‘A good headache’ – Pundit claims Tavares ‘offers more’ than Tierney

Gabriel Agbonlahor has claimed that Nuno Tavares offers more to Arsenal than Kieran Tierney, but claims that both are worthy of playing in the first-team.

The Portuguese defender arrived from Benfica in the summer, and initially started the term on the bench. He came into the side due to injury to the Scottish left-back, and thoroughly impressed, so much-so that he stayed in the starting line-up when Tierney returned to fitness, although he did drop to the bench for the first time since at the weekend.

It will be interesting to see who is named to start in the upcoming matches with Southampton and West Ham, but former Premier League star Agbonlahor claims there is no wrong decision on the subject.

“Arteta’s got a headache,” Agbonlahor told the Football Insider.

“I like Tierney but I like Tavares as well. Tavares probably offers more going forward for me, he’s quicker, he’s seriously quick.

“But Tierney is a very good left-back as well. I don’t think you can go wrong with either of them.

“It’s a good headache to have for the manager.”

While Gabi claim Nuno offers more in attack, I actually believe that Tierney has the better all-round game, the better defensive ability, and the more composed game of the two. You will rarely ever see an attacker get past the Scot, nor will you see him give the ball away in defence, and his leadership skills definitely shouldn’t be discounted either.

Do you agree with Agbonlahor?


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  1. I have heard Gabby opine on the radio, and I would listen to everything he says with a deaf ear!!

    I have said this many times before, but to reiterate, playing Tierney at left back gets ESR involved more.

    When Tavares plays left back, ESR gets marginalized, and since I think he is our best player, he needs to be involved much more!!!!

  2. Tavares in three away games Liverpool, Mzn Utd and Everton has made mistakes that directly led to a goal. At Everton he failed to be alert enough to react to the rebound

    1. Against Everton, was he the only one? I will rather put the blame on Gabriel. And aside the Liverpool game which ofcourse was a bad day for everyone of them, he has been superb. I just think that if Tierney hadn’t been taken off before the Richarlison’s goal, he would have reacted as quick as possible. But I rather have both of them in the same line-up (Tierney+Tavares). Arteta really needs to try sth different

  3. I suspect many Goonere think positively of Tavares. So do I. But plainly he is not as reliably sound a defensive LB as is Teirney.
    My view remains as it has always been, in that reliably sound defensive duties must be the first and foremost matter when selecting fulbacks or wing backs. To my mind Tierney is the correct and only choice, as things stand.

  4. Too obvious Tavares is a better option. We won more games with Tavares starting in that position. Kierney passes backwards alot. That’s primitive and boring. We need attacking games which are more entertaining.

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