A great night ahead for the Arsenal youngsters in Kiev

I think that Unai Emery has made a very sensible decision to take a planeload of Arsenal’s best youngsters to Kiev for tonight’s game against Vorskla, and whatever the result it will be a brilliant experience for everyone involved.

Of course there are some that are experienced, like Emile Smith Rowe and Eddie Nketiah, but Emery pinpointed some others that are likely to make their debuts this evening. “We have a big responsibility with young players,” he said. “At Arsenal, every year we are working very well with young players.

“When there are matches like Thursday’s in a very big week for us, where we are playing a lot of matches, we have players to cover here. We need to give them chances.

“They are working with us in all the sessions and also in pre-season. They are coming with us because we can give them chances tomorrow and also because we would prefer for some players to not do this long travelling. We prefer for them to stay in London working for the next match on Sunday.

“The Europa League is very important for us and it’s very important for us to win on Thursday and come first in this group. The young players are going to have chances.

“Then you know that some players like Eddie Nketiah, like Willock, like Emile Smith Rowe, have played. Then other younger players are coming through with us like Bukayo, Dominic, Zech and Charlie. For us, it’s not different because they are working with us every day.”

The other youngsters to fly are Charlie Gilmour, Zech Medley, the goalkeeper Dejan Iliev, Jordi Osei-Tutu, Dominic Thompson, Tyreece John-Jules and Bukayo Saka. Henrik Mhkitaryan has gone over and will probably be the captain but whoever gets some game-time tonight , it will cetainly be interesting!



  1. I only pity the Ukraine football fans who may have been expecting to see some of the Arsenal big names live. Wise move from Emery nonetheless

      1. Sue, Chelsea will be rooting for us I know, just to make themselves feel good…Lol.. Arsenal will have to be the London elder brother who gets the revenge for it’s favourite London Jnr brother??… We all know as Arsenal fans, we hate spurs

        1. Realistic and proper thinking Chelski fans – and I REALISE THAT IS A CONTRADICTION , BY DEFINITION – will be rooting for us, as they believe that we will not make top four whatever happens on Sunday , whereas Spuds need to drop points to help Chelski gain at least a top three/four place. If we are to make top four we need to overhaul at least one of these two clubs. But which is the greater danger to us? I cannot tell right now!

  2. good luck to our young guns tonight, the stadium looks great but hope the pitch will thaw in time for the game otherwise it will be like playing in a car park

  3. I said this on Sunday that Mhiki will be playing today alongside Ramsey who’s gonna captain the team. Then on Sunday Mhiki ain’t getting into that first eleven except Lacazette doesn’t come back.
    Ozil will return to the team, I see him and Iwobi starting alongside Auba and Lacazette to complete our attack.
    Someone kept saying stuffs like why would Ozil get extra rest on Thursday after missing the match against Crystal Palace. it was only a win win for Emery, he knew Ozil would struggle against Bournemouth, so instead of risking it, benched him and played someone else, now he knows we’ll need the creativity of Ozil on Sunday.
    The only problem I’m having now is Which of the Ozil will turn up on Sunday?
    “World class, I can destroy any defense when I want to or Luxury I’m on 300k and You have nothing on me Ozil?”…
    I hope Iwobi doesn’t mess up on Sunday too and Ozil doesn’t let Emery down. Though the whole team needs to step up and not Ozil alone that day. Anyways goodluck to the boys today, I’m hoping and praying Nketiah gets a couple of goals, but hey this match isn’t gon be a walkover. Hopefully Ramsey and Mhiki steps up and leads the team for the only person I can rely on to step up in each game is Guendozi

    1. Good summing up Eddie! I suppose Torreira can’t be expected to “step up ” too, as he is already sky high and can hardly step up any higher.

  4. Well said Eddie.I hope AMN and ESR grasp their opportunities tonight.They are both real talents who could make it big time.

    1. Grandad, I still hope to see more from ESR, I’m not totally convinced yet. I wish our youngsters could be courageous on the ball like a certain Mbappe was at 18 or as Jason Sancho is right now.
      I didn’t know much about Sancho when Kev was saying we wanted to get him.
      I’m glad we got Guendozi, but I’m still kinda furious we didn’t get Sancho..our attack would be something else if we have his creativity on the RW.
      Is it bad that I feel this way? that I wanna eat my cake and have it? Guendozi, Sancho, Nelson, Smith-Rowe and a deadly striker, damn that would be mouth watering attack someday

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