A great win over Fulham but also proof that Arsenal need two more signings

Arsenal show mentality and need for 2 more signings by Konstantin Mitov

Well lovely Arsenal people, it’s 4/4. It wasn’t easy, but it was really good to see us bouncing back. Not sure Arsenal of last year would’ve won that game. That said – it wasn’t all rosey.

That mistake from Gabriel was poor. Honestly most of the problems we’ve had this season have been of our own making. Luckily it hasn’t cost us, but there will be tougher tests than Fulham, even though they’ve had an excellent start to the campaign.
Our best performer was captain Odegaard. His passing was at the heart of our forward ideas. My only criticism is that he needs to shoot more. He got a bit of fortune with the deflection, but in football you make your own luck and he deserved the goal.
It was so vital to win that game to dent the late Wenger era vibes, where we might’ve lost a game like that. The game was a welcome test as well as a reminder that there’s still some work to be done on the squad.
A precautionary miss for Thomas Partey, due to a tight thigh. With his injury record you wonder how much time he could be out? It baffles me that we aren’t looking for Partey cover. Big Mo did alright yesterday, but surely cover in that position wouldn’t hurt? Last year a big reason we missed the top 4 was down to his injury as well as Tierney’s.
Speaking of him, he made a return to the side, because Zinchenko has a “slight” sprain knee. That worries me. It could be 1 game or 4 weeks. He’s slotted really well and is instrumental to our play on the left. You could see Martinelli didn’t have the support he had in the first 3 games, but I’ll cut KT some slack, cause he’s been out for a while.
You can also see why we want a winger. Saka has been overplayed. It’s nothing to do with his quality, but the boy looks a little tired. There are no alternatives on his side and as Pepe went to Nice, a Pedro Neto would be so lovely, I just doubt we can cough up another 50 million, but who knows.
There is still a slight chance we may add 1 more player. Ideally we need 2, but it ain’t happening. Next up it’s Aston Villa at home again and it’s a must win game. We have to go to Old Trafford with 15 points, and that will be the telling game for me.
Our record to the top 6 away is horrendous to say the least. If we’ve truly turned the corner in our mentality we will win there, but let’s do the job in midweek first and hopefully in the transfer market too.
We didn’t make a signing in January to go big this summer. Let’s not let the result shadow the fact that we do need a little more in some areas. And lastly, I’d like to say – enjoy the league table while it lasts. We are not winning the league, but our start is one to be proud of.
Even a club like Man City, who are absolute monsters that just came back from 2:0 against Palace with an outrageous Haaland hat-trick haven’t won all 4 of their opening games. To see us above them with the same GD of +8, it’s just nice.
Things in football change very quickly, so just enjoy it while it lasts.

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  1. OT: Anyone watch the series Wrexham FC on Netflix.

    Watched 1st Episode and looks really interesting.

    Did not know there were 5 tiers of English Football.

  2. Teams have now learn how to neutralize Saka. You always know what he is going to do, mainly cut onto the middle or make a pass to another player running behind him. Arteta needs to change his use in the field, aside from giving him some break. Unfortunately, Marquinhos is not up to the task yet and we have loaned Pepe. So me need another right winger immediately.

    1. You are seeing it as clear as day, but the gaffer recognizes this, hence why he tried to sign Raphinha.

      But Saka is intelligent he will step up, its paramount he does so now and wet his bread

    2. You think Marquinhos is not up to the task yet because they told you he is 19 and you believe it. That boy is older than Saka and will do fine if he is trusted. Don’t ask me how I know that because it is south American and African thing to reduce their age. The effect is now show in Partey we with his multiple injuries.

  3. We’ve made so.e good signing in the past 2 years so credit to MA/Edu for that but the fact that we haven’t been actively trying to sign a DM is pure negligence IMO.

    If Partey ends up missing a couple of months throughout the season that could well derail our whole campaign.

  4. I am afraid that Man City will go unbeaten this season and match Arsenal’s Invincible
    With due respect to Arsenal but I don’t see we gonna beat them at Emirates, let alone at Eithad..
    Only Possibility Man City is loosing against Liverpool at Anfield only..
    I don’t see Liverpool doing any damage to City at Eithad..
    I just hope..
    And about our signing our priority is more CM or CDM than winger at the moment..
    Actually both but if we have constraint then we should look at CM or CDM before closure of this window…

        1. Hopefully you won’t get chance to cry if they really achieve that..
          I just hope they don’t but this year they are in really different mood
          I would be one of the most happiest person if city loose some day because Arsenal being invincible is very close to me because it was actually 2nd year when I started following Arsenal here in India so I know how invincible means to me

          1. Not a soothsayer but I know city are losing atleast 2 of their 38 games. Even though they have been superbly terrific at coming back,they have been sloppy in the beginning of their matches. It will cost them.
            Invicible can be replicated but not this City team.

          2. Lols. Don’t worry yourself Mancity will lose either to arsenal, spurs ( as usual ) or to Chelsea. Heck they might even lose to Fulham . They are good but not scary good.

  5. I think that Arteta sees ElNeny as the backup DM. That’s fine for early cup rounds and late sub appearances to see out a narrow lead, but questionable over a prolonged period.

    Personally I’d love to see White moved to CDM to challenge Partey, and it’s much cheaper bringing in a 4th choice CB.

    CB pairing looks set, Tomi was solid at RB (when healthy) plus Cedric is there as backup.

    White could succeed Partey as DM in the long run, and I’m ever hopeful to see Arteta give him a chance there.

    1. White’s not a great passer and can’t play in tight spaces. Not sure if he can challenge partey.

      1. Are you sure you watch Ben White play, he was bought because of his confidence on the ball and he is arguably our most forward thinking defender. He can’t play in tight spaces… that’s laughable. He also played as a DM for Brighton and he performed better than he is doing at right back.

        1. Arsha is right, Ben White does nit posses those skills and his ball touch is no where as good as that should be of a midfielder. Liking olayer is one thing but being completely ignorant of facts is other. Well how well he played for Brighton we all know and you talk like he played as DM for Liverpool or City. The dude has been struggling to defend whole last season and you think he can give party competition fir DM lol!. If you want us to be Brighton then yeah I can understand where you are coming from.

    2. 4 wins from 4, not bad for the negative football some always moaned about in this site.

      Am thinking Ebson Alvarez of Ajax as perfect replacement or competition for Partey.

      Looked him up and he looks a real deal.

      Go for him Arsenal


  6. IMO, Vieira can play Saka’s Role but we can’t have too much light weight on the right side, Saka has some clear chances but somehow missed them,
    Once Saka and Martinelli switched sides ,Saka came alive, so I think Saka is getting bored and needs a competitor for new styles and challenge,

    Elneny must build his confidence, I feel Arteta could try Azeez, the chap seems so confident, or pair White with Xhaka,
    Just my opinion,

    1. MA tried Vierira on the RW in an U23 match. I watched a video of all his touches and it didn’t look like a successful experiment to me.

      Every pass was sideways, only a couple of runs at the defence – head down… dispossessed.

  7. Ruben Neves is the solution to our midfield. It is not rocket science.

    Asensio also.

    60m pounds for Neves

    25m pounds for Asensio

      1. Yes Eddie.

        My preference is Neto.

        But I don’t see us paying 50m pounds for Neto and still be able to afford Neves(60m pounds).

        I mentioned Asensio because I believe that the Midfield position is of a higher priority than the right wing.

        Partey gives Xhaka the freedom to play high up at the left side of the attack. And that has helped us overload that area.
        With Elneny, the dynamics change. Xhaka adjusts his game and won’t go high up.

        We need someone who can produce same quality performance or a better performance than Partey. Neves ticks the box. Neves would slot into the team. It won’t come cheap.

        Wolves won’t sell Neves and Neto to us with few days to go in the transfer window. Neves wants the move.

        Asensio is good with his left foot. He is a champions league winner. He can play at RW. Just like Mahrez, a left footed player who plays on the right side of attack.
        There are reports that he is available for 25m pounds.
        Asensio has all it takes to rotate with Saka at right wing.
        That is my reasoning.

        1. Hasn’t he warmed the bench at RM for most of his time there?

          Some of it injured iirc?

  8. We need Neves
    But his Arsenal comments could be a stumbling block…..we know who arteta is….lol

  9. At this point in the process we need to focus on midfield where lack of quality once partey is out is blatantly obvious .. Sadly we never were serious about de jong or Savic or Ruiz or paquetta it seems … I like neves and the Ecuadorean guy at Brighton but less sure about tielmans .. all would be an upgrade on elneny and xhaka though

    1. Yes. I agree with you. We have to invest in the midfield. We are in the Europa league this season. We can’t rely on Partey alone to play week in week out.

      With the momentum we have presently, we should believe we can compete for the league.
      Arteta Should learn from last season. I would suggest he goes for Neves. Maybe start with a 55m pound bid for him. We should sell AMN and loan out Lokonga.

      We can go for Asensio for 25m pounds to compete with Saka

      CM and DM of


      Neves is a top quality player. He has the experience, Energy and passing range. A fighter. An engine with a high work rate.

      Asensio can play on the right side of attack. Real Madrid is willing to sell him. 25m pounds can get him. He has the football brain and intelligence. Very creative and skillful.

  10. Massive proof that Arsenal need two more signing.

    But Arsenal must break the bank and make those two signing.
    Right winger, Striker and a ball carrying midfielder would be ideal.

  11. Sensible piece.

    I felt a bit of a coming down to Earth after the Fulham match although I expected it to be tough. 72% possession suggests Arsenal is a far superior side, but it’s all about goals.

    Everyone I’ve heard commenting (here and elsewhere) on this season’s Arsenal has said the same sensible thing: it’s too early to tell with the first 5 matches not being against the top 6. We’ll not really know much until the end of October when we have 3 home games against the big 6.

    We might learn something v Man Utd next week, (or it might only tell us something about Man Utd).

    Still, 4 wins is good, let’s keep it going.

    1. Couldn’t agree more. Hopefully partey and Zinchenko are both fit for Man Utd.

      I think partey is going to en rested midweek for EL games and he’ll just play EPL games

      1. Villa in midweek will be an interesting game – with Saturday coming up and Villa looking weak I wonder if there will be temptation to rest players.

        That opens the door to a drop in performance – and I suspect Villa will be trying something different after failing in their first 4 matches.

        Playing the league leaders they’ll be fired up for sure. No easy games!

  12. I see the need for a, winger and another midfielder but still think we need a striker Jesus has scored in one match four played and Nketiah not the striker we need Think we need a proven goalcorer to compliment Jesus and Nketiah

  13. We have started again with not being serious with necessary signings. Partey and Tierney injuries cost us top 4 last season. Lack of Partey and Saka back ups will certainly cost us Europa and once again, top 4. Let Edu & Arteta get us two players asap. We laboured against Fulham. I wonder what will happen against Man, Manu, Chelsea, Liverpool and even, Tothenham. A stitch in time saves nine.

  14. I see the reality and financial reality BTW, as needing more windows until,we can shift all thr lesser players and replace ALL of them with vitally neede better qwuality. I am thinking of Elneny ands Xhaka in particular, as Xhaka is a regular ands Elnent seems to be a regular player when Partey is out.
    IMO we were lacking much mobility and pace without both Partey ands Zinchenko yestrday and is showed .
    Our squad still lacks depth in important positions, as we surely all realise , apart from the few excitable fans who regularly post silly overoptimistic comments in theie heady excitement. We have -IF we could guarantee a best eleven each game all season without fatique(which we plainly CANNOT do) a serious chance of coming top three or even second.

    But our lack of depth will surely prove impossible to overcome , later in the season, when injuries and fatigue takes its toll .


    But without it we will be adrift of that status.

    1. Yes, it will likely take a couple more windows before it’s as they want it. There’s a limit to how many good players are available in one window.

      At this point, the only players available will be the ones where their clubs don’t need to replace them. After Wolves’ start, can anyone really see them parting with any of their players without replacing them?

  15. There were moments yesterday that reminded me of last season. Moments where the opposition gain some momentum and we panic or lose focus. Especially in defense. We should not be allowing anyone to get a volley off in the box, let alone a free header!

    This isn’t down to needing additional squad members. This is about focus , strength and belief. It’s looking better when wee can come back from going down to actually win the game. Fantastic. But there are moments when we look like we might buckle under pressure still!

  16. We need a Nato and a DM. Then we r good to go. If we don’t get DM then I would suggest when Partey is injured move Xhaka to DM and play Viera in his position. I am really excited to see Viera play, he reminds me of Santi Carzolla. He fits right into our system. Nato to give Martinelli and Saka competition.

    1. Someone posted an observation yesterday that MA doesn’t really play with a true DM, more of a deep-lying playmaker.

      That could explain why we’re never in the market for a DM 🙂

    2. Xhaka at that position is a disaster. That deep role didn’t work under previous managers, and won’t work under Arteta.

  17. Saka has to learn to play a lot smarter. Rather than simply relying on his pace to beat a defender and then looking for a quick strike. Arteta can relieve the pressure on him by alternating him from left to right and occasionally even using him as a wing back. After that it is up to Saka to work on improving his skills set. Additionally ESR and hopefully Viera can also be brought further into the game plan to create alternative pathways. At this stage I think one new quality addition will be essential. Am I the only one who believes that Xhaka is extremely replaceable? What does he do exactly,? Doesn’t defend, doesn’t create can’t shoot. Ok so he links well but couldn’t other faster more skilled players provide a better option.

  18. There will never be a time when Arsenal will have money to buy all the players they need.

    But Arsenal have to get creative, start thinking out of the box, exploit the loan process, arrange swap deal even two for one add a couple quid if have to, go back to Brazil if we have to, go back to City too.

    There must be one or two disgruntle and nervous players at either Real Madrid, Barcelona, Juventus, PSG that willing to jump ship just to show case their talent, this is the world cup year we could use it to our advantage.

    Over to you Edu, you must strike the rod while it’s still red hot.

  19. While its true that we need atleast 2 signings, a midfielder and a winger, if it doesnt work out, I wouldnt mind giving Marquinhos and Azeez chances to prove themselves. That said, what a wonderful start to the season and long may it continue. Saka looks tired, his quality and class a permanent factor, but the lad needs some rest and I wouldnt mind starting a front 3 of Jesus, Nketiah and Martinelli for the Villa game just to give Saka some well deserved rest, he has been carrying the Arsenal burden for the last 2 years.

  20. We should get someone from PL, one of the reasons we are best in form, is coz of the players we bought have PL experience and were able to gel quickly. We need a creative MF like cazorla. Also we do not have a strong sub who can change/impact the game.

  21. Simples…..A three year contact to Wilfred Zaha. Then **** we would terrorise defences. Also Tielemans….we MUST have midfield cover!!!!!!!

  22. We need 3 more signings. A goal scoring winger, a MF and a cover for LB. KT is injury prone so we can’t rely on him

  23. I have a funny feeling that Edu might have become complacent and although we beat Fulham we clearly need more top players. Shite I hope I’m wrong and we buy two more players.

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