A happy Arsenal is a winning Arsenal!

It is very easy to see that the Arsenal players have been having a whale of a time while they have been knocking in goals left, right and centre in the last few games, and Arsene Wenger thinks that it is because they are enjoying themselves on the pitch.

“They have a taste for more, because I think when you play at the level we have played in recent games, they enjoy it,” Le Prof said.

“When you enjoy, you want to enjoy again. I think as well when you can play at that level it makes you discover what football can give you and that should give you a taste for more. But what is interesting in our game is that you have to be rigorous to get more. You have to put more effort in because it doesn’t come naturally. You have to make effort to get to that level.”

They are putting in the effort alright, and they are also cheering up the fans at the same time! The mood is good on the pitch and in the stands (and on JustArsenal!) and everyone is bright and confident.

But what about our illustrious manager? Does he still have the same desire, despite starting his 21st year at the club? “Yes, of course,” he said. “Because I have a massive passion for the game and for this club. I want this club to do well. I live for the next game so I want to prepare well.”

It certainly helped everyone’s mood when we destroyed our old nemesis side Chelsea, and another great win tomorrow and we can all go on smiling all the way through the international break.

Happy Weekend Gooners!

Sam P


  1. tiyas says:

    it feels gud to be an Arsenal fun, z game is rly fantastic even more enjoyable than tik tak, z players work their soaks off, gud pressing, lots of goals. finally werger ball is back hope this yrs is ours gunners. keep z faith i believe we can do it. tiyas gunner from Ethiopia

  2. muda says:

    Good time to be a gooner, I can’t remember when I felt the confidence am feeling this time around about this team Invincibles may be.

    I see us reaching semi’s of UCL this season because even barca won’t have it easy as things stands.

    Oh to be a gunner.

    OT: @Admin, I will to see an article or two comparing our 1st XI or the squad to that of our rivals like city, utd etc. If possible along with the likes of european giants like Barca, bayern, madrid.

    Not an easy task I know but worth every part of it.

  3. tissiam says:

    i’m not sure if it is” a happy arsenal is a winning arsenal” or”” a winning arsenal is a happy arsenal?? thumps up for the 1st option and thumbs down for the 2nd option

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