A good win against Stoke but Arsenal have a REAL test at Man City to come

Good win against Stoke but real test will be Man City by KM

It’s always a delight when Arsenal beat Stoke City. The years of Pulis have really marked this club. How was Arnautovic not punished in any way for what he did? I’m worried about Debuchy. This could be season over for him. We don’t have a replacement right back.

But seriously? If you push a person like that and dislocate his shoulder (ON PURPOSE) he’ll sue you. This is unprofessional and shameful really. We now need a right back. It’s bad news, because City will cause us trouble on the wings.

We’ll have a chance in the game. A slim one, but a chance. We don’t suffer the same mental problem against City that we do against United. The champions either blow away teams or slump. Sunderland scored two, and Burnley managed to draw from 2-0 down at the Etihaad.

We’ll be hoping on Sanchez as ever to produce. I think Pellegrini will give Fernando or Fernandinho a personal task with him. Giroud looked awful against Stoke. We still need a top quality striker. Our threat forward will come from Santi and Sanchez on the counter. Ozil and Theo looked like people who’ve been out for a while and we probably won’t risk them.

City have troubles with their striker injuries, but Aguero will be back in the squad. I think he will show the difference in preparation after injury at Man City and Arsenal. We’re certainly underdogs and City will be eager to be in sight of Chelsea for their direct match after our game.

One positive in our squad is Coquelin. The guy has looked solid. He has his mind on protecting the back 4 and we’ve benefited from his performances. Still I would go for players like Sissokho and Schneiderlin. We haven’t had a powerhouse in midfield for a while. A Matic-type of player is one we badly need.

Another positive was Ospina, instead of Szczesny. The young Pole has been poor for quite a long time and the publicity around him didn’t help him too much. We need a world class keeper. I’m still baffled we let Valdes slip to United for free. Wenger hates the January window so don’t get your hopes up for any signings before deadline day.

That’s me done, have a super week!


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  1. butters says:

    I want Ospina to play, it would be the best match to test his potential

  2. Champagne Charlie says:

    This game will expose what’s week in our first 11. There’s been Carvalho mumblings all window, but this is Coquelins acid test to whether we pull the trigger and buy.

    I hope for the best in this one but, while I think Coq is a good player, I think we’ll see Sunday that he is not good enough to be our #1 DM…..and in turn burst the bubble many fans have created over his return to the first team fold.

    We shall see. Nevertheless, i think we can get a win COYG

    1. BarryL says:

      Think we should play both Le Coq and Flamini in DM roles, as we need to get a draw as minimum.
      Cazorla + Rosicky should retain their places with Giroud + Sanchez up front.
      With Walcott+ Ozil + Ramsey as 2nd half subs

      1. muda says:

        Chamberlain needs to start, the kid is energetic!

      2. Zapperkid says:

        Chambo and Alexis on the wings is a must, put Chambers at RB and flamini & coquelin at DM and we should be fine, it’s all about stoping silva & aguero 🙂

    2. Luko Bratzi says:

      There you go again Charlie on the negative again waiting for Coquelin to cock up remember I said after his first game he will do well and so he has,I hope after City game if he plays well you will admit you were wrong it’s ok we all can’t be right every time but you will see even Bellerin will not let us down Enjoy the game CB

      1. Champagne Charlie says:

        Admit I’m wrong? I’ve said everytime I mention him he’s a useful/good player, and far better than Flamini. That’s the funny part with a lot of you on here. I’m negative for stating this game is an acid test for Coq. Is it not? Are City not far and away the best team we’ll have seen him play against?

        We have players who can play against the stokes, west hams in the DM role and do ok. But while many want a Matic, plenty like yourself are content with Coquelin. Same ones who will have something to say when we sit in our comfy 4th spot end of year.

        It’s simple, is Coq better than Matic/Fernandinho…no, so City and Chelsea have us one upped there. Now is he better than schneiderlin/wanyama/carvalho/Gustavo/gonalons, even sissoko? No. So there’s plenty options to improve the role externally…yet I’m “negative” for saying so.

        1. Luko Bratzi says:

          Charlie it’s not that I’m content with Coquelin he is 23 and Matic or Sissisko are not defensive midfielders and Coquelin only got his chance through injuries and he has done great what I’m saying is give him a go at City and see then if we need the option to buy and also if they want to play for Arsenal, it’s all about the money if we beat them I will be the first to raise my glass of champaign Charlie CB

  3. kia_SA says:

    If Wenger was thinking about entering the market for a defender before Stoke, surely he will bring someone in now! A player like Benedikt Howedes would be perfect… Although I suppose an out-and-out right back is more of an issue at the moment.

  4. davidnz says:

    I too hope Ospina and Coq play.
    If Wenger rates them he must
    play them against top teams.
    City have to win to stay with Chelsea
    so the best City team will play.
    Szcz or Ospina. Chambers or Bellerin.
    Gibbs or Monreal. Coquel or Flamini.
    Rosicky or Cazorla or Ramsey.
    Chamberlain or Walcott, Ozil or Cazorla.
    Giroud or Sanogo or Wellbeck.
    Picking the Arsenal team each week is
    often as much fun as the game itself 🙂

  5. muda says:

    Win against city and our season is up and running, my target: to finish above Man U, it was really fun guys, it was so fun.

  6. Gunner says:

    yeah it was a good win Sunday but Man City are no stoke….Vs stoke our bench alone had the likes Ozil, Ramsey and Theo…any1 that Stoke would’ve dreamt of havin in their starting line up…but Man C will be a diff ball game…
    I still think we can beat them though, they not in the best of form…we jes need Sanchez commitment from all our players…
    did Yaya Toure leave for Afcon tournament as yet?…I hope so…

  7. rlowgunner says:

    Ot: sonogo has gone to crystal palace on loan.

    I think this is a good move because it could benefit us towards the end of the season as Cp still have all the top 6 teams to play. No doubt he will get more game time n hopefully he can shine for them as he has for us at times. Maybe hes style will suit the cp way?

    On the man c game I believe we can win.

  8. Greg says:

    I would really prefer that we go with david ospina between the sticks again! Coyg!

  9. dan says:

    It does not later what 11 we put out we will get beat they will expose all our weaknesses and win the game comfortably then we will all be back on here saying the same things as we do when getting beat by all the big clubs becoming very boring!!

  10. muda says:

    @zappa, bellerin is faster, and you can’t put our slowest defenders (chambers and grand per,) next to each other. dont forget both chambers and bellerin are of the same age and of around same experience. i see chambers as CB

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