A capacity Arsenal crowd can help in the fight against Chelsea tomorrow

Last week’s defeat to Brentford had the Arsenal fans up in arms and full of negativity for the season ahead, especially with Chelsea and Man City being our next opponents on the fixture list.

But now after learning about the Covid outbreak which disrupted our preparations, hopefully Gooners will a little more forgiving to Arteta, as the boss himself said on Arsenal.com: “Put things in to perspective – we had an incredible 48 hours before that [Brentford] match,”

“It created a big uncertainty and probably an unprecedented Arsenal line up.

So now we come up against the Champions League Winners in our big local rivals Chelsea, and although Arsenal are still suffering from the fallout of the Covid problems and the disruption, but Chelsea also have at least Christian Pulisic missing through Covid as well. These problems are surely going to cause upheavals to many teams over the season, that is a fact. We were just unlucky that we got affected in the lead up to our crucial season-opener.

So fans need to be patient, but the good news is that we will see a near capacity crowd of Gooners at the Emirates tomorrow, and although our team will be nowhere near full strength, we can at least cheer the team on to try their hardest against the formidable-looking Blues. If you doubt the power of the crowd, just look at how the Brentford supporters got behind their team last week, and the ground was still full for an hour after the game!

“In moments when there is certain negativity around the place, you need your fans and your supporters more than ever. They’ve always been with the team and I have no doubt that on Sunday they’re going to be right behind the team. If there is one thing that the team needs, it’s exactly that.

“If they really want to help the team, there’s not going to be a better medicine for them than to feel [the fans] very close with the right energy and supporting them and being behind them and the team is going to try their best.”

So, how about it Gooners, shall we all get behind the team tomorrow?

Sam P

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  1. Crowds do give the game atmosphere but
    rarely influence results.
    Crowds used to influence the referee especially in, offsides, penalty decisions, yellow and red cards.
    But VAR has now largely taken the crowd
    out of the equation.

  2. Pls I’ll advice fan to get behind d team tomorrow. Let’s forget d grudges we have for now and support them. So if after the support, d team still let us down then full out complain against the board and arteta…. But till then guys let’s give our full support as it is our first home game. Let Emirates rock tommorow

    1. I’ll gladly explain, Mr Anti Vax! The vaccine that you do not believe in, has utterly changed , mercifully, the situation in Britain.
      Either one accepts that FACT, OR like you, they do not! GET IT NOW?

    2. I’ll gladly explain why, Mr. Anti VAX!

      Your foolish refusal to accept that the vaccine has transformed the situation, at least in Britain, is clear to all SAVE THOSE CONSPIRACY THEORISTS AMONG US.
      But that IS the explanation, even though YOU do not get it!

      1. THJW, you just can’t seem to resist any opportunity to display your abject ignorance of all things societal-related, which now sadly extends to the realm of science…be extra diligent next time you’re out for a walk, so that you don’t accidentally fall over the edge of the flat earth you so clearly live on

    3. Third man
      I welcome your views on football related matters but on anything else you profess to know about Covid .. I’d suggest you are talking out of your arse.

  3. At TMJW
    hypocrisy now rules the day i sometimes think it’s now at the point where it’s about who is better at it.

  4. Jeez y re we so divided like this. Can’t we just this once b United ND get behind our team plsss🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼

  5. Yes, we ALL need to be behind our Arsenal Android team tomorrow. In the dressing room, they should be reminded that they are smatter and should PRESS and demonstrate that they are an Android team.
    They should operate freely in the box and SHOOT to make goals or cause fowls.
    The CROWD will be there fully for the Team

  6. We just need to find ways of stopping the game from happening tomorrow. Otherwise the worst of it might happen in our presence.

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