A brutal assessment of why Arsenal are better without Ozil in the team

Ozil is finally at his best for Arsenal by ThirdManJW

Ozil is now more effective than he’s ever been during his Arsenal career. How is that possible though, when he hasn’t played for over a half a year? Well that’s the point!

No Ozil, has meant a far better team spirit on the pitch. A player’s performance, and attitude, can often be very influential, and infectious, especially with big names like Ozil. When your team mates see a star player performing well, working hard, and fighting for the badge, it drives everyone one on. Football is a team sport though, and one should never expect just one player to do everything. Not everyone will contribute to success or failure equally, but there has to be a minimal requirement of working hard from the players, at any club. That’s where Ozil falls short.

He’s petulant on the pitch. He’s lazy. He doesn’t fight hard for the ball. All the things you don’t want your other players exposed to! For too long this has affected the rest of our team. Before Arteta, Arsenal were one of the worst teams around, off the ball, and Ozil has always led the way. Jogging back, no pressing, no tackling, falls to the ground at the slightest touch from an opponent. It’s been embarrassing to watch a so called “world class” player perform like that, even as a captain at times, and it’s been so detrimental to the team. It sets a terrible example, especially to young players as well.

One of the biggest reasons we’re performing so well as a unit now, in regards to players, is because of Aubameyang. His performances have been brilliant, but it’s his hard work off the ball, which has really helped change things for the better. Seeing a world class striker, and your best player, back in our own box at times defending, effects everyone. Team mates will then join in when they see this, opponents know they’re in for a tough game, and it really gets the fans on board. It sets the standard for the team.

As fans, we don’t expect a player to be brilliant every game, but what we do expect, is that said player at least tries! That they work hard. During his time at Arsenal, Ozil hasn’t been our worst player in regards to performances, but he has been the worst when it comes to work rate. The same lazy excuses often crop up from those defending him, with useless stats. Ozil covers more ground than most, is one of them. Well he should be covering more ground than most, given the fact he was almost always given a free role. And the stat doesn’t tell us how effective Ozil’s ground covering has been, because as the naked eye will tell us, the guy almost NEVER sprints! Whether it’s to join an attack, or to help out defensively, sprints do not happen for him! He doesn’t press either. Once you dig a little deeper into this stat, one can see that it doesn’t mean a lot.

Another excuse for his lack of work rate, tackling, etc, is because that’s not part of his game. As a playmaker, such things should be beneath him. Well it was part of Cesc’s, and Santi’s games, and KDB these days, so why not Ozil? If Ozil was devastating in the final third, then maybe one could ignore his lack of work rate, and lack of defensive responsibility, but he isn’t!

The way Arteta has got us playing at the moment, specifically, the defensive side of the game, and work rate, just isn’t possible with Ozil. His absence has allowed the rest of the players to really develop into a solid unit, with hard work at the forefront of everything we do. Once Ozil has finally left the club, then a huge part of the off-field problems will be over as well, which again, will help the club progress.

Although, I will feel sorry for Gunnersaurus when Ozil leaves!



  1. Our team is a work in progress and that is why I have never been to critical of our performance. I enjoyed what I have seen so far but we can do better. Our marking is still poor. I hardly seen us do contact marking on consistently. All we do is shadow marking. On our defend, I will like us to defend from the front instead of all our players getting behind the ball all the time and expecting the opponent to misplace a pass or play ball out of the touch. I still can’t get rid of the Westham against us the Emirate. They way all our defenders ran into our box with no one go to the player with ball is funny.

  2. Is Matteo Guendouzi painted the same way as Ozil?
    It seems that Arteta cannot get rid of him fast enough even though he has talent!

    1. Ozil is just a forgotten dinosaur in the modern game. The fact he is effective in creating chances does not excuse him from not being disciplined enough. To admit he needs a more defensive minded players around him is the most laughable thing to say. It showed how far Arsenal has fallen off the ladder in terms of tactics and strategies during the tail-end of Arsene Wenger’s reign.

  3. 🥱
    Will this writer do the same article every Week but just change the wording .
    If he is not slagging off Ozil it’s the same crap about Wenger .
    Maybe next week he could do one about conspiracy theories and how 5G gives us Covid .

    1. Haha Dan kit! I am a sheep, and I believe ANYTHING the government tells me hahaha! Muslims bad, freedom bad, climate change will kill us in 10 years! Can you even think for yourself?

  4. I stopped reading after”Ozil is now more effective that he’s ever been during his Arsenal career”please do not let stats and facts get in the way of your story!

  5. Very very boring, he hasn’t played since before lockdown and probably won’t till his contract runs down, just give it a rest please. And don’t make assumptions seem like facts because you haven’t a clue what is going on behind the scenes.

  6. I believe he meant well for Arsenal, one issue or another must have made him do these things. I hope he’s strong.

  7. For the last time you people must understand that a baller will always baller. You will agree with me ozil was once great before, when at Madrid and seasons with us before the one he had 19 assists and a former assist king in European football so now tell me what caused the debacle in performance ? The simple and obvious reason is that he had the right teammate den, the fall of Santi weekend our midfield and sadly ozil is not an allround maestro like Santi. So we are now putting the blame of the board who refuse to buy good players he can play with on him and even them are trying to muscle him out of his contract, a shameful act. He is also blamed for his countries poor showing in the worldcup, when it is evident that the whole team need an overhaul coz they were not just performing well, the same overhaul they have done now and I totally agree with u of his weaknesses but with a midfielder trio of ceballos partey n ozil, I have no doubt they will excel n see the best of ozil again for partey n ceballos will shield him and allowing him to do his thing just like the santi n even arteta days

  8. This is for the first time some one comes with a technically good and right point about Orzil and i hope more people have to dig deeper for fans who are blaming Arteta to know why he is becoming useless in Arsenal and even other big clubs even Arteta is looking for goal creators and why do you think he ignored Orzil?

  9. The usual Ozil fan club on here, like Dan kit and siamois with their silly comments, which blame the truth telling TMJW, can be disregarded as the nonsense they are.

    I agree with EVERY SINGLE WORD in this totally true article and applaud the writer for having the balls and determination to tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth. Well written TMJW!

    1. Another delete Pat ?

      Last time I respond to anything that he types And hopefully he won’t in the future engage in any of my comments.

      ADMIN COMMENT – The rule is no personal abuse. You can’t get more personal than your attacks.

  10. Right so let’s play fourth rate players like xhaka elneny willock Nelson nketiah etc … that will get us back up with the big boys …
    I would be happy to bunker down try hard chase around to play in our shirt … sadly it wouldn’t do the team any good … ozils time has gone .. rarely had the players around him to best exploit his skills … but if we continue to play the hapless types who have been used more regularly than him in recent years then we will not see progress

    1. Tea, if you don’t like what TMJW has stated in this article, why not put forward written criticism to support your view that it is “a load of crap”?

  11. Isn’t it unfortunate that we don’t have players that can carve out teams like Ozil? But we still don’t play him.
    When Arteta got the contract to manage the team, he played Ozil consistently and seemed to have found a way to play him. Even if he did not play exceptionally well, he played him in those matches. The last match before the lockdown was against West Ham where we won 1 nil, and Ozil started the game.
    The point is that the decision not to play Ozil is not based only on footballing reasons; there has to be a political undertone. Remember that when the league restarted, we heard the news of Ozil having a rift with management, and I believe that this is the reason he will hardly be featured. Arteta and Edu both pass the blame to each other whenever they are interviewed about the Ozil situation.
    Howsoever you frame the situation; he is class over most of our players, you must not make him the focal point of the team t get the best out of him. Let’s get the right balance, and he and Arsenal will deliver.

  12. This whole Ozil issue is frustrating. Can someone tell me that Willian is good and a better option centrally than Ozil. Can someone tell me that Willian tracks down and defends. Can someone tell me that with Partey, Elneny and Ceballos Ozil cannot flourish, especially if Arteta reverts to a Back 4. It’s just adminstrative based politics that Ozil is deemed surplus to requirements. Arteta is still a long way to go before he can dream of a top 4 finish. As long as Xhaka and Willian start I don’t see anything happening, same old story. Bring back Ozil and maximize on his good vision and picking up of pockets. Loan out Eddie, Willock and Nelson. Hopefully Martinelli will join very soon

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