A frustrating evening but Arsenal pull through

Arsenal made very hard work of the first half, and with Palace playing it very tight at the back it was looking difficult to get the ball to lone striker Yaya Sanogo. All the same it was a bit of a shock when the long-mooted Arsenal target Brede Hangerland flew above the Gunners defence to open the scoring in the 34th minute.

Arsenal fought back and just managed to nab the equaliser before the half-time whistle through a similar goal from Laurent Koscielny at the other end, except this one came from an excellent free-kick from Alexis.

Just after half time the luckless Jason Puncheon was booked, which was lucky for Arsenal because when he was booked again at the end of a very scrappy second half, Arsenal were suddenly facing just ten men.

I was dreading watching five minutes of added time, but the extra man paid off very quickly when Ramsey punched in a loose ball in the box and suddenly the crowd came alive as Arsenal took the lead for the first time.

Szczesny was looking nervous at the end but the defence managed to stop Palace equalising. Phew, but what sweet relief at the final whistle. Three points in the bag! And as I have Ramsey AND Koscielny in my fantasy team I am over the moon….

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    1. Not sure about that but if you feel like your legs are about to fail you, please call


      1. A key to making a title challenge is not ‘slipping’ up in these types of games. We were 7 points from the title last season, it’s really tight at the top, every point matters and we just saved 2 points from that game. Buzzing, its a huge confidence boost for the players.

      1. I think Chamberlain needs a few more weeks, I don’t understand why he’s being rushed into things when we have Campbell ready and rearing to go, must be something Wenger is seeing that we don’t.

        Everton’s the next one, and we need to field some fresh legs, I’d like to see the following lineup (assuming Gibbs hasn’t injured himself):

        Debuchy – Chambers – Koscielney – Gibbs
        Arteta – Ramsey
        Sanchez – Ozil – Cazorla

        With Chambers proving himself, Mert will have to prove his worth before he gets his spot back for now. Sanogo isn’t looking as good as he was during preseason, maybe try Campbell up top ala Costa Rica style for this game. With Barry in the middle, they have a workhorse who will need to be matched by a player with similar Stamina… Sanogo gets tired quite quickly.

    2. I still think we should cash in on Cazorla while we have the chance i know this is just one game but he has been like this all season he will play one good game and 10 shit ones and some fans will tell me he is our best playmaker. What we need right now is consistency from every single player and i still think we should play Sanchez down the middle once Walcott is back

      1. Play Walcott or Sanchez upfront cause i dont really see any decent striker in the market and we still need a CDM, CB and LW The Ox has got sero composure on the ball

      2. One game, just ONE and the weeping starts. Grab yer nuts guys, stop the panicking and screaming ” Sell him, sell him, sell him”. The young generation sure is wimpy.

    3. Note to my fellow Arsenal fans. This was the FIRST game of the season, calm down!
      The team will find the Arsenal rhythm. Some of you are considering suicide already.
      Breathe deeply and back away for them bridge.
      And note too, if not for that Giroud header down in the box it would be a draw.

      1. “Breathe deeply and back away from the bridge.”

        and BREAKING NEWS !
        Bayern bid 40MILLION for Aaron Ramsey

      2. Well said there, you’d think this was some fan’s first experience of the PL – today illustrated perfectly how f**king hard this league is to win. Strap in tightly now everyone.

      1. after watching him in post match comments, he is definitely our future captain. such a wise and cool head on him. definitely an arsenal legend in the making!

    1. I think it’s fantastic that we spend big money on Özil and Alexis, two world class players, yet Aaron Has emerged as, in my opinion, our main man.

        1. You know what’s also fantastic? This day!

          Not only did Manure lose, Everton draw and we won, but Ashley Young got bird poo on his mouth! Wish it would’ve happened to Mourinho though. : D

    2. Credits to Ramsey for being at the right place at the right time.
      But the whole goal is the team effort. Great knock down from Giroud, beat his marker completely at near post. Puncheon red card allows us to Debuchy to be in the box and his shot created an easy chance for Ramsey.
      A few things we need to improve after this first game. Let’s look at the players we have first before talking about transfer. Many times solutions can be found within.
      – The weakest link in our squad this match is Wilsheres, too many loose passes break our tempo. Even Carzola had some too. We have to keep our passing game going and more accurate in our final pass to unlock organized defend like Palace. With Ozil back we would be more dangerous
      – We have big guy in the box but our cross is really poor, a few from Sanchez as well. See the commentator slate Carzola many times for wasting all Arsenal corner kick. We look dangerous in set pieces when we manage to get good delivery to dangerous area. We should have one player specially trained for deliver dead situation.

      Lastly, Palace is a very organized side, their form 2nd half last season is Champion League form, so that partially explains why they can contain our attack. They are also fitter than us as they have players playing in World Cup.

      1. This game was crying out for ozil. No one was getting in between the lines or finding sanchez’s debuchys and gibbs runs and there were plently.


  2. Some sporadic passing from us, but we did well against a physical Palace who were mentally up for it. Gutsy effort got us the win today! COYG!

  3. If we want to seriously win the BPL a ST and CDM is still a must .. And make sure we put players in right positions !

    Same problems from last season
    Which are intensity and tempo being to slow and the balance of the team looked completely wrong with a fake LW 3cm’s and a striker who can’t even control the ball and get involved .

    This ain’t arsenal all these problems were there last season aswell

    Chambers and kosc had good games

    And thank YOU KING RAMSEY !!!!

    1. I thought Chambers was outstanding.. Again. He’s so composed on the ball it’s unreal for someone so young and so new to the club, especially as he wasn’t really played as a centre back before. He slotted into that position as if he’d been there for years. The way he celebrated with Koscielny suggests they’re getting on quite well off the pitch as well, which is always an added bonus. I’m really excited about Chambers, he could be a world beater in a few years.

    2. Agree about problems being there from last season, it’s up to the manager to sort them out, should have done so already!

    1. And ship Cazorla the other direction. Why?

      I stated this earlier but he’s turning into a Gervinho type. Yesterday he was the greatest player on the pitch, doing magic. The next he’s not only invisible, but he loses possession, kills our attacks, fails at dribbling in unnecessary situations, gets a stupid yellow and yet gets to play 90 minutes.

      It’s like he can only be great or horrible. No middle way performance.

        1. On his day Gervinho was awesome, remember him running through defenders with ease. Maybe he just wasn’t cut for the Premier League to perform on a consistent basis, look at him in Serie A.

          On his bad day he was HORRID, we all know that. Compared to Cazorla he had much more bad days than Santi.

          Of course Santi is WAAYYYY better than good ol’ Gerv but no one can deny Cazorla’s hot/cold status.

          1. Agreed. But how often did Gervinho have a good game? Santi didn’t have a good game that was clear, but you have to remember he’s not a winger either.

            1. Well yeah, comparing him to Gervinho was stupid. Tried to indicate how frustrated it was to watch him play and I articulated it badly. My bad!

              Anyways, Jojo you’re right. He’s not a winger, but a true AMF. Question is with Özil back, Wilshere seemingly getting to get used to the same spot, can we offer Santi a position where he can actually thrive?

              Is it really necessary to have him, possibly, as a liability winger when at his best position, he’s our 3rd choice?

              1. Yeah you’re right, However getting rid of him would only make us weaker? I genuinely believe he’s one of the few players in our squad who are truly world class and getting rid of him would be a huge mistake. Perhaps he shouldn’t play so often on the wing but instead should be rotated with Ozil.

        2. Or you’ll wake up with a horse’s head in ur bed. Lol! 3 hard earned points. Might be important points at the end.

      1. Lool its actually a good point cazorla has become a 8/10 or 2/10 player like gervinho, only difference is he has alot more 8/10’s.
        I worry about wilshere though, i think carragher was right in saying wilsheres biggest problem is aaron ramsey as hes not strong or defensively aware to partner ramsey in centre midfield, and to play as a number 10 for Arsenal FC you need to have exceptional vision and see thing 2-3 seconds before everyone else like bergkhamp, cesc or ozil but thats not wilshere. Hes definatley a CM but i cant see him starting ahead of rambo.
        Unless we change formation or sacrifice the balance of our team by playing him or ozil outwide i dont see how he gets in…

      2. Last two trophies Arsenal won – Cazorla scored in.

        Not only that but he was a key player. He is one of the few players that you could say – yes, let’s play him instead of Ozil.

        Only a fool would want him to be in someone else’s squad. The guy is an absolute diamond to have in the team.

      3. Cazorla is being played out of position, that’s why he’s not as effective, but he had a bad game today regardless of position. I don’t know why Wenger played him on the left today, with Özil out, surely he should be the natural choice as CAM, especially as we have other players like Campbell and Ox that can play on the left wing.

        1. @RobinVanPayslip

          Only a fool would keep on playing a great AMF out of position, on the wing resulting in bad performances. Thought we learned from case Arshavin who was never a left winger but was constantly player there.

          1. Arshavin is still playing Lw now, he always played Lw for Russia and for his club’s before us. It’s like podolski, if you play 4231 or 433 podolski and arshavin will play on the left of a 3.

            Cazorla should be playing in the hole, but that is ozil position.. Yesterday we played 4141 so santi played wide again, the problem we have with that is he never stays wide. I hate to say this but if we really could get reus for £20m and a similar amount for santi it would improve the left wing.

            One thing we did learn, sanchez cannot play left. He is great for taking free kicks from the left, but I never realised he was so one footed until yesterday.

          2. Cazorla isn’t being played out of position. He was a LW before he joined and in his first season here he played the second half of the season on LW and played very well.

  4. We missed ozil vision today but all os good ramsey to the rescue again. Also giibbs is not reliable no more injury prone player we shoild look to get a lb starter

    1. I’m just not in favor of zonal marking. I’d rather put our bigs against their bigs and just make sure we win those 1v1 battles.

    1. There’s talk today that we are leading the chase for Cavani. Not sure how reliable but it gives me a little hope

  5. well, Arsenal now benefiting from cards and extra time…like manure used to, is the big signing for arsenal the refferees?!!

    1. I thought the extra time was justified. Speroni started waste time before the half hour mark. 😀

    2. No because Man U used to get them for no reason, Speroni was wasting half a minute every goal kick, along with the late cramps the Palace players were getting, it was understandable we got 5 mins. The red card was in accordance to the rules, late rash tackle, yes he didn’t get much of Monreal, but it was a second yellow for sure.

  6. That passing was so bad. It’s like we’re getting used to playing at Wembley and not at the Emirates anymore. Anyways good 3 points. Ramsey does what world class players do: go missing for 90 minutes and get the winner. Now bring on the predator Özil.

  7. Ramsey is world class. Why? Not only because of his ability to run for hours. Not for his ability to score beautiful goals and making sublime assists. Not because only because he always gives 110%.

    But because he can go into a match, be invisible for 90 minutes but on 91st minute, he can be the difference between victory or draw. He was at the right place at the right time. World class.

  8. Typical Ramsey game. Makes several loose passes, doesn’t do much then wins the game at the end. This is becoming a trend with him

    1. That sounds a little more like the Ramsey of old – of 2012. Ramsey has been great since about Jan 2013 and has good games every time out. But he cannot make the whole team look good when things are not working. He just does what he does – amaze often.

  9. Was so nervous, this game will kill me one day. Good to start with a wining
    I hope now everybody realizes that we need top DM/CB AND striker to win something

    1. There’s talk today that we are leading the chase for Cavani. Not sure how reliable but it gives me a little hope

  10. I’ve watched the city game and this game so far, and I must say I’ve yet to see Sanchez find an arsenal player with a pass! Looks lively though and hopefully when he settles he will improve.
    Decent result against a palace team that used every trick to try and thwart us.

    1. must not have been watching very closely as he provided the absolutely great cross for kos’s header!

    2. Yes he has struggled a bit to find his range and locate a team mate. Think the PL might have come as a bit of a shock to him today. No doubt whatsoever though he will produce – needs at least a dozen games under his belt. Three things I loved from him today: 1) The cross/pass for Kos to score 2) His ball-on-chest balancing act – class, never seen that before in a match and 3) being first to get to AR after he scored and the obvious delight on his face.


    1. Arteta was very decent today. Tidy with his passing and kept a good position in front of the back 4.

      1. Everyone to their own when it comes to opinions but I find it genuinely interesting how one player or one performance often draws such diametrically opposed views. I wonder if anyone has done a scientific study on this phenomena – when we tend to blank out the bad when watching our favourites and can only see bad with those we dislike/distrust/don’t rate etc. I know I have watched boxing matches before and find myself completely engrossed in what “my man” is doing, almost completely bypassing the other fighter – then am shocked when the other guy gets the decision! I have previously watched a fight again consciously putting a “different hat” on following the other guy, and see a different fight. If Arteta was bad today the rest of the midfield were diabolical imo.

    2. Arteta didn’t do much wrong.
      Hardly anyone got pass marks. Sanogo was dire, much as I want him to succeed.
      Passing was awful, especially Santi.
      ….and Gibbs injured yet again…

  12. The 3 points is all that matters 3 more points than we had at this stage last season. Most of the team didn’t look 100% fit yet! first day nerves & Ozil, mert, Podolski, theo Diaby, Gnabry & flamini missing from the squad and unable to chose from. Plus two weeks left in the transfer window you can guarantee at least one more defensive player coming in.

  13. I don’t know why AW keep on playing Santi Carzola on the left wing. He is not a winger and that was plainly apparent today.

    We also badly need a striker if we are to challenge for the title. Giroud is not the answer though Sanchez could be.But I dont see AW playing Sanchez any time soon ( even when Walcot returns.)

    1. The only striker available is Cavani, toó expensive for a team that still need to bring on some vital players (dm and CB)

      1. Talking about Cavani, today he started his first start as a striker since.. I don’t even know when was the last time.

        Anyways, scored a sublime goal!

    2. i agree wenger needs to play cazorla in the middle he was far more better when wilshire came off and he went in the middle but there is the problem wenger is obsessed in playing wilshire but im sorry wilshire just aint cutting it he laso disturbs ramseys play both of them yet to play well together

      1. Wrong about that, I remember them totally bossing united and ramsey grabbing the only goal. That was when united were the best team in the division and in Europe.

        But they will need to play as a pair, with Ramsey being the box to box and jack learning to hold.

        However, instead why not buy a world class player that already knows how to hold his position. Khedira a world cup and champions league winner – £8m it’s a steal. Forget this injury prone crap. He has played over 300 games on the last 8 seasons.

    3. This is the biggest problem Arsenal have simply because it is so obvious and Wenger just refuses to accept the reality.

      When Cazorla pretends to play the wing he is just another CAM and the LW is abandoned. This equals little width which allows teams like Palace to just jam the middle with defenders.

  14. Arteta is not as bad and slow as some of you make of him, sanogo needs to grow, alexis is gonna be a force at arsenal.

    1. Yes, he is as slow as we think. I don’t think anyone has said he is a bad player, he’s just not a good defender. He’s an excellent distributor as you saw today and when we are simply attacking the other team, he is in his element.

  15. Alexis was great but sometimes he unnecessarily tries to dribble instead of passing. needs to cut it off.

  16. They can ‘frustrate’ me all over again if they win like that. I screamed like a little pig when Ramsey scored.

  17. We didn’t play well, but I’ll take the win as they all count the same in league.

    I think we were weak on the left and at forward today. So I’ll reiterate, we need an impact forward, and an impact left mid. We won’t win the league with average in these positions.

  18. I think its high time a lot of gullible arsenal fans should realised that we need rosicky in every game, if u watch the match you will notice wat I’m saying- no passion to drive the ball upfront. also to those who constantly criticise poldolski, sori guys we got no finisher like him at arsenal. I think we should keep him. arteta and monreal had a good game, bt to my surprise later som1 will com here to rate chamberlain better than them. koscielny is d MOTM for me not Ramsey.

    1. Koscielnys error for the first goal was too big to give him motm

      I personally thought that the introduction of chamberlain was the game changer and I would not award a motm as there was no stand out performer.

  19. Absolutely abysmal performance, but a massive win! I cannot believe how bad the crossing was all game. In terms of ratings I’d say:

    Szczesny – 6
    Debuchy – 7
    Chambers – 7
    Koscielny – 7.5
    Gibbs – 6.5
    Arteta – 6
    Wilshere – 5
    Sanchez – 5.5
    Ramsey – 7
    Cazorla – 3.5
    Sanogo – 5

    Subs: Monreal – 7, Giroud – 6, Ox – 5

    1. The only thing Chambers did wrong was that overshot ball to Giroud, that was it! Everything else he did was absolutely perfect. I’d give him 10/10.

    2. reasonably honest compared to the rest of the bs on this site…though a 7 for ramsey is delusional he was very very poor until the last minute and the idea that he was better than sanchez or wilshere just takes football ignorance to a new level…anyway its a better start than last season and a wake up call for ze silee frenzh man…. we need to find alternatives to arteta sonogo and monreal asap or we are in for another frustrating season…two quality players should be brought in as soon as possible…. at this point i would say carvalho and the colombian kid and if latter is too much go for vargas…ozil will add quality but dont have a starting XI that is top quality yet…on bright side chambers looks like quality sanchez with a bit of tweaking will trouble any defense kos is a top drawer centre back and wilshere is getting back to his best..add ozil and another quality player and we have promise..besiktas wont be easy though

      1. Fair enough but Arteta and Monreal had better games than Wilshere – not sure what you were watching if you think Jack is “getting back to his best” – he is light years away from that at the moment.

  20. I hate guys here who just hate on players just for the sake of it.Arteta was decent today and if u are not a spud,u should surely appreciate his hardwork.

    1. no fans like you need to take off your blinkers and stop being so deluded arsenal have a very good squad and are on the brink to achieving something great everyone can see arteta is the weak link if arsenal need some one to pass it back to the defenders and side ways ill be more than happy to do it free . that position he is playing in he needs to have more authority in breaking up plays he also gets out run soo many times espically in big games. i have nothing againt the guy top pro but all it takes is 1 player to mess evrything up

      1. Unfortunately for you “everyone” is not quite true – some bloke called Wenger disagrees. Regardless of what you think about MA being the weak link he was our best midfielder by some margin today and best also by a lesser margin in the CS. Btw – he made more forward passes than any other CDM in the premiership last year – so you need to watch more closely before throwing in your causal and inaccurate caricatures.

  21. Chambers looked good for the most part, but still needs to leatn when to pinch up close and when to drop back. Hopefully Mertesacker can show him that. We needed a wide man the whole game. This kind of showed us what we miss with Walcott out. I think Wenger should have brought on campbell/Ox earlier on. Hopefully we can get another 3 points against Everton and show people we can compete with some of the better teams as well this year

    1. One Campbell isn’t really your typical wide man to stay out wide
      Two Wenger doesn’t really intend to play real wide men but rather people who can help to provide an overload in the middle from wide positions so it could well be your opinion that we need a typical wide player but you should also observe that not even the invincibles enjoyed that privilege

        1. Ljumberg did sit wide on the right ( pretty much like Alexis earlier in the game) pires often narrow on the left allowing Ashley to overlap .

      1. Campbell at least adds pace down the flank and I’m saying we needed a wide player due to the fact we kept overloading the right and center which resulted in us losing the ball multiple times. We looked more balanced when we had brought The OX on and had two actual wide players

  22. As long arsenal win, i am happy. We still need enforcements so wenger do some shopping asap.

  23. Feel sad for campbell, got no chance to play. Just wonder campbell is wenger 3rd or 4th choice in favour order?

  24. Am I the only one is starting to get worried with Gibbs constant injures. I don’t want to see him become the next Diaby. Hopefully the new medical team can help him.

  25. Juz wonder why we don’t have a really outstanding CF to accommodate the midfielders we have? Don’t you feel such a waste wenger?

  26. Good result, hard work but 3 points on the board at the end of the day. Looking forward to Tuesday could be the reason for Giroud not starting but today Sanogo was poor. We have plenty of room for rotation in the squad for against Besiktas, I’d like to see Flamini, Campbell, Giroud, Rosicky and Ox all used, preferably from the start to keep the squad fresh.

    1. I think sanogo needs to drop a level, start scoring regularly and then be given another chance. The starting x1 at arsenal is no place for “recovering strikers” we need a world class centre forward, sanchez will be ok eventually or may be Walcott. But ideally we need a cavani or falcao, make a real statement and scare the living daylights out of our opponents.

      For £80m we could get cavani reus khedira the champions league and epl title. For me that sounds like a bargain.

  27. Its the first game of the season and i expected it to be tight, crystal palace never disappointed me, there was a lot of physical challenges, time wasting and the building of a wall on the 18 yard box tall physical trees (reminded me of stoke). Our passes were poor on many occasions, slowed down play too often and Crystal palace got a goal from our defensive error.

    By observation we need pacey players on each flank, cazorla does not work in these situation on the flank and he always wonder inwards which crowds this area, playing him behind the striker would be more his thing.
    I expect arsenal to have a better game against everton, wh wil give arsenal more space , which will be to evertons detriment.

  28. If this Arsenal side – without at least a further 3 additions needed – wins anything this season I’ll eat my hat – They never rose above mediocrity against CP.

    1. You do realise in the premier league you dont destroy every team you come against especially a tony pulis team, just ask liverpool.

      1. Sanchez seemed completely overwhelmed at how difficult a team from the bottom half of the table were. He’ll grow into it though, I’m sure of that.

  29. Not a great display today, but thankfully a win. Whole team seemed a little off in the final attacking third. Gibbs getting injured so early is a bit troubling. Whilshire still showing some of the same bad habits that he should have gotten over by now. Thats not good. He has got to improve this season or he will be a bench player. Ramsey, saves our rear end as usual. Weakness at striker evident. Sanago is not ready for Arsenal level at this point. Giroud is still Giroud. Need to do something there. Ozil and BFG were sorely missed. Hope to see Campbell next game. Team needs to get better to challenge for title. Like to see a new CDM

  30. Hard game today, good victory for the gooners. Rambo, debuchy, Alexis had very good games.
    The Germans still to come back and hopefully at least 2 more signings. Artetas legs won’t go another full season. As much as I appreciate him. And I’m not on the sanogo bandwagon, he could do with a loan. Campbell would have been my choice if Giroud is not quite ready.

  31. I really hope wenger has inserted 50 million plus clause in ramsay’s contract. Watch the replay of his goal and watch how he anticipates where the play is going, MAGIC!!

  32. Off topic a little, I thought Swansea were very good today. I’ve always thought United would get back into the top four this season, but today their team had no depth at all, and a big lack of quality. Sure they’ll sign people, but all those signings will have to integrate into their squad and that’ll take time. The season has already started, and it’ll be more than just two or three players that they need to sign. Will they be a able to sign top players so late in the transfer window? And with no CL? They’ll pay through their noses whoever they get, thats for sure. Genuinely starting to think they’ll be battling Everton for 5th.

  33. Arteta not bad at all today, Sanches dribble too much, Ox poor, sanogo poor, Gibbs becoming too fragile, Chamber our next Koshieny, but should learn how to defend set piece, remember monaco game, today again, most of our players not ready, santi didn’t play well.

    1. royalman – in peace, was Chambers really to blame for the two goals conceded to Palace and AS Monaco?? I didn’t see it that way.

  34. No joking like this on Tuesday please. We need our qualification after the first leg, so we can get our remaining transfers done.

  35. Just got back and thought I,d look at what you guys had to say.
    We were NOT great ,however, WE created around 20 chances with at least 8 shots on target.
    Palace created around 6 with maybe 3 on target.
    WE had close to 75% possession.
    Chambers was again fantastic, not even considering his, age, minutes played as CB, and with his new teammates, let alone moving to a new City etc. Surely MOTM.
    Please remember, first EPL game of Season, and, PALACE form end of last Season, when they beat Chelsea, and, came back from 3-0 down against Pool.
    I DID say on here yesterday IF, we concede first, it could be a long 90 minutes, and, it was.
    Some people on here just do not understand that players DO have off days, and no reason to demand they are sold or dropped because they do.
    For me, Alexis has hardly set the Emirates, or Wembley alight the 2 games I have seen, but, I would not question his talent because of it.
    Onwards and upwards to the Olympic Stadium and Besiktas on Tuesday.

    1. I agree. The only weakness of Chambers seems to be from set pieces heading but Im confident
      he will improve from playing more.

  36. I am sure our team will be better in their next games this coming week, even the manager sated we lacked pace in the final third so i guess he will improve on that for Saturday, i know we have a match on Tuesday CL, but i am not worried.I am just wondering who wenger will be carrying in

  37. This is classic: Ramsey plays poor to average for 90 minutes, contributing little on the attack and doing nothing creative on the ball. Wilshere plays generally well with the ball, taking risks and running with it, at least attempting to get something going. Ramsey is everyone’s hero and man of the match because he tapped in a winner. Wilshere’s good performance is trashed because he didn’t make the scoresheet.

    1. Honestly – I didn’t see Wilshere’s “good” performance. Play poor and score a winner will always elevate you above someone’s average game with nothing to show for it – it has always been this way.

  38. Learnt two things,our defence can’t cope with Zonal marking,and we really need a strong DM. Why was Emirate Stadium quiet most of the first half time,we need to support the team and be vocal,no matter what.

  39. Boys done well, first game out, 3 new players fitting in really well. Debuchy works hard and chambers is a perfect fit for arsenal, really impressed by him. Once adjusted sanchez will terrorise defenders.

    There are no easy games in the league. …..Man Utd seem to know that all to well!..RVP RIP.

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