A great weekend for Arsenal as Invincible record stays with us for another season

The perfect Arsenal weekend rounded off in style!

This weekend has been the best by far this season, and I will tell you the reason why!

Although we won, and although it wasn’t the best of performances from us, in fact it was a less than impressive one for me, three points was always the aim and is key in any game.

It was a weekend that a 1-0 win and a clean sheet was enough for three points for us.

This was then followed by a 0-0 draw for Spurs against Everton, which puts an even bigger smile on our face,s especially after they recruited their new manager Antonio Conte a few days ago and believed their fate would change straight away..

But the biggest smile ever was one that was rounded off by a Liverpool loss.

We couldn’t have asked for a better weekend in that sense and given how they went so close last time round, 44 games close in fact, we couldn’t have asked for any better result than that.

Especially as that now means there is no longer a team in the Premier League that is unbeaten and so that keeps the Invincibles title at the Emirates for another season at least!

To certain fans that means nothing, but to me and I know a lot of other fans, that is one achievement we are proud of and always will be, and we want to keep it at the Emirates for as long as we can, to say that is our title and nobody else’s!

Of course, we as a team have a long long road ahead of us we are not denying that, but for now we have reason to smile at least and if we get behind the club and the players than as the 12th man anything is possible!

The only downside of this weekend ending is that the international break is upon us once again and for any of our players going, I hope they come back unscathed, healthy and fit and ready to fire us to more wins in what will be a heavy and busy schedule for our boys!

But for now have a good week Gooners and enjoy the international break!

Shenel Osman


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  1. From the first game of the season always watching the other results to see who’s lost rather than who’s won, a good day was end of September when City beat Chelsea to leave only pool to lose.
    Was cheering when West Hams 3rd goal went in but got nervous when pool scored their 2nd.
    Great day for the Invincibles.

    1. Me too, Rob – good ole Zouma!!
      I’m amazed it’s come so soon into the season – happy days!
      Thank you West Ham 🙂

  2. If Arteta can survive this season, I think he’ll break the Invincibles’ unbeatable record in 2023

    1. Okay mate don’t disrespect that record.
      No matter how close any team may get to it, no team will be breaking that record anytime soon.
      Plus it’s foolish to say Arteta will break that record.
      We still have no idea how this team can hold itself against the big boys yet this season.
      Stop drawing unnecessary criticism to yourself

      1. Spot on Eddie, Man. U was flying a month ago but how is it with them now, Villa was doing the same flying last season now their current low performance is the reason Dean is being dropped. It’s too early to make such reckless boast.

        1. You forgot to mention Tottenham!
          On top of the League after 3 games, now sacked their manager….

          MIND THE GAP!

      2. We might get battered again by the big teams this season, but Arsenal will only get stronger if Arteta stays next season. He’d likely get his own CF and our young players will be more cohesive

    2. I’m one of the most optimistic fans on here but that only happens with insane luck married with quality. Peps city is hands down the best premier League team but never really threatened the unbeaten record.

      Used to think Wenger was massively unlucky ref bias (still exists today, cresswell added to the list of players who escaped a xhaka tackle with the argument he won the ball, xhaka literally won the ball and didn’t touch the player either.), Cl draws, worldie goals at the worst time etc. But the luck involved in that season, pires anyone? Maybe balanced out and he will be forever legend because of it.

      1. I agree that luck is a big factor in a winning streak and we often have it in the attacking set-pieces this season

  3. I am happy for west ham but i am not sure how that first goal was not overturned….

    A whole season unbeaten is some record….

  4. I am very happy new players are coming together with some of our existing players to play really good football for Arsenal. Especially the Energetic Gk and the Defense have really played a solid part in keeping the defense stronger. Of course every member plays a part. The midfield the wingers the attack. But still quite a few improvements needed to be made especially in attack. Its good to see auba back but abit inconsistent though.
    The big tests will come against the big clubs in the next few games.
    I am still betting on Top 6 but if we can get some players to reinforce attack and midfield and our team can replicate back to our Arsenal historic Invincibles style. CL will be available for next season.
    Emile and Saka keep playing your style and enjoy football and bring New Arsenal forward again. MA good luck.

  5. I never fear for that brilliant record to be broken. In my opinion even if the current young gunners are blessed with happy and long lives they won’t live to see that achievement matched let alone being surpassed.

    After all there is only one Wenger.

  6. Great set of results in the EPL this weekend. I think that the 1-0 against Watford was a double edged sword. We should have by now realised the best way to stop other teams scoring is to put them on the backfoot and dominate them. We partly did that against Watford and were much the better side, but is was not so good to drop back and give Watford more of the ball than they warranted. That said the effort and energy of the whole team was excellent, although the football quality was a little lacking in creativity and the ‘Je ne sais quoi’. BUT…to see us give 100% for 90 minutes was a good, good feeling. I doubt if a team will do what the ‘Invincibles’ did ever again, including us. That was an unrepeatable team that had it all. How fortunate we were in those bye-gone days. Still we are on the up with some good players. Enjoying the last few weeks.

    1. And I like it, I like it, I like it, I like it I li-li-like it, li-li-li Here we go, Saka and Emile Smith Rowe!! Love that chant so much

  7. Amazing comeback by the U23’s against Leicester. We were 3-0 down in injury time but came back with three goals in injury time to draw 3-3….


    My reasoning is that West Ham are likely to be a close rival for fourth place but that Liverpoool will definitely be above us and in thetop three for near certain.

    As such, the Invincible season is not that important to me, as I concentrate on NOW and far less on what happened 17 years ago!

    I want top four if possible and anything that aids that quest, like West Ham losing this past weekend, would have been my wish.

    I simply do not understand any thinking Gooner who cares more about an old record being retained than he/she does about making top four THIS SEASON!

    We, all of us, can only ever actually live in the moment, meaning right now. The past has gone, the future has not come, but NOW is what matters to realists!

    1. Maybe when we beat Liverpool, it may be west ham are the most likely to be challenging us for 4th????

      1. Pat, THAT IS EXACTLY WHAT I suggested, if you read my post again.


        I also said Liverpool will definitely be in top three and all top three will IMO be a clear distance above whoever is fourth, which may well be us, West Ham, Spuds under Conte or Man Utd, though I doubt WE will make fourth TBH!

        It benefits us though when West Ham drop points and THAT was what I was saying. Likewise when Spuds and Utd drop points too. I see only these four clubs as serious challengers for fourth.

        Wiser Gooners will know that, though some shallower thinking fans do not, apparently, realise it. Realists surely know we will not make top three this season.


    2. Too early to say Jon, West ham are where they are on merit who is to say us and West ham don’t knock out Liverpool/United this year?

      1. I find it very hard to believe that anyone isn’t concerned about the INVINCIBLES record being broken!?!?
        Isn’t it part of the history that we are being told we should all be aware of?!?!
        One thing IS certain, our current team, based on Sunday’s game, will NEVER get anywhere near the 49 unbeaten run – but that goes for city, chelsea and Liverpool as well.

        1. Never say never where records are concerned KEN.


          I did not SAY I wish our record to be broken or that “I am unconcerned”; merely that todays results that help us NOW are to me more important than past records not being broken or at least equalled.

          You constantly read your own conclusions into what I write and hence often get my meaning somewhat wrong, just as you have done here.

    3. But top four was never good enough for you jon under Wenger so why the massive change of view .
      The reason you wanted Liverpool to win is because of your petty agenda against Wenger and having to be proven right time after time .
      This is a record which every Arsenal supporter should want to stand as ours only ,how any fan could ever come to the conclusion that you just wrote reeks of desperation on your part ,I believe no fan would ever agree with what you just dribbled out of your mouth ,I would love any supporter on here to speak up and agree with you .
      It won’t happen ,just be happy that our club as a golden trophy 🏆

      1. Well said Dan, well said.
        Jon forgets how he tells the “younger” supporters to learn the history of our club, then tries to demean the proudest record we have…. not very realistic!!!!

        1. You guys
          He said, she said
          Can we not for once forget about seasons ago and live for the moment and enjoy a great weekend
          A win and rival’s dropping points
          We have climbed up the table and sitting in 5th
          8 games back we were rock bottom
          Onwards and upwards ladies and gentlemen

        2. He has so much faith in Arteta, then why want others to lose, it makes no sense.
          If we good enough why not just focus on winning and not worry about the rest?

        3. So far from the truth as to be laughable and pathetic.
          These last few months I cannot easily find a post of yours that does not insult me. Does it make you happy, I am bound to wonder?

          I have not demeaned our proud record . That is your mistaken , perhaps deliberately mistaken, interpretation of what I wrote.

          I SAID ONLY THAT IT WAS NOT AS IMPORTANT AS WHAT HAPPENS RIGHT NOW But, as usual, you have chosen to misinterpret it. Sigh!

    4. Why so pessimistic Jon, don’t you believe we can challenge for top 4 with Westham ans the others?

      Be a bit more optimistic why dont you.

  9. Before the realist comment West ham were in the race for top 4 last year, dropped to 6th very late on. Liverpool and Chelsea required a late surge to barely secure top 4.

    I thought in a year that didn’t stretch the top teams due to fixture congestion that West ham would wilt away a little, was wrong. 2 season’s now.

  10. The invisible is getting harder this days, I mean, look at the managers in Epl this season, it’s going to be miraculous if the eventual winner didn’t lose more than 5games all season

  11. Why are people so worried about a record which was never getting broken in the first place. All the teams over the decade who people have toured to do same were teams that all looked like they were eventually going to get beat. We’ve not tasted real success in a long time so I understand why we’d keep running back but the truth is none of the teams have looked like going unbeaten.

  12. As Billionaires and powerful sport-washers flex their muscles going forward, more clubs in the Premier League will inevitably fall prey to them. Those which have already been swallowed up are more than likely to load more cash to jostle for PL super-power status. Given this scenario, how long more can Arsenal’s invincible record remain unique? Not too long I’d imagine. However, the other proud Arsenal record that will withstand any storm come what may is that they are the only ones to have remained in the top tier of English Football since WW I – to be broken only if Arsenal themselves self-destruct.

  13. There’s another record coming up soon that will arguably beat the invincible one? i.e 100 continuous years in the top league, not sure when because of the suspension of the league during WW2. I know we were dubiously promoted to League 1 in 2019. Just saying!!

    1. Dubiously promoted in 1919 (not 2019) – and to the chagrin of Tottenham. They had finished last in Div I in 1915 (last yr before the League was halted by war) while Arsenal had finished only 6th in Div II the same year (1915). But somehow when football resumed in 1919, Arsenal ‘forced’ themselves into Div I and Spurs were relegated to Div II. That’s where Arsenal have remained since – for 104 years in total, counting in the seven-year break due to WW II. If we discount the WW II years, Arsenal will need another three years, after season 21/22, to reach their century. Will they somehow be relegated before attaining the milestone?

      1. Thanks for the correction. Relegated in the next 3 years? Not a chance, we will end up as the ONLY club never to have been relegated from the top flight in 100 consequitive seasons.

        1. Well, it was meant to be a little teaser. In truth though, as a die-hard Arsenal fan for more than 50 years, my hope of hopes is Arsenal remain in the top tier of English football permanently. But never say never though. Recall that Man City were champions in 1937 and end up being relegated in 1938. Still, it is never my hope that AFC get relegated.

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