A happy New Year to all our readers – JustArsenal 2023 update

What a fantastic way to end the Year with an away win at Brighton to end 2022 seven points clear at the top of the table. It is surely a great time to be an Arsenal fan. 2022 is definitely the best year since I created JustArsenal over a decade ago.

I created this website to make a space for opinions and discussion about our beloved Arsenal team, and I can tell you that in 2022 we had 59,000 approved comments from you the readers, in reply to over 4,400 news and opinion articles over the full 12 months, so I am happy that the site is doing it’s job well and our regular readers are alive and well.

We have had a few new innovations this year as well. We have created a large section dedicated to the Arsenal Women, who are growing in popularity and are nearly as successful as the men.

We have high hopes of seeing more trophies coming our way from both the Mens and the Women this season.

We have also created a new section given over to the History of Arsenal, including the Men and the Women as well.

I have also changed the sidebar on the desktop site to include a section of the “latest comments” as well as the “most commented”.

One great new innovation is the “highlight thread” feature in the comments, so you can see who has replied to who, as this was causing some confusion in the past.

So I would like to start the New Year with a big Thank You to all the readers and commenters that make JustArsenal what it is today, one of the biggest and best Arsenal websites in the world!

Happy 2023 to all our readers all around the World…..

Admin Pat…


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  1. Happy new year to you pat. I came to learn of this site about a year ago and it’s been an amazing place to share opinions. Long may it continue

  2. A very happy and healthy New Year to you Pat and to all who use this site.While our views on players ,Management and tactics may differ widely we are all brought together by a common pride in our great Club.Keep up the good work.

  3. A happy new year to you all join by your common humanity, may Arsenal continues to be the breadbasket of the beautiful game in the league.

    1. Gunsmoke Are you by any chance a baker or someone who works with “BREAD”? I see your constant references to ” “wetting your bread” and then now this “breadbasket” phrase.

      Being a baker is of course a fine and useful fine job , so if you are one, that would explain it. But if you are not, WHAT is the bread connection to you , please?. Genuinely curious!

        1. Gunsmke a clever and witty reply but which still does not answer the REAL, implied question, which was “why all the bread references?”

          I’d genuinely like to know why you, seeming alone, use “wetting your bread ” so often!

  4. Happy the new year to the whole Arsenal community!
    Thanks AdminPat for creating and running this website and thanks to all contributors.
    May 2023 be a year Arsenal win the Premier league or the Europa League!

  5. A Happy New Year to PAT and all his team and to all JA users, readers and those who perhaps do not choose to post and to ALL other non cruel, warmongers and bigoted people on our planet.
    At this time of renewal, I also wish to praise the improvements Pat outlines; in particular the welcome addition of latest comments. ANDFOR THE DEDICATED WORK HE AND HIS TEAM PROVIDE FOR OUR ENJOYMENT!

    A plea too that JA admins try far harder to ALWAYS be truthful in some of its pieces and in a great many of its headlines too. I am not hopeful , sadly, about this last one.

  6. Pat and your team, a very happy new year.
    Thanks for this great site and to all fellow Arsenal supporters, both old and new, who contribute to the discussions.
    Would love to see Sue, Phil and Kenny back, so hope to hear from you all.

  7. Happy New Year to all Gooners and in particular the supporters and organizers under the JustArsenal umbrella.

  8. Happy New Year to everyone (and yes i mean everyone)😉
    Admin Pat:to hoping that in 2023 JA becomes the biggest Arsenal website since it’s already the best!!

  9. Happy new year to all on JA.

    My mother who was an avid Arsenal supporter died last year aged 90. I have – whilst watching spurs go 2 down – been sifting through documents that she kept. The first was a Daily Express newspaper colour supplement after our double win in 1971 with Frank McLintock and team and the second from the Sunday Dispatch in April 1950 features a report of our 3rd FA Cup win – also against Liverpool- 2-0 – when Mercer was captain and the 2 Comptons were in the team. It’s good to know that her great grand children aged 4 and 6 are carrying on the Arsenal tradition

    Thanks Pat for giving us a chance to air our views

    1. The Other Vinod,
      Oh, You mean the LAZY persons aid to not having to write whole words to challenge and thus give your own thoughts too.
      Not a concept for an intelligent, non lazy person to wish to use!

  10. Happy new year admin pat mclaughlin&all members of justarsenal family….hopefully we’ll all celebrate come end of the season.

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