A good Arsenal win and even Welbeck and Xhaka looked good!

Arsenal dispatch Milan comfortably in the end by Konstantin Mitov

A professional performance from Arsenal saw us dispatch Milan 5-1 on aggregate and for once the 5 stands in our favor! Apart from a stunner from Calhanoglu, we were in control of the game and turned it around.

Their goal came after Xhaka was left to cover for 2 players and although he tried to block the shot, he was late and it was in, but this is a trend about us I really hate. We far too often alow shots from distance almost like we don’t expect them, but sometimes it just goes in.

Our response was good though and we equalized from a penalty that was so shocking, Welbeck would’ve gotten an Oscar if it was a few weeks earlier. He scored it nicely, but it was so ugly. If this was against us I’d be fuming, but I have to say for once decisions went our way on the night.

The second half Milan tried, but lacked quality and when their keeper made an error from a Xhaka shot the game was dead and we finished with another Welbeck goal, who despite his obvious dive, was excellent in the two games vs Milan and deserved this goal.

Another player who was excellent against Milan both games was Granit Xhaka. The slower tempo allowed him time on the ball and he was solid, his passing was better and I just wonder what will he and some other players look like under a different manager?

I was only disappointed with Ozil, because it was ‘I don’t care when we lose the ball’-Mesut today, and I again wonder what would a Simeone or Allegri make of him?

So it’s the first time since 2010 we make it past the ro16 of a European competition and while we do have a chance of winning this one, people underestimate some of the remaining teams.

Rb Leipzig is a really interesting team, CSKA Moscow is a tricky trip to Russia, RB Salzburg dumped Dortmund out and Marseille is no joke. Lazio and Sporting Lisbon are decent sides, but of course the big threat is Atletico Madrid.

I think avoiding them until the final would be best as we’d have a better chance in a one off game rather than 2 legs in my opinion, but on the other hand getting them now will show what Wenger is made off and could force his departure if we capitulate in the last meaningful tournament for us this year.

Lastly you could see a lot of empty seats again as fans haven’t forgotten the season is still terrible, and we all know who’s responsible for this, and apart from getting Atletico, I don’t see the ground filling up again this season, but whatever competition the Europa League may be, it’s a European trophy and a chance to get back to the Champions League and I want us to win it.

So I hope that only for those remaining 1 or possibly 2 home games in the EL, the ground is full and we support the players to achieve what’s best for this football club and afterwards hopefully Wenger will leave and the new manager will have less ground to catch up and better transfer market options.

Peace and Love!



  1. Goonerboy says:

    I saw the highlights and Welbeck was so lively and explosive, long may that continue.
    I was shocked we got that penalty, that was amateur officiating, but we needed it.
    We needed more of the luck. congrats to the the boys and the manager…coyg!!!

    1. gotanidea says:

      Welbeck was not slick but he pressurized Milan’s defense a lot

      There was no way the closest official to the Welbeck’s dive could not see Welbeck’s trick. I hope there was nothing going on under the table

      1. Lol! He was literally five feet away from Welbeck and still did not see it. The officiating in Europe is nothing short of shocking, always has been and always will be. This reminds me of the game vs Barca where Van Persie got red carded for not stopping play after the referee had blown the whistle. Needless to say, that decesion killed the game and it was one way Barca all day after that.

  2. Goonerboy says:

    As much as i also want us to avoid Athletico until the final at least, i also do not want us to face Leipzig now. They are so aggresive and tenacious which Arsenal dont seem to cope with.

    All in all, no easy teams perse, our boys just have to be ready to dig deep and fight till the end, i believe we can do this…

  3. GB says:

    Not saying I agree entirely but Ozil was man of match on BBC.

  4. krustoman says:

    I for was happy of what I saw
    yesterday. doing everything
    within your power to win. I.e
    diving to win a penalty. kuddos to
    you guys.
    No moron should come here
    saying, we are class, we win the
    beautiful way, we are the angels
    of football, calling others cheat

  5. gotanidea says:

    Milan are really lacking high quality players and Andre Silva cannot justify his high price tag like Xhaka. CSKA Moscow, Marseille, etc showed what they can do if their opponents make small mistakes

    Elneny’s forward, risky and timely passes made him looked as if he was the playmaker, not Ozil. Ruthless manager like Simeone or Allegri could have let Ozil ran out his contract, like Jackson Martinez

    We should enjoy the Europa League while it lasts and we need to support the team while they are still competing in the Europa League. We could go back to our condemning mode if Arsenal get thrown out of the competition

    1. neil says:

      support team only if we win. what a great model fan you are !!

  6. pires says:

    Konstantin, here you go again!!you were saying that Milan would trash us ,right?! i guess it happened !!!and now it’s about empty seats…..

  7. OxInTheBox says:

    mediocre performance but Milan were rubbish. and still they caused us problems and cut our defense way too easily.
    the next round will be much harder, and i don’t think we can cut it against a serious opponent.
    Wenger out no matter what!!!!!

    1. Don’t you think it’s time you changed your name?

      1. OxInTheBox says:

        never! the Ox needs to change, not me

  8. rkw says:

    people need to wake up … the last 8 with the exception of Salzburg (which says it all) are all teams that are outside the fight to win their respective leagues, i,e. they are outside the elite of european football, athletico are the exception but cant win their league because of barca but is the best team left by some distance .. we are now in the same bracket as a leipzig or a lazio … so we can certainly get to the final but equally could get knocked out in the next round …that is the product of wengers lost decade

      1. Rkw says:

        That’s right after a decade of sighs I sometimes think it must be nice to be lobotomised but then the brain kicks in and a measured assessment of results and performance lead to one simple conclusion if the club is to return to the top bracket of european football where true fans want us to be… Wenger out,,

  9. Gily says:

    All these hatred won’t add value to any one life. Every time arsenal beats a team, the team will be labeled rubbish instead of giving credit to whom it is due. Dunno what Arsenal did to deserve all these uncalled for hatred from people and media alike.
    How I wish Arsenal keeps winning so that some people can go and commit suicide, if they have cojones for it.

    1. Lupe says:

      @ Gily
      I am sure the hatred from the fans or even non-fans is at wenger. I know it doesn’t make sense for people to still be hating after winning but i can understand that fans are so frustrated at wenger it has created a bad environment where they just can’t seem to believe in the team anymore even after an impressive win against milan. I honestly belief wenger leaving will unite the fans to support the club more. The fans are just tired of supporting wenger which they did for a long time.

      1. Gily says:

        Wenger is not the problem of Arsenal. Just because he is extremely loyal and refuses to expose the board everyone is on his neck. Anyway he will eventually go and then everybody might get to know the truth.

        1. Lupe says:

          He has to take the blame for the performances on the pitch, we have lost too many games this season especially lower oppositions, that can’t be the board’s fault. The board has their fault which we all know but performances on the pitch should be better especially against teams we should be beating, teams that don’t spend as much as us on transfers and wages. I can understand loosing to man city but the way we lost also shows wenger is finished.

          1. Ken 1945 says:

            So your blaming Wenger for the players mistakes?
            Did you read Cech apologising for HIS two mistakes against Brighton?
            Do you think Wenger instructed Mustafi to pass back to Cech so that he could miss the ball completely for a goal against Swansea?
            It’s the players on the pitch that have been making the mistakes.
            Explain to me how we can outplay Chelsea over two legs, same with Milan and then lose to Brighton, Forest etc.
            Can’t only be the coaching, cause it’s the same managment team each game.
            It’s a season of collective errors and I wish people would see that it’s not just down to one man.

          2. dutchy says:

            No matter how good or bad they play, it IS his responsibility.

  10. Robin Vanpayslip V2.1 (now with cojones - firmware update to increase cojones to Chuck Norris levels) says:

    Showed real cojones to win last night ?

  11. dutchy says:

    Xhaka is a very good player outside of England. The game is to fast for him there.

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