A composed and confident Thomas Partey has certainly proved me wrong

Is it too early to “Partey”? by John Picco

Any time a footballer enters the fold of a high profile team, carries a large price tag, and has a track record of ability, confidence and composure that embodies the types of winners we NEED to see, there will almost certainly be questions if an immediate improvement is not seen within the squad.

So when Thomas Partey arrived at the Emirates with questionable confidence and a lack of immediate chemistry, a collective sigh was felt around the stadium with each lacklustre pass, or out of position decision that cost the midfield dearly.

Should Arsenal fans be more forgiving early on when it comes to new arrivals? Easier said than done. Just ask fans of the Cleveland Browns of the NFL, or the Toronto Maple Leafs of the NHL and you will not have to wait long before finding that the general consensus is one that expects, if not knows, that the excitement will blossom into utter failure, and that at any moment’s notice we will be right back to where we were before the fresh new excitement began. Disappointed!

Yet, recent performances of Thomas have shown a completely different tale. The composed and confident man we expected has arrived. The stability of the game has changed and confidence has grown, and I for one was wrong to jump on the bandwagon of negativity too soon.

Just look at the confidence during the Leicester City game and convince me that he does not carry the embodiment of what we all picture the “compete level” of “our” Arsenal to be!

Too early to Partey? Not for me! In fact, I don’t deserve the invite..

Thomas – 1
Me – 0

John Picco

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Arteta discusses the Leicester win, Thomas Partey, Odegaard, and the race for Top Four

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  1. Partey has been playing well lately in the CDM position, but he needs a strong competitor

    His dribbles have been inviting rough tackles and those kinds of challenges broke Diaby. Hopefully Elneny and Lokonga are ready to deputize him

    1. He does need back up Lokonga is perfect xhaxa replacement but not Partey. Elneny I think will likely leave this summer and I think xhaxa too. So we have room to buy another cdm. We don’t even need to replace xhaxa as we already have lok. Which means loads of monies for a striker and a cdm!!

      1. Maybe we can try Tim Akinola in the CDM postion for some small cup games next season. I watched him play for our U-23 team and he was great

    2. Ya Gai we need a competitor for Pathey. May be Duglas Luize of Aston Villa or Philips of Leeds etc. But this can only happen in the summer. In case Pathey doesn’t stay injury free till season ends, then Elneny and Lokonga must be ready. And to keep them match fit I”ll suggest Arteta to be given them 10 minutes game opportunities

      1. If we sign Luiz or Phillips, they would likely come as a regular starter. I’m sure most superstars require a certain number of appearances stated on their contracts, otherwise they won’t come

        I think we need to give Maitland-Niles a chance to deputize Partey next season, if he isn’t sold

        1. @gai
          Exactly. AMN excelled in his last match in said position. He put in a motm performance and was never heard from again. No articles of praise or even mention of the way he broke up play and recycled the ball, turning defence into attack better than Partey or Xhaka ever had. Instead, he was relegated back to the bench and subsequently shipped out to Roma, where he’s used as a “utility”player.
          He should have been kept here and given match time in the midfield.

          1. There should’ve been a minimum number of appearances on his contract at AS Roma, otherwise he won’t get enough experience. I heard Mourinho is benching him

    3. I Like Phillips of Leeds… him next to Partey is like having our own Kante.. and allows Thomas to go up and down the field and express himself a little more

  2. Thomas Partey is a quality player. He is at his peak and forming a great relationship with Martin Odegaard. Partey is becoming a big commanding player. Ode’s is fast becoming the player who had been expected when he was a teenage sensation. He’s like an ultra mobile, enthusiastic, tackling, Ozil…..and is getting better and better every game.

  3. The writer like many Don Quixote on Just Arsenal have been charging the Arteta windmills for two years solid. Partey has come under attack many times. When the side loses the Quixote have described Partey as a clumsy klutz, over rated, cost too much and is paid too much. Now the team is on a winning run with 4th place in sight the Quixote with recent cataract surgery now describe Monsignor Partey as a superb DM, rock solid in defence, brilliant on the ball and sparking many attacks. The Quixote have experienced an epiphany on the way to the CL and swear they had complete confidence in the Manager from day one his players and were 200% behind the process all along. Of course they were 🙂

    1. Injuries haven’t helped Thomas Partey. Makes a big difference when he is fully fit and his class shines through.

  4. Partey is Integral for us, we need him to put in another top class performance on Wednesday against what is a very strong Liverpool midfield and if does we have got a good chance of getting a positive result.

  5. Partey was always quality, only his performances were a bit inconsistent. There could be many factors for this, new to the PL, covid, injuries, etc. but his quality was never in doubt. Tougher tests lie ahead and we will need Partey at his best to make it to the CL. He is the major factor in the midfield, along with Odegard who dictate the flow of the game.

  6. I don’t see any transfer activity other than strikers in the summer as things currently stand

    I think Xhaka will stay, I believe that AMN will come back from loan and stay, I reckon Elneny might even stay and I think Lokonga is a fantastic prospect who will blossom next season

    1. FF

      Elneny and AMN to make us great????? Where is your mind??? With the Pixies I think, who sang ‘Where Is My Mind. C’mon …Elneny and AMN? F***!

      1. I think we’ve got to take one step at a time and that next step is strikers, strikers can make teams “great”, midfielders do a job, we’ve got Ode and ESR in those attacking MF roles to create but we need solidity and stability behind that, we need an engine room and we are beginning to see that now with the players we have got

        I’m talking about squad cover and AMN is ideal for that in a couple of positions, Elneny may or may not stay but what’s your problem with him, he doesn’t let us down when called upon and could do that again next season

        Xhaka and Partey aren’t that young and may move on before we become “great” but for next season no problem and as I say young Sambi looks a very good prospect

        Do you honestly think we will go from where we were after three games this season to “great” in less than a year and do you believe that the players being mentioned above to come in for Xhaka will get us there?, even if we could get them

        Gilberto was integral to the Invincibles but it was Bergkamp and Henry that made us “great” and in my pixie like opinion all our cash and effort should go on signing the right strikers in the summer

  7. I also have to own up. Partey was looking dead and very inconsistent, I thought he was going to turn into the another waste of big money. But he has performed at a higher level the second half of this season.

    May he continue to prove me wrong.

  8. An interewsting piece John, and much to agrree about on Thomas, but I had to laugh at your prospect of such as I asking USA fans of the Cleveland Browns or the Toronto Maple leafs whay they think. I know as much about either as I know about, say, embroidery!!

    To admit I have at least HEARD about both places is about all I can say for my interest in either sport in either USA or presumably Canada. If it aint in Europe or Britain esp,then football is not fort me , not even thr Africal nations Cupo whichj is from thtblittgle I have seen , not up to snuf compared with European but esp English football.
    For the avoidance of doubt , as I have not met you on JA before , I am a very liberal minded man who detests ANY prejudice. But I am also honest enough to admit that in THIS case, I am at least biased and possibly unfair. But it IS my view and so I have said it.

    Good article though John and please contribute more!

  9. Thomas Partey is a player I always follow and wish would join us, He was always a strong dominant midfielder I think would be perfect for Arsenal,

    When Partey join us he was a shadow of the Partey I know, never injury, always available, had a commanding presence in front of the back four.

    Am happy he is back to his old self, but Arsenal must not stop there we need someone like Fabian Ruiz since Lacotelli opted out to partner him.

    We must buy two defensive midfielders and one or two strikers

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