africa just won the world cup again, but this time in a France Jersey.

  22. stubill says:

    You lot really are uneducated aren’t you.

    African players have to go to European countries to make a career, as they will never progress through the African system, too much corruption, crap facilities and coaches the list is endless.

    Who cares if the word corruption isn’t in an african dictionary (who knew there was one), if there was, maybe the subject would be dealt with.

    I have noticed how many players are from african heritage, but I have also noticed that most were either educated and trained here, or came via another European country.

    So you’re blaming people for bringing railways, roads, farming, education, infrastructure etc to africa, look at the state of it since we left, not one leader of any credibility.

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