A full team of top Arsenal players that starred for England

As England kicked off their Euro 2020 campaign, it was noticeable there were zero Arsenal representatives (although we have several in the under-age groups). Unai Emery was also called out the other week for naming an all foreign squad, something Arsene Wenger did a few times.

So which Gunners have played for the Three Lions? This will show your age; the only rule is they have had to have played at a World Cup of European Championship. Another list will follow of talent you might be shocked to learn never got to represent their contrary in a major tournament.

David Seaman (GK) (Euro 96, France 98, Euro 2000, World Cup 2002)
Younger fans might have thought nothing could match Jordan Pickford’s penalty save at the World Cup. It was the first time the 3 Lions won on spot kicks since Euro 96 when football really was ‘coming home.’ David Seaman became a national treasure that day against Spain which was a rarity. It’s common in the UK when someone makes it to the top, to predict their downfall. The media seemed more obsessed with his ponytail and moustache rather than the fact that for a decade he was Arsenal and England’s number one, two shirts that come with allot of pressure.

Ashley Cole (LB) (World Cup 2002, Euro 2004, World Cup 2006, World Cup 2010, Euro 2012)
Given how he went to Chelsea, some Gooners might not admit that Cole was perhaps the most consistent member of our ‘golden generation.’ We knew at Arsenal he was one of the world’s best attacking full backs, but it was against Ronaldo with England that he showed how good he was defensively. In fact, Ronaldo describes his duel with Cole at Euro 2004 and World Cup 06 as his toughest opponent.

Tony Adams (CB) (Euro 88, Euro 96, France 98, Euro 2000)
Captained his country at Euro 96 at a time when our squad was surrounded by leaders. Anyone who has read his autobiographies will know what the defender put himself through to be mentally ready for tournaments. Such was his battle with addiction he would lock himself in his hotel room and not socialise with his teammates out of fear of partying.

Sol Campbell (CB) (Euro 96, France 98, Euro 2000, World Cup 2002, Euro 2004, World Cup 2006)
With Adams in 98-, Rio in 2002, Terry in 2004, Sol formed some great partnerships when our country was spoilt for choice in this position. Sadly, he is best remembered in Three Lion’s shirts for having two crucial goals harshly ruled out, two headers which could have altered our history.

Keown (CB) Euro 2000
Part of Arsenal’s famous back four, something that our national managers didn’t really take advantage of. Terry Venables dropped him, while he went to two World Cups without playing, although his leadership qualities were deemed as helpful to his younger peers. Only Kevin Keegan at Euro 2000 tried to capitalise on Keown’s partnership with Adams which had won so much.

The Ox (RB) Euro 2012, World Cup 2014
For the purpose of this team, the Ox is the closest thing we have to a right back who played for England. Not his favoured position but it remains where he has shown his best form and had a consistent run in a first team. Was deemed a wildcard when selected for Euro 2012 which he justified with his pace, scaring France. Hasn’t got close to his ambition of being a goal scoring midfielder due to injuries.

Wilshere (CM) World Cup 2014, Euro 16
Was predicted to be his country’s next big thing with the likes of Gerrard describing him as a future England captain. Educated by Arsene Wenger, the midfielder had a technique which made him different to his peers. He was someone who could keep the ball, play in small spaces while showing great vision. In the last couple of tournaments he has been centre of debate in terms of; should we take a gamble with his fitness? His injury record means he cannot be relied on and Southgate seems to have accepted his time has passed him by. Injuries forced him out of his boyhood club and have prevented him from making impact at West Ham. Must be mentally as much as physically tough? In danger of becoming a wasted talent.

Merson (CM) Euro 92, France 98
Technically as good as anyone in his position, Merson would have earnt more caps if not for his well-known battles with addiction. The irony was, Graham Taylor gave him a run in the side when he was very much leading the drinking culture the British game was known for. Terry Venables made it clear he was not an option unless he changed his lifestyle. It was in fact when dropping down a division he finally made it to a World Cup, the first Englishmen to do so when not playing in the top flight. Perhaps in a tour that sums up his career, he fondly described his form for England on a trip to America. Off the field the drunk play maker was chased back to his hotel.

Walcott (RM) Euro 2012
Became somewhat of a scapegoat to some England managers. Was strangely called up for the 2006 World Cup, despite being 16 and yet to kick a ball for his employers. Having gone to a major tournament when he had zero experience, he has missed World Cups when scoring double figures in a campaign. At times his pace was ignored for the likes of Lennon and Wright Phillips. Maybe like at Arsenal, he lacked that mean streak to consistently be considered a threat.

Welbeck (LM) Euro 2012, World Cup 2014, World 2018
Louis Van Gal once said Welbeck needs 5 chances to score, an opinion he hasn’t really altered in North London.
Good at linking play, great pace, but you still can’t rely on him in the final third. Yet for England his goal ratio is decent, and Southgate seemed to trust him, always finding ways to get him in his attack. Another gunner though who’s career has been impacted by too many injuries.

Alan Smith (Striker) Euro 92
Only international tournament is remembered for being brought on for Gary Lineker when we needed a goal, ending Lineker’s international career. Graham Taylor was also criticised for trusting Smith over younger strikers, the likes of Ian Wright and Alan Shearer. It makes non Gooners forget Smith was a man who had won the Golden boot twice and who’s body of work includes crucial goals in crucial moments. An old-fashioned forward of the type they don’t make anymore.

Dan Smith


  1. It’s depressing to read this

    It’s sad that our representation in International teams (not just England) is limited now, because of the lower quality of players.

    1. We could say the quality of our English players is relatively lower than the other top EPL clubs’. Because Arsenal do not want to purchase the expensive English players, their youth development system is not as good as it was and our players are plagued with injuries

      I think the lengthy injury is caused by the playing style and the aggresion level of EPL defenders

      I’m curious to see whether the current youngsters can win the internal competition against the expatriates or not. That is if the Spanish staffs do not limit their chances by getting more Spanish players

  2. Completely off topic
    Following a post earlier this week Thierry Henry won the vote by a landslide as the best Foreign Footballer EVER tonplay in the Premiere League.
    A very good accomplishment bearing in mind he was never as good as Dennis Bergkamp who did not even make the list.
    To be fair the main contributors all praised Henry so we should at least be grateful there was a time the media actually gave credit to Arsenal as it certainly doesn’t happen much these days.
    But without Bergkamp where would Henry have been?

    1. That is rubbish. Henry was a all round forward. He created 20 assists on top of scoring more than 25 goals in a season.

      With or without our great Bergkamp henry was destined to succeed.

      That is like saying, without Iniesta or xavi where would Messi be?. Or without Ozil at Madrid where would C.Ronaldo be?

      Without Alex Song where would RVP be etc.

      These attacking player made their teammates look good and play better. They are team players as wells being dominant leaders that took games by the neck.

      If course that is my subjective / personal opinion 🙂

    2. …. Common Phil, is that really an argument? Bergkamp was good but Henry was on another level. He made Ruud looked like a school boy ….. scoring 24+ goals for several consecutive seasons. Henry was a beast. He might not have performed very well in Europe but he made the EPL his playground. There is no doubt who he is better and if it gets down to both Bergkamp and Henry; the latter will win if not by a landslide.

      1. Sorry guys but I just cannot agree.Dennis Bergkamp came to a good Arsenal side and was instrumental in them becoming a great Side.I get the Henry argument and can not disagree with his record.But in my opinion NOBODY will ever be a better footballer than DB10 for this Club.
        And how lucky were we to have not one but two all time greats

        1. You’re 100% right Phil, can’t be bothered to argue anymore with people who know nothing about the game. Dennis was , is and always will be Arsenal’s greatest ever player.

        2. Bergkamp was a good player but to say nobody will ever be a better footballer for Arsenal is just absurd. I for one believes Iwobi has the potential to be all Bergkamp ever was and more with the right coaching and system.

            1. Can you think of something you would like to write mate?
              Three weeks without Arsenal needs filling in…..

              1. TH14-honestly PAL you just do not have a clue do you.We are talking about a WORLD CLASS footballer in Dennis Bergkamp.Fans from other Clubs used to pay to watch matches just to see him play.HE WAS THAT GOOD.And now you feel with good coaching Iwobi could be just as good?Ate you F***ing serious or what?Your complete infatuation over Iwobi is just laughable PAL.You have just made the most ridiculous comment I have EVER read in my long 62 years on this planet.I thought you calling the previous Nigerian side the Dream Team was bad but somehow you have just proved how pathetically ridiculous and pointless you really are.
                Bergkamp NEVER NEEDED COACHING.You could not coach a GENIUS.And that is exactly what he was.
                Get your self to a doctor and get your pathetic sad little life sorted out.You have embarrassed yourself AGAIN.

                1. Everyone who watched football in 1996 knows of the great Nigerian Dream Team I that conquered the world. It’s been 23 years since Nigeria’s football team made Olympic history in Atlanta but the memories remain as vivid as yesterday.

                  Secondly your statement that Bergkamp never needed coaching is totally incorrect when you take into context the fact that it was the great Johan Cruyff who, as manager, gave him his very first senior start in 1986 and continued to offer his esteemed guidance and advice for many years thereafter before he signed for Arsenal. That is to say Bergkamp learned from the very best.

                  Iwobi is a multi talented player and he’s got a very good football brain just like Bergkamp. It is very commendable that Iwobi whi is a natural CAM is able to slot in at LW and perform remarkably well every week and that’s what the coach Unai loves about him. There is no doubt that Iwobi is on a different level to many players at his age and it is his football intelligence that is setting him apart.

                  Wait till we sign a winger next season and Iwobi is given the chance to progressively develop in his natural position then we’ll know just how much of a world class talent we have.

                    1. The great Nigerian Dream Team I had the likes of Sunday Oliseh and Jay-Jay Okocha featuring as key protagonists and a frisson of talent drawn from the U-17 side that had won the World Cup in 1993, and it was from that crop that a legend was born: Nwankwo Kanu, lanky, dainty as a pelican and with a touch like velvet. You remember him right Kenny?

                  1. I watched football in 1996.But I never knew of the so called Nigerian Dream Team.It was the Olympics.It wasn’t the World Cup itself was it?And who was it who titled them the dream team in the first place? Nigerians I would guess.Funny that.
                    So I’m not sure what the regulations were to play in the Olympics were as I would never waste my time watching football such as this.But I believe now it is age driven with a couple of overage players.Something like that anyway.
                    So let’s say you self titled Nigerian Dream Team were all 23 years of age in 1996.That would have made them 25 when the World Cup in France was played. Did they win that?No.Did they even qualify?Cant be arsed to look it up if I’m honest.
                    So the 2000 World Cup comes around and did they win that when the Dream Team were now very much more experienced at 20 years old?No.Did they even qualify?Again I just cannot bother myself to see if they did or not.
                    So let’s look at your Nigerian Dream Team.They have never actually won anything of any note have they?Certainly not the World Cup.If they did win the African Nations them that is something.But to call them the Nigerian Dream Team is so very typical of the small mind you possess.
                    I would call the Brazilian World Cup team of 1970 a Dream Team.An unbelievable group of players all known worldwide.At Club level There has been many sides that have rightly been labelled as being a Dream Team.Barca of the last decade.AC Milan of the nineties.Ajax of the early seventies.
                    But the Nigerian Olympic 1996 side?You are so ve4y very desperate aren’t you?An absolutely pathetic and absurd statement from someone who knows nothing better.
                    Bergkamp and coaching.I was speaking metaphorically.But again how desperate are you to try and justify your ridiculous statements by picking on words and not facts.I would also suggest that if you ever read the Dennis Bergkamp Autobiography then he himself mentions coaches other than Cryuff who he learned from.
                    So now your comments on Iwobi.Who agrees he is multi-talented?At what?Twll me one single thing he is good at.You then go on to say he is a natural CAM and how Emery likes him.Really?Well Emery doesn’t like him well enough to play him as a CAM does he?I cannot once this season recall him playing anything other than out wide.So that blows that little theory apart doesn’t it?Who says he is on a different level to other players of his age?Not in this country he isn’t.He might be the only young player who regularly start at Arsenal but that is because there is nobody else in the squad (at this present time who we have that can play out wide.You say he plays remarkably well every week.I can tell you he does not.Travelling to Away games as I do I can assure you he is ridiculed by most supporters.He is inept and clueless.Dont just take my word on this.Go to an Away game and hear it for yourself.There is a very very unfavourable song that is sung about Iwobi by Arsenal supporters at Away games.It is very very funny but would have this post censored by Admin if I printed it,That’s what most supporters feel about Iwobi.
                    Football intelligence-Are you F***ing mad or what?He is absolutely CLUELESS when it comes to decision making because he just doesn’t possess a football brain.You continue to delude yourself in your thinking.You convince yourself he is better than what he is.HE IS NOT.Watch Reiss Nelson make the goal for Calvert-Lewis for the u23’s last night.So so natural and effortless.The sign of a talented footballer with a football brain.Technically already on a level Iwobi will never ever reach.And with Sako and ESR coming through the clock is ticking against Iwobi very very quickly.
                    You say Emery loves him.Really?He hasn’t loved him that much the last couple of games has he.He prefers Kolasinac to play wide left with a Iwobi on the bench.And Kola has been very very threatening in both games.Emery also had the chance to play Iwobi as a CAM didn’t he?But he played Ozil instead.With Iwobi benched.So two very important games and Emery drops Iwobi to the bench.And we play very well in both games and win both.Si no I do not agree Emery Loves Iwobi.You convince yourself he does which is not the same and you become a ve4y sad person for believing differently.
                    So we end on next season when we sign a winger.So that then leaves a Iwobi challenging for a CAM role.Pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaase.Do not even believe this will happen.He can’t be trusted to create anything from out wide so what makes you believe he will suddenly become a creative force in the middle?He can’t pick a pass.He can’t shoot straight.He very rarely chooses the right option.
                    We will buy next season.We will introduce youth next season.By the 2020-21 season Iwobi will be gone.FOREVER.TF.
                    But you could always have your very own Iwobi Dream Team I suppose.

              2. Hope that was not intended for me admin, I write plenty of long articles on this web site but when somebody like TH14 comes out with a ridiculous statement like he did a long answer is unnecessary.

            1. I would imagine his mummy has just read what he posted and slapped his legs before sending him off to bed with no tea.The single most ridiculous statement I have EVER read.But bearing in mind who wrote it there is no surprise.How he comes back from that I just cannot see.
              Can’t wait to get down the pub tonight and let my mates see that comment.
              A good friend of mine will be there who knows the ex Southampton player Francis Benali very well I I have been fortunate enough to meet this absolute gentleman of a person on numerous occasions.A player of limited ability by even his own admission he once told be he tried to kick the S**t out of DB10 in one match at the Dell and was found to be not good enough to even be able to do that.He described him as the best footballer he has ever played with or against.Somehow I can’t see Iwobi ever being recognised as that.
              TH14 ( the poster NOT the player) will most likely be crying himself to sleep at the moment.Lets hope he soon realises that his obsession with Alex Iwobi continues to embarrass him and he might just learn his lesson.Somehow I very much doubt it

              1. ? guys should really not take TH14 too seriously about his Iwobi comments sometimes. He does it specifically with the aim of winding you guys up and man does he press your buttons. Laugh it off, maybe even commend his admiration for his fellow countryman and just move on… I always see people (especially Phil) take him way too seriously and I’m sure he’s sitting behind his keyboard cracking up. Cut the air supply to the fire and it’ll choke and die out, stop feeding it and wondering why it won’t just extinguish itself

                1. The fact is he knows what he is writing but sadly for him he is completely fixated with his love of the mediocrity offered by Iwobi.God alone knows what he fiddled with when behind his computer but I hope he clears himself up afterwards and his mother doesn’t find out.
                  TH14 Unfortunately is very sadly out of touch with the realism of professional football and embarrassed himself continually.If I thought he was a troll I would ignore him.But he is not so I treat him like the pathetic child he portrays himself as.
                  And he did get a good laugh out of everyone in the pub tonight.Even a Spud season ticket holder could not believe what he posted and said Iwobi would get nowhere near their team.And he is right.
                  Pathetic poster in love with a very very average player.

  3. Denis had the skills but Henry was a complete package of a player. He is the second best player to grace the epl,the first being cr7

    1. Opinions are subjective. CR7 better than TH14 in EPL? Surely you’re having a go at the people here, stirring up trouble.

      DB10 or TH14 would make for an interesting debate and lively topic. But CR7 in EPL not even in that picture based on his time here.

      Love to know what Jon Fox and Ken1945 think in addition to Phil and Kenny. I’ll trust their experience on the matter as their familiarity with those greats exceeds mine by far.

      1. Ha ha Durand-Playing the age game I see.
        When DB10 first arrived he was slaughtered in the press for not scoring.Bit it didn’t take him long and he soon got into his stride.He was good in 1996-97 season but really took off in 1997-98 when he was instrumental in our double winning year.Ian Wright lost his place to Amelia and Christopher Wray that season but it was Dennis Bergkamp that pulled the strings for us and he ended the season as Football Writers And PFA Player of the season.That says it all.When TH14 arrived it is not wrong to say he could not score to Dave his life.He was played out wide but continued to miss chance after chance until scoring a very good winning goal at The Dell against Southampton.I know he impressed the players at the Club But he was missing something in his game until Wenger played him through the centre with Dennis in a No10 role.Itcthen clicked for them both.But it was DB10 whobpulked the strings and made it all happen.
        Fans have different views and opinions I know but nobody will ever convince me that Henry was a better footballer than DB10.And I am fortunate to say I saw most games he played in during his time at the Club.
        TH14 (the contributor NOT the player) will know doubt say how Alex Iwobi eclipses both Dennis And Thierry But thatcis something we must just live with I’m afraid.Thete are opinions and downright stupidity.At least we are talking about two of the greatest players to play the game ever.And the fact they both played the best years of their careers at Arsenal in the same team is something we who were around at that time can only be grateful for.

          1. No ! Unforgiveable! Off with your head! Personaly I carnt stand peeple hoo make misstaykes with tipose!

        1. It is Declan.CR7 was an amazing talent at Man Utd and seemed to get even better when he went to Madrid.Th14 was incredible as a footballer and I suppose as Arsenal fans we would always side with him.But it wasnt just them two in that era.Cantona,Zola,were incredible players.Half of Maureen’s Chelski team were some of the best to play in this country.
          But DB10 will always have my vote.Simply amazing footballer

      2. Thank you for those nice words Durand, Arsenal have had many great players over the years, I can only go back to the late fifties when I began attending Arsenal as an eight year old. The first true legend I ever saw was Goalkeeper Jack Kelsey, voted the worlds best keeper after the 1958 World Cup where his heroics took Wales to the quarter finals before being narrowly beaten by the great Brazilian side who went on to win the competition. Into the sixties we had George Eastham and Joe Baker (100 goals in a 150 games), Joe was my idol and with a scoring average close to Thierry’s was one of our greatest ever strikers. The late sixties early seventies produced a young Charlie George, out of the “Cali”, no truer gooner will you find anywhere and the late seventies the incredible Liam Brady, probably our greatest ever player before the emergence of Henry and Bergkamp. Charlie Nicholas came along in the Eighties but unfortunately through his lifestyle didn’t live up to his promise. There was Mr Arsenal Tony Adams, probably, along with Frank Mclintock, our greatest ever defender. I can understand all of those who put Thierry as number one but Phil summed it perfectly when he said it was Bergkamp who made Henry the player he became and the truth is Thierry would be the first to admit it.

      3. Durand , Thanks for asking , you old flatterer! Here goes! Thierry top. Second Dennis, Third Adams, Fourth Brady, Fifth Viera, Sixth Seaman, Seventh Overmars, Eighth Pires, Ninth Wright, Tenth Lichtsteiner. Ok, I might just possibly being lying about number ten! But I’d probably put George Armstrong, Frank Mc Lintock or Bob Wilson (along with Brady), well inside in my top ten, prior to Wengers glory decade and just before. My late Dad and Grandad would have shouted at you if you dared to suggest anyone came anywhere near “Wee Alex James” our baggy shorted Thirties magician. But isn’t this whole subject rather like asking do you prefer a roast lamb dinner to a leisurely walk with your loved one on a glorious day in late Spring!

          1. Phil, He just scrapes into the top ten billion players, billions below Gus Caesar, Santos, Almunia and Co. It is true that I tend to have certain players who I cannot/ could not stand. Walcott is certainly the most despised of Wengers era though that is not about lack of ability at all, but about lack of spine. Hillier was the worst of the previous era, for other reasons though, and had you been near me in the ground in those days you would have definitely known why. I have had countless heroes I adored BUT NONE came anywhere near my love of the club. I always place MY love for the club way above my love for any individual, no matter what.

        1. I fully understand your point Jon about “wee Alex” but over the years I’ve watched about every bit of old footage possible going back to the Woolwich days and from those days of the late fifties when the invention of plastic covering, to save the ball from becoming heavy, incredible improvements in footwear from the early sixties onwards and the fantastic pitches from the nineties to the present day the quality of the game has changed for the better. However what I would say is the money in the modern game has taken away the honesty and has been detrimental to the game as a whole.

          1. Could not more agree KENNY. It was Dad and Grandad, who lionised wee Alex. I first fell in love with Jack Kelsey and when one day he spoke to me I was tongue tied with awe. I dislike almost everything about the modern game, EXCEPT the actual game itself which is still awesome.

            1. I should have said “I dislike everything about the BUSINESS of the modern game. That does NOT mean the players or fans. The cheating , false values and diving etc are cringeworthy though. Refs are still dreadful, though as you know I disgree that they are actually bent. INCOMPETENT AS HELL THOUGH!

              1. JF-Do you remember Jack Kelsey running the Club Shop in Avenall Road?He didn’t serve much because he spent all his time talking to anyone and everyone about Arsenal Football Club.A great Club servant and ambassador even in those days.

                1. I certainly do Phil and how tiny it was compared to now. JK was a true hero of mine and I would put him alongside Jennings as our second equal ever behind only Big Dave with the “stupidly” brave and admirable Bob Wilson close behind in fourth place. Bob Wilson is actually my greatest Arsenal human hero still alive ever. Not as a player but as a man.

                  1. Bob Wilson is one of the nicest kindest and most sincere gentlemen anyone could ever wish to meet.Ive seen him in Club Level a few times and he always has time for a photo or autograph for anyone who asks.
                    His charity continues to offer hope and pleasure to endless youngsters in memory of the daughter he so tragically lost.A very humble man who continues to have the respect of everyone connected to Arsenal Football Club and anyone who ever has the pleasure to meet him.

            2. If he saw a youngster behind the goal smoking he’d give them a rolliking, at the same time he’d have a half a cigarette tucked behind his ear. Got his autograph many times in the players car park that used to be behind the old Clock End. Wonderful man, wonderful character.

              1. One day he was walking to the dressing rooms from the players car park carrying six new footballs, two under each arm and two in plastic bags. I chased after him with a fantastic big glossy photograph of Jack going full length tipping a shot over the bar at the North Bank End. He said to me “what am going to sign it with, my feet, I’ll sign it after the game”. He came out after the game and as all the kids got around him, he said “no autographs today lads, I’m in a hurry” I shouted at him “you promised me Jack” he looked over at me and said “so I did” came over and signed. Still got that signed picture today framed and on the wall in my Arsenal room. Just after that got the autographs of Alfredo di Stefano and Ferenc Puskas by running on to the pitch as Real Madrid were about to kick off the second half of a friendly. Can you imagine doing that today, you’d be in court the following morning.

                1. Ha ha Kenny.I remember you telling us before about running on the pitch to get those autographs.The difference then was the players had time and manners to sign and the fans were not looking to attack them.
                  Great story about Jack Kelsey signing the photo

                  1. Thanks Phil, didn’t think anybody would have remembered the story about running on the pitch, the ref chased me off. Can you imagine, ha ha.

                    1. Phil, a couple of weeks ago picked up four foreigners in the cab speaking Spanish, I said “where you from, Spain” they said “no Argentina” with that I went straight into them about the recent Copa Libertadores final between River Plate and Boca Juniors, did you see it?, was you there?, what did you think of the violence? It wasn’t til after the lady with them getting out of the cab to get something from the Pharmacy and then returning and hearing me still talking about Boca that she tuned to me and said “do you know who this person is” pointing at one of her friends, I said “no who”? she said “this is the President of Boca Juniors”. Couldn’t believe it , after all the talking I’d done. His name was Daniel Angelici, absolute gentleman, knew she was telling the truth but just for piece of mind went straight the internet when they got out. Yeah, no doubts about it, young guy, born 1964, told him I wanted to play for Boca and to get me a game. Can you imagine 50,000 at the Bombernero jumping up and down chanting my name.

                2. What a wonderful time that was to be a true fan. When players actually talked to you. We used to go to away games with the supporters club coach and often got free comp tickets given to us at the players entrance to away games. Bob W, Frankie Mc, Sammels, Bid Raddy and esp Geordie Armstrong whom I slightly knew as a person through being next door to his house. It was my kid brothers mates granny who lived next door to George and Margorie and we were often at Grannys and not for her delicious apple pie. Not MAINLY , anyway! Do you remember Old Flo Burgess who used to go on away coach trips and stood right behind the North Bank goal on the rail? She used to hand or throw Jim Furnell a toffee in the warm up and she sent all the players birthday cards . When she was ill Bertie Mee and most of the players visited her in hospital. Great days eh Kenny!

                  1. Lovely story Jon, you told me before about your connections with Geordie and about Flo. You’re absolutely right about how we connected with the players, I can still remember coming back from away and sitting on the tube or the bus with the players. It’s a million miles from today’s pampered players and as I’ve always said, it’s very rare to find players with the same kind of love for the club as supporters

                    1. Kenny-What an amazing story.Fancy picking up four Billy Bunters (oh yes-I know the cabbie slang) and they turn out to be those gentlemen.I trust you were able to remind them it was their countryman Nelson Vivas who cost us the point at Elland Road. to lose us the Premier League.
                      And Boca Juniors are still one of the Worlds biggest Clubs.Incredible story.

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