A great Arsenal win, but now lets look to the future

Liverpool spanking not much of a surprise by KM

Hello fellow Gooners around the world! Happy times to be a Gooner these days hey? Taking away a few games where we didn’t look like ourselves, we’ve really kicked on this year. And the fact that we spanked Liverpool 4-1 which really is a result that flatters them, considering how at 3:0 we decided to rest rather than give them payback for last season is no real surprise.

Looking at the team sheets, there wasn’t a single Liverpool player I’d pick in our starting XI. I’d have Sterling on the bench but that’s it really. And you can see that having our players fit and rested back from injury makes all the difference. Ozil looks fantastic since his comeback and that rest at Newcastle let him dominate Liverpool with ease. Just compare that to how he was playing before, when he was tired and barely walking. Same goes for Giroud who is on fire after his injury, again marginally different from the times he played 30 games in a row, since we had no other striker..

To be honest going forward our squad doesn’t look worse than what Chelsea or Man City have. We have creative players, players with explosive pace and players with strength. The question now is, why can’t we keep this form the entire season? Because somehow this looks all too familiar. We start poorly and we finish the season strong to get to 4th.

The reality is we are still more likely to finish fourth than first. With another scrappy win for Chelsea, even we somehow beat em at home, although you can bet Mourinho would do anything to ruin Wengers’ day, they still have a huge cushion and we need to be perfect. I just wish we finish in the top 3. It’d be a real shame to finish fourth again. I’d like to skip those 2 qualification games early on and focus on the league.

We gave away easy points against Leicester when we were 1:0 up. We were up against Hull, only to scrap a draw at the end. Our keeper gifted Southampton 3 points. We had City turned over at home and drew at the end. We went bombing forward at Swansea to lose a game we were in front. Those points woud’ve meant we were neck and neck with Chelsea now. I just hope Wenger learns the lesson. But it’s been too many years in a row. We need to make the full season strong, not half of it.

Looking to the transfer market, a few players have a tricky contract situation. First up it’s Coquelin, who’s been immense for us. Easily the game changer. He balanced our squad so we stopped conceding so much and helped the defense, allowing our attacking players to do their business without the urge of chasing a goal down. It doesn’t make sense for him not to sign. The other top teams have their DMs and he’s fit in so nicely. I think he’ll stay.

Theo Walcott is a player I’m worried about. He is one-dimensional and that allowed Welbeck to kick him out of a first team spot. But still people fear the pace of Walcott, he counts as home grown and if he leaves it’d be for an English club. I want to keep Theo but Wenger is not giving him a chance in the squad, but we need Theo. It’s nice to have a big squad and have good players on the bench. It’s the first time in while we do, so let’s not be quick to throw em out of the door just because we have too many. Real Madrid have too many all the time. It’s a sign of us being a top team.

Rosicky will leave us most likely. Sad really. I love him. Injuries ruined the career of a very talented player, who was never too greedy. I hope he captains us in an FA cup final and we win. It’s the least he deserves. I think Flamini is also on the ropes. He simply has to go. All he does is slow us down and foul people. Arteta for me has to go too, and I’d be really disappointed if we give him a new contract instead of shipping him for another DM.

So who do we bring in? We have to buy Cech. He doesn’t want to warm the Chelsea bench. He’s won everything with them (including the CL). We can use a few more players with a winning mentality. He won’t need to move, and since the other top teams in England have good keepers we’re his best choice. We need a solid keeper. Szczezny is going out for me. I’d target another defender, since i think Mertesacker won’t be first choice next season if he stays.

I’d like to see a player like Koke join us. Someone to give Coquelin some help, and when Ramsey inevitably gets injured, we don’t have a hole in midfield. Schneiderlin would do too, but I’d prefer a player who has played for a monster coach in the form of Simeone, who won the title in Spain not playing for Real or Barca, and a CL final behind his back. Last but not least, Jackson Martinez. We are looking good forward, but Giroud and Welbeck are always a doubt when you only have one chance with the keeper and it has to be put off.

I hope Wenger has a plan. We’re looking good. If we build on that platform we can really be contenders next year. Will he do another signing like Sanchez? I’d love it! Just to scare the hell out of our rivals. Have a fantastic week!

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  1. Le Coq is already signed up I believe. With Flamini and Diaby seemingly on the way out the door, bring Schneiderlin in for competition and that is DM position sorted.

    Keep arteta and rosicky for another year. Good squaddies and helpful to have that experience in the dressing room.

    If Walcott won’t sign I can see us going for Reus, perhaps loan them Gnabry or Campbell to sweeten the deal.

    That would be my only business!

  2. Does anyone still think we should’ve signed Cesc Fabregas back? I don’t, and I didn’t. Top player, and it hurts to see him in a Chelsea shirt, especially winning trophies in a Chelsea shirt, but we didn’t need him. Gabriel and Coquelin were what we needed.

    1. To apply the same simplistic logic most do when patting Wenger on the back for a good run of form:

      We only got Gabriel and Coquelin in December/January, so if that’s what we needed how come we didn’t buy them until halfway through the season when we were out of the title race? Is that good management?

  3. Lets just be focus and take it one game at a time! Reading and burnley are up next, so lets focus on getting victories in both
    games and moving forward! Coyg!

    1. Its just a pity that chelseas last two games where at home as they have looked shaky enough to drop points in both matches but now they will be less jittery with season all but over and crucial six points. Three draws and a loss we would be laughing but its a tall tall order, if only we had of played half decent in our first eight games because right now we do look like champions or how champions should be playing at this stage. Mourinho must of had a wish come true for us being so poor in the very very beginning… it almost seems too unfair and maybe the first season ever where the table does actually lie.

  4. The problem with bringing a big name DM to me is the fact that it may hinder Le Coq’s development. He is arguably the best DM in the EPL statistically and even on the pitch when we watch him and at 23 with such huge potential i fear a big name would slow him down. However competition in this ”new” Arsenal team has only brought out the best from our players especially in the defense. The ”LB war” is the best proof of this as Monreal and Gibbs offer us two great options in that position. For this reason i wouldn’t be against bringing in another solid DM to compete with Le Coq.
    The case of Walcott is that he simply doesn’t really fit in our new tactics anymore. Especially when it comes to our away game plan the whole team defends as a group and counters and players with huge work rate on the flanks like Welbz and Sanchez are paramount for our tactics. Walcott right now is a great impact sub and game changer in the second half or could be a starter at home.
    With Poldi,Flamini and the Little Mozart probably leaving, we may not need to buy replacements as Campbell and Chambo could operate on the left flank with Welbz as a starter, Wilshere and Ramsey already can replace Mozart and Bielik could potentially back up le Coq and any potential new DM.

    1. And what do you propose happens when Coq gets injured/complacent because he’s the only establshed DM in the team? Competition is healthy – we’re seeing it in every other position on this pitch, no reason why Coq shouldn’t be pushed to keep his place in the team too.

  5. Our future is Burnley
    One match at A time.
    We should concentrate 100% on beating them.

  6. KM, how are you? Happy Easter celebration to the boss, the Arsenal board, the Gunners and all of us the Gooners. Let the Lord of Mercy spare our lives in good health, peace and prosperity to celebrate the next Easter in the Mighty Name of our Lord Jesus Christ. Amen! KM, the future is bright for Arsenal. Even is already bright this season. And I am confident it will remain bright to very end of this season as the Gunners will not only win the Barclays Premier League title. But they will as well win the FA Cup to make it a treble titles won. Is Morgan Schneiderlin not an over signed player by the media and Gooners for Arsenal? Does the boss sign such player? I think we will need 3 new players to bolster our team for next season campaign. A top quality striker, a top CB and a top holding midfielder will be okay for us in the summer. No one knows who the boss will sign.We can only make a guess, speculate and express our wishes. In this regard, I wish the boss will sign CB Chris Smalling and striker Alexandre Lacazette. Till later. Have a good evening.

  7. We just never get to have the season long consistency. Its Arsene’s job to fix this issue. Injuries or not, we lose some points we never should. The quality in our squad is much but Wenger is either tired and not cut for management anymore or he needs to be pressured all season long. Enough of the excuses for him.

  8. We need another physical athletic midfielder, not to replace Coq but because one CDM is not enough and Flamini is not good enough to back him up (nor is Arteta who is not a CDM and has no legs left). Two options: (1) sign a classic CDM who is better than Flamini or (2) sign a physical box to box type who can play CDM when needed (either Coq not available or 2 CDMs on the pitch required).

  9. At 3-0 we did not rest. Rather, we protected our lead, expecting that Liverpool would return from the half time break to throw everything at us. I am sure if we had opened up ourselves too much and by any evil chance Liverpool came from behind to force a 3-3, again some people would pile the blame on Wenger for poor tactics, not respecting Liverpool enough, blah blah..

  10. Our AM is as good as the best teams in Europe(Bayern,Barca,Madrid) .. In fact its better than some..

    Our strikers are not better than that of Spurs n Liverpool, forget form,its temporary… We need at least one Striker. Of worldclass.
    Options : Lewy,Muller,Rooney(doubt),Higuain etc..
    Any of them signed won’t displace Giroud but serve as competition as Welbeck still needs a year to bcom d perfect striker.

    Our CM/DM also needs a class upgrade.
    Options: Pogba,JaviMartinez

    These ones obviously would displace Coquelin. But to keep Coq brimming we could also look into an okay DM..but we need one that offers something Coquelin doesn’t and none of our midfielders does.. Schneiderlin is good but in all fareness Coq n a fit Ramsey offers all he does…
    What we lack in midfield is the Viera-esque player..the physique is important to survive the bullies in d EPL. Hence, Wanyama or William would make a brilliant signing also.

    Our Defense still has some gaps.. Kosci still need a very good partner.. This partner should be playing at Koscielny’s level or better than Koscielny.

    Paulista has tried but I feel he is one for the future n is at best still a backup option for the biggest teams.

    Options: Subotic,Godin.

    In goal I would have asked for Cech but we have two fantastic goalies and bar Szczesny indiscipline on his day I feel he is as good as Courtois if not better.
    Ospina has also been fantastic; none deserves to be 3rd choice or sold.

    On a final note: Reus signing or the signing of another AttackingMidfielder would be a luxury signing like Cesc would have been because we just want them, we dnt really need them and such signing should be made after the needed signings have been got.

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