A draw at Man United will give Arsenal more confidence going forward

Arsenal left Old Trafford with a point last night although many Arsenal fans and players think we should have beaten Man United, but our Greek defender Sokratis thought that it was a confidence booster to give us confidence in the games ahead. It was a shame we didn’t get our first win there since 2006 but at least we kept our unbeaten run going and we moved back into the Top Four. Not a position to be sneezed at.

Sokratis said in the Mail: ‘It will give us a lot of confidence. We are a big team and play every game to win but some games you have to know also what you have to do better and when is your strong moment.

‘We had the chance to win, we didn’t win but we take a point and it gives us confidence and we go to the next game.’

‘It was a difficult game,’ he continued. ‘We know they were under pressure because they had to win the game and we spoke before the game and said they were a very good team in the transition so we don’t need to lose easy balls.

‘I think we played compact, a team that was better in the defence and because of this it was a good game for us.

‘Also we had our moments after the goal we scored. We had two big chances but of course for 15, 20 minutes they pressed us and we had to defend well.”

‘I think we did that much better than in other games, we were more disciplined and like a team in the difficult moments when we know we have to defend better.’

The big Greek also thinks that it always good to “not lose” in any away game, and go all out to get maximum points at home. After seeing Emery play with three midfielders again last night I’m beginning to think that is the club’s new philosophy as well, so yes last night was a success! Sokratis continued: ‘It is a long road, I think it will be very difficult for all the teams and it is very important for us that every game we try to win at home. And away from home, last year we didn’t have good results, so don’t lose. It is very important we are disciplined and take a point away from our home.’

He could be right though as we have a good few ‘easier’ games coming up in October, so maybe we could get into a ten-match unbeaten run if we just keep our heads up and our confidence high….


  1. These are all soundbytes which are more for their own ears than us fans. A mediocre player taking succour in the fact that we did not lose to a very poor ManU team. Yeah right!
    It may have been a “good” game for him because he didn’t do anything stupid, but man was it tedious to watch! Keep dropping two points in several matches, and come December we will be a struggling mid-table team. Unless, A BIG UNLESS, Emery does course correction. Or th board acts on it before it’s too late.

    1. Here we go again. Every post is turned into a toxic attack on either the manager and/or individual players.

      1. I didn’t invent anything there..saying things consistently isn’t a toxic attack, even if it appears to you as such. I’m not going to be an apologist for those that don’t deserve, and I wonder where you see the “attack”?

  2. I know it’s past now, but since after the game last night I have been trying to find out why Emery didn’t bring on Martinelli instead of Nelson who has been a flop this season, please if anyone has an answer to this, I will be glad to know, cause as it stands, it only strengthen the fact that our coach is clueless

      1. @Viju, I had high hopes of him when he was appointed coach, but the man has disappointed. Arsenal’s football is directionless and we have become do stiff in midfield with no creativity. it’s a shame.

        1. Same here Luckyville, was looking forward to a new direction/fillip but from the 6th game of last season I felt/said he wasn’t going to take us forward. Too much tinkering and confusion, in addition to his poor handling of Ramsey and Ozil. This season things have come to a head just because of his stubbornness.

    1. My guess is that Martinelli is not a Freddie Ljungberg man.

      More to the point, why did he play Pepe. I believe that Arsenal top brass had said the Pepe transfer was a no-brainer. Many a true word….

  3. Emery is allergic to change. We wouldn’t have seen how good Saka really is if Laca isn’t out. Martinelli could’ve done better than Nelson yesterday.

    He would always play Xhaka and co. no matter what.

  4. LDDWWWD – ?

    I know the Premier League is no easy place to compete in so we should understand that so far we are not doing too bad.

    I mean we are 4th on the table with one loss so you see.
    Lacazette, Tierney, Bellerin, Holding to be back soon.

    Saka, Martinelli, Willock gives me grins!!

    Common the future is bright!!!

    1. Did you see the goal Gnabry just scored against spurs Sue? 1-3…..and he just got another 1-4….

        1. Declan & Sue -such a shame to see Gnarby in a Bayern Shirt.If Emery had him at Arsenal he could be wearing our shirt-under his tracksuit on the bench in the EL and Carabao Cup games.Thats If he is lucky enough to make the bench under this manager

  5. I think Emery is trying but he is operating on a slow pace that is so far his crime.

    Emery should purge the slow virus players like Sokratis, Xhaka and co.
    Then he would be open to a world of great experiments with the team.


    Saka, Lacazette, Pepe..

    Guendouzi, Torreria..

    Tierney, Holding, Chambers, Bellerin..


    Martinelli, Willock, Ceballos notable mentions.

  6. The Emery Out Brigade is in full force I see, even though we are 4th in the PL and we did it for the most part without Tierney, Bellerin and Holding and a few matches without Lacazette. All of whom are starters

    Also why in the world would Kroenke fire a manager whose team is 4th in the League. Abrahamovic Yes, not Kroenke

    The Emery Out Brigade are just out of touch with reality

      1. Or of course it could well be that some are happy with the mediocre trash that’s being served up by this manager and others have higher standards and demand better.

        1. Perhaps UE should look up the Seven Sisters Road to gets some tips from the manager of the “great entertainers” as to how it’s done!

          And whilst you’re looking Unai, you’ll also find “super Frank” & “Ole at the wheel “ floundering around somewhere below you.

          We’ll see come May.

      1. We try
        But gnary already want to move (bond to munich)
        Nothing can we do
        Sell him or lose for free next season

    1. I think he couldn’t wait to leave us, the moment he was told to play for a Tony Pulis team. We let him down, Gnabry got the move back home and eventually Bayern got him.
      As for Spurs they’d say 5-2 defeat isn’t as bad as three 5-1 defeats 😉

        1. fans wanted gnabry out because hes not a big tag and big game player and hes injury prone, they got what they wished for….

  7. WTF-I’ve certainly had worst evenings.Thank you 5pur5-the club that just cannot help giving😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  8. If Unai presided over that shower of *hite, the national grid would have blown up with the comments coming on here .

    Almost makes 2 x 5-1 seem less painful !

  9. Piers Morgan tweeted :-
    Boris Johnson offers Mauricio Pochettino job as new Brexit secretary.. ‘Nobody can get us out of Europe faster than this guy!’ explained the Prime Minister 🤣🤣🤣

        1. How did I miss it Sue 😆 and they laughed at us for the 5-1 but no doubt the media will make excuses, Harry Kane didn’t sleep well last night loris had a headache 😂😂😂

          1. Don’t even ask what Vertonghen was 🤣 Lineker said crisis talks were being held…. 7 goals…in that new stadium, that wasn’t supposed to happen… hehe!!

          2. Bayern should play home games in North London 😂😂😂 poch should just retire after that forget the crisis talks 😆 will Tierney play on Thursday? 😁

          3. We might wake up to that!
            Yeah i reckon we’ll see him, not for the whole 90 though 🤔
            Hahahahahahahaha sorry I’m still buzzing.. 7 is my lucky number 😉😜

          4. He might go to utd 😆 I think we’re in need of a new coach too 😁 absolutely buzzing are you Sue 😀 that fella we were linked with in the summer Emmanuel Dennis looks good 😆

          5. Nigeria his skill is insane Sue so fast and powerful and I laughed when we got linked with him makes Pepe look like luke Chadwick although that’s giving Pepe a compliment right now 😅

          6. Oh Pepe… sigh….
            Luke Chadwick – what a looker!!
            Saw a tweet with former gunners mocking the spuds – Szczesny & Wilshere amongst others!! 👍👍

          7. I bet you’d go weak at the knees being in his presence eh Sue 😉😂😂😂 so Emmanuel Dennis you heard it hear first 😉 good boys they still have Arsenal blood 😄 whatever happened to dele Ali he’s been crap for about a year now 😂

          8. Haha i don’t think so 🤣
            Ok will hold you to that! I’ll remind you, when he’s a superstar, of how i predicted it 😉😜
            Oh he’s such a spaz, i really can’t stand him.. they’ll sell him back to MK Dons & maybe Poch can manage them?!

          9. If you predicted it Sue he’d be retired by next season 😛😅 haha you probably would you’ll never admit it though 😜😆 haha take Lingard with him 😂 red bull to beat Liverpool tomorrow ? 😛

          10. Oh and btw, the other night you said about a police interception in Loughton? I didn’t know about it, I’m not from round there. Does that mean I’m gonna have to call you Joey Essex?! 😀
            I doubt it, Joey.. oops i mean Kev 😜 i won’t be watching, that’s for sure.. it won’t live up to tonight! Nothing will!!.

          11. Haha nooooo I’m not from Essex 😂 did you see it then ? 😆 The home game in Munich might 😉😂😂😂

          12. You could have been part of the rowing team 😂😂😂 haha Scottish 😆 all the way to the coast and has nothing to do with fishing 😂

          13. Haha 💪 yeah!!
            Well I’m amazed, nowt to do with fishing 😀 is a bonus though!!
            Well, Kevin.. this is late for me! Sweet dreams (of the spuds humiliation!) We’ll have the same dream 7 times 😉 sleep well 😊🙂😴 Goodnight K

          14. I can picture it 😂😂😂 haha I rarely sea fish I prefer freshwater 😆 most us (Avid Angler’s) do 😂 god so it is I didn’t even realize how late you were up especially you in your golden years 😛 haha 7up 😉 Goodnight Sue enjoy your Tottenham dreams 😜 you too 😄😴😴💤

          15. A certain David seaman is also an avid angler not bad company as it happens 😂😂😂 another long day ahead just wish I could go back to sleep 😩 anyway, hope you slept well Sue and have a good day and enjoy the Liverpool game tonight 😂

  10. No status in boring the supporters to death with a snore draw. The only thing Arsenal can do in the EPL at the moment is cure insomnia.

  11. Sokratis appears to have the same weak, timid mindset as the manager. Happy with a draw against a struggling team beset by injuries. Pathetic. We should have taken Utd to the cleaners and with the right, bold team selection we would have.

    In fact I think the Man U players will take more confidence from the game than ours. Their confidence will have been given a great boost and their mindset now probably runs along the lines of:

    “See how Arsenal were scared to death of us even though we have not been playing well and are carrying a lot of injuries?” “Just wait until our injured players are back and we’re back to full form – then we’ll show them how we can really play!”

    Well, that’s what I would be saying in the Man U dressing room if I were OGS.

  12. OT: There are 2 reasons why Gnabry decided to leave at the earliest

    1. Walcott and Oxlade were ahead of him so there was a year or two to wait. This was due to the ‘British core’ concept which most fans supported then but act all smart now. The same fans feel losing Bielyk was no big deal because we have Chambers. No comment.

    2. Tony Pulis – the bastard – wanted Gnabry on loan and since no one else expressed an interest, he was sent there. Except the bastard never played him (sorry, he did: ONCE!).

    After that, obviously, Serge didn’t want another loan and our ‘talents’ Oxlade and Walcott still had preference. British lads and all that.

    2 main mistakes that destroyed Wenger’s Arsenal career:
    1. The British core concept with mediocre players like Walcott, Ox, Wilshere, Gibbs, Jenkinson or nonstop injured – Ramsey, Wilshere
    2. Signing Xhaka (and Mustafi, but primarily Xhaka).

    1. This is the info I have of Gnabry and his time with us👇

      He was not allowed to leave. Gnabry forced his way out by refusing to sign a new contract. It was either sell him or lose him on a free transfer a year later. People forget that no sooner had Gnabry made his way into the first team, he suffered an injury that kept him out 18 months. It took a full year thereafter for him to regain form. By that time, he had only 1 year left on his contract and had decided he wanted to return to Germany.

  13. Emery just couldn’t get the best out if his players, instead he frustrates them. Against United, he started with 3 forwards, yet fielded more defensive midfielders, Guendouzy, Torreira, and Xhaka, and left Ceballos on the bench. Then it’s understandable why he didn’t even bring Ozil. Even Ceballos came from the bench.
    When Ceballos came in for Torreira it seemed that the attacking 4-3-3 formation became more reasonable. However, taking off both Pepe and Saka for Nelson and Willock instead of trying his luck by sending in Martinelli?
    If he thought it would be too risky, why he brought him there?
    Am I wrong if I say that it is Emery who’s satisfied with the draw?

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