‘A done deal’ – Pundit claims star’s exit is already sealed

Pundit Gabriel Agbonlahor has claimed that Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang will be leaving Arsenal on loan until the end of the season.

The striker has been dropped from the playing squad for the last four matches, whilst also being stripped of the captaincy in recent weeks also, and it remains to be seen when he will make his return to action.

Auba still has 18 months remaining on his current deal, having signed a new three-year contract in the summer of 2020, but there is plenty of rumours surrounding a potential exit in the near future following the recent saga.

Former Premier League forward Agbonlahor has gone as far to say that his future is already a ‘done deal’, and that he will definitely be leaving the club to go out on loan for the remainder of the term.

“I can only see that ending with Aubameyang going out somewhere on loan in January when he comes back from the Africa Cup of Nations,” Agbonlahor told the Football Insider.

“If he’s on £350,000-a-week, then somebody can pay £150,000, £200,000 of that, a week. Then he goes on loan in six months.

“That’s the only thing I can see, I don’t think anybody is going to buy him at the moment.

“I just see that’s a done deal, sent out on loan.”

I don’t believe that any decision has actually been made as of yet, regardless of Agbonlahor’s belief. It could well be that Auba is unavailable because he isn’t in the right frame of mind with his mother’s health unknown. There is a lot we are being kept in the dark about, and can all assume different things.

What is important thus far is that the team and players are performing in his absence, rallying together to keep our season well on course for the European places, and we should trust any decision made by the manager in regards to what the best direction is needed to be taken.

How do you see his future playing out? Do you believe the club will already have made a decision?


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  1. I see no possible way that Agbonlahor can possibly be sure that what he predicts is correct. It is merely his opinion and like all of us he is entitled to it. But though he MAY well be correct, he may just as well be very wide of the mark.

    My personal HOPE is that he has already played his final game in our shirt, as he has been largely ineffective and uninterested for around 18 months already.

    I always want all non 100% tryers gone from our club ASAP, as many who read my regular posts will already know

    My gut instinct is to agree with Agbonlahor but it is foolish to predict for a certainty, in what is surely a fluid and evolving scenario right now.

    I will though predict that his days as a REGULAR first choice are now at an end, whatever else happens.

  2. Loan jeezo just get a swap deal bcoz 6month is then months later to where he could walk for free, swap deal is better for somebody who can make the team improvement side of things a loan deal is cutting his 12 month to where 6 month he can sign away on a free the story of our life’s, aubameyang isn’t that bad and it’s going down the same way where ozil walked eventually ,so sort a swap for Christ sakes and bring in somebody for him as we could get a real quality player for auba, loan deal is all wrong just to save a buck

  3. I have no idea how this is going to play out. So I’ll write my own script based on my gut.

    He’s finished as our main striker but re-commits himself to being a super sub and scores some big goals for us down the stretch. This convinces a club to buy him in the summer so he walks away with his head held high and gives Arsenal fans a chance to thank him for the good days.

    Admittedly my gut isn’t good with conflict.

  4. any club who has struggled mightily for goals under a particular manager, for the better part of 2 years, can’t possibly rationalize the notion of subsidizing a player’s contract to play elsewhere, especially if that player is the most prolific goal producer on the roster, unless a large contingency within the fanbase is so infatuated with the man in charge that they forgo all logic…of course, this wouldn’t be the first time this sort of blinders nonsense has occurred in North London…the only possible way in which this might make some sense is if there was some sort of player swap in the offing, which is very uncommon, or if we purchased a suitable replacement in the winter window, which seems even more unlikely

  5. I think it is important that he moves on.
    If only to stop the continued questioning of Arteta about his future.

    I think Lacazette will stay until the end of the season, so I do not think buying a goal scorer in January is quite so important now. We also have Nellie and I think ESR can play as a false 9.

    BUT we do need to buy a very good DM in January.

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